She found me in my bedroom as I was changing my shirt. I didn't really notice she was there until she backed into the door to close it, shutting out the noise of the party downstairs. Wavy, shoulder length brown hair and smiling rosy lips approached me, not giving me a chance to put on a new shirt. Her hands came up to my chest, her fingers tracing my muscles lightly, giving me goose bumps. She wore low rise black polyester pants, with a black bra underneath that was easily seen through a white semi sheer blouse. Earlier that evening, when she bent over on various occasions, her white lacey thong would play peek-a-boo. Such a contrast in colors was kinda mesmerizing, but nothing like the feel of her black polished finger nails on my skin.

My college parties always drew an interesting crowd. And everyone in the crowd was sexy and horny. They knew my parties were really held for one reason, for me, a horny college boy whose parents insisted I live with them to have a little fun. And fun meant all sorts of experimentation of the flesh. And what college student wouldn't want to come to this party? With my parents out of town two weekends every month, I offered a haven for sex and alcohol for reasonably responsible consenting adults.

Without a word, she pushed me onto my bed that was just behind me. I sat down and watched her unbuckle my belt, undo my button and zipper, and yank my slacks off. She kneeled down and bent forward, her arms resting on my bed to either side of me, her tongue coming out to lick my abs, her ass sticking out revealing her white thong again.

My dick jolted at this image, almost ripping the material of my boxers and almost punching the bottom of her jaw. She pulled my boxers down, coordinating with my body wiggles. Finally I just laid down to make it easier, and before I could get up, my dick was awash in warm saliva, surrounded by cheeks and lips and tongue. She worked me without pause, her left hand pumping in unison with her mouth.

I got up on my elbows to watch, her hair curtaining her face, some strands getting in her way. She stopped a moment to pull back her hair, but didn't have anything to bind it back. She grabbed my right hand and had me hold her hair in a pony tail. She then went back to sucking and bobbing. I realized I could help her pace with my right hand that was holding her hair. I started to force bob her head, pushing her down onto me further and further with each bob. I could feel my dick hitting the back of her mouth, and with each force down, she took me into her throat further and further.

I was getting so hard and hot, my cum building. This hot chick had no idea that her clothes, her hair in my hand, and her approach just took me to new heights of horniness. Or perhaps she knew I would enjoy it, maybe that's what her plan was. I decided to create deviations in her plan. On her down stroke, I held her head down, my dick deep in her throat, her lips wrapped around the base of my shaft, her nose poking into my abs. Her throat jolted a little in a mini gag, and I let her come up. Her breathing became ragged, but kept her motions going. After two regular strokes, I held her down again, a little longer. Her gag was a little stronger, and when she came up she coughed up saliva onto my pubic hair and breathed hard around my dick to get her breath back. I pushed her down again, her face embedding the spit into my pubic hair, my shaft blocking her wind pipe. She couldn't breath, and tried to struggle up for air, but I held her down, her light thrashing turning me on to no end, I came right there, holding her head down, shooting my cum into her lungs. She thrashed harder, not knowing how to react to cum so deep in her. After I finished shooting my load I let her go, her hair falling around her face, and she coughed hard for several seconds, my cum mixed with her spit landing on her hair and my dick and pelvic region. She laughed while trying to catch her breath, stood up, licked the cum and saliva off her lips and hair, composed herself in my mirror, and walked out with a smile.

I needed to wash myself off before rejoining the party, so I walked into my bathroom, which had two doors, one from my room, and one from the hallway so that others could use it. As I entered, two girls were closing the door from the hall way. I froze, standing there naked, the bathtub behind me, the toilet to my right, the sink to my left and a blond and a redhead in front of me, in each others arms, staring and giggling at my cum covered member, which was growing again. The two girls walked passed me, still giggling. One squeezed my ass and the other batted my shaft lightly. The blond stepped into my tub and turned on the shower while the redhead pushed the curtain all the way to the wall, blew me a kiss and stepped in to join.

The shower started drenching the two girls and their identical outfits, white lacy cotton blouses, red satin bra's, black mini skirts. They had lost their shoes long ago. I stepped forward but the blond stuck out her finger, telling me to wait and not move closer or else. My dick moved forward for me and my legs ached to close the gap. Water landing on the bathroom floor didn't bother me, I was mesmerized.

