tagFetishParty Mom Ch. 01

Party Mom Ch. 01


Josh had told me he was having a small get together at his place at noon and that I should go. I wasn't really that great friends with Josh; we had worked together on chemistry a few times, and he seemed like a nice guy. The real reason I wanted to go was because of Josh's girlfriend Sonny. I'd spent that last ten years of my life masturbating to that girl, ever since she hit puberty in fifth grade. Now, we were older, but that didn't change the fact that Sonny had big tits and fine curves.

The issue was I didn't have a car, so I had to ask my mom for a ride. Being a single mom, she sometimes got lonely so she bugged be about where exactly I was asking her to take me.

"Just a friend's house, mom," I said.

"Which friend?" she asked.

"His name's Josh, he's having a little party."

"Oh?" my mom asked, looking at me oddly, "Well I've never met Josh, how do I know his party is safe?"

"You can trust me, mom, I'm an adult."

"Not while you're under this roof," she said. She was right. I had no money of my own and I wasn't done with high school yet. There was absolutely nothing I could do but live with her and follow her orders.

"Anyway," she said, "I'll come with you to the party, just to make sure."

"Mom, they don't want you to come to their party."

"Ask him. Call him up and see."

I sighed. Whatever. I called Josh on my phone.

"Hey man, what's up?" he answered.

"Hey, I don't know if I'll be able to come to the party."

"Ah, no way, what happened?"

"Well, the only way I'd be able to get there is with my mom, and she said she'd have to come to the party to in order to take me and I know you wouldn't want that."

There was a fumble as Josh spoke to someone else in his house before coming back to the phone.

"Wait, is your mom the chick who runs the snack booth after school?"

He was right. My mom liked to volunteer for the PTA selling candy and chips at my school.

"The one with big tits?" Josh asked.

"Uhhhhh, I guess?" I answered. How was I supposed to answer that? "The one who gave Joey a handjob?!"

I had heard those rumors before, and I wasn't sure if they were true or not. Apparently, my mom had needed help carrying snacks one day, and after Joey had helped her, she had brought him behind the snack booth and jerked him off onto her tits.

It sounded a little extreme, but it could've been something my mom would do. She'd always been open about her sexuality, dressing skimpily and openly sleeping with guys around the house. Sometimes she'd even comment on how handsome a few of my friends were. It was entirely possible that my mom had beaten Joey's meat onto her chest. I just preferred not to think about it.

"Yea, I think that's what people are saying about her," I answered to Josh.

"Oh my god, dude, absolutely bring your mom, that sounds awesome."

"Oh, okay, I guess I'll be there in a half hour or so."

"Tell her to wear something hot!" he yelled before hanging up.

"Well, what'd he say?" my mom cooed victoriously.

"He said you should wear something hot?" I said awkwardly. It was a strange message to deliver.

"Ha, ha, I will," my mom answered, and I shuddered. She skipped off to her room to get ready.

I was already dressed, so I sat out in the car waiting for her. It was a while before she sauntered over to the van and got into the driver's seat

My mom wore a tight t-shirt whose bottom she'd cut off so that she could show off her midriff. She had a pair of small jean shorts on, the kind that didn't even try to cover her fleshy ass or inner thighs. She was driving with the seat belt wedged between her heaving chest, loose and fleshy with wide open cleavage. Not that I was looking. I get weirded out by my mom's sluttiness.

We got to the party late; there were about four cars parked out front already. The sun was shining pretty brightly as we walked towards the doorstep.

My mom knocked and Josh came to answer.

"Hey man!" he said, hugging me.

"And hi," he said to my mom, looking at her uncovered body from top to bottom, "I'm Josh."

"I'm Chad's mom," she said, bending her knees and giggling.

"Come on in," he added, ushering us in and walking behind. He was staring meanly at my mom's ass as she swayed her hips.

Everyone was sitting in the living room in a circle. There were two guys who I didn't recognize, each with a girl on their lap, then Sonny, leaning against a couch. She was holding a bright green bong which she was lighting as we entered.

Josh took a seat next to Sonny and squeezed her against him. She stroked his thigh with her free hand.

Upon seeing Sonny, I immediately felt a stirring in my pants. She was wearing a skin tight shirt that only served to show off the immense perkiness of her breasts. Her thick dick-sucking-lips wrapped slowly around the bong mouth and I nearly popped a boner right there.

My mom sat next to Josh and I followed, between her and one of the guys. Everyone in the room was stoned.

