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With the 4th of July holiday approaching, Julissa and I closed the office to drive to my long-time friend's house in Oro Valley near Tucson to spend the remainder of the week and weekend at Bob's. We left early and arrived at Bob's home for a small barbeque-pool party on Tuesday night. We had worked the previous weekend and Monday and most of Tuesday, and Julissa and I were exhausted after the long drive but attempted to make the most of Bob's hospitality and socializing with his other guests. After dinner and a few drinks, Julissa was about to fall asleep and said she was going upstairs to the guest bedroom to arrange our clothes and belongings. When she didn't return after a half-hour, I asked Bob if he had seen Julissa. He said he thought he saw her lying down on the guest bed when he went upstairs to change out of his swim trunks.

With that being said, I walked up the stairs and noticed that my wife was indeed passed out on her stomach. So, I deviously placed her on her back and slid her sundress up to reveal just the bottom portion of her white lace thong. Knowing her pussy was slightly exposed for anyone to see (including our host downstairs) really turned me on, so I made sure to spread her legs a little wider to make her irresistible. Bob has had the hots for my wife for years, but had never made a move on Julissa. I lay down on the bed and was about to pass out myself when I heard the door creak open. I forgot to turn the table lamp off, so the room was still slightly lit, but I could see through the crack of my eyes that our host clearly wanted his prize. He rubbed his cock as he approached the bed, then he could do nothing but stare at my sleeping wife spread out before him, lying there, unconscious with just a small amount of her thong revealed.

He took his time approaching; not only to make sure we were not awake, but also to revel in the forbidden acts he was about to perform. He approached her and took another few moments to stare, then slowly moved his hand to her inner thigh just above her knee. Noticing no movement from my wife, he slowing slid his hand up to the point where her pussy and thigh met. He then took his fingers and slid them down alongside her thong to the underside of my wife's ass. With his other hand, he started at her upper chest and slowly slid it down to one of her breasts, then squeezed it with his hand. I could feel the lust and desire coursing through his body all the way down to his throbbing cock. At that moment, he took both hands and slid the spaghetti straps down her body revealing her white laced strapless bra. With his right hand, he quickly undid the front clasp releasing her large tanned tits.

He then slowly moved the bra away revealing my wife's large breasts. I could not believe it, her nipples were so hard and perky, I wanted to roll over and pinch them like I have so many times, but I didn't; I just laid there pretending to sleep; but helplessly watching what was unfolding. Exposed, Bob grabbed both of my wife's tits and gave them a squeeze, keeping the nipples between his fingers so he could gently pinch them. Afterwards, he bent over and gently licked them with his tongue as he slowly slid a hand down my wife's stomach to her spread open legs. Not wanting to miss this, he slid her dress up to her stomach fully exposing her low cut thong and toned tummy. He then slid his hand down her inner thigh, along her pussy then up her pussy slit. This must have drove him crazy, because he then slid his finger down the side of her pussy just along the edge of her thong, curled his finger underneath, just enough to actually touch her labia.

Then he pulled the thong over exposing her shaved, tight little pussy for him. But he was not content to just see a glimpse of it, no! He took his hands and placed them at the lace edges of her thong just below her hips and slowly slid them down her thighs, past her knees and to her ankles. One at a time, he lifted her legs and removed the thong, sniffed her sweet, wet essence and tucked them into his jeans. I could not believe it; he was actually going to take them with him! That was the least of my worries, because he looked down at her fully exposed and vulnerable and slowly undressed; removing his shirt, unbuckling his jeans and taking off his underwear exposing a huge 9" cock that was incredibly thick and rock solid for its size. He slowly got on the bed and removed what was left of her dress and placed it on the floor mixed in with his own clothes.

About two years prior to this night, I had approached Bob and advised him of our lifestyle and that he could fuck Julissa if he desired. At the time, Bob was married and he said he could not do such a thing without confronting the truth with his wife. Bob was married to a prude woman at the time and said she wouldn't understand and wouldn't want to wife-swap, so he declined our offer to fuck Julissa at that time. Now he was divorced and single, and I could imagine the lust and desire going through his mind at this moment. He took a moment, taking in the view of Julissa passed out, unconscious on the bed; naked, exposed and completely vulnerable to this man who was about to take carnal advantage of her, pleasuring himself at her expense. I was incredibly aroused at what was about to happen, but wished that Julissa was conscious to enjoy this.

