tagLoving WivesPass the Lady

Pass the Lady

byBig Swede©

My wife was quite reluctant as we had never even considered an adult game in the privacy of our own bedroom let alone in front of strangers. How did the office party get so raunchy?

Let me start from the beginning. My wife decided she wanted to go back to work as a real estate agent. She was excited to get out of the house and start working again; after all, our youngest was now in school and we could use the cash. She was working for about five weeks when she sold her first house. It had been slow and she was trying to find ways to pick up her business when one of her friends told her that she had to be more aggressive in getting clients by going to parties and making more contacts. So when she was invited to a party by one of her clients she decided we should go.

Now, I am not one for parties but since I wanted to help her business get started I agreed to go. We got a babysitter and she dressed really sexy as her friend told her sex appeal works and she had plenty to show off. She is 36 years old but has the body of a 25 year old, 36C firm tits and nice thin waste that she works hard to stay firm. Her hips are a bit larger than when she was in her 20s and we married but still very nice at 36” and very firm. She loves to get attention from men, don’t all women. She is a bit of a flirt but very subtle and certainly not sluty in her demeanor. Still, I was surprised at how low cut the dress was that she picked out and that it only barely covered her ass.

I asked her about it and she said that her friend Linda told her she would have to use her hot body to hook a few more customers if she wanted to make it in the competitive real estate business. I told her it was OK as long as she didn’t go too far, if you know what I mean? She laughed and said that goes without saying. I wasn’t too worried as I knew she had always been faithful to me and really didn’t like sex all that much anyway. I usually had to get her drunk or she wanted something from me for her to sleep with me.

Anyway, we arrived at the party and she didn’t know anyone, nor did I of course, but it seemed like a nice house in a nice neighborhood. Before long we were working through the room introducing ourselves and sipping our drinks, I had a beer and my wife was drinking a screwdriver. I was surprised when she ordered a screwdriver as she usually doesn’t drink hard liquor. The host was a friendly guy in his early 50s and his wife was a bit younger but very nice looking, in fact I was really surprised at the size and firmness of her tits for a gal in her 40s. She had a great body and wore a tight sweater that left little to the imagination about her nipples. I was immediately attracted to her.

As the night went on my wife mingled making new contacts and I mostly sat near the bar talking about sports with other guys that didn’t know anyone at the party. Every once in a while I would check out my wife to see what she was up to and she seemed to be laughing and gently touching guys every time I looked up. I had a pang of jealousy but I thought I should support her new job and allow her to develop contacts through a little innocent flirting.

Pretty soon the crowd had dwindled down to about ten of us, the host and six other guys and three women including my wife. We were all sitting in the big living room chatting when all the sudden the host jumped up and said “let’s play a game”. I didn’t say anything but gave my wife a look like it is time to go home, she just smiled and said “what kind of game”. One of the single guys yelled out “pass the lady” and everyone laughed but me and my wife. I thought I had never heard of the game, was it a card game or what?

Well, we found out quickly when another one of the single guys chimed in “yes, lets play pass the lady, we have some fine ones here tonight”. It was then that I realized it was some sort of adult game and my imagination could only fathom where this was going, that is when I looked at my wife with a strong hard stare of it is time to go. I could tell she was reluctant to leave as she was sitting next to the host and he had been talking to her quite a bit that evening and much of it was about a house he was interested in buying.

It was then that the host’s wife (Cindy) agreed it would be fun to play pass the lady, I thought if Cindy was in favor this couldn’t be too bad so I asked “how do you play the game? I have never played it before.” Cindy told us that we put chairs in a circle and start some music then the guys sit on the chairs and we take turns passing the women around on the guys laps when the music stops which ever woman is on your lap you get to take off a piece of her clothing. Since there were more guys, the ones without a lady would have to take off a piece of clothing if their lap was empty when the music stopped.

By now I was imagining Cindy’s huge tits swaying in front of me while she sat on my lap and thoughts of my wife participating had totally slipped my mind. One of the other guys asked how do you win the game? Cindy said that the last girl with any clothes on won. My mind raced between my raging hard on and the jealousy that began to overcome me as I thought of my wife naked on a guy’s lap, with him fondling her body.

I figured this was it, my wife would insist we leave but when the host grabbed her by the hand and said “come on Lisa you can start on my lap”. She quickly complied. Before you knew it Cindy was on my lap and two guys were without anyone on their laps. It was then that one of the guys agreed to play the music. As Cindy was squirming around in my lap I began to feel my cock go rock hard and was afraid she would say something, instead the music started and we started passing the ladies around.