The girls began kissing each other, under the falling water. Giggles would escape their mouths and glances tore from their locking gazes to see if I was enjoying the show. Their hands played all over each other's wet bodies and clothes. They slowly strip teased in front of me, and my mouth watered in response. Under the skirts were red thongs that matched their bras, but soon, these two teasing hot chicks were naked in my shower, just feet in front of me, knowing they were taunting me.

My dick stood on end, the show was amazing. The water falling around their beautiful bodies and the idea that they wanted to play with him was too much. I took a step and then remembered that I wasn't allowed. But with only a foot distance, it was easy for the redhead to reach out and grab me, pulling me into the shower with them.

I fondled anything that I could. My tongue sought any crevice it could find. Our three lips met as the water drowned out any sound of my party downstairs. Their hands were all over my body, my chest, my dick, my balls, my ass, and all over each others bodies. I fought for space to press and tweak any of the beautiful breasts in front of me. And my fingers found others as I reached below to find their clits.

Finally, the blond decided she needed some oral attention. She stepped out of the tub and laid down on the bathroom floor with her legs hanging over the tub rim. The redhead, still in the tub, leaned over the rim, her legs spread wide with her feet touching both ends of the tub so they wouldn't slide anymore, her hands on the floor holding her up, and her tongue and lips all over the blonds pussy. She licked and sucked so loud I could hear it over the shower. The blond seamed to be in heaven, her eyes half lidded, her breasts laying perfectly on her chest.

With the redhead's ass in the air, my dick found its way into her dripping pussy. I slipped in easily, like her cunt sucked in my dick. I had to be careful not to slip in the tub, but I wanted to bang her harder and harder. My thrusts pushed her mouth and chin into the blond, causing the blond to gasp. The water from the shower ran from me, down the redhead's body, drips of it falling from her hanging breasts, some of it flowing down onto the blond's pelvis. The bathroom floor was starting to collect standing water, but I didn't care.

I kept fucking this hot contortionistic redhead until I was too sore trying to keep from slipping, so I grabbed her waist and stepped out of the tub, my dick still deep in her pussy, carrying her as she hand walked over the blond, their lips and tongue meeting when I set her down, and started thrusting again. Her pussy walls were so hot and felt like silk. The blond was fingering her and I felt her fingers on my balls every now and then. The redhead couldn't hold it any longer and started shaking as her orgasm sent drips of water flying off her body.

The redhead slumped down onto the blond, but the blond grabbed hold of my nut sack, pulling me out of her friend and into her own wet pussy. I complied easily and started thrusting as well as I could with my legs spread wide on the floor. The redhead reached far back behind and grabbed my ass checks, keeping me from pulling out of the blond too far. The blond did the same at my waist. It was great, four hands pressing me to fuck deeper and harder. The blond's eye lids were fluttering, and the redhead was still exhausted, but their two bodies still beckoned me on.

The redhead almost got thrown into the air as the blond came with such ferocity. Her whole body convulsed. It was too much to see one beautiful slumped body rocked by another beautiful orgasming body. I came again, surprising since I had just cum with the recent blowjob. I filled up the blond but she and her friend wouldn't let me go. Their four hands still keeping me deep inside her.

I leaned over to kiss the back of the redhead's neck, her soft skin tickling my lips. That made all of us grin.

The two girls ran into my bedroom and closed the door behind them to continue their play. I decided I should go downstairs, so I grabbed my bathrobe hanging on the door to the hallway. I turned off the shower, decided to leave the girls clothes in the tub and the water still standing on the floor, opened the door and walked out. The party was still raging below, and the noises carried up the main stairs. My door was still closed but I could hear laughing from behind it.

I walked down the hall to a spiral staircase that descended to the mudroom, connected to the garage and kitchen. The door to the kitchen was made of wood and had mini vents. I could see a girl standing there looking around the kitchen, and she was alone, a brunette, wearing a thigh length, plaid, pleated skirt and a black blouse. She was drinking from a cup. She looked hot from behind, a little shorter than I, and my dick was responding again, rising up and almost parting my bath robe.

