tagBDSMParty Turned Training Session

Party Turned Training Session


It all began with Him telling me we were having a party for the Superbowl. To most that would seem like nothing out of the ordinary, but to me, it made my mind race.

Maybe I should back up a bit and explain the relationship so you might understand. You see, He is my Dominant and I am his anal submissive slut. That means that He directs what i do daily and He certainly keeps things interesting. We have been together for a while now and as our relationship progressed, things seemed to veer into this D/s direction. He used to do research and talk to other Doms and i was a willing participant in this exploration.

As part of the daily routine, i go about my morning rituals to get ready for work, go to work, come home for dinner, take a bath and have some free time. That must not seem unusual. There are a few things, however, that make this routine VERY different from the vanilla daily life. When i get ready in the morning, i have a butt plug securely in place, as well as at work, and when i get home. i am not allowed to remove it. He is the only one who can put it in or take it out. This is because i am being trained as His anal submissive. i am to be ready to take His cock in my ass any time, any where. To be sure this is able to be done, He has determined that i shall wear a plug any time He is not training me or using my ass. This has become my collar and after some getting used to, i love it. i love the feeling when i am at work or in public feeling my asshole full and feeling so naughty. What would people think if they knew? He knows that this feeling excites me and it keeps my desire strong throughout the day. It's a constant reminder that my body including my ass is not my own. They are His.

Typically at night after dinner, He draws my bath and bathes me. It's a very special, soothing time for me. During my bath, I have "free time" where i may do what ever i please. That's a big deal for a submissive, as my day is dictated by Him. Once my bath is over, it's back to the routine. I dry off and assume the position over the side of the tub. He chooses my butt plug and inserts it into my ass. If i have misbehaved, it may be without lube or larger than i can usually handle, combined with a severe whipping or spanking. He uses my "collar" in many different ways: for pleasure, discomfort, a reminder, and pain.

Then it's onto my training for the evening. This is every night, no breaks, no days off. Occasionally on my days off from work, He will lay out tasks or training that may last all day. Sometimes i fight against it and He punishes me severely, however most of the time i take my place as His submissive easily. The training may consist of many different things: butt plugs, dildos, His cock, but always revolves around stretching my ass. He loves to see my asshole gape, so that has been the goal recently. It becomes a challenge to see how wide He can make my asshole. If i have misbehaved, training and punishment can last for hours. He has tied me to a hard chair with a huge butt plug before and left me for hours alone to let my body weight slowly slide my asshole down over the plug and stretch my asshole wider. He's also forced large plugs deep inside of me to the point of severe pain and feeling overfull and left them in overnight to remind me how lucky i am that He doesn't do that all the time, but He could. When i have been good, He will spend lots of time one on one with me playing, stretching, and making me orgasm.

Now, back to the Superbowl game. He is very much into public humiliation. He once bent me over a pool table in a full pool hall to spank me hard because i lost the match. Everyone in the hall stopped and watch Him as He commanded me to assume the position face down on the pool table, lift my skirt, and spank my bare ass several times. Then He carried on playing like nothing had happened. So i knew this Superbowl game would not be the usual me and the guys hanging out watching the game.

He told me that for the game, He wants me to serve He and His friends when they get there. He said He is also going to pick out the outfit that i will be wearing and i cannot object. That means it has to be something tiny and revealing. He did say, however, that i would be allowed to wear a mask in case someone was there that i knew or who knew me. My mind races to think what He would be dressing me in that would require the need for a mask!

i keep asking for more details and all He would say is that i am to be my submissive self and serve He and His friends during the game. i will provide drinks, food and refills when directed. He will provide any other direction when the time came.

My brain is freaking out. He knows how much i hate being humiliated, especially for friends of His that i have never met. He sounds like He wants to show me off, which means i won't be wearing much of anything. But no use losing sleep over it, it's not in my control. i have been told what is happening and just have to wait and see what takes place.

The day of the party i am a ball of nerves. He sends me out to get groceries before they arrive while He has other errands to do. Before i leave, He has me change into a tiny skirt and skin-tight tee shirt with high heels. One detail i forgot to mention is that He doesn't allow me to wear underwear and the skirt barely covers the bottom of my ass cheeks and i am plugged, of course. He loves to send me out like this, knowing that if i bend over in any way, someone will see the plug buried deep in my ass. It's something i fear and He knows it. i carefully make my way through the store and avoid any items on the bottom row at all costs. i did receive a lot of stares because of my outfit, but that was to be expected.

