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My name is Tony and I have a small outside catering business in Brighton. The business was hard work and I was struggling to keep it going. Until recently that is. I am 26, six ft tall, well built (thanks to my swimming, I am in the local team) and have been told that I am more than adequately endowed by my past lovers.

One Friday I got a call from a woman called Jill to see if I could do the food for a hen night, it had been called at very short notice and was for tomorrow night at 8pm. She said that I would get a good price for a buffet for six people and ten bottles of wine. It wouldn't be great money but it would be £200 profit and couldn't turn it down. As soon as the phone was down I got to work preparing the buffet. I used a lot of frozen stuff and would just say I had to cut corners because of the time if they complained.

I arrived at Jill's house about three that afternoon and was shown to the kitchen. It was a big modern house and the kitchen had all the mod-cons so I was able to get on without any problems. At about seven Jill asked if I could stay on until the party was underway just to make sure that everything was o.k. She offered me an extra £50 so I agreed; and besides, I didn't have a date for that night.

I heard the guests arriving and the usual sort of high pitched chatter and laughter you would expect for a bunch of girls in their mid thirties. The huge lounge was set up with tables for my buffet at one end with some comfy chairs and a small raised platform at the other. Once the buffet was laid out I cleared my stuff into the van and waited in the kitchen to make sure all was going fine.

About ten minutes before I was about to go Jill came in looking angry and I thought she was going to complain about the food. She then said that the food was great but that Sally's night was ruined because the stripper had called off sick. "I know it was short notice," she said, "but for £350 you'd think he would have at least made an effort!" I said that I was sorry for her but there was nobody I knew that even knew a male stripper.

"I don't suppose I could persuade you to do the job, there's £400 in it for you!"

I tried to get out of it by saying that I wasn't a professional and wouldn't know what to do but she carried on.

"Go on, you're a sexy guy and I bet you've got a lovely cock in those chef's trousers of yours!"

It was clear that she was already quite drunk and initially read it as her teasing me but her continued smiles and flirting told me that she was deadly serious. I started to think about what £400 could do for my business. She must have noticed that I was considering it by upping her offer.

"All right then £500."

Before I knew what I was saying I agreed to do it.

"What can I wear?" I said.

"Keep that chef's outfit on." She said, "But be sure to take it off." She smiled at me and said I should get myself ready and to wait until I heard Hot Chocolate playing on the stereo, then come into the lounge and strut my stuff. The next five minutes seemed to take forever and then I heard Jill's voice as she introduced me to the other girls.............. and then the music started.

Despite all my emotions telling me to chicken out, I went into the room to a small round of applause, wolf-whistles and cheers. I had seen bits of a former girlfriends Chippendales video and did my best to imitate as I slowly removed my gear. Chef's whites aren't ideal for stripping off while dancing but I did my best, which seemed to be going down well with the group of drunk women in front of me.

Once I had my shirt off I noticed they were obviously drooling over me, helping my confidence grow immensely. I was also enjoying being a sex idol to the sexy women in front of me. I was now down to just my white hat, trousers and boxers as I moved from the 'stage' towards the women in front of me. We were now onto the next track on the CD which was slower than the previous song so I started to move slower and sexier, the whole time at least one of the women calling, "Get 'em off!" I took of my hat and placed it on the head of the girl who I guessed was the one on her hen night, then turned to remove my trousers. As I was bending over one of the women got up and spanked me on my left buttock, sending a shiver down my spine, the other women laughing at her.

I spent the next few minutes dancing about the room in my silk boxer shorts, glad I had them on and not some old grey briefs as I decided whether or not I would drop them. Jill was getting impatient and screamed for me to get my last item of clothing off. I took a deep breath, turned my back and, as sexy as I could get, dropped them to the floor. I turned to the women and kicked them off in their direction and started dancing some more, the whole situation turning me on immensely.

I was getting cheers and complements as I felt an erection building in my loins. As I moved my cock swung all over and my balls heaved too and fro. Unsure whether continue or not I decided that I would go and give them all a peck on the cheek and leave. However, things didn't go to plan and I was bundled to the floor and the lot of them started licking me and one or two were rubbing my cock making it hard as steel.