I was worried that my mom would be upset at the drug use, seeing as stopping that kind of thing was the reason she supposedly came, but she seemed alright with it.

The bong passed around to the guys and eventually to me. I was unsure about getting stoned with my mom around, but Sonny stared at me with those sexy eyes and I knew I had to. When I was finished, I handed it to the next person in the circle: my mom.

Inexperienced, she fumbled with the lighter until Josh leaned over and grabbed her hand, helping her light it. He guided the mouth to her lips, and my mom licked the rim slowly before shoving the thing into her mouth. One of the guys yelled "Damn, what a show," and I shrugged awkwardly.

When she had inhaled enough, she offered the bong back to Josh, who shook his head, so my mom handed it to Sonny.

"I really like your top," Sonny said to my mom. Here was the girl whose top I had ripped off in millions of self-pleasure fantasies telling my mom that her top was nice.

"Oh, really?" my mom said, pulling down on the bottom of the shirt and sending more of her boobs up out of the low cut neck line, "Thanks so much."

"Seriously, you're gorgeous," Sonny said sincerely, "Your tits are like busting out of that shirt. How do you know Josh again?"

"Oh, I'm Chad's mom," she said, putting her arm over my shoulder and smiling.

"Oh my god, no way!" Sonny said incredulously, "You look the same age as him!"

"Ha, thanks," my mom laughed.

"Chad, you should be proud that your mommy's such a hottie," Sonny said to me, and then took a hit off the bong. It was the first time I could remember that she had addressed me directly.

After a half hour or so, everyone was pretty buzzed. One of the guys had left to go into the other room with his girl, and the other was making out with his in the corner. Sonny was leaning up against Josh, and somehow, so was my mom. Josh had a hand on the inside of each of their thighs and was rubbing them up and down as he told a joke that made both of them laugh.

I guess I didn't mind. It was weird and all, but my mom was an adult, she could sit wherever she wanted. I was just surprised Sonny was okay. She seemed totally fine with the way Josh was feeling up my mom.

"I honestly can't get over how great your chest looks," Sonny said to my mom somewhat randomly, "I mean really, your boobs look spectacular. They're real, right?"

"Of course they are! And it's fine," my mom said, pretty stoned. She put her hands on her hips and thrust out her chest. "You can feel them if you want."

Sonny leaned over Josh, who stared with an eerie smile, and lifted each of my mom's tits up and down.

"They're fucking heavy," she said, moving my mom's boobs faster.

"Yeah, you should've seen me when I was breastfeeding Chad," she added, "My tits must've weighed a ton." The three of them started laughing, and I added in a nervous chuckle.

Sonny kept groping my mom for a while, but then stopped when Josh stood up.

"Let's go out to the pool," he suggested. Sonny stood up with him but my mom laid down.

"I'm going to lay here for a little while," she said, stoned, so we let her lay.

Josh brought me a pair of swimming trunks and we let Sonny go change in the bathroom. We went out to the pool and found the two other girls already out there, their guys somewhere else. Josh and I chatted with them for a few minutes, but it wasn't long before Sonny came out and joined us.

She was wearing a bright shiny gold bikini that screamed "I want people to look at my body." Her tan skin radiated as she walked, and her boobs shook lightly, pressed together in a natural cleavage. She sauntered and sat with her legs dangling in the water and Josh swam over to her and grabbed her curvy hips.

"You look sexy," he told her, and that's exactly what I was thinking. If I could've, I would've whipped my cock out right there and jacked off into the pool.

I spent a little bit more time with the two girls, neither of whom seemed really interested in me. Josh and Sonny were kissing pretty viciously at the edge of the pool, and I kept stealing glances to watch the scene.

One of the girls noticed this.

"Do you have the hots for Sonny or are you gay for Josh?" she asked me.

Embarrassed, I answered, "Uhh, neither, really."

"You sure you're not gay for Josh? He's got a huge cock, you know. For all I know, he fucks girls, but maybe he'd let you suck him off some time." She giggled.

"No, I'm not gay," I told her, but she didn't seem to care.

I heard the sliding glass door open and the other girl's guy came through. He wasn't wearing any pants, which I found strange, because I don't see why he would've taken them off. His long hairy cock shook as he walked.

"Come on, honey," he beckoned, and the girl stood up and followed me.

"Thanks for having us, Josh," he said, but Josh wasn't listening really. "We had a great time." Here he looked at me, and I stared back blankly.

"You sure you're not gay? He's got a big cock too, you see."

"No, I'm not gay," I told her again.

Here, the other guy came out from the door, his pants gone too. His cock was probably even bigger than the other guy's.

