tagNovels and NovellasParkers Progress Ch. 04

Parkers Progress Ch. 04


Stacey as ever was concerned and gentle and had little difficulty teasing the story out. She was saddened but not really shocked and had warned Parker that her wild antics would get her hurt one day. Parker did not mention her dad. Stacey ran Parker a bath and gently washed the girl. Parker looked soft and vulnerable.

"Oh, Stacey," she sobbed, "I've been so mean to you. The waxing and Belinda. And Mr Frazer."

Stacey frowned. "What about Mr Frazer? Oh Parker, you naughty, naughty girl. Belinda took me back to her house. We fucked like mink. I stayed the night. She's a bit more experienced than you darling. I think I might come out. Mom will be home soon. I'll get her to look at your ass. First, let me join you in the tub"

Stacey slid in behind Parker and gently nibbled Parker's neck whilst delicately caressing her breasts. She left Parker's private parts well alone. She then dried Parker gently and brushed Parker's hair. Most of Stacey's clothes were too small for Parker, but she found a large T-shirt that she used as a night dress. Parker's own T was just too sweaty. She did not offer her any panties. She decided that Parker needed plenty of ventilation downstairs. Stacey slipped into a cropped T-shirt and sweat shorts. Parker was taken aback by Stacey's new found confidence and assertiveness. Parker was feeling pretty aroused.

Noise from the kitchen indicated that Stacey's mom was home. Tina Jones was a nurse and was openly gay. Parker fancied her something rotten and had tried flirting on many occasions, to no avail. Stacey had Parker bend over the kitchen counter and she parted Parker's buttocks to show her mom. Parker felt initial panic, and then relaxed as Stacey kissed her lightly on the cheek. Tina Jones had a soft spot for Parker. Parker and Stacey had met at kindergarten. Tina had met the poor girl's parents.

"Honey, you've got a small anal fissure and quite a bit of bruising. You'll be surprised at how quickly it will heal. I'm not your mom Parker, but you're too young for these sorts of games. And for intimate piercings. How about I take them out?"

"Oh, yes please Mrs J."

Tina took a few minutes to find and sterilize a small pair of wire cutters. Parker's labia were getting seriously swollen. Parker felt instant relief as the rings were removed.

Stacey took a deep breath.

"Mom. I want Parker to stay the night. In my bed. With me. She needs some love."

Parker had her first decent home cooked meal for ages and then curled up on the sofa with Stacey and watched TV. Mrs Jones seemed totally untroubled as Stacey played with Parker's thick hair, her other hand on Parker's bare thigh. Tina excused herself at ten O'clock, announcing that she had an early shift the next morning. She asked the girls to be reasonably quiet.

Stacey slid her hand gently up Parker's thigh until she found her friend's moist vulva.

"What if your mom comes back down?" Parker whined.

Stacey looked pensive as she found Parker's clit.

"I don't know, honey. I don't suppose I'd mind. A threesome with my mom? Is that what you fancy? She gets pretty cranky if she doesn't get enough sleep."

"Shit, Stace. That's not what I mean. What if she catches us?"

"Parker, I told Mom when you started trying to seduce me. She knows about all my lovers. We both worry about you. There's a scared little girl hiding beneath the wanton slut."

Stacey decided that Parker's pussy could wait. Parker had got in touch with her inner scared little girl. She buried her head in Stacey's chest and bawled for an hour. Stacey gently rocked her and stroked her hair. Stacey had almost run out of tissues, when Parker did a final huge blow.

"I think I'm alright now, Stace."

Stacey smiled and held Parker's head gently between her two hands. She kissed her friend on the bridge of her nose and on both cheeks. Finally she laid the lightest of kisses on Parker's lips, exerting as much pressure as a butterfly landing on a spring flower. Parker's bloodshot eyes closed and her lips parted. Stacey leaned back and pulled off her own T-shirt. Then she tilted her head, leaned forward and kissed Parker again. Hard. She worked her tongue into Parker's mouth, unaware that Parker's tongue was just leaving. The two slippery organs bumped into each other and, mildly concussed, retreated back into their wet domains. Stacey suppressed a fit of giggles and cautiously found the inside of Parker's upper lip. Her tongue stroked back and forth and soon tempted its little friend out. They touched and caressed. Stacey's tongue wanted to play at home and gently drew Parker into her mouth. Stacey adored kissing and Parker had been her first, so evoked special feelings. In fairness, Parker was also the best kisser that Stacey had encountered. Stacey pushed her shorts down and then straddled Parker's thigh, grinding her inflamed pussy into the silky smooth skin.

