tagExhibitionist & VoyeurParking Lot Star Revisited: Mandy R

Parking Lot Star Revisited: Mandy R


After Mandy's surprise naked tryst in the parking lot where she'd been caught, totally naked, masturbating with a vibrator on camera in her car, Mandy couldn't get enough.

A few weeks later, she did it again...only this time she took it much, much further.

After she left the house that morning, I logged in and began the task of debugging client websites when the icon flashed at the bottom of my screen.

It was Mandy.

"Hi babe," I said, clicking in as the webcam at the top of my monitor came to life.

"Hey sexy," her voice came through my headset as she turned her pretty head briefly to smile into the laptop.

She was driving.

"WOA!" I exclaimed into the mic, surprised. I guess I shouldn't have been though, knowing Mandy.

She turned briefly towards the camera again and smiled before refocusing on the road. I could plainly see her bare shoulders as her blonde hair fell just above them. At the bottom edge of the screen, I could just make out the swell of her breasts.

"Are you topless babe?" I asked incredulous.

"Nope...I'm naked," she said, grinning.

"We had so much fun last time that I figured I'd surprise you again."

"Babe," I said, cautiously, "be careful."

Suddenly, I heard the sounds of the engine slowing as Mandy put on her turn signal.

"What are you doing?" I asked, excited, but still somewhat worried. Mandy was crazy for sure, but sometimes, she really pushed the envelope.

"There's a guy up there with his thumb out," she giggled.

"Mandy! No!" I said, terrified into the mic.

But it was too late. She'd already pulled over.

I heard the passenger's window go down.

"Hi there," she smiled over the camera at someone I couldn't see.

My heart thudded in my chest.

"Uh...wow...hi," a younger sounding male voice said from behind the laptop.

"Jeezus lady, are you naked?"

With that Mandy giggled and smiled at the stranger.

"I'm just out for a drive," she stated as if it were nothing more than that.

"What's with the laptop?" the male voice said again.

Many shifted a bit in her seat. I saw her shoulder moving slightly below the edge of the screen.

"Mandy," I said, desperate to gain her attention from behind my desktop at home.

She grinned at the stranger. "That' my boyfriend," she said. "He's watching."

"Wow that's kinky," the stranger laughed.

"Hi boyfriend," he said.

I sat stunned.

Despite my fear for Mandy's safety , what I saw on my screen affected me. There was my girlfriend, totally nude in her car in front of a stranger...and judging by her shoulder movements...she appeared to be touching herself.

My cock rose, thick and hard in my jeans.

"Mandy," I said again, ignoring the stranger's greeting.

Mandy smiled at the guy behind the laptop.

"You aren't dangerous are you?" she giggled.

"Who me?" the guy said, laughing.

I couldn't believe what was happening.

"You sure are hot," the guy said. "Nice tits."

Hefting a heavy bare breast to the laptop, Mandy rolled it in her palm...teasing the nipple to stiffness.

"Thank you," she said, batting her pretty blue eyes at the camera and the stranger.

My cock throbbed, begging for release, but my heart nearly stopped in my chest when Mandy suddenly glanced around the car.

"Hey," she said to the guy outside of the passenger's window. "Could you give me a hand?"

"Sure," he answered, sounding intrigued. "Anything for a beautiful naked lady."

"Well," she began, "my boyfriend likes watching me go naked out in public, so I was wondering if you could help me out by holding the laptop for me."

"MANDY NO!" I shouted into the headset, helpless, miles away at home.

"Aww, hey boyfriend," the guy said, "don't worry, it's cool...I'll help."

With that, Mandy grabbed the laptop and panned the area around her side of the car.

She was sitting on the edge of a two-lane road that I didn't recognize...every few moments a car passed in her direction.

Suddenly, Mandy pushed open the driver's door and got out.

"Wait, Mandy," I said, panicking as she carried the laptop around the back of the car, causing my onscreen universe to bounce wildly out of focus. Like losing communications as the lunar landed passed behind the dark side of the moon, I sat helpless to do anything.

After an eternity, the world came into focus again as Mandy set the laptop on the hood of the car. Through my headset, I heard the sounds of the cars passing somewhere close.

"Hi babe!" Mandy said suddenly. Bent slightly forwards, her huge bare breasts filled the screen momentarily before she stepped back.

From my point of view, I saw her from just beneath her breasts to the tops of her knees.

On the left side of the screen, a pair of jeans-clad male legs appeared, standing beside her.

Mandy was completely naked on the side of the road in front of some stranger.

My nerves were frazzled; my heart thudded, and my cock felt like hot glass.

I heard the stranger whistle through his teeth.

"Damn," he said, drawing it out. "Look at you...look at those big ol' titties."

