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Party Games

byNorfolk Boy©

My partner, Diane, and I had lived in the small country town for about three years and had made quite a lot of new friends, but common interests had thrown eight of us together in an especially close group. The women met often and conspired like witches in a coven whilst the men did the same, usually with a glass of something in our hands at the local pub. All of us were professional people and, even if I say so myself, fairly attractive. We enjoyed a pretty open and broadminded friendship, which led to lively times when the whole group met together. However, these "get-togethers" were nothing compared to what transpired on the 10th June.

It had been Sarah's thirty-second birthday on the previous Wednesday - the 7th June - and her husband, Steve, had asked Diane and I, together with Dave, Holly, Pete and Rosemary to go over for dinner on the following Saturday evening.

We duly arrived around 7:30pm and presented our birthday gifts to Sarah along with our contributions to the bar. Steve served the ladies a drink and pointed us in the right direction to help ourselves. This we did and, so armed, we fell to chatting amongst ourselves.

At dinner, conversation was lively as the drink loosened our inhibitions. Village gossip ruled as the women recounted, for the men's benefit, the various scandals to have surfaced since our last meeting.

Needless to say these scandals revolved around the rapacious sexual behaviour of certain male and female inhabitants which, during the course of each tale were systematically and methodically sexually dissected.

"Apparently Martin Jones is divorcing Jane," put in Sarah at one point and then added, "Apparently he found her in bed with his brother, who was staying with them."

"She says that it was a mistake. That Tom, the brother, climbed into her bed in the dark after a couple of drinks and she thought it was Martin and gave him a fair seeing-to before Martin came in and found them."

"Yeh! Yeh!" jeered Holly, who had demolished the best part of a bottle of red wine at this point.

"As if she wouldn't recognise whose appendage it was between her legs."

Everyone exchanged amused glances.

"One cock is much the same as another," argued Sarah, less afraid to call a spade a 'cock' and Diane, laughing, agreed.

"No, No, No - they are like fingerprints," slurred Holly, "Each one is different."

"You're an expert are you, then?" asked Dave mischievously, who had said little while his wife was propounding her theory, but was curious to hear about her experiences.

"I'm just saying that that I would know if it was Dave who was - you know, inside me"

"Well I'm not sure I would," said Sarah - and Diane agreed again, leaving Holly out on a limb.

"I bet you anything you like you wouldn't." argued Pete, who had joined in just to wind Holly up. But Holly took the bait.

"I bet you £1000 I would," she countered not realising the significance of her statement.

"You're on, Holly!" responded Pete mischievously.

Silence fell on a grinning dinner party until, feeling someone should say something, I said,

" Fine. So all we have to do is turn out the lights and let each of us supply Holly with a sample and let her tell us which cock was Dave's."

Everyone laughed and Steve said, "You talked your way into that one, Holly."

"Well! I know I could," she quipped peevishly looking at Dave. He shrugged.

After a while Rosemary asked light-heartedly , "Are you sure that this isn't just a ruse to sample every man here, Holly?" whereupon Sarah, seeing the possibilities, pretended to reverse her opinion and said, "On second thoughts I think I could tell as well."

Diane, who was on Sarah's wavelength, agreed, looked towards me and smiled naughtily as she said it, probably seeking some sort of approval.

The group fell silent again for a while until I said simply, " Well? Are we going to solve this or not?"

" Not unless Holly is prepared to go through with a test?" taunted Pete.

"It's not just Holly, it's all the men here, plus their wives," I cautioned

The mood had changed. Everyone was excited - but nervous. They had also been loosened up by the drink and made horny by the talk, especially Holly who had, by now, finally taken in the concept of being fucked by four virile males and was probably feeling hornier than the rest of us put together. However, she still needed some encouragement.

"What do you think?" she asked Dave. He sniffed theatrically and replied, "Holly, do what you what. We are amongst friends here, but don't expect "seconds" when we get home."

This lightened the atmosphere and Rosemary asked tentatively, " Well Holly, are you up for it. Judging from the bulging groins around this table all the men are?"

"What about us?" mewed Sarah, "Holly and the boys all get fucked and we have to watch - thanks a bunch!"