Parker was used to "playing the man" with Stacey and was surprised at how assertive her diminutive friend could be. She was happy for Stacey to take the lead. Stacey broke the kiss and grabbed Parker's hand.

"Let's move upstairs. The bed's better than the sofa."

Parker's legs were a little wobbly. Stacey's house had narrow stairs so Parker had to follow Stacey. The rear view was fantastic. Stacey, like Parker still did sports and had a lovely little butt. Covered in freckles. Stacey was a little surprised to find her bedroom door closed. There was a post-it note attached.

"You'll probably fall out of bed and wake me. Use my room...Mom xxxx."

Tina had an almost new double bed. Stacey launched herself onto it then turned to face Parker, her chin resting on her hands. Parker looked a little unsure. Stacey helped.

"Turn round, lover. Now take off the T-shirt. Real slow. Oh yeah. Now turn back to face me."

Parker shivered as she was reminded of Marcia's cruelty. Stacey looked her up and down and licked her shiny pink lips. Stacey positively radiated affection and reassurance.

"God Parker, you look so fucking hot. I wish I had tits like yours. And your ass! It's like a porn star's."

Parker joined Stacey on the bed. Stacey rolled on to her side and Parker ran her eyes slowly up Stacey's body. Stacey was doll-like. She must have had at least ten thousand freckles. Parker preferred Stacey's tiny tits to her own. Stacey still did not need to wear a bra and her tiny pink nipples were never going to poke anyone's eye out. Freckled boobs were such a turn on. Parker moved down and took a nipple into her mouth, gently sucking it erect. She stroked Stacey's slit. It was soaking. Stacey groaned as Parker slid a finger inside Stacey's vagina.

"Oh fuck, Parker. Stick three in. I'm ready to burst. Stretch me. Oh yeah, baby, I'm coming. Right now."

Stacey grabbed two handfuls of Parker's hair, and pulled as she came loudly. The pressure on Parker's bruised scalp was finally too much and she had to release Stacey's nipple. She slid up the bed and stifled Stacey's cries with her mouth.

When Stacey was spent she looked at Parker with concern. "Where does it hurt, sugar?"

"Almost everywhere."

Parker told Stacey how she had been hung by her scalp, thrashed, throttled and sodomized. And how Marcia had twisted and bitten her nipples. Parker started to cry again. Stacey gently stroked her hair and said,

"Why don't I kiss you better?"

Stacey planted feather light kisses on both of Parker's breasts. Parker's naturally long nipples were, on close inspection bruised. Stacey licked gently and managed to raise a small smile from Parker.

"The bitch has given you purple nurples. Shit, you've got teeth marks on the right nip."

Stacey moved down to Parker's belly button, and teased the sensitive skin with her tongue tip.

"That bit doesn't hurt Stace."

"You can never be too careful. And downwards to your gorgeous pussy." Parker winced as Stacey licked along her tender labia but the pain was gradually subsumed by lust.

"God, Stace. Use me. Stick your fingers in. Fist your slut. Hurt me more."

Stacey, like Parker had spent the previous year at college. There she had explored her sexuality to the full with six women, young and old. Stacey liked her sex to be gentle. Occasionally she liked to be taken a bit roughly, but did not like hurting other women. She was prepared to make an exception for the bitch who had tortured Parker.

Stacey gently slid two fingers inside Parker's pussy, to appreciative groans. Stacey was a considerate lover and kept her fingernails short, however as she lightly stroked Parker's cervix, her lover gasped and pushed Stacey away. Stacey looked at her bloody fingertips in dismay.

"God, I'm sorry," they said in unison. Parker managed a crooked smile, touched by the concern on Stacey's face.

"She raked me inside with her nails."

"Oh baby, we'd better get you a gynae appointment. It's a bit far up for me to kiss better."

Stacey put her head down to Parker's pussy again.

"Did she bite your clitty?"

"Yes," Parker sobbed, "But I'm so horny, Stace. Please make me come."

Stacey got off the bed and took Parker's hand. Stacey did a shoulder stand on the carpet and slowly spread her slim toned legs. Stacey had always been flexible. Her tiny pussy opened like a flower, glistening with dew. Parker noted the absence of freckles. Stacey told Parker to straddle her pelvis and hold her right thigh with both hands.

"Now trib me, darling. I'm pretty wet as you can see. It's so much easier without pubes. You set the pace and decide how hard you want to press."