Straddling my wife, Bob grabbed underneath her thighs and spread her legs even further, revealing her exposed wet pussy. He grabbed his cock and lowered it to her small pussy hole. He rubbed it up and down each of her pussy lips as if to taunt my wife and me to show how powerless we were to stop him from entering her. Just then, he slid the huge, swollen head of his cock down her clit and down her pussy slit until he felt the opening he craved. It was already glistening wet, despite the fact that she had no idea what was about to happen. He then slowly slid the head of his cock inside Julissa and sank it to his balls. Once inside my wife's pussy, he slowly slid every inch of his thick ass cock into her tight hole, stretching it to accommodate his tool. He took obvious pleasure in how tight she was and what he was doing to her.

Bob reached over and shook my leg, saying, "Wake up buddy, I know you're not asleep yet!" As I opened my eyes and watched him fuck Julissa, he said, "God, I wish I had taken you up on your offer two years ago!"

I responded, "Julissa's going to be upset that she wasn't awake when you fucked her!"

I wondered if she felt every vein sticking out from his cock as it made its way back and forth inside her love canal. I could hear her moan slightly in her unconsciousness, obviously enjoying the fucking she was getting! To my surprise, Bob pumped her stretched and swollen pussy even harder every time she moaned. I could hear his balls slapping against her ass as he moved forward and firmly grabbed her tits. He didn't care, he didn't think twice about what would happen if she woke up; he didn't care. All he cared about was fucking the shit out of this woman spread out underneath him, and he didn't care who saw at that point, because that pussy was now his. Forever, nothing could change the fact that he violated that vagina, penetrated the inner sanctum of her womanhood and felt every soft fold of her honey pot thrusting the bulbous head of his shaft firmly against the back of her pussy.

There was nothing that could be done to change that, he forever owned her pussy, doing things to it, reshaping and stretching her love canal to fit his massive cock. Every inch of that cock was violating her in the most carnal and erotic way. Faster and faster he fucked her, his balls slapping so hard against her ass that her pussy juices were splattering as a result of the impact. I could hear how wet her pussy was and secretly wished I could watch him have his way with her.

Faster and faster he fucked her until I heard him whisper, "I'm going to cum up inside of that pussy of yours baby!"

Just then, he drove his cock balls deep into her pussy, ramming the full length of his cock to the hilt into her womb and exploding deep inside her, showering the soft, silky folds of her pussy with blasts of his hot semen. As I lay there, I could not believe that my friend finally came inside her pussy. After a few residual thrusts of cum were shot inside Julissa's womb, he slowly pulled his huge cock out of her, exposing a huge gaping hole which was all that remained of the carnage laid on her used and abused vagina. Just then, the first streams of cum began oozing out of Julissa's pussy, dripping down her ass and pooling on the bed sheets. With a smug look on his face, he looked at his work, smiled, looked at me and put his clothes on.

Before, walking out the door, he looked back at her spread eagle on the bed, cum dripping from her swollen red pussy and said aloud, "Rob you weren't kidding, she was the fuck of the century!

I got up from the bed and joined Bob in the den where a few of his friends were still socializing and drinking beers. After all but one, John, left for the evening, Bob convinced me to confide in John about my "hotwife" and what had just taken place upstairs. Bob explained that John was really hung like a horse and we should let him fuck my sleeping wife. I advised them that I was game, but that they could discuss it with no one except me or Julissa. Both men readily agreed!

I watched as John undressed in the guest bedroom, revealing a large uncircumsized cock. He first moved to the foot of the bed then he climbed onto the bed, and as it creaked and rocked, he moved between my wife's spread legs. I held my breath as he picked her legs up and settled them over his shoulders and positioned his cock at the entrance to her bare unprotected pussy. I think my heart almost stopped as I watched him move one hand down between Julissa's legs to hold her pussy lips apart, and then slowly began to force his cock inside her cum-oozing slit. I heard him groan in pleasure at her tightness as her pussy stretched to accommodate his large eleven inch cock. When about half of his cock was buried within her body, he suddenly thrust hard and held himself as deep in her pussy as it would allow. I could see his hairy dark balls compressed against my wife's tan butt crack.

