tagIncest/TabooParis TX Ch. 02

Paris TX Ch. 02


Disclaimer: The following story is a work of erotic fiction. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activities or it is illegal in your country of residence, please stop reading now. All characters are over 18 and are of legal age. Any resemblance between the characters and any actual persons (living or dead) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy or redistribute this story without the author's permission.

This is the second story of a series that starts with Paris TX ch1, Cat's Brother. It can be read as a stand-alone but it is better to be read as a whole.

Chapter 02: Cat's Brother

I could not sleep all night. The images of previous afternoon during which my 18 year old sister, step-sister actually, and I had discovered we were spying on each other masturbating with hidden webcams kept on coming back as in a dream. From time to time I would fall in a restless dream by pure exhaustion, but I would wake up sweating, thinking of Cat's beautiful body under my hands and my tongue and, of course, with a painfully hard dick.

After we had initially satisfied our needs by licking and sucking each other, we compared notes on our adventure. We had placed secret webcams in each other rooms after a night in which I had accidentally walked in on her masturbating and had dropped the towel which was the only thing covering me at the excitement of the discovery. That night we both stopped seeing each other as brother and sister, stepbrother and stepsister to be correct, and decided we had to see each other naked. Actually we thought so much alike that we had placed the webcams at the same time and in the same position, on top of our respective doors looking at our beds and computer desks. That is why I had heard a noise as I was inside her room and had to leave from the window to avoid discovery just after I had placed the webcam on top of her door. In that precise moment she had just placed the webcam in my room thinking I was at a friend's house. That was a close call. I wonder what would have happened if she had found me in her room that time.

The wonderful afternoon had ended with her telling me that she was a virgin and not on the pill so we could not have sex. She had asked me to buy condoms the following day. Useless to say that sounded as a promise, a very exciting promise. No wonder I was now in bed with a raging boner unable to sleep. I was 18 and had a sex appointment with a goddess. I was counting the minutes to the following day.

Unfortunately the wait was going to be much longer than just one night and eventually I had to learn to sleep again.

The following morning my mother, Cat's mother actually, woke up with the flu. We had all taken flu shots that year but apparently the shot had not worked on her. She had high fever and could not leave the house. That meant that Cat and I could not be alone. The positive side was that I was given money and sent to the pharmacy to buy a bunch of flu medicines for my mother. As you probably recall I also needed to buy condoms so I could lose my virginity to my sister. What could be better than being given money by my mother, Cat's mother actually, to buy condoms to fuck her daughter, my stepsister.

I walked in the pharmacy and went straight on looking for condoms. I am sorry for my mother but at the moment my head was working one way and condoms took a priority over flu medicine. I looked all over the place and finally found the condoms at the end of isle 8, the last one. I raised my hand toward my goal and suddenly...

- "Hi Mike, what are you buying?"

It was Ann, an ex girlfriend of mine and class gossip queen. I had broken up with her at the end of our junior year for that reason and because she was the greatest tease.

- "I am just looking for some flu medicine for my mother" I stuttered somehow.

- "That is in isle 3 or 4 I think. You are not going to find any here" she quickly replied shooting a knowing smile at me.

I said a barely audible thank you and ran where I could find the flu syrups and pills. Had she seen me reach for the condoms? If she did, the following day she would be spreading some nasty rumor about me and some mysterious girlfriend all over school. It was just not what I needed. After I had broken up with her she had started a rumor that I was gay and that was we had broken up.

I drove to another pharmacy, went straight to isle 8 and bought myself a family sized box of condoms. I must say sometime I am quite an optimist. My optimism did not help me much this time. The box of condoms remained hidden and unused for a whole week as my mother's flu kept her at home.

The following Tuesday my mother finally went back to work and left the house to us. Now I was not sure what to do. Ten days had gone by since my sister Cat and I had had that wonderful afternoon. She had asked me to buy condoms than, but did she still fell the same way. During these ten days she had not given any indication of how she felt about "our" afternoon. I had tried to mention it once and she had shushed me. Could it be that she had asked me for condoms in the heat of the moment but had now regretted her decision or maybe even our encounter?

As we drove home from school knowing that an empty house was awaiting us I kept sending her nervous glances. She was wearing the plaid skirt of our school uniform, which she had made shorter allowing her beautiful and athletic legs to show. Her white shirt, open to the third button, let me catch a glimpse of her cleavage and see the beginning of the white lace bra that was encasing her breasts. I had never realized that our school's uniform was so sexy. I had to readjust my dick a few times around my pants as it was painfully hard.

We reached the house without saying a word and my heart sunk as she walked straight in the kitchen without speaking.

Finally she turned around and said: "mum left us meatloaf for lunch," "do you want to eat before or after we have sex?" she quickly added throwing me a devilish smile.

I jumped to her, grabbed her in my arms and gave Cat the most passionate kiss ever. I put in that kiss all the frustration I had accumulated in the past week. Frustration that, unfortunately, was not to be yet discharged as the doorbell rang halfway through our kiss.