"I guess I'm leaving," she said, standing up, "I'm Maria by the way. Nice talking to you Chad."

"Why did he take off his pants?" I asked her before she left.

"I don't know, must've gotten his dick sucked," she giggled, and left with him through the house.

I wasn't sure what was going on, but I was still pretty stoned, so I swam around a bit, stilling glancing at Josh and Sonny getting steamy at the side. After a few minutes, my mom stumbled through the door.

"Hey guys," she said, and I glanced up to greet her.

There was a big ring of sticky clear goop around her mouth, much of it on her lips and some of it dripping onto the exposed tops of her chest. She smiled widely, still hazy and high.

"What's on your mouth, mom?" I asked her, and she started laughing.

"I ate a popsicle," she told me, letting some fall from her bottom lip and disappear into the cavern of her cleavage, "No wait, I ate two popsicles. Sticky popsicles." She burst into laughter.

"Nah, Chad," Sonny piped in, looking at the shiny mess on my mom's mouth, "I think your mom swallowed some cock."

"Nope," my mom said, giggling like crazy, "I was just drinking some cream. Lots of yummy cream in my belly." She glided over and sprawled down next to where Sonny and Josh sat.

Sonny extended a finger a swabbed some glop off of my mom's cheek, tasting it daintily and then smiling.

"Chad, your mom is even hotter than I thought," she said to me, and they all started laughing.

"I want to go in the water," said my mom, "Can I borrow a bathing suit, Josh?"

"Sorry babe," Josh said, "I don't have any girl's bathing suits."

My mom sighed.

"You could go topless, though," Josh suggested, "I don't think any of us would care."

"Mmmm," Sonny said, "Bust out them mommy titties, baby."

"No," I yelled before my mom could do anything, "I don't want that."

"What's that, honey?" my mom asked.

"I don't want you going topless in front of my friends, you're my mom." If she'd really just sucked off two guys in the house, then that really was enough, I couldn't handle any more than that.

Sonny pouted, but I wouldn't be swayed even by that.

My mom licked her lips and sucked in some cum.

"Fine honey," she said, "I won't if you don't want me to."

Josh went back to kissing Sonny, and I started swimming laps. My mom arched back and poked her chest towards the sun. Every few minutes, Josh would stroke a thigh of my mom's, or Sonny was cop another feel of her tits, but my mom didn't seem to mind. She just let out a small moan each instance.

The sliding door opened and I saw Maria come through.

"Josh, could you help me find Ronny's pants? They seem to have disappeared."

"I'm busy," he said, kissing Sonny's stomach.

"I'll help you," I offered, getting out of the pool.

I walked into the house with Maria and searched underneath the couches for her.

"I don't know what she did to him," referring to my mom and Ronny, "But he sure is happy. I tried to give him a blowjob before we looked for his pants but he wasn't even interested. Your mom must be some sex cat."

"I guess," I said, unsure.

"Man, did your mom suck his balls dry..." Maria said.

I scooped up a pair of pants from underneath a table.

"There they are," Maria said, taking the pants from me, "Thanks, Chad."

"No problem, I guess," I said, "Good luck with Ronny."

"Ha, good luck with your mom!" she yelled, and then she was gone.

I walked back out through the sliding door, but they weren't near the pool anymore. I noticed the sun was starting to set, and saw a lantern shining brightly from around the side of the house. Josh had said he had a hot tub, and that must've been where it was.

I was right; the three of them were cozy in the hot tub. But I noticed immediately that my mom had taken off her top. Her tan bare tits floated gently on the bubbly water.

"Hey Chad," Josh called to me, his left arm around my mom's shoulder and groping slightly her open left tit, "Come in the water."

I didn't know what else to do, so I got into the water across from the three of them.

"I know you told me not to take off my top," my mom said to me, "But I figured it would be okay for the hot tub."

"Why would it be okay for the hot tub?" I asked.

"Because hot tubs are fun," she answered, "And everything's more fun when I take off my top." Everyone laughed.

"I'll be right back," Sonny said, standing up, "I'm going to get us some drinks." I watched her tight ass as she stood up and walked away.

In Sonny's abscense, my mom scooted fully onto Josh's lap. He nearly cradled her in his arms, her tits floating up near his chest.

"You look uncomfortable," he said to me.

"A little," I said, trying not to stare at my mom's open chest.

"Don't be uncomfortable!" my mom yelled, "You should be fine around my boobs. These babies fed you, once, you know. You sucked on my tits twice a day until you were three."