Somehow I'd found my cock and had brought it out into the open, and I was slowly jacking it off while I watched them. I looked over at Bob who was also jacking-off and watching his friend violate Julissa's fragile body. John began to slowly fuck my wife, almost fully extracting his huge organ, before once again burying himself inside her. I jacked off a little faster as I watched my wife's pussy lips clinging to his shaft with automated fucking action, compressing and sucking along with his thrusts even in her sleep. He was really enjoying his illicit sex with my wife. I loved the fact that a stranger was fucking her. It was so hot to see this man taking my beautiful Latina wife without her knowledge. I only hoped that Julissa wasn't mad at me when she later was told of her carnal couplings the next day. His thrusts grew faster in intensity until he was really hammering away at Julissa's pussy.

The bed was creaking in a staccato rhythm now, and she was like a rag doll under his thrust in her drunken state. Then John grunted, and we watched as he pulled her deep onto his slimy shaft and he grunted as his orgasm overtook him. I could see his ass cheeks contract with every spasm of cum that gushed from his balls, deep into my wife's cervix. Then after about 30 seconds or so, his face was flushed, sweat dripping from his forehead, he slowly began to fuck into my wife again, pushing his semen deeper into her cum-filled pussy. I could see the shiny coating of his cum as it clung to the shaft of his cock on the upstrokes. Then finally, after a long time of this, he slowly withdrew his now shrinking massive cock. A ribbon of cum clung to it, momentarily connecting him to her pussy.

"Damn that was one fine fuck!" said John, straightening up.

I could see Julissa's pussy lips gaping wide open. John's cum dripped from between her abused pussy lips and dripped down her inner thighs into a pool on the bed between her legs. I told Bob I was going to have to sleep in a wet bed now. Bob replied that we could move Julissa to the master bed and "sandwich her" then all three of us crash in his bed. I knew this was going to be a "long" night and a fuck-filled week with Julissa as our fuck-toy!

The next morning Bob had gotten up early to make some coffee. When Julissa woke up and discovered we were in Bob's bed and the bottom sheet was soaked where she lay, she grinned and said, "Well, I hope you boys had fun with your wife last night! How many of them fucked me? My pussy feels like all of them left a deposit!"

On the 4th, Bob invited two male friends to a private party at his house. Both men got to ogle Julissa's nude body in the pool and grope and play around. After some drinks and a bite to eat from the barbeque, we pulled Julissa inside Bob's house for some fucking.

Julissa got up, walked over to me, kissed me and whispered in my ear and said, "I am so wet, will you fuck me first?"

I said, "We'll see."

Norm walked Julissa to the sofa, started kissing her and removed her robe. Paul then spread her legs apart and fingered her pussy. Right in front of me, they were taking turns kissing her on the lips, licking her pussy and sucking on her tits. Julissa would sometimes look over and smile at me as they did so. Norm commented that she was a real hot foxy lady and that they would treat her like one. As I watched, they lay her on the floor, placed a pillow under her head and both knelt beside her. First, she rubbed their bulging pants and then quickly undid their zippers releasing both cocks. She took hold, one in each hand and started to jerk them as they massaged her tits. They moved their hands all over her body, squeezing her nipples, and started stroking her inner thighs. Moving up and down nearer and nearer to her naked pussy, finally massaging her crotch.

Julissa was now moaning and opened her legs wide to allow their fingers to explore her clit and pussy. She was still jerking them, very quickly now, as they both were ready to squirt their cum. Norm ejaculated his semen first and Paul immediately followed. They shot their loads all over her hands, stomach and tits. Julissa rubbed it all over her chest and nipples as if it were body lotion.

Then she stood up and said, "I'm going to clean myself and change into something more comfortable. Don't go away, I will be right back."

