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This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

Feedback is welcome. (MC, MF, FF, d/s)

* * * * *

We were going to the performance of a stage hypnotist. My roommate, Leslie, had been given two tickets -- for free -- by some guy she met in a mall. He told her he was a 'front man' for the hypnotist and that giving away the tickets was some kind of media thing. A lot of folks would have simply accepted that. I was skeptical.

"You're always suspicious of everything, Rhonda," my roomie said with a pout. "I suppose it keeps you out of trouble, but it also keeps you from having any fun."

It was possible I suppose that giving away tickets was a way of attracting customers to a new act. If the performance was any good it might create a lot of word-of-mouth publicity. But knowing Leslie, I wondered if the guy was just hitting up on her. My roommate was really beautiful. And everyone knew it except for Leslie herself. She really had no idea how attractive she was and always thought of herself as rather plain.

Then again, I suppose you could say the same for me. I've never thought of myself as particularly good looking either. I don't see anything special when I see myself in a mirror. But I've been favorably compared to Leslie on more than one occasion. And we both get hit on often enough. So it could be.

And maybe the ticket thing was legitimate as well. But if Leslie was determined to go, I sure has hell wasn't going to let her go by herself. So there we were. Dressed up, looking good, and off to the theater.

The tickets turned out to be real. We even had great seats, right up front. And the show was surprisingly good. The opening act was this magic guy who also told jokes. He was very talented and really funny. And he also did some juggling. So I figured that even if the Hypnotist was a flop, the evening was worth it. But the Hypnotist turned out to be even better than the opener.

He asked for and got a bunch of volunteers from the audience. Leslie wanted to volunteer us both, but I said, 'no way.' So we just watched. He started to hypnotize about twenty audience members all at once. Pretty soon he had a half dozen of them in a trance and sent the rest back to their seats. He said he could have hypnotized them all if he were willing to spend enough time, but for the sake of the show, he'd limit himself to the best subjects who went under most quickly. Could be. I was skeptical about that, too. I was wondering if these were real volunteers of if they were plants. But Leslie said she knew one of the guys who was still up on stage and she was sure he was no fake.

The hypnotist also said he couldn't make the subjects do anything they wouldn't do normally. I'd heard that somewhere before. But he said that he could trick them into doing all kinds of ridiculous things that wouldn't physically hurt them. And he was right. That was the act. He spent the next hour running those poor slobs through all kinds of silly stunts. He had them howling like wolves and pretending to be other animals. He had the guy Leslie knew eat a raw onion and think it was an apple. That's when I was really convinced. To be honest, it scared me a little. He had them dancing, and singing, and acting just like they thought they had talent. But they were terrible, so it was really funny. And no one got hurt at all, unless you consider severe onion breath to be an injury.

When it was over, he gave the volunteers a whole bunch of free gifts. And that made me think that maybe we should have gone up after all. Some of the stuff he handed out was really nice. He also gave them lots of free passes to come back and bring friends to one of the later shows that week. And that really had me convinced the free ticket thing was legitimate, too. Then he said that everyone who had volunteered, whether he had hypnotized them or not, and everyone who had received a free pass to the performance was invited back stage to the Green Room for a party after the show.

When it was over he got this huge standing ovation. As folks were filing out, Leslie and I debated whether or not to go to the party. Well, it wasn't really much of a debate. Leslie really wanted to go and I was only a little hesitant. So we went.

And it turned out to be a lot of fun. There was plenty of good food. And no booze at all which made me relax. I got to meet the magic guy and he was real nice. He was also quite a looker close up. He had a great ass and, if his costume were any indication, he was pretty well hung. Of course, I pretended not to notice.

Leslie called me over and introduced me to the guy who had given her the tickets. He seemed a little shifty to me. I'm not sure why, there was just something about him. She also introduced me to her friend who'd been in the act. He couldn't remember anything about it at all. He just said he felt great. In fact he'd never felt better in his life. But I didn't talk to him very long. He really stank of onion. But he didn't know that either.