"We could all take turns," put in Diane looking flushed and excited at the prospect.

"Well, I've played some party games in my time but this one will take the biscuit," said Pete.

I took control, " I think before we go any further we ought to make sure everyone is comfortable with what is being suggested here. Is everyone agreed we go ahead? I think I speak for each of us when I say that if any one of us feels unhappy we should stop, here and now and, just so we do not make anyone feel as though they are being railroaded into it, I think we should have a blind ballot."

Several faces frowned until I asked Sarah whether her kids had one of those games that uses red and yellow counters. She said yes, realising what I intended and went to fetch it and a cloth bag. When she returned she placed them both on the table.

I asked everyone to take both a red and a yellow counter.

"OK," I said, "I will come to each of you and you will put a yellow counter in the bag if you wish to continue or a red one if you don't. You can hide it in your hand until it is in the bag so that no one will know how you voted and if we get a single red one, we stop.

Is that agreed?"

They all nodded their assent and I collected a counter from each of them. They held the other one discreetly hidden in their other hand.

When all counters had been collected I shook the bag and said, "Well, here goes, then," and emptied the contents of the bag onto the table.

Eight glowing yellow discs tumbled from the bag.

I suppose that each one of us had expected a least one red disc and so gave a little gasp at the result. I collected the remaining counters and Sarah took them all away again.

"You seem to be a good organiser, John. What comes next? " Said Dave.

"Well, the first thing is that we get a drink and move through to the lounge. That will allow the girls to clear the table." I added, being unintentionally patronising.

Steve and Sarah had a square spacious lounge with a wide arch at one end that led into their dining room through which most of us paraded to take up a comfortable seat. With four hands at work the remains of the meal was cleared quickly and the girls soon joined us in the main room.

I found myself sitting like Hans Christian Anderson, surrounded by children eager to hear another story and I smiled quietly to myself.

"I think the first thing to get out of the way is Holly's silly bet. I don't expect we want to make her stick to it, do we?"

"Everyone shook their heads."

"Besides it seems that all the ladies want to take a turn - is that right?"

They all nodded, Diane rather eagerly, I noticed, and I raised an eyebrow to her. She responded by pushing her tongue out cheekily.

"Right, this is how it will be played." I said authoritatively, "Sarah, I want you to cut four identical pieces of card and write the numbers one to four on them. Then we place them in the bag and each man takes one. This will determine who goes first, second etc. Then, because it was Holly who started the whole thing off, she can be the first lady but the other three can draw for it like the men - using three cards but removing the number one, of course. Ok, let us do that now."

Sarah disappeared again and returned with a post card, bag, scissors and a pen and began the task.

When she had finished, she took out the number one and replaced the remaining cards in the bag and offered them first to Diane. She drew number two, then Rosemary drew number four leaving her, Sarah, to take third place.

She handed the replenished bag to me and I invited each man to take a ticket,

"Don't show or tell anyone," I said - that’s what Holly has to guess and we will draw again when each girl's turn comes.

As we drew our cards, something struck Pete, "Er, Um….I don't know about you guys but it has been a couple of years since I did it four times in one night let alone a hour or so."

Rosemary quipped, "Before my time then," and fell into laughter with the others.

"Good point," I acknowledged, " We will have to limit each turn to a certain number of, well, strokes - how about twenty?"

"How about a hundred and twenty?" shouted Holly, determined she was not going to be short changed.

"Steve has never done a hundred and twenty strokes in his life, have you Steve?," laughed Sarah, pulling a face at him.

I held my ground. "I think we will stick to twenty, OK?"

While I had been speaking, Sarah had lit several candles in the lounge and turned out the lights in the dining room and lounge to create a cosy and romantic atmosphere.

I continued. "I don't know what you ladies think but I think that each girl should be blindfolded and bent over the dining table leaning on cushions. Each man will approach from behind, drop his trousers and perform his twenty thrusts without any other part of his body touching. Does that sound fair?"

"Sound a bit clinical, don't you think?" stated Rosemary, "I think I'd like a bit of foreplay."

"That will be down to whoever goes first," said Holly enthusiastically.

"I don't know about you, Rosemary but I'm already wet just thinking about it," said Sarah.

