Beth was sitting on her front steps, reading through one of her text books for school. She would look to her watch from time to time. Alex was late. He should have been there ten minutes ago.

Finally the blue ford focus would turn the corner and move down the street. A smile fell to Beth’s lips as the car stopped before her house.

“You gave me the wrong directions. I should have known something was wrong when the gas station was on the left,” Alex taunted with a smile on his lips.

“I am so sorry, hun. I thought about it when I was out here. I was getting worried. I thought you might get upset and call the whole thing off.” Beth replied as she slipped into the passenger seat and fastened her belt. Alex smiled at that before leaning over to kiss Beth on the brow.

“All is forgiven, sweetie. I got here, didn’t I?”

“Yes you did.” Beth whispered, sinking into Alex’s arm. Alex gave off a soft chuckle before he turned back towards the main road.

“So, where are we going?”

“How does the beach sound?”

“Mm.. That sounds good.”

Beth and Alex would exchange small banter before they reached the beach. No sooner had the car shut off before Alex was leaning over towards Beth.

Beth would bite down softly on her lower lip. Alex smiled softly before letting a hand fall to Beth’s face, lightly caressing her cheek. Beth would shiver under his touch.

That made Alex chuckle.

“Your too cute,” he whispered before lightly kissing Beth on the lips.

Beth would hold to Alex’s face lightly as she returned that kiss, her tongue slipping into his mouth.

Alex’s hands moved from Beth’s face to slide down to her shoulders. They would pause at her shoulders for a moment before traveling down to her breasts. The smallest moan passed Beth’s lips at this attention.

It was after a moment before they broke the kiss, flushed smiles on their lips.

“I’ve never kissed a guy with a beard before.” Beth whispered, lightly nuzzling against Alex’s chest.

“Do you like it?”

“I love it.”

“Good,” Alex whispered as he slid his hand up Beth’s skirt. “Such a naughty little girl. No panties.. All shaved for me too,” he whispered against her ear.

His words made her tremble slightly. He gave a chuckle as his skilled fingers began rubbing lightly against her moist folds.

“Your soaked, hun.” He whispered before plunging three fingers deep into her. A loud moan passed her lips as the shock came to her system. It was wonderful, though.

As her moans grew louder, he grew bolder, unfastening his pants and guiding her hand towards his hard phallus. Her fingers would grip tightly to him pulling up and down almost cruelly against him.

“Oh yes, sweetie. Just like that..” He whispered, leaning his head back slightly, the smallest grin on his lips.

Beth’s moans where growing into cries of ecstasy. Cries that awarded looks from passers by, strolling in the setting sun.

Alex smirked a moment before letting his hand go still for a moment.

“Wait a second.” He whispered into her hair.

“Damn people,” Beth whispered, her head resting lightly against Alex’s shoulder.

Once the coast was clear, those skilled fingers returned their work as their lips found one another, his tongue eagerly searching for hers.

As their lips parted this time, Alex would gently push Beth’s head down towards his engorged length. She did not have to be told twice what he wanted her to do. Lips would wrap about him, as she sucked his length down her mouth and into her throat.

“Yes. Oh, Beth. That feels so good..” He whispered, placing a hand gently on the back of her neck, not keeping her there, but reminding her exactly who was in charge.

His other hand would travel down towards Beth’s unused rear hole. Her eyes would go wide as a single finger slid deep into her.

It was only a moment before he withdrew his finger and started the car, making sure her head would not move from right there.

Beth kept her head still as the car moved, keeping him hard by gently sucking against him.

Occasionally, Alex would swat at Beth’s rear, making her squirm ever so slightly.

“Just getting us to some place a bit more private.” He would say as the car rolled on. After about fifteen minutes, Alex would turn the engine off, and gently lift Beth’s head.

Beth would steal a look about them. Tall trees stood about. Her eyes would fall on Alex.

Alex would smile playfully before he spoke.

“Get undressed then get in the back seat.” Was all he said. She obeyed wordlessly, stripping from her skirt and blouse right there in the front seat before she moved towards the back seat. Alex stayed behind the wheel, dressed, and looking forward.

“Open the duffle bag and put everything in it on.”

Beth opened the bag to find it empty. When she looked up towards Alex, she saw him smiling towards her. He would step from the car as he peeled off his shorts and tee shirt, and slip into the back seat with Beth. Alex gave Beth a small smile before embracing her in a warm hug, sending soft kisses along her neck.

Beth’s legs worked on their own accord, wrapping about his waist, trying to draw him forward towards her. Alex would smile towards her before he pushed her back down, spreading her long legs wide.

No words where passed before he plunged himself deep into her.

A scream passed Beth’s lips as he buried himself deep in her. Alex was about there inches longer and a half an inch wider than anyone she had been with before.

As Beth cried and squirmed in pleasure, Alex started his rhythmic thrusts in and out of her.

“You like that, babe?” Alex asked as he pulled her legs up above her head till her feet where resting against the window.

“Yes, Alex” was all she was able to say as he pounded deeper into her.

Beth was on the verge of tears, she was so close to cumming. It was right as Beth started to beg for it that Alex stopped and withdrew that thick cock to replace it with three fingers. His thumb against her clit, his little finger in that rear hole. His thumb roughly rubbed against her while his fingers pounded in and out.

“Cum for me, baby…” He whispered softly, looking down into her eyes.

Beth was teetering over that edge. She fell at his words. One loud scream later and Beth was cumming hard. Such power he held over her was all too apparent in that one moment.

“Good girl” he whispered softly, withdrawing from her again. He would lick one clean for a moment before setting another to her lips. Beth would eagerly take his finger in her mouth, sucking him clean. It was after a moment that he drew his finger away. He would chuckle as Beth’s head lifted, to keep hid finger in her mouth. “Such a horny little girl…” was all he muttered as he sat back, slowly stroking himself. Beth would crawl forward, licking along the base of his shaft as his hand moved fast up and down.

“Oh, lick that cock..” Was all he could say as she lapped along him.

Beth made a bold move by taking one of his balls into her mouth, sucking and nibbling slightly against him.

That, it seems, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Alex grabbed Beth by the back of the neck, raising her head towards his throbbing cock. She would suck him into her moth, and not let up on her sucking until he was cumming. She would pause for a moment before she started swallowing him.

She swallowed every last drop. That turned him on beyond nothing else.

“I can’t believe you swallowed all of it. Good girl.. Not missing a drop..” He whispered softly, stroking her head. She would curl up into his lap now, smiling softly as she clung to him.

“We should spend the night here..” She whispered, her head against his shoulder.


“Because you wore me out..”

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by Anonymous12/05/18

poorly written...

...and edited. Writer doesn't know difference between "Your" and "You're".

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