It was so hot, before I knew it Lisa was being passed to me and I could see her nipples were hard and protruding like they do when she gets excited. She tried to stay on my lap as long as possible until someone said “come on no lingering keep passing”. Right then the music stopped and she had a huge sigh of relief on her face when she was still on my lap. I looked around the room and saw that Cindy was on the lap of the guy that suggested the game and he was pulling her sweater over her head exposing her mammoth tits in her lacy undersized bra. My cock jerked harder and Lisa turned back toward me and smiled, I knew then she must be drunk because she gets so jealous if I even looked at another girl. The guy to my left was without a gal so he pulled his pants down and sat there with a huge bulge in his underwear. I wondered why he chose his pants?

I reached down and pulled Lisa’s shoes off and I heard the guys say “no fair”. The other two women had their blouses taken off and there were three hot women just in their bra and my wife without shoes. The guys were pinching the ladies’ tits when the music started again. Lisa clung to me as if she had chickened out but it was too late, the guy next to me grabbed her and pulled her on to his lap, pinching her ass as he did. Around they went again, this time the music took much longer and I got a nice squeeze on Cindy’s tits as she came past me twice, that is when the music stopped again, this time Lisa was on the host’s lap and I had no one.

The host quickly pulled her dress up as she offered slight resistance, I knew if anyone could get it off of her it would be the host as she wanted his business really bad. Anyway, there she sat in her bra and panties trying to cover up, not knowing which part to cover. It was then that I noticed her panties were soaking wet and I knew she was really enjoying this. I looked quickly to Cindy before the music started again so I could see what clothing she lost and sure enough the guy next to me unsnapped her bra and her 40dds were flopping in the air for all of us to see. I couldn’t wait for her to end up on my lap again. I had forgotten to take off a piece of clothing until Cindy yelled “hey you have to strip since you don’t have a girl on your lap”. I took my shirt off and wished I had worn an undershirt that night.

I noticed as my wife got passed around she was the only one in her panties and the other ladies had their breast exposed. By now, each guy was taking his time passing the ladies. When Lisa came to my lap I gave her tits a nice squeeze and asked if she was enjoying herself, she just laughed and the guy to my left grabbed her. It was then I realized why he took his pants off, he had leaned back and as my wife was passed to him he rubbed her panty-clad pussy on his brief-covered cock. I couldn’t believe my eyes, there was my wife dry humping, if you could call it dry, this guy next to me, I didn’t know whether to let my jealousy rage or my lust.

I didn’t have time to make a decision as next thing I know Cindy is on my lap and the music stopped. I was so hot I grabbed her tits and started to massage them when the host reminded me that I was to take off another piece of her clothing. I grabbed her skirt and pulled it down and let it drop to the floor. My hand got stuck under her ass as she sat back on my lap and I couldn’t believe the moisture in her panties. My fingers were right on her pussy and my cock was aching like it had never ached before. I looked around and saw Lisa’s bra pop off in the hands of the guy that was holding her. The host had no woman so he pulled his pants off and we could all see his ample hard on protruding through his fly of his underwear.

As I sat there in total shock and lust as the music started back up again. I noticed that as Lisa went by the host made sure to rub his cock on her panty clad pussy as well, except his cock was still out of his underwear and I could see the head pushing into her pussy crevice as her panties were soaked and the only thing between his cock and pay dirt. He massaged her tits and slid his cock up and down her slit for about fifteen seconds before the next guy grabbed her off his lap. By this time I was fondling the breast of one of the other ladies, not as nice as my wife’s or Cindy’s but very nice still the same. Just as I passed her the music stopped and I was without a girl again, this time I quickly pulled down my pants and proudly let my erect cock jet out of my underwear, I always wear briefs and like our host my mushroomed head had snuck out of my fly. I was really looking forward to the next round as Cindy came by again I was get some rubbing of my own in.

I looked over at Cindy and she was having her panty’s removed and so was Lisa by the guy that suggested we start the game, he was still fully clothed however as he had always got a girl. One of the ladies still had her panties and one of the other girls had her socks on so the game wasn’t technically over, which I rejoiced in the thought of three bare pussies being passed on my rock hard exposed cock. The music started up again and the first gal passed to me was the fourth girl I haven’t talked about yet, she was a bit overweight but still a nice plump ass and as she sat on my lap I felt my cock slip right into her pussy, I couldn’t believe the feeling. I don’t know how I managed to hit it but she dropped down about three inches onto my cock before I passed her to the next guy.

I looked down and there was my cock glistening with pussy juice and pre-cum. There was no girl next to me so I looked around the room to see what was happening and I could see the host had slid is cock in to my wife’s pussy and was bouncing her up and down while cupping her breast, I looked to the guy next to him to grab her and pull her off but he just sat there and watched. My wife’s eyes were closed and she had a huge grin on her face as he slid her up and down his shaft. I then looked to the left and there was Cindy dry humping the guy that still had his pants on with her tits swaying back and forth. I yelled “come on now lets keep passing” and Lisa slid off the host and landed on the next guys lap, he had pulled his pants and boxers down while Lisa was fucking the host so she landed square on his cock. Her pussy swallowed up his member just as Cindy was passed to my lap.