"OK, number one gets to do the foreplay until the girl says she's ready," I said adding,

"Ready to go Holly?"

Sarah had already found a silk scarf with which to blindfold her and as she tied it around Holly's head you could taste the sexual tension in the room. When blindfolded Sarah led Holly into the darkened dining room carrying a pair of cushions that she placed on the table. Then she stood Holly against it and called back,

" Let's see who is number one?"

No one moved for several seconds then Steve got to his feet and walked silently into the dining room. The atmosphere was electric as Steve came behind Holly. Slowly he reached out with both hands and touched Holly's side, just below her armpits and just behind her breasts. He stroked her gently up and down before falling onto his knees behind her and slowly massaging her upper thigh.

The silent group in the living room could only see his hands disappearing up her leg and beneath her skirt to re-appear on its downward stroke. As he caressed her, Holly sighed and leaned forward across the table pulling her tiny skirt high up her bottom to expose her little white briefs. On each upward stroke of Steve's hand he rubbed the damp patch that had appeared on Holly's panties. After several such strokes Holly reached back and slipped her panties down her legs to lie crumpled at her feet. Her parted legs parted further as Steve's fingers slipped inside her glistening pussy lips.

I stole a glance at the rest of the group and every one was starring intensely at the spectacle being played out before them and, without exception, every one was rubbing themselves intimately.

Holly began to moan after only a couple of minutes and finally said in a husky voice, "I'mmm ready!"

Steve deftly removed his trousers and briefs and positioned his penis at the entrance to Holly's pussy. He stroked the head of his organ along her slit before thrusting it fully inside her where he waited patiently to let Holly accustom herself to his girth. He withdrew it slowly and then thrust it forcefully back into her.

"One," whispered someone

He thrust again.


Thrusts three to twenty were hard and measured and Holly pushed back and gasped with each one.

After "twenty" Steve withdrew, pulled up his clothing and joined the rest of us wearing a huge grin on his face.

"Number two," someone said, and it was my turn.

Diane gave me an 'Oh Yeh' look as I went into the dining room and dropped my trousers. Holly's pussy was pouting broadly between her pale thighs and covered with a dense carpet of brown hair that glistened with her juices in the flickering candlelight. I wasted no time in sliding my rigid prick, up to the hilt, into its slippery depths. God she felt good! I held still for a moment, knowing that, as soon as I began moving, the clock would start ticking and this feeling was too good to waste.

Her wet warmth gripped me as I began my twenty thrusts, only just aware of the whispered counting going on behind me. She was moaning quietly as I reached twenty and withdrew a considerably frustrated cock from, what I suspect was, a very frustrated pussy.

Dave was up next, grinning from ear to ear as he covered the few feet to his wife. He slipped his slacks off and then turned to grin at the rest of us. This action swung his penis into view - the first sighting of a manhood that the women had had and their eyes opened very wide at what they saw. I am quite well endowed but Dave's log gave mine a good couple of inches. Diane took one look and clasped her hands to her mouth nudging Rosemary who was sitting next to her.

Like every one else Dave slipped his full length deep into Holly's wetness and began his twenty thrusts. Halfway through, Holly began to buck backwards onto him and he thrust even harder bringing loud gasps of approval from her until, on thrust number seventeen she orgasmed. Dave stopped and waited until she calmed a little before completing his turn in slow languid strokes that kept Holly moaning and squirming.

After proudly putting away his shining soldier he swaggered back to his seat with a smug look on his face and sat down. The other ladies were clearly impressed and no doubt longed for their turn to be impaled on Dave's dagger.

Poor old Pete was left bringing up the rear - so to speak - and was soon performing to the regular count of the assembly and, although he was not able to drive Holly over the edge again, managed to bring out a long satisfied moan for the duration of his turn.

Holly did not move when it was over and two of the girls went to her to see what was the matter.

"Nothing," she said straightening up, removing the blindfold and letting her skirt fall over her naked, glowing, rear.

"I don't think that I have ever been so turned on. I actually had an orgasm when number one put his cock in me but it was number three who really touched my soul."

The three were making their way back to their seats when Rosemary asked,

" So, which one was Dave?"