Onscreen, his hand moved to his crotch, where he pinched and pulled at it.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I sat, in total silence, glued to the monitor.

"Can you see me babe?" Mandy giggled miles away.

"Yeah...yes...I mean...Mandy, this is crazy..." I managed, stumbling over my tongue.

Mandy turned to face the camera full on...with the fingers of both hands, she slowly opened herself, pulling her swollen cunt lips apart for me to see.

"God I'm wet babe," she said.

"Here comes a car," the stranger laughed.

Indeed, I heard the sound of a car approaching them...then it slowed and finally drove on.

"Take out your cock," Mandy breathed heavily at the stranger as she slowly inserted two fingers into herself, raising one leg slightly off of the ground.

Bending over again, Mandy smiled into my monitor.

"Take yours out too babe," she said.

As I watched in horrified fascination, the stranger unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his fly and pulled a large, thick, veiny hard-on from his pants.

Mandy giggled.

Stepping back from the laptop again, I could only see her and the stranger from the midsection down.

Spreading her bare legs wide, Mandy diddled herself, sliding her fingers in and out of her wet cunt. Then, with her other hand, she pressed lightly into her clitoris.

The stranger's hand moved on his cock, stroking it, merely a foot from Mandy.

As I watched my girlfriend on my monitor, standing completely naked in public in front of stranger...playing with herself, my feelings of horror and jealousy suddenly morphed into something else.

My cock pounded in my jeans begging for release. Opening my pants, I pulled it out and wrapped my palm around it...stroking it hard and fast as I watched Mandy behave like a wanton slut right out in public.

"Are you stroking your cock babe?" Mandy said from somewhere that I was had no way to get to.

"Yes..I am..." I breathed into the mic, pulling on my hard-on.

The stranger stroked onscreen, stepping closer to Mandy until his knuckles nearly brushed the front of her bare leg as he pounded himself with his fist.

His cock was inches from her cunt.

"Oh yeah," she said, moaning, as she rubbed herself quickly between her slick thighs.

"Beat that cock, stroke it for me..."

He did.

So did I.

I couldn't see all of her, but I knew that the stranger was treated to the sight of her horny, naked tits bouncing and jiggling under his gaze as she fucked her fingers.

"Oh god, girl...god look at those tits..." he breathed as if to confirm my thoughts.

Suddenly, I heard the guy whom I didn't know...the guy who was jerking his cock right next to my naked girlfriend out in public say "Look over there! They're watching us...."

"Oh fuck...they are...oh that's so hot..." I heard my Mandy moan as I saw her fingers move faster over her clit onscreen.

"Babe," she said, her head above the edge of the screen, "there's a couple guys across the road watching us..."

I was scared to death and excited beyond belief at the same time. Mandy was completely naked in front of strangers in public and I worried that they might do something to do her...yet, the thought alone of what she was doing nearly made me cum on myself.

I moaned into my headset just as Mandy orgasmed, slapping her horny cunt onscreen.

"OH GOD, BABE...I'M...OHFUCKI'MCUMMING..." she nearly shrieked, as her hand beat at her sloppy pussy, the sounds of it filling my ears.

Taking a step even closer to her, the stranger fisted his cock fast and hard as the tip of it brushed Mandy's bare flesh.

Then he came, moaning loudly. White ropes of thick cum jumped from the end of his cock, spurting and splattering Mandy's thigh...as she spread her legs wider and thrust her hips at the camera, fucking herself with her hand.

The sight of it, combined with the situation was too much.

I came too, jettisoning my load all over the keyboard tray as I pounded at my cock at the scene, barely able to breathe.

Mandy's body trembled and shook as she rode out her orgasm while the stranger came all over her leg.

Finally, only the sounds of heavy breathing filled my ears as Mandy and the stranger disappeared from my view.

"Mandy?" I said, worried, sitting up in my chair.


"MANDY!" I yelled, frantic.

Suddenly, my world spun again as someone grabbed the laptop.

"Hey dude," I heard the stranger's voice in my ears from behind the camera, "look at this!"

As he held the laptop, I saw a shaky picture of Mandy standing stark naked in front of two other men whom I did not know, several yards away.

"That's one hell of a girlfriend you got," the stranger laughed.

Finally, Mandy made her way back, waving at the men as she went.

I watched her naked form move towards the camera again...her heavy breasts swaying in front of her.

"That was hot babe!" she at me from wherever she was.

I sat in stunned silence as my softening, cum-covered cock receded.

"So, you need a ride?" Mandy said to the stranger, taking the laptop again.

"Sure," he said.

"Mandy, no...wait a minute..." I said.

"I'll be back soon," she said, smiling as her face filled the screen.

"Muah," she kissed the screen. Then it went blank and she was gone.

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