I decided to attack. I opened the doors real quick, grabbed the girl from behind, sending her cup flying, and pulled her into the mudroom. She saw that it was me, and knew that I had a reputation for screwing all the girls that came to my parties. The look in her eye said she had been waiting for me.

She pulled my robe apart and off as I closed the doors again. Just me, her and the washer and dryer. I grabbed her blouse and ripped it down the middle from her neck, and pulled it off of her, revealing a lacy, see through, purple bra. Her hand grabbed onto my stiff dick as I pulled her bra down to rest at her waist. Her breasts stood there with pointed nipples. My fingers pinched them as I came in and kissed her hard on the lips. Her hand rubbed up and down my shaft, her other hand reaching back to find the dryer behind her.

She pulled away from me and hopped up on the dryer, which was shorter than average, which made her pussy the perfect elevation for me. She brought her skirt up and revealed no panties. Her dripping lips beckoned me and my dick slid right in. She was hot, wet, and felt very nice. I started thrusting, my knees hitting the dryer with each pound. She leaned back, her head up against the wall, her hands holding on to the dryer so that she didn't slide off. She moaned, loud too. But most of the party was loud. My thumb rubbed her clit as I continued to push into her and pull out, and push in again. Her breasts bounced with each cycle.

The dryer started when the girl's pressed into the started knob. She jumped, scared at first, but the vibration was helping. Motion from the dryer teamed up with my thrusting cock and my rubbing thumb. She was going crazy. Her body tensed and her moans got louder, until she came hard and with violent shakes. I couldn't keep my hold of her and my dick popped out right as I was cumming, my cum squirting all over her beautiful body.

The girl calmed down and started to wipe her body with her blouse. She pulled up her bra and grabbed a white t shirt that was sitting on the washer. She then jumped down from the dryer, kneeled down to lick the remaining drops of cum off my shaft, then walked out to the kitchen again.

After putting my robe back on, I walked into the kitchen to grab some beer. It was early enough that people were still drinking what they had brought, and not yet rummaging through my stuff. When I closed the fridge I saw her standing there with a devilish grin.

As she stepped forward I noticed several things all at once. She had beautiful flowing brown hair, and sparkling green eyes. And she wore no shoes and tight white pants and a matching white t-shirt that showed her belly. But the material was very sheer, almost a very fine mesh, allowing everyone and their grandmother to see what she wore underneath. Hot pink blazed through the white. She wore a thong, and a matching bra. The bra however didn't totally cover her breasts, but stopped just below the nipple, leaving the whole upper half, and her very hard nipples visible. Between her left forefinger and thumb she carried a little blue pill.

When she reached me, she put the blue pill in mouth, and I washed it down with some of my beer. She then grabbed my hand and pulled me out into the dining room. In this formation, we paraded around my house. Everyone we passed was staring at her beautiful body under the sheer white. We walked up the main stairs and passed by my bedroom doors and heard two girls yelling in pleasure.

As we reached my parents bedroom, my dick was parting my robe, and I was surprised that the blue pill was working so fast. Sexy girl closed the door and locked it. She then approached, turned me around and threw me on the bed. My robe parted more, and my dick pointed to the ceiling. She kneeled and her mouth found its way to my throbbing dick. She wasn't bashful at all, taking me into her hot mouth. She moved up and down, just with her lips, her hands on either side of me. Each time she reached the top she would suck on the head with her lips wrapped around the rim. Moving down she would blow, sometimes out, sometimes in. The movement of air was great. And her warm tongue tickled my cock's underbelly. After several tortuous cycles of this, she finally brought one of her hands up to my base and wrapped it firmly, its strokes matching her mouth. I was a hot and hard piston.

She pulled her mouth and hand off, knowing that I was hating her for it. She did a little strip tease out of her shirt and pants, which didn't reveal anything new, but was still fun to watch. She gave the innocent looks, and the erotic poses. My dick just pulsed in response. She ended the strip by facing away from me and bending over, her ass in full view, and another surprise, her thong was crotch less and her engorged pussy lips blew me a kiss.