When I got back, He was already there getting things set out. He called me into the bedroom and told me to strip. i did quickly and He brought out what i was to wear this afternoon. It was tiny. Really tiny! The top was fishnet, white, and completely see through, with a tiny white skirt that did not cover my ass. It came to where the bottom of my cheeks were visible when i stood. I can't imagine if i were to bend over. Everything would be exposed, including my breasts, nipples, and ass and pussy if i bent over. Exactly how He wants it. With them were white stilettos that must have been 6 inches high with platforms. They looked like stripper shoes. Finally He pulled out a large new white butt plug. It was larger than the one He usually had me wear. He told me to dress quickly, as i had a lot of prep work to do before the guests arrived. My heart was pounding in my chest so loudly i thought the neighbors could hear it.

Once the fishnet shirt and white skirt were on, He told me to assume the position over the bed. i of course did as i was told and bent myself over the edge of the bed face down. As expected of me, i reach back and use both hands to spread my ass cheeks for Him. He grabs the based of the butt plug that is buried in my ass and gives it a good, solid tug. It resists a bit, but then is slowly pulled out with a pop. i then feel Him grab the new plug and i hear the bottle of lube snap open. This has become a very familiar and welcome sound. I hear Him lubing up the plug and feel His fingers putting the cold jelly substance in and around my asshole. He tells me that this plug is bigger than i am used to and this will be good training for me. He puts the large plug at the entrance of my asshole and tells me to relax as He forces the plug into me. He pushes it in hard then brings the plug back out several times. It is getting some resistance because my ass is not yet used to this new wider size. He takes His time moving the butt plug in and out, each time giving more pressure until finally the large bulbous end broke through my anal ring and sucked the plug into my ass. The sting of pain was one i hadn't felt for a while and He told me to breath through it. Once He could tell the pain was subsiding, He pushed the plug in all the way so that the base was all that was visible. He twisted it a couple of times and made me cry out with a mixture of pain and pleasure. i felt so full and uncomfortable, exactly how He wants me to be. He slapped my ass hard several times on each cheek, then stood me up and sent me off to the kitchen to prepare the snacks.

It was 15 minutes before arrival time and i still don't know who is coming. He hasn't given me any more details, nor will He. The suspense is His fun idea of more torture. He comes over to me in the kitchen and brings a mask to my face. He ties it around my head and stood me back to inspect me. He had me stand facing him, then turn and bend over. I heard Him chuckle and He slapped my ass again. He asked me if the butt plug was ok and i said it was very large and uncomfortable. He said good, slapped my ass again, and said it was almost time. But there was one thing missing, He said. He went back into the bedroom and came back with a ball gag. A large pink ball attached to black straps. Today, He said, i was to be seen and not heard. My stomach did flip flops.

The first knock came at the door and He pushed me to the door to answer it. As i opened the door, the male eyes on the other side grew extremely wide in an instant. i opened the door wider and he came in, looking me up and down several times. He walked right over to shake hands with Him and He and introduced His friend to me. As He did so, He told him my name was rose and i was His submissive. With a confused look from His friend, He told him to go make himself comfortable on the couch and He would explain once all the guests were here. The knocks came swiftly by this time, one right after the other. There were four of his friends that came, all male, all wide-eyed and waiting for an explanation.

Once everyone was seated, He stood in the center of the room and said an explanation was in order. He asked me to come and take my place next to Him. I walked over to Him and knelt at his feet. The guys were sitting with mouths open, seemingly waiting for more detail. He began with a simple statement. This is rose, He said. she is my submissive and I am her Dominant. That means she does what I ask when I ask, no questions. she is here to serve which means she will get your drinks when you ask and food as needed. You all will have the luxury of commanding her while you are here this afternoon with a few stipulations. You may not remove any of the items I have placed on her and you may not have intercourse with her. Other than that, she will do as you tell her. You may put your hands on or in her. You may discipline her and you may humiliate her as you wish. she is to obey you as she does Me, but just for this afternoon. Is this clear? Everyone says yes with huge smiles on their faces. Then the questions start flooding in.... How did you get her? What do you do with her? How cool is it to be a Dom?