The moment I was waiting for Cindy with her bare pussy about to sit on my cock. I gently laid her on my lap but missed her pussy, my cock slid up her clit and between her legs as she let out a sigh. She squeezed hard and I lifted her again to try and land it knowing that the guy next to me wanted his chance. As she fell on to my lap the second time it was a bulls eye right into her gaping pussy. I closed my eyes and grabbed her tits and bounced her up and down when suddenly I realized the music had stopped. I was ecstatic that I got to keep her on my lap while looked for another piece of clothing to take off of her. It was then I realized she was completely naked so I just started bouncing her up and down my cock as quick as I could, I was afraid someone would call an end to the game as we had really gotten out hand.

It was then I saw that Lisa was on no longer on the host’s lap he had laid her down on the carpet and was mounting her missionary style. I was really surprised to see the size of his cock when he stood up, it was at least 8-9” and as thick as a coke can. Lisa was moaning and lifting her hips off the ground to meet every thrust. I turned my attention back to Cindy as she was still riding my cock for all its worth, the smell of sex and the feeling of her tight pussy on my cock was too much, I knew I was about to cum when I lifted her off me to try to savor it a bit longer. I looked around and saw everyone had paired up except the guy playing music and he was pulling his pants down and kneeling next to my wife with his cock hanging in her face. She grabbed his hips and shoved his cock in her mouth and started sucking and moaning as the host fucked her senseless.

There was my proper almost prudish wife lying on the floor in a stranger’s house sucking a stranger’s cock and being fucked by a stranger. What was even more powerful was there I was with this really hot woman in my arms about to slide her pussy back on to my rock hard cock. Except she missed and as she fell my cock was impaled into her rectum, since it was so slippery from pre-cum and her and other juices it slid in about two inches and she jumped and let out a slight scream. I realize what had happened and went to apologize when she went right back down on me with her ass, this time it when in about three inches. She did this until my cock was swallowed up by her ass and she just held it there. It was the tightest thing I had ever felt.

I knew I was about to cum and couldn’t stop it now so I grabbed her tits and squeezed with all my might. I wanted one last look to see what my wife was doing and glanced over to see that the host was driving deep in her pussy and gasping with every stroke, I knew he was unloading in her when it hit me, SHE ISN’T ON THE PILL. I was frantic but overcome with ecstasy as I shot my load in Cindy’s ass. The thought of a stranger knocking up my wife drove me to a deeper and more intense orgasm than I had ever had. I was shocked at how intense it was.

As I felt the last few squirt shoot deep into Cindy, I noticed that the guy Lisa had been sucking was now lining up to take his turn on her pussy. I closed my eyes and concentrated on Cindy’s big tits and tight ass as my cock slowly went limp and slid out. I looked around the room and there was two other guys finishing off the other two gals and one just standing over the chubby one with is cock in her mouth. Cindy meanwhile was rubbing her pussy on my lap, when I realized what a pig I was for not finishing off Cindy’s orgasm, I quickly replaced her hand with mine and fingered pussy. She was a loud one, moaning and screaming with each flick of her clit. The guy that had his cock in the chubby girl’s mouth grabbed Cindy out of my arms and laid her on the floor and mounted her in one swift motion.

I looked at her sweet ass with my jism oozing out and it caused my cock to jump a little even though it was still limp. Meanwhile, I looked back at Lisa and she was bucking to meet every thrust of the other single guy as he was rapidly pounding her pussy. She went into as deep and loud orgasm as I had every witnessed. The guy came in her and all of us just got quiet as we laid there spent and not sure what had just happened. It all started so innocently with my wife getting a job.

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by Anonymous

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by tazz31710/14/18


while the hatchet is getting buried internally, TK U MLJ LV NV

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by Anonymous10/14/18

Another Broken Home

Kids suffer as mom becomes a cheating slut leading to a divorce. Very few truly happy marriages in most of the LW stories on Literotica! This is just another example.

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by coyote404/24/18

mounting nirvana!

I *love* the bit where the host "mount[s the wife]...missionary style" more than any story ever!

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by Anonymous04/21/18

5! To offset the asshole of lIT! dearr annony!

this fool reads every LW storiess on here and bitches about them all. Guess they remind him to much of his dead ex wife and what she did to you!

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by Anonymous04/21/18


I get a kick out of you guys pretending to write a wife story but in reality it all about you. You used "I" about 200 times. Gave it a 2

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