She quickly turned around and jumped on top of me, straddling my hips. Her pussy was hot and wet and dripping on me already. But she didn't let me penetrate. Her lips rubbed up and down my shaft, coating it in her juices. She bucked and rotated her pelvis. Every now and then the tip of my dick would poke her click, and she gasped and sighed in response. Her breasts jiggled and swayed in front of me, her nipples pointing right at my mouth. I tried to reach my lips and tongue up to taste them but she quickly pushed me down again. It was clear who was in charge tonight.

It was time again to change her teasing technique. She whipped around into a sixty nine, but up on her feet with her legs bent. This gave my throbbing rod easy access to her mouth, but her pussy was a good foot or so above my head, completely out of reach. Her breasts pressed against her knees. Her mouth and hand once again worked my dick with exquisite pleasure, and her pussy dangled above me, dripping onto my face. Again I tried to make contact but every time she would straighten her legs, while still sucking and deep throating me. When I gave up she returned her beautiful cunt to a foot above my head. It was all driving me crazy.

She finally got up and waited for me on her hands and knees. Her ass turned up so that her pussy lips poked through the crotch less thong. Her boobs dangled below her, pretty much falling out of the half bra, and her head turned back with an innocent pout, waiting for me to do something, and her hair fell downward to the bed. I jumped up and grabbed her hips and thrust my cock into her pussy. Her warm, silky walls clamped down on me and I help my position for a brief second, relishing her feel around me. Then I started thrusting, in and out, I glided smoothly as she dripped more and more of herself out and onto the bed. Each insert made her breasts swing and her ass jiggle, and her head came up and back arched in rhythm. Each exit brought her head down and a sigh of desire. Soon she was moaning and laughing, feeling my dick so far deep into her. Every now and then she would turn her head back again to give me seductive faces that showed ecstasy.

She felt so yummy. I had to cum right there. My grip on her hips got tighter, and I rammed into her faster, my thighs slapping her ass, and my balls swinging into her clit. I started to pant, and she joined me. I reached out one hand to grab between her shoulder and neck and pull her back with each thrust. Her breasts where swinging faster, trying to keep up with our motion, the bra not supporting it very much anymore. Thrust after thrust I felt my cum build. My thrusting got more vicious, more heated, more needy. Finally I blew, and my load kept up for several quirts. I struggled to hang on as my cumming sent waves and jolts through me.

I pushed her forward when my spasms subsided, so that she laid down on her tummy, and I continued to thrust into her. With my weight on top of her, her grunts were heavier. The blue pill kept me stiff as a pole, and my thrusting kept her huffing and puffing with pleasure. I pulled her arms up over her head and kissed the back of her neck. Our fingers inter-twirled. My pelvis was cushioned by her beautiful ass as it rocked to thrust my dick in and out of her. I pushed up on my elbows to get a better entry angle and kept fucking her.

We decided to roll on our sides, her pussy walls still gripping my dick. I brought her top leg up and into the air and told her to hold it with her hand. With her clit exposed, my fingers went to work as I continued to thrust into her. She looked back at me, closed her eyes and bit her lip as I pleasured her. I rubbed her with two fingers, trying to keep in beat with my fucking. She reached down to play with my balls and I pushed into her harder. My fingers quickened, and her body responded with shakes and finally exploded, making her whimper. Her pussy clamped down my pulsing shaft.

We moved again, this time rolling off the bed and onto our feet, still not pulling out of her. She leaned forward, elbows and forearms on the bed, and her legs straight. Again my hands gripped her waist. I moved slowly and rhythmically, feeling every inch of her cunt wrapped around my dick. Little trembles still reverberated in her body. She mmmm'ed and ahhh'ed as I pushed in and pulled out. It occurred to me that this is exactly what she had planned on tonight, and was loving it. I reached forward with both hands and grabbed her hanging breasts, lightly pinching her nipples. More in and out, and my throbbing heat was burning her pussy.

I decided to pull out of her, and she pouted at me again. I quickly turned her face up, pulling her legs up and straight again. I had to spread my legs to get down do where I was level with her, and pushed my dick into her again. She sighed with relief as I began fucking her again, holding on to her ankles in front of me. Still slow and purposeful, I watched her chest rise and fall, her nipples hard still with anticipation, her mouth changing between grins and o's, her eyes half lidded staring at me. She was beautiful, her body looked good enough eat. More in and out.

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