Later, I introduced Leslie to the Magic man. And while we were talking I noticed the shifty guy talking to the Hypnotist. I might not have paid any attention, except the two of them kept glancing over at us. I supposed they were talking about Mr. Magic, but it still gave me the creeps.

It was a nice party, but broke up fairly quickly. I glanced at my watch and figured it was time to leave. It was just late enough that I could have gone home and to bed without another thought. But it was just early enough that I could have gone out with Leslie to a coffee shop to spend a while chatting. I wondered what she wanted to do. Where was she? I finally spotted her talking with the Hypnotist. She waved me over. For reasons which I couldn't explain, I started getting that creepy feeling again.

We were being invited to an after party-party up in the Hypnotist's Penthouse Suite at the Plaza Hotel. My first thought was, 'Bullshit!' I wasn't going to be some kind of sexual groupie. But before I could embarrass myself by expressing that thought, Leslie assured me that this was a real party with at least a dozen people. She told me Mr. Hypnotist traveled with a small troupe of supporting personnel and that they always celebrated a good opening night with a party in his room. Leslie said a couple of other girls and the two of us were being invited because the supporting crew were two-thirds men. They liked to invite some local girls in to even out the numbers. I could believe that. Men always like lots of women at parties. They need to think there's at least an outside chance they might get laid.

Leslie said we were being invited because we'd made such a good impression on Mr. Magic. Humph. I was still doubtful, but the shine in her eyes was so bright, I just knew she wanted to go. And I didn't have the heart to disappoint her. I suppose I could have begged off and let her go alone. But that would have put a damper on the party for her. And besides, I felt I needed to be there to keep an eye on things. Leslie was far too trusting.

So we found ourselves at the penthouse party. It was a nice room. Well, a nice set of rooms actually. It was huge. And I really liked the crew members. In addition to Mr. Magic there were some stage hands, a prop guy, an accountant and a couple of other guys who I never did figure out what they did. They all seemed like good people. The only one who still gave me the willies was the ticket guy but he kept pretty much to himself, so he didn't bother me much. And there were also a few women. There was an assistant to the Hypnotist and another for Mr. Magic. There was a P.R. liaison -- whatever that was.

There was also a rather intense looking woman named Della who was introduced to me as the Road Manager. She was a tall, dark haired woman with very pale skin. She looked as if she'd once been cast in the roll of Mrs. Dracula. But she was very friendly and we ended up talking for a long time. She told me a little about the show, but a whole lot about the practical uses of hypnosis. She was really big on hypnosis as a medical tool and for self-improvement. At first it was all very interesting, but after a while I began to feel like maybe she was hitting on me. There was just something in her manner and the way she looked at me.

I was about to excuse myself and find someone else to talk to when Leslie came walking up with the Hypnotist. She was all excited again. He had been telling her about how she could use hypnosis to make controlling her diet easy. Leslie was hardly fat. In fact she had a fabulous shape. But it was a constant battle for her and the hypnotist told her he could make it easy. And she said I could use hypnosis to improve my concentration for my studies. I had been taking night classes and was having troubles of my own. The Hypnotist said it would make study easy and automatic and guarantee me better grades.

While we were talking he put his arm around Mrs. Dracula. It turned out she was his live-in girlfriend as well as being the Road Manager. That made me feel a lot more comfortable about both of them. I mean if they were committed to each other, neither one would be hitting on Leslie or me, right?

I guess the promise of making my studying easier was just what it took to get me to agree. Leslie of course was already hyped. I don't know what the Hypnotist promised the other two girls, but whatever it was, they were as excited as Leslie.

So the Hypnotist moved us to a small dining room table with four chairs around it. Each girl sat in one of the chairs. There was a candle in the center of the table and the Hypnotist lit it. I could look up over the candle flame and see one of the other girls looking back at me. She was a cute little redhead with a nice smile. Leslie was to my right and the fourth girl, a tall blond, was to my left. Everyone else was sitting or standing in a wide circle around us. The room lights were switched off and the whole scene was lit up only by the flickering candle.