And so Parker rubbed herself to a delicious orgasm, the slight pain making it all the more intense. She found that the softness of Stacey's vulva gave way to the hardness of her adductor tendons allowing Parker to finally balance pleasure with pain. Little rivulets of love juice ran down Stacey's butt crack. Parker slid one finger into Stacey's anus and rubbed her friend's G-spot through the thin bit of skin that separated her holes. Stacey moaned in appreciation and came with Parker, then slid to the floor.

"Thank you Stace. I love you. Where did you learn to do that?"

"Volleyball coach. I love you too, Parker, but face it, you're not gay. Nothing wrong with recreational sex between friends. Actually it feels like incest. You're so like a naughty sister. Come on let's get under the covers. Don't cry. Oh, shit, I've been so insensitive. I'm sorry baby."

Yet again Stacey hugged the distraught sex-kitten. Parker's older sister, Candace had died four year's previously, in an "accident". Parker felt the pain and guilt would overwhelm her some days.

Tina crept into her bedroom early, to get her work clothes. The girls were curled together like two puppies, quietly snoring. She smiled benevolently at them and felt a slight glow of pride.

Parker awoke to find the bed empty. It was another warm day. On the chair was a fresh towel, plus a T-shirt and a pair of panties, Tina's she guessed. Parker touched her pussy and asshole gingerly. Stacey's healing touch had helped. Parker was able to walk upright to the shower. She emerged bright eyed and bushy tailed, wrapped herself in the towel and went off in search of her friend.

Stacey was in her own bedroom, sat naked in front of her P.C. She looked lovely of course.

"How long have you been up?"

"Couple of hours. You were out for the count. Sorry, I borrowed your cell. You have five texts from Marcia and an odd one from your dad. The bitch has put you on YouTube. I'm not sure you want to see."

Parker insisted. There were three videos in the adults only section. Parker stared in horror at herself pissing, being taken up the ass and having her labia pierced. Her cheeks burned and she could feel tears welling up.

"At least your face isn't visible and Marcia only says your name once. There is however the back end of a blue Corvette, in these shots. The plate is clearly visible. I think, dear friend, it is time we made our own video."

"And there's more. Lance is absolutely loaded. And he's running for Congress. I've pulled off some of his speeches. Very hot on family values. See here what he wants to do to sluts who have sex before marriage. And gays and lesbians. As for sodomites, his exact words, he is pushing the envelope on the first amendment."

Parker listened as Stacey explained her plan. She looked in wonder at the baby-faced criminal genius. Stacey was studying computer science at UCLA and was clearly a more diligent student than Parker.

"Stacey, you can't. You're still a virgin. Aren't you? I'm not worth it."

"Technically yes. I'm gay Parker. It doesn't mean a thing. Two of my friends, at College, have sold their virginity. We must get him to wear a condom though. And seriously, I do think of you as a sister, so you are worth it. We're going to make the bastards pay. Cinderella, you will have your coach."

Parker's parents were spending the next weekend in Vegas. It was Sunday and the girls had plenty of time. Marcia seemed delighted at the prospect of an afternoon's fun at Parker's house. And she couldn't wait to meet Parker's country cousin. She was holding on to the Prius, but could not do so for ever. And yes, Parker had earned a five thousand dollar discount. And she could earn a bit more. She was sad to hear about Parker's piercings. And her bottom. That was why Marcia would not let Lance's dick up her own ass.


Stacey drove Parker back home, so she could get properly dressed. There was a jiffy bag, on her bed. It contained twenty thousand dollars, in cash and a tube of Anusol. Stacey looked at Parker quizzically, but kept her own counsel. The cash would come in handy for their day trip to San Bernardino.

There they visited two electrical stores and a sex-shop. Stacey knew exactly what they wanted, Parker stumped up the cash. Final stop was an Italian deli, where Stacey picked a delightful lunch to go.

Stacey took her time driving back to Sta Caridad. Parker was surprised when Stacey turned off the I-15 at Baker, onto a back road that led into the desert. They drove deep into the Mojave Preserve and Parker was again surprised when Stacey slowed down and turned onto an unpaved side road. Parker felt a flash of fear. The desert was where she was going to die. Surely not at Stacey's tiny hands? The venerable Buick's suspension groaned, but Stacey navigated the ruts with ease. The track came to an end by a magnificent stand of Joshua trees. She parked in the shade, then got out and had Parker follow. Stacey popped the trunk. She took out a picnic hamper and threw a rolled blanket to Parker. Stacey kissed her anxious friend lightly. Now Parker understood why Stacey had her wear her Birkenstocks for a trip to San Berdoo. A small path led to a huge tree that must have been five hundred years old. The numerous carvings, on its trunk were testimony to generations of human visitors. The sand had been trampled flat and the girls sat on the blanket in the shade of the tree. It was one O'clock, hot and dry, but the gentle breeze was cooling.