We both run to the window from which we could see who was ringing the front door bell and we saw Ann waiting impatiently. Cat sent me an anxious and questioning glance. I whispered her that Ann had almost caught me buying condoms and she was probably here trying to investigate so she could make her gossip richer and more detailed. It was useless pretending not being home since my car was parked in the driveway. With a heavy heart I opened the front door.

Ann chirped right in, speaking non-stop about having seen my car and having decided to stop by to ask me how my mother was. She never said that she could have asked me at school.

She was quite pretty actually with her blond hear in a ponytail that made her look even younger than her 18 years, her blue eyes and those large breasts which were at the root of why I had started dating her and why I had broken up with her. I had been obviously attracted by her large breasts. Ann is not very tall, and those D cups looked positively huge on her thin frame. She often wore tight t-shirts and pants that contoured without actually showing anything. I had been very excited when she accepted my invitation to the movies and started to see her quite regularly. However I finally decided to break up with her after for the third time she had let me take her shirt off but had slapped quite hard my hand when I had tried to remove her bra. After that she spread the rumor that I was gay.

Now she was sitting in my living room speaking non-stop as I was desperately searching for an excuse to ask her to live so I could fuck my sister's brains out.

After about an hour she finally got up and left. She had spoken about all kind of inanities, but always going back to questions about girlfriends and relationships. She asked Cat twice if she had a boyfriend at the moment, and me at list four times if I had a new girlfriend.

As soon as the door was closed after her, I felt two arms reach around my chest and a mouth on my neck. Cat and I kissed passionately in a real tongue duel right against the door for quite a few minutes. Finally she said: "I would like us to go to my room again if you don't mind. I want it be there."

How could I mind such a proposal?! We quickly went to the night side of the house and to her room. Before we had reached her room we had already removed most of our clothes. As we entered we fell straight in bed and that is when Cat surprised me once again. She started to suck on my nipples as I had on hers ten days before. I had no idea that a man's nipples could be so sensitive. It was one of the most pleasurable sensations I had ever felt, surpassed only when she reached inside my boxer shorts, extracted my steel hard cock and started playing with it.

Not to be left behind I lowered her panties and inserted two fingers inside of her. My fingers did not go very far as I felt her hymen. I then started to play with the hard nub I knew to be her clitoris and Cat drew a deep breath. At the same time I started to tweak one of her nipples.

Between her continuous sucking on my nipples and her caressing my cock I soon felt my balls tighten and I came in a mind shattering orgasm. My ministration on her clitoris and breast must also have been quite good since soon after she stiffened up, let out the long man I was starting to know so well, and came violently on my hand.

After that we were both laying on her bed covered in sweat and cum. Cat looked deeply into my eyes, took a deep breath, gulped and asked the faithful question: "do you have the condom here?"

That question sent a lighting bolt through my body. In a second my dick stiffened up once again to steel like hardness. I jumped up, recovered a condom from the pocket of my jeans and I presented the magical instrument of safe love to my sister.

Cat looked at it intensely like she did not know what she was looking at. Finally she took it, opened it and after cleaning my cock of my cum with her tongue, she put it on me with one smooth motion. Cat looked up at me smiling nervously and said: "after so many times practicing putting a condom on a cucumber I cannot believe I finally put it on a real cock, and my brother's cock at that."

Again she swallowed, smiled nervously and said: "I'm ready. Just please try to...." "I know," I interrupted her. "I will do my best not to hurt you. If the pain is too much at any time just tell me and we'll stop."

Cat smiled at me much more relaxed and confident than before, leaned back, grabbed my cock, and guided it to her pussy.

Even through the condom the sensation of entering her pussy was incredible. It felt like I was entering a world made of soft, wet, warm velvet. It felt like my whole body was entering her and not just my dick. I started to push in and just like my fingers before; her hymen stopped my entrance. I stopped all movement, looked at my sister and pushed in. Just as I had decided to give one strong push in she took a deep breath, grabbed my ass and pulled me in so I was through in a fraction of a second. Once again we had thought alike. It really was like we were twins instead of stepsiblings. We both felt that it was the right moment and the right way to break her hymen and loose our virginity.

I could see one tear at the corner of her eye and a subtle expression of pain on her face, but as I slowly started to move back and forth her expression quickly changed to lust and pleasure. As we picked up speed and depth, she started moaning louder and louder. Cat started meeting my every thrust. "Just.... perfect.... Stretching.... me.... and.... filling.... me...." she said in between moans and thrusts.

I was unable to utter a single word. I was panting and grunting. Also I was desperately determined not to come before she did. As we picked up speed we became like animals in heat completely oblivious to our surrounding and only seeking pleasure. After a while, as I was starting to feel I was going to lose my battle against cumming, Cat let out a long moan which instead of being low as in her previous orgasms, rose to a high pitched scream. That was it. I lost all control and with a final trust my balls unloaded 18 years of frustration inside my sister.

We collapsed next to each other completely covered in sweat, and Cat said: "Tomorrow.... I have.... an appointment.... with the gyno.... to start on the pill."

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