For a moment everything seemed incredibly weird. I almost got up and laughed the whole thing off but then the Hypnotist started talking. His voice was, for lack of a better word, absolutely hypnotic.

He told us to concentrate on the candle flame and I did. He told us to raise our right hands and point at the flame and I did that too. The redhead across from me was pointing at the flame, but somehow it felt like she was pointing at me. That was kind of spooky. But by now, I was really concentrating on the voice. The voice told me my arm would grow heavy and tired much faster than it normally would. I suppose I could have held my arm pointing at the candle like that for many minutes, but the voice was right. Within a few moments it felt very heavy and tired. I noticed the redhead's arm already starting to drop. She had a somewhat startled look on her face. When I looked back at my arm it had practically fallen down to the table level. I tried to lift it, but somehow I couldn't. I didn't know if I should be freaked out or delighted that it was working.

Once all four arms were down, the voice told us that they would start to feel light again. The voice said they would begin to float up and point back at the candle. And damned if they didn't. All four arms started slowly and jerkily to rise. This was super weird. But I was fascinated nonetheless. And soon we were all pointing at the candle and at each other again.

Then the voice said our arms would again grow heavy and drop, only this time so would our eyelids. The voice said we were supposed to try to fight this as hard as we could, but that soon our arms would hit the tables and when they did our eyes would be closed. The last thing I remembered seeing was a blurred image of my limp hand as it was coming to rest on the tablecloth.

* * * * *

I was floating on a cloud. My eyes were closed and I could only feel the sensation of floating. The only thing I could hear was the voice. I felt wonderful. The voice talked and I listened. But it was like some other part of me was paying attention. I was just floating. I wished it would never end.

* * * * *

I was floating in space and far away there was a distant sun. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face and hands as I watched it in the darkness of space. A voice told me the sun was moving farther away and I saw it getting smaller and dimmer. The voice said the warmth was leaving and I started to get colder. Much colder. Soon I felt like I was freezing. I wanted to cry. It was cold and dark and I could feel myself trembling.

Then the voice told me the sun was returning. And soon I was feeling warm and comfortable again.

* * * * *

I was sitting on a beach. It was a lovely warm day. The sun was shining, a breeze was blowing, and the sea was beautiful. A voice said it was time to get into my swim suit. So I kicked off my shoes and stood up. I started taking off my clothes and piling them on the beach chair until I was down to my bikini. And this was a little strange because I didn't even own a bikini.

I heard what sounded like a bunch of people clapping. I looked around to find out where it was coming from. But then the voice said it was the sound of sea birds. And sure enough, when I listened again, I could hear the gulls calling to each other in the distance.

Then the voice said the sun was getting closer and it was getting hotter. Soon I felt like I was sweating like crazy. I wanted to run down and jump in the water but I couldn't seem to find it. The voice said I'd feel much cooler if I weren't wearing my bikini. I was embarrassed at the thought of being naked in such a public place and was torn between the heat and my embarrassment. But the voice assured me that this was a very private beach and that I would feel very safe and comfortable once I had removed my swim suit. So I carefully removed the top. I was a little surprised to find it unhooked like a bra rather than untying. But then I slipped out of my bottoms and sure enough I could feel the cool sea breeze and I was no longer hot. I stretched in the warm sea air and listened to the gulls calling to each other again.

The voice told me that I'd better put on some sun tan lotion so as not to get burned. It said there was a tube of lotion near my feet. So I bent over and picked it up and started putting it on.

Then the voice told me not to be alarmed, but that some good friends of mine were about to show up. The voice said not to bother getting my swim suit back on, my friends were nude sun bathing too and that we could help each other out by carefully putting sun tan lotion on each other to be sure we didn't miss any spots.

And there was Leslie and the two girls I had met at the Hypnotist's party. It seemed strange to see them on this beach all naked like that. But the voice had said it was OK, so I didn't give it another thought. And soon we were lotioning each other down and having a great time.

It was funny. The birds were suddenly quite loud, but I still couldn't see them.