While trying to field the questions, He tells me to go get everyone a beer. i stand and go to the fridge and bring back 5 beers as quickly as i could. He says im a good girl and immediately tells me to kneel facing Him. i kneel in front of Him as He sits in His chair and He tells me to bend forward so my forehead is touching the floor. He has positioned me so that they all can see my exposed ass and pussy. He grabs my butt plug and starts to tug on it. He explains to them that i am not just a submissive, that i am an anal slut and i am forced to wear a butt plug when my ass is not being used. The guys gasp and seem to get very excited. One shouts Damn! Another says You're the man! That's awesome a third says. He pulls the plug almost all the way out of my asshole, then roughly shoves it all the way back in. my ass is on fire from the pain of the forceful entry. i let out a small grunt and He slaps my ass. He reminds me that i am to be seen and not heard today and that each time i am heard i will be punished. He tells me to get up and go to the bedroom and get His nipple clamps. I inhale sharply and He smirks at me, knowing i hate the clamps. i do as im told and get the clamps from the bedside drawer. As i do i can hear the guys plastering Him with more questions. Do you get to fuck her ass anytime you want? Do you make her go out like that? Does she ever fight back?

i return and take my place kneeling in front of Him. He takes the nipple clamps from me and starts squeezing my nipples through the barely-there fishnet top. my nipples start to get rock hard and He grips one tightly. He opens the clamp and closes it around my tender nipple. i suck in quickly and hope He didn't hear me as the pain shoots through me. He grabs the other nipple roughly and closes the second clamp down quickly. im thrown into a sea of pain from my nipples down to my ass. i look up and see Him smiling proudly. He tells me to stand and turn around to face His guests. They are all like giddy school boys seeing boobies for the first time. He tells me to go stand before each guy and let them check me out. The first grabs the chain between the nipple clams and yanks a bit. He laughs and says that's cool. This guy tells me to lean over the edge of the couch and proceeds to spread my ass cheeks open as my skirt lifted. From across the room, He tells me to take my hands and spread my ass for our guest. i do as asked and reach around with each hand and spread my ass cheeks wide so that the base of the butt plug stuck out. I felt completely exposed and on display. The guy laughed and asked Him if he could play with it. He said of course, help yourself. So the guy grabs the base of the plug and proceeds to start twisting it back and forth over and over. He is thoroughly enjoying this while i am feeling nothing but stretching and stings of pain each time he does it. He continues to twist, then starts to pull the plug as he twists. i try so hard not to groan, but a tiny guttural sound escapes.

He immediately flew out of His chair from the other side of the room, grabbed me by my hair, and put me on the ground ass up with my head on the floor. I heard Him go into the other room and when He came back I felt the familiar sting of His whip on my ass. He again tells me that i am to be seen and not heard and that i seem to need a bit of reminding. He begins to whip my ass, leaving red marks on each cheek. He has me counting them out loud and saying thank you after each one. How humiliating! Then i hear Him ask His friend if he wants to try. After a little hesitation, he says yes and after a bit of instruction on the most effective whipping technique, the whip comes down on my ass again. This guy tells me to count, say thank you, and end each with may i have another. How predictable. im up to 25 with this guy when He steps in and says ive had enough for now. He tells me to get up and return the whip to its place. i do so quickly and return to His feet. He instructs me to get food for them, as they are working up an appetite. i go to the kitchen and return with a large tray of assorted munchies. He likes an assortment of things, so when shopping i made sure to get egg rolls, chicken wings, potato skins, chips and dip, burgers, hot dogs, and beer.

Just as I think the novelty of my presence is wearing off, i hear the guy in the corner ask if he can play with me for a while. He says sure and with that the guy comes over and orders me onto my knees with my face against the floor, ass up for all to see. He plays with my butt plug for a while, pulling and pushing it while fingering my wet cunt. I feel two of his fingers force their way into my pussy and twitch in surprise. I feel the plug starting to give and he is now fucking my ass with the butt plug roughly, in and out, in and out while his fingers invade my other hole. The pain explosion makes me grunt. The fingers are removed quickly and the plug is shoved hard back into my asshole. i hear him starting to undo his belt and see and exchange of looks, getting His nod of approval. i hear the belt swoosh through the loops of his pants and the buckle jingles as it is removed. Suddenly I feel a stinging pain on my ass cheek as the belt is doubled and the loop is slapped onto my exposed ass. I wince, mindful not to make another sound.