"You breastfed until he was three?" Josh asked. My mom nodded. Sonny came back with a bottle of Jack Daniels and set it on the side of the hot tub.

"Well, if I had an open tab to tits like that, I wouldn't want to give them up either," Josh said.

"Damn straight," added my mom, and she took a shot of Jack right from the bottle, "Why stop feeding if there's still loads of milk being made."

Josh laughed.

"You are the fucking greatest mom I know," Sonny added, and my mom offered her the bottle.

"Sonny, go sit with Chad, he looks lonely," Josh ordered. Sonny scooted over and curled up next to me.

"Hey buddy," she said into my ear, he tits pressed against my shoulder and her fingers dancing along my knee, "How are you doing over here?"

"Uh, I'm find," I stammered nervously.

"I'm so glad I got to talk with you today," she said, "And meet your mom."

"Yeah," I said, "Me too."

Sonny giggled. It was pitch black outside now, except for the lantern they had turned on.

"Am I making you hard?" she asked me, and her hand swam over and grabbed my crotch.

"Ha, ha, I am," she said, "That's all it takes to make you hard."

"Um, I guess," I said.

"Whip it out, then," she whispered into my ear, and I gulped.

"But my mom's right there," I said, somewhat too loudly.

"Oh no," my mom said, standing up to reveal her soaked shrinking jean shorts, "Josh and I were just going to go inside anyway."

"Yep," Josh said, standing up and smiling.

"We're going to have another popsicle, or something," cooed my mom, and Josh took her by the hand led her around the side of the house.

"Whip it out," Sonny said to me again, and I did. My cock was rock hard and she grabbed it in her hands.

"Are you going to jerk me off?" I asked, stupidly.

Sonny stared me in the eyes.

"No," she said, and swam away to where Josh and my mom had been sitting.

"I'm not really interested in you sexually," she explained, "That was just for Josh's sake. He thought you looked lonely.

"Oh," I sighed, and started to put my cock back into my pants.

"Oh, you can keep it out," Sonny told me, "If you want to jerk off while I'm sitting here, go ahead. I'm happy to be the basis for your masturbation."

I skeptically gripped the base of my cock and started stroking.

"Can I maybe see your tits?" I asked, stroking.

"Ha, ha, sorry, dear, I'm not as slutty as your mom is." She laughed. I just kept jacking off.

"Nah, that was harsh, Chad, I'm sorry," Sonny added, "But your mom is really quite the character."

"Yeah, I know," I said. My eyes were focused directly at Sonny's chest.

"I do envy her though," she said, "Josh is giving her the fucking of a lifetime up there." She pointed at a window above us that had become illuminated in the last few moments.

"He's got a huge tool and he uses it like magic," she explained, "I mean, I melted when he just stuck in the head. After a few minutes, he was pounding me like a jack hammer and I just kept cumming oceans."

She sighed and her breasts heaved.

"That's what your mom is getting now," she explained, "If you're quiet, you can hear it."

I looked up at the window, and sure enough, I could hear the distinct moans of my mom and Josh fucking away like rabbits.

"I mean, with tits like hers, Josh is having a great time too. Ever see a girl get titty-fucked? It's not easy, but your mom is perfectly endowed for it. I know for sure that Josh is using your mom's tits to get off. Right now." The moans upstairs continued.

"I know it could be tough to hear," Sonny explained, "But you've got a yummy mummy."

"A what?" I asked.

"It's like a milf," she said, "But younger. Your mom isn't old and hot, she's young and hot and your mom. A yummy mummy."

Above us, the noise got louder, and the window opened up. Out came my mom's torso, he arms reaching back into the room to support herself. I could see Josh pumping into her from behind, her tits and hair dangling out the window above us.

"MMMmmmyessss," she moaned, biting her lips, "Fuck fuck fuck, that's good."

"See, what'd I tell you?" Sonny asked, "Your mom is getting fucked real sweet."

Suddenly, Josh's voice rang out, "Sonny!"

"Yes?" she called back to him from the hot tub.

"Come up here, we, uhh, need your help with something."

Sonny licked her lips.

"Looks like I get a taste of your yummy mummy too," she said, standing up, "Maybe I'll get to eat her pussy. You know I've never been with a girl before." She leaped out of the tub and hopped towards the house.

"But wait," I yelled, "I haven't cum yet."

She giggled.

"Don't worry," she said, "You'll be able to hear us fucking up there. That should be plenty for you to beat your meat to. Good luck!" She disappeared behind the house.

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