I was then pulled back up by them my hard cock pointing skyward. It was so engorged that my foreskin was stretched back to reveal my cock head and I knew what they wanted straight away as they made jerking motions with their hands. I was loving it and wanted to expose myself more and do whatever they wanted. I took my hard cock in hand and began to work it like I had a million times before. I arched my back and thrust my hips forward to expose it further and really made a show of it. Jill then shouted out that it was Sally's hen night and that she should get 'first pickings'.

Sally, a sexy little brunette with small pointy tits, ordered my to lie back down which I did without protest. She put her hands under her skirt and whipped off her g-string panties, tossing them in my face. Jill produced a condom from her dress pocket and proceeded to roll it over my dick. If I was going to protest I could have left there and then as I sensed Jill giving me the opportunity but I was feeling too horny to leave. Jill said I was the meat and wasn't to try and see Sally's pussy as that was a treat for her soon to be husband. Within another minute more underwear landed on or around my head and Jill decided to use them as blind-folds. Although not ideal for the job my vision was significantly impaired and my other senses gained a little more sensitivity as a result.

Someone (Sally I guessed) then proceeded to sit straight down on to dick, her sopping cunt muscles gripping me hard. I closed my eyes and took in the sensations as I sensed half a dozen sexy women watching as Sally rode me. It wasn't long before one of the woman decided to plant her dripping pussy over my mouth and I returned the favour by sticking my tongue in as far as it would go. I felt Sally's little cunt get briefly tighter as I guessed she was coming. Much to my satisfaction I was a long way off coming. There was only a five second break for my cock as a new rubber was put in place before the next tight little cunt was squeezing on my dick.

Soon the girl sitting on my tongue shuddered and gallons of pussy juice dribbled across my face. As soon as she stood up the next one planted herself on my face, this one was totally soaking already. I could tell that she was completely shaved making my tongue lapping even easier (and nicer). I was now very close and feeling the cunt on my dick lifting off, I gave a muffled yell that I was coming. Somebody ripped off my condom. I felt two mouths kissing and licking on my dick and balls as I unleashed my come into the air then a mouth covered my cock, sucking on my knob-end. The mouth, which I couldn't see, swallowed the lot and sucked out the last drops to cheers from the other girls. This sent the shaven pussy on my face over the top and I felt her coming on my face as she ground down onto my mouth.

As the shaven pussy stood up of me her suspender snagged the panties covering one eye and I saw that it was Jill, her gaping pussy lips glistening above me briefly. I didn't want to but I felt this would be a good time to leave. I left the room to cheers from the women who were now topping up wine glasses. Jill followed me into the kitchen.

"I bet that was better than we would have got from the agency guy."

Jill handed me a long mans coat.

"You can pick your clothes up tomorrow." Handing me a cheque that covered the food, show and included a nice tip.

"Now you must be getting back to your girlfriend." She said. When I explained that I was currently single a slight smile was visible on her face.

"See you tomorrow." I was all but shoved out the door as she blew me a kiss. I ran to the van and drove home in disbelief of what I had just done but content all the same.

The next day when I went to pick up my gear it was nine in the morning and Jill was still in bed nursing a hangover. When she let me in she was only wearing a small white dressing gown that wasn't done up, giving me a good view of her shaved pussy. She gave me my chef's whites and a tray I had missed and I handed her the coat. Suddenly there was a key turning in the door and I turned to see a guy in pilots uniform who I presumed to be Jill's husband enter.

When I looked at Jill she had done up her dressing gown and, calm-as-you-like, introduced me to her husband as the caterer and he came over to shake my hand.

"He's very good dear, you should recommend him to your friends."

I left and went home. Since then business is booming, mostly simple buffets and dinners but occasionally I get asked to do an 'all-in' catering and stripper event. These nights make my work much more enjoyable, not to mention the fact that Jill gets me in to make her and 'selected' friends dinner when her husband is on long haul flights and stop-overs. I am ordered to strip on arrival and other than that brief glimpse of Jill have yet to see so much as a nipple but I don't care.

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