* * * * *

I was at the Hypnotist's party. A voice said I was a dog. Had I always been a dog? No matter, it was good to be a dog. But what was really funny was that three human girls were pretending to be dogs. I started jumping around and barking at them. They weren't wearing any clothes at all. I'd never seen humans behaving like that before and thought they looked silly. I was barking at them to tell them to stop that and to get dressed.

But they weren't paying any attention to me, so I just kept barking. Then one of the men came over and started scratching me behind my ears. I liked that. It felt nice. He rolled me over on my back and started rubbing my belly and chest. And that felt really nice. I forgot all about the silly naked humans. The man called me a good girl and brought his hand up so I could lick it.

Soon lots of men were rubbing and scratching me. I loved being the center of attention. One of the men reached down and checked something between my legs. I guess he must have been a Vet. I don't like going to the Vet's office. He said I was wet. I hope that doesn't mean I'm going to get sick. I felt great.

Then the voice told us all to sit up and beg and we all did. I whined a little because the silly human girls were still pretending to be dogs. And the voice must have realized something was wrong, because the voice said we were all dogs. And when I looked again I realized the voice was right. I must have been mistaken before. They were all bitches just like me.

The voice had the long blond bitch do some tricks in the center of the room. She was an afghan and must have been a racing dog. I wished the voice would ask me to do some tricks too. I liked being the center of attention.

Then the voice had me walk over and check out the blond bitch's ass. The voice said her ass would smell wonderful. So I went over and checked. And sure enough she had the nicest smelling ass. It was wonderful being a dog and getting to smell the asses of other dogs. Humans just don't know what they're missing.

The voice said the blond bitch loved having her ass smelled by me and sure enough she made little yelping noises of pleasure and wiggled her ass while I sniffed. Then the voice told me to lick her ass and clean it for her. It said I would find the taste wonderful. And it was. And the long blond bitch loved that too.

The other two dogs were doing something else, but I wasn't paying any attention. I was having too much fun licking the blond bitch's ass. All the humans in the room were laughing and clapping. Everyone was having a great time. I was very happy.

* * * * *

I was floating. I couldn't seem to remember where I was. But it didn't matter. I felt great and it was good just to float. It seemed to go on for a long time.

* * * * *

I was on my knees. I was naked but that didn't seem to bother me. I was on a thick rug in a large empty room. I could hear voices, but they seemed far away. A voice told me I was thirsty. And I was. The voice told me I wanted a popsicle to suck on. And I did. The voice said they were going to give me some new kind of popsicle with a special delicious cream filling. All I had to do was to suck on it and enjoy it and be sure not to bit it or scratch my teeth on it.

And there was the popsicle. It almost seemed to be floating on the air in front of my face. It was kind of strange looking, but the voice said it would taste good. So I leaned forward and took a lick. It was great. It was a really strange popsicle because it was soft and rather warm. But it had such a delightful flavor. I couldn't quite tell what it tasted like, but I couldn't get enough of it either. I just kept licking and sucking.

The voice told me that if I kept that up, I'd get to the special cream filling soon. The voice told me there were some special cream filling sacks under the back of the popsicle. And that if I were to gently rub and squeeze them I'd get more filling. But I had to be careful not to rub or squeeze them too hard. So I brought up my hands and started fondling the little sacks.

I could hear little moaning sounds of pleasure in the background. I wasn't sure what they were, but they sounded happy.

Then the popsicle started to twitch and throb and my mouth was filled with the most delightful tasting cream. I licked it all down and was disappointed the popsicle didn't give me any more.

The popsicle was taken away after that and the voice asked if I'd like another. I said, 'Oh yes," and there was another popsicle for me.

This time, while I was sucking on the popsicle, I could feel ghost-like hands on my head. It felt like they were grabbing my hair and it bothered me. I tried shaking my head a little to make the hands go away. I grunted and reached up to push them off. The voice asked me what was wrong. I had to let go of that wonderful popsicle to answer. But then the voice told me I liked the feel of the ghost hands, and what do you know? I did.

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