The next few cracks are swift and searing, as i am enveloped in a veil of pain. i keep looking over at Him, almost pleading for Him to make it stop. Only once did i see Him glance down in my direction, smiling deeply in satisfaction. After what felt like only seconds, the stings returned fast and furious. I could feel my ass and lower thighs were on fire. Through my hazy awareness, i hear Him say He loves to see my ass so red. The guy with the belt asks Him if he should stop and He says i have been trained to take as much punishment as He likes. The other guys chime in and ask if they can help with the process. He says certainly and suggests that each should have their own implements to use. He gets up and walks past me to the bedroom and returns. i can only assume that they were given the paddle and whip, as those are the only two items He uses on me other than His open hand or belt. i hear them discussing a strategy to allow them all to participate evenly. It is decided that each man will have 5 minutes to discipline me. He reaches down and grabs my face in His hand roughly and looks into my eyes. He tells me that if i make a sound or even flinch while taking my punishment, He will see to it that He has another 10 minutes with me after they are finished. He kisses me roughly and tells the men they may start when they are ready. Fear grips me as i inhale and hold my breath, knowing what is about to happen.

Crack! Crack! Smack! The blows from the belt start landing, one on each cheek, then on each thigh, then back on my ass again. i can't imagine taking 15 minutes straight of this torturous pain. i control my breathing and inhale and exhale at a steadying rate to maintain my composure. Every so often, one of the blows of the belt lands squarely on the base of the butt plug, burring it deeper in my ass and sending a ripple of pain though my entire core. After what felt like hundreds of blows, i feel a hand caressing my ass and rubbing my swollen cheeks. It feels soothing and i exhale deeply with a sigh of relief, even though i knew it was temporary. The hand slowly crept around my ass down to the plug that had dimmed in significance to the stinging pain of my beaten ass. The hand grasped the plug securely and pulled hard. My anal opening started to give with the strong pressure and the butt plug popped out, leaving my asshole burning and gaping. i hear gasps at the sight of my wide anal opening and feel fingers on either side of my hole drawing me open even more. One of the guys says to another to keep me spread because he wants to see if he can stick his whole hand inside my ass. He said he had seen it done in a porno flick and wanted to see if it was actually possible. As one set of fingers hold me open, i feel my asshole stretch to accommodate more fingers. i feel like im being ripped open and almost squeal with the searing heat. i hear laughter and clapping as the outer fingers are removed, letting my ass muscles clench around what i assumed was his hand. He shouts with amazement as he keeps repeating that his hand is all the way in my ass. Now that his task was accomplished, it was back to the other two who had yet to fulfill their desire of punishing me. I felt his hand sliding out of my ass and as my opening began to close, the butt plug was shoved mercilessly back into place in my asshole.

Next, was called and i could see the men's feet rotating around me. Quickly i felt the hard punishing swat of the paddle on my left ass cheek. It takes everything in me not to buck against the assault. But i know that if i move in the slightest, He will make me wish i had simply endured as ordered. The pain became almost blinding as slap after crack landed roughly on my already painfully reddened ass. As i lay there i couldn't help but think how i had come to be in this position, being disciplined by strangers as my Dom watched with pleasure. It's all for Him, i remind myself. Everything i do is to make him happy. im snapped back to reality with the renewed strikes against my thighs. Then, as quickly as it began, it thankfully ended. i had successfully survived 10 minutes of discipline with a paddle and belt. Only one more to go, i thought. Again there is a shuffling of feet and i can hear the whip whistle through the air before it hits my back. This one is going for untouched territory, it seems. The whip, of all His instruments, can be the least painful when used during a long session. i am thankful that it is the way this session will end, as my grip on reality is slowly fading with each crack of the whip. This guy seems to know what he's doing and i find myself thinking that maybe he's done this before. There is a certain skill that one learns with repeated use, which He has, and this man seems to also have. He works his way across my back, shoulders, down my ribs, over my ass, across my thighs, and between my legs. The whistling stops and i am told to sit up. i can barely move, my legs, thighs, ass and back throbbing with each slight movement. He grabs my arm and pulls me into His lap and kisses me long and hard. He looks into my glazed eyes, smiles and tells me ive been a good slut. He pushes me off Him and tells me to go to the kitchen and get another round of beers.

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