We drank a beer and Paul and Norm commented on how hot and sexy my wife was. Soon after, Julissa walked down the stairs wearing a teddie that I had just recently bought for her. It was a see-through 2 piece with a top and short-shorts. It showed off her tits, legs and ass beautifully. She sat down on the sofa between Paul and Norm and they started to rub her legs and thighs. I could see she was getting hot again, as they slowly started kissing her neck and stroking her nipples. They slowly worked her shorts off and raised her top to suck on her huge tits. She was moving her body all over the couch as Paul and Norm took turns sucking her nipples and rubbing her pussy. As I watched them devour my wife, Bob stepped in front of her, dropped his pants to his ankles and stroked his cock hard. Julissa looked up at him with her lustful eyes. I could tell she was in a sexual bliss.

Bob moved toward her to put his rock hard cock into her mouth. She quickly reached for his cock and swallowed it up. She sucked on him for a minute, pulled him out of her mouth and said, "we should go to the bedroom."

We all followed her upstairs and when we walked into the bedroom, she sat on the edge of the bed. She called each of us to stand in front of her, undid our pants and started stroking and sucking on all four of us, taking turns with each cock making them equally hard. We finally laid her on the bed and took the rest of our clothes off. As we took turns eating her hot pussy and sucking on her tits, she could not take anymore and thrust her pussy into Norm's face and came all over him. She finally came down from her orgasm and said she wanted cocks in her pussy.

She begged out loud, "Fuck me, somebody fuck me now!"

Paul climbed on top of my wife and slid his hard cock into her hot pussy. As he pumped in and out of her, I could hear her moan and scream with enjoyment. She told me to lie on my back next to her. As soon as I complied, she rolled over, took my cock into her mouth and hiked her ass in the air. Paul repositioned himself and entered her from behind. Now I was watching her suck my cock while Paul was banging her from behind. The expressions on her face were so erotic. I could tell from her reactions when his cock was deep inside her. Julissa would stop sucking me for a moment and then push her ass back, making him force his cock deeper inside her cervix. She would moan out loud as he reached her limits. Norm was kneeling beside us squeezing her nipples hard. Watching her get fucked like this was so incredible, I couldn't take anymore and started to shoot my cum.

She realized I was cumming and placed her mouth back onto my cock to finish me off and get every drop I had. This made her orgasm. Squirting her cum, I could feel it pour onto my leg underneath her. This really set off Paul, as I could hear him moaning as he pumped her pussy full of cum. Watching my wife's face as he shot his load deep inside her was so sexy. She leaned forward, lying on top of my chest, allowing Paul to finish pumping the last of his spurts. Paul withdrew his creamy cock from her pussy and Norm quickly took his place behind her. Julissa was exhausted from the pounding she had just received from her two new partners, so she rolled over onto her back. I thought she was finished for a while, but she was in heat still begging for more.

"Fuck me, give me your cum! " she yelled as she spread her legs wide, grabbed hold of Bob's cock and guided it into her sopping wet pussy.

The bed was soaking wet with all of our fun and Norm was just getting started. Julissa's legs were wrapped around his back pulling him closer. Paul, Bob and I just watched them, amazed at her sexual endurance. Norm started slowly, but with full in and out strokes. He would pull his cock out of her completely, rub her clit with his swollen head and then slowly slip it back in. This drove Julissa wild, almost mad. I kneeled next to her, stroking myself near her face. At first she didn't notice me, as she was staring Norm in his eyes and tweaking and sucking on his nipples trying desperately to make him cum. Then she saw me with my cock in my hand and turned her face to gobble it into her mouth. Once inside, she froze for a second and then began shuddering in another orgasm.

Norm said, "squirt Julissa, yeah, that's it squirt on me."

He then let out a grunt and began shooting his cum deep inside my wife's pussy. Julissa continued to suck me off with abandon and I ejaculated into her mouth. Norm continued to contract his ass muscles giving her everything he had. We all collapsed onto the bed around her. Paul started to move up her body and I moved over to allow him room to mount her. I could tell when his big cock entered her from the small gasp of pleasure that escaped from her lips. She began to make noises and asked Paul to fuck her. He shoved all his cock into and she began to grind her hot pussy against his rigid tool. After a few seconds, she became even wilder and threw her legs back so he could penetrate her with the deep thrusts she loves. The sounds, the sights, the smells and then, the look of intense lust as she came with a huge shudder around his big cock was when he lost it and filled her hot pussy with his semen. This was incredible!

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