Stacey fed Parker with olives and salami, pasta salad, anchovies and tiny tomatoes. She would not let Parker help herself. Stacey would take five olives into her mouth, expertly stone them and push them one by one into Parker's mouth, with her tongue. She disengaged, to let Parker chew and swallow, and then kissed her friend again, transferring more tasty morsels. Stacey's attempt to pass lemonade from her mouth to Parker's ended in much spluttering and giggling and had to be abandoned. They finished with sticky Tiramisu and Stacey licked Parker's face clean, like an over exuberant Labrador. Stacey stood up, lifted her T-shirt and dropped her shorts. She was wearing nothing beneath. She pulled Parker to her feet and quickly stripped her, all the time kissing her hard.

Parker looked nervous.

"What if someone comes Stace?"

"I intend for us both to come darling. Anyway you were the one who took me under the goal posts at S.C.H. at 3am on a Sunday morning. And in the restroom at McDonalds. And in the changing room at JC Penney. To name but a few. It's weekday lunchtime, out of the tourist season. No body is going to disturb us."

Parker could not explain why the hiking boots made Stacey's naked body look even sexier than usual. Stacey had Parker lean back against the tree and put her arms up. Stacey licked Parker's smooth armpits, and then followed the natural furrow down to first one breast, and then the other. Stacey again marvelled at the length of Parker's nipples. Parker winced as Stacey gently sucked on the right. She quickly swapped to the less bruised left nipple and kneaded the magnificent flesh below. Parker felt warm liquid running down the inside of both thighs. She thought she had wet herself, but Stacey's breast play had switched on every single gland in Parker's vagina. Parker's knees buckled in slow motion and she slid slowly down the tree trunk, her thighs spreading ever wider. Stacey had no difficulty sliding four fingers into Parker's dripping pussy. She pushed gently and flicked Parker's erect clit with her thumb. Although her clitoris was still sore, Stacey's skilled strumming let loose waves of ecstasy that made Parker pant. Soon both teen beauties were on their haunches and Parker started to moan.

"Stacey....you're...so... fucking... hot... I... think... I... might be gay...after all...oh shit... I'm...uh...uh...coming."

Stacey released Parker's nipple and grinned at her friend. She slowly licked the cum off each of her fingers, then pulled Parker back to her feet and kissed her hard. Next she bent over, flashing her rear end and delved into the hamper. She produced a pink strap on dildo, which she expertly attached to Parker.

"Is that mine?"

"Yes, I took it from your drawer, when you were counting the cash. It looks very like the one you used to deflower me. Remember that Parker? Now I want you to take me roughly from behind."

Stacey leaned forward against the tree and thrust out her skinny butt. Stacey had delicate little pink labia which rarely peeped out unless she was aroused. She clearly was, that lunchtime and she took the whole six inches effortlessly. She arched her back and shouted.

"Parker, baby, ram it in. Pound me. Harder. I'm your dirty fuck slut. You're my man."

Parker was pounding as hard as she could. Stacey was thrusting back, furiously. The base of the dildo was grinding Parker's own, still tender clit. She was an athletic girl so, she decided to substitute force for speed. She humped Stacey like a jack-rabbit and they shared a quick fierce orgasm, before collapsing in a sweaty heap. Stacey reluctantly agreed to get dressed before Parker spooned against her back and they dozed off, the chirr of cicadas a lullaby.

The girls awoke about four and drove back to Sta Caridad; a mere hour's drive. Neither of Parker's parents were home and Parker had Stacey join her under the shower in the yard. Stacey performed admirably, especially as she knew she was being watched. The girls wrapped themselves in towels and waved vigorously at Mr Frazer's window.

However Parker did not want her dad to see any more of Stacey than he had seen before. He arrived home at six and Stacey had already left.

"Look, Princess, about the other night. I got carried away. I'm sorry alright. Must have been a dodgy batch of coke. I want to make it up to you."

Parker wanted to say, "Then stop fucking me and pimping me out to your gangster friends."

What came out was,

"I want to move out Daddy. For good. I want you to buy me a small condo, in Merced and pay off my loan. Plus a small allowance until I'm twenty five. I've calmed down a lot. I've got an evening job. OK, it's crap, but I am getting up on to my own two feet."

"What about your mother?"

"I don't have a mother."

"OK. Fifty K a year. Not a penny more."

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