She looked from face to face at all the men then said, " I'm not going to say, but I will write it down and put it in an envelope until the others have had a turn."

"Well, it looks as if it's my turn," said my wife, Diane who stood and slipped off her panties where she stood affording everyone a good look at her pale white thighs and shaved pussy that was clearly ready for action.

"Wooh! We haven't drawn our numbers yet," said Pete, clearly hoping for a lower draw this time.

Rosemary grabbed the bag and allowed each of us draw a number before collecting the cards and returning them to the bag.

Leaning over a table and being fucked from behind was one of Diane favourite positions and to have four cocks servicing her was certainly a fantasy she had often had, so it took her little time to get into position and wait patiently for her first lover.

Pete stood up and took off his shirt, shoes and socks before he approached her, then he dropped his pants and shorts leaving him naked for his turn.

He stood to one side so that all of us could see his finger tips caress Diane's inner thighs and then slowly move closer and closer to her, obviously wet, pussy lips. Eventually he slipped two fingers along her slit, rubbing her clitoris on each forward stroke. Diane loved this and writhed against his fingers until she froze and clamped his hand between her legs.

"Fuck me!" she breathed, "Please!"

Pete stroked his penis with his hand and then leaned forward and impaled her effortlessly up to the hilt, feeling little friction in her copiously lubricated tunnel.

Diane gasped and arched her back as he entered and then Pete started to pump her quickly as if to get himself off in twenty thrusts, but to no avail. He slumped backwards on the count of twenty letting his, still erect, penis slip noisily out of Diane's pussy.

Dave was next and had already stripped to his shorts whilst Pete recovered his own underwear and put it back on.

The bulge in Dave's shorts was clearly of interest to Sarah and Rosemary who were having difficulty taking their eyes off it.

As he approached Diane's slouched body, he removed the last of his clothes to let his ample member swing free in the open air. When he reached her he grasped it and slid it along her distended lips as a precursor to plunging it between them where it disappeared from our view inside her.

She gave an enormous groan of satisfaction and pushed back onto him causing his balls to slap loudly against the tops of her legs.

"Oh yes!" she cried, "just fuck me fast and hard," which is what he did.

With one hand behind him for balance, he withdrew and pumped forward again twenty times in as many seconds.

When he stopped and slowly disengaged his cock from her throbbing vagina she cried again.

"Oh no! -- next - please- please!

I, like the others, had prepared and was stripped to my shorts. I sprang forward with haste and before Diane's rosy lips had closed, my cock was inside her.

"Oh yes!" she gasped again, "Fast and hard pleeeease!"

I obliged, getting very close to my own orgasm near the end of my turn, "God who thought up these silly rules?" I thought to myself as I snatched my throbbing penis from the jaws of pleasure and limped back to my chair stark bollock naked and not caring.

Steve was waiting like a relay sprinter to take over from me, standing naked and rampant on my left. As my cock slipped out, his cock slipped in and kept up the onslaught on Diane's pussy.

At eighteen Diane shouted, "Yessss!" and no one noticed that Steve reached twenty-five before her climax subsided.

Diane certainly didn't and was grateful for the overrun as she lay panting noisily.

As before, two of the girls, the two "unserviced girls", took her blindfold off and helped her back to her seat where she lay back displaying a serene grin.

"Well which one was John?" Rosemary asked.

Holly interrupted, " Don't tell them, Diane. Write it down and put it in an envelope."

Diane nodded and Rosemary held up the ubiquitous bag of numbers that produced the third order of play. When this had been completed Sarah jumped up and said excitedly "I'm next."

She then started to strip, slowly and erotically. She was wearing a summer dress with buttons all down the front and, as she swayed to the silent music she unbuttoned it -starting at the top until she could slip it off each of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. For a thirty-something women, Sarah was in great shape, her natural honey blond hair fell easily to her shoulders and swirled like that of the models on hair care ads. Her slim frame was supported by two exquisite legs that went on forever and her flat stomach only made her ample, but not-overlarge breasts look perfect.

She had one of those bodies that made you think,"God I'd like to fuck you!" before realising that in a few minutes I would be doing just that - Joy o' Joy!

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