tagErotic CouplingsPassionate Nights with the Prince Ch. 01

Passionate Nights with the Prince Ch. 01


~ Set in the Tang Dynasty of the Middle Kingdom in the Far East. The favorite concubine of the 12th Prince recalls her night with him and longing for more of his attention. ~

As we look at the sky above painted with twinkling stars and the brilliant moon shining so radiantly, my maid had brought the tray of plum wine with two jade cups to the garden pavilion upon the request of my sweet, prince. I knew what kind of night it would be for us. We both enjoy the sweet wine. The flavor makes his taste buds happy. It always puts him in the mood to kiss me from my head to my toe. All it takes is a few cups to put him in an intimate mood the whole night.

He is full of surprises and I do not know what he has in mind except for me to be open to his every whim. This I gladly do for my loving prince because he is always warm and caring to all of his concubines. Everyone needs someone who loves and cares for them. He treats us all very well. Sometimes it is better to share that special someone than to not have someone special in our lives at all.

I know he could not resist my beauty when he is intoxicated with the sweet and delicious wine. He knows how to make me feel special and loves to make me feel good inside. There is not a doubt he makes all his women feel special. We can disagree in many topics, but the one topic we always agree on is our prince makes a wonderful lover. I melt every time I think about him touching me.

He tried to kiss me and I pushed him away. I do not like to show much affection in front of the servants. I was telling him not here in the garden and to continue this matter inside. I remember everything we did last week.

As he held my hand to hurry back inside, the servants followed behind at the same pace. His cheeks were rosy and I am sure that mine would match since my face felt hot and tingly at the same time. There was a rush of excitement going through my veins that evening.

Once we were inside, he had the servants leave us in peace. Usually they are the ones to remove our robes, but he was more than ready to be intimate with me. He wanted to tear the robes off of me, but I had insisted on removing them myself. Sire's rule is that his women are naked before he is.

I slowly remove my robes to tease him. He was obviously impatient. The reason I was slow was to make sure that I am dripping wet when he sees my flower.

"Remove your garments quickly or I shall tear them off of you."

I gave a smile and said, "Sire, you are very naughty."

Once I had removed my belt, the outer, light blue robe fell to the floor. Then I removed my white under garment with etched flowers of red, orange and stems of green to expose the perky twins he loves to show affection to. He has a hard time keeping his mouth off of them. He was eager to taste them, but I could see he was holding back for me to drop my soft, white pants so that he can see every part of my soft, silky body. I love it when he could not help to stare with his mouth slightly open.

I came close to him and push his chin up to close his mouth and smiled. Then I slowly removed his outer royal blue robes with gold etching and silver, cloud swirls. I opened his white tunic and took it off before kissing his chest. Then I removed his gold, satin belt until the only garment left on his slightly muscular and tall body were his smooth, red pants. I had both of my hands on the side of his hips and my palm touched him from top to bottom as I removed his pants. It was obvious that he enjoyed that with the sound of his moan. The thought of kissing his entire body crossed my mind, but I would have to ask permission to do so.

He removed the small crown that was attached to the hair bun and set it on the table leaving his bun in place. Then he ran his hands up and down my arms that sent goose bumps to my body. A seductive smile is seen with the tip of his tongue seen as he touched my soft peaches.

"I am ready for you, sire. You can do as you please. I want to make you happy."

He sat on the edge of the bed with his legs wide open. I knew what he wanted me to do. I quickly knelt down and made use of my tongue. He moaned and I could feel his entire body relax. I love seeing him in comfort. My mind goes wild with excitement every time I take in his thick and fulfilling manhood. How can any woman not enjoy a mouthful of his softness and the fulfilling hardness in between their legs?

"Ooooohhh... Mmmm... Yes. Closer. Stay there. Oooooohh..."

He had his gentle hand on the back of my head to keep me in place to get the most pleasure from my warm, wet mouth. After his wet manhood becomes hard, he removes his hand and lets me slide his thickness in and out of my mouth.

"Yes. Oooooohhh... The tip. Aaaahhh... Oooohh... Faster. Yes. Ooooohh... Your mouth brings me great joy. Oooohhh..."

It excites me to see he was stiff and ready to relieve himself in me. I was aching for his hard attention. He positioned me to be on my hands and knees with my behind facing him as he stood at the edge of the bed. I could tell he was admiring the view and enjoy seeing my juices dripping between the lips of my soft mound. He always enjoyed teasing my flower with the tip of his manhood. It made me moan and whimper. This made me want his hard attention even more.

"Please go in, sire. I am all wet for you. Come in, sire. Come in and feel how tight I am for you."

He always tell me how much he loves my tight and wet flower. I always do everything in my powers for him to feel the love I have for his hardness.

"Are you ready for me, my sweet?"

I was more than ready and told him, "Yes. Yes, sire. I am longing to hold you tight."

After inserting an inch of his tip in me, he held on to my hips and slammed straight into my wet flower.

"AAAAAHHHH!!!! Sire. Mmmmm..."

I knew he was smiling with delight hearing me scream. The feeling of his hardness coming in me with such force was intense.

"Mmmm... Sire, you treat me very well. Mmmm..."

"You know I love giving you a lot of hard attention. Now bounce for my relief. I love to see those beautiful, round cheeks bounce."

I could not help to blush at the thought of his words before I started to bounce slowly for him. After a few minutes, he told me to go faster and faster. This tells me he was very close to his climax.

"AAAAHHHH!!! AAAHHHHH!!! Ooooohhh... Mmmmm..."

It made me feel good inside every time he peaks. The hot and wet gift he gives me melts all inside and I always want to hold onto it as long as I can.

After he peaked, he slowly pulled out of me and had me lay on my back. Then he tied my wrists and ankles with soft fabric. My arms and legs were up and wide open as my back laid on the bed. I prefer my arms down, but I know that it was not my place to say what I want and my interest was to keep my lord happy.

"You look beautiful as usual, my sweet. Your flower is wet and looks lonely, but it will have to wait before I give it my full attention. For now, I would like to give your peaches the same attention you gave my golden fruit earlier."

He cleaned his fruit with a wet towel before savoring my perky berries. I love his tongue on my sensitive bossom. This made me more wet than before. It is hard not to stay wet for my loving lord. I moaned and moaned every time his mischievous tongue glided across my berries. I was aching for more of his hard attention.

"Please, sire. Fill me. Mmmm..."

"Not yet, my sweet. You want my hard attention, do you not? Guai Ling, you need to learn to be patient. You are cute when you are impatient."

I said yes twice and he knelt above me to where each knee was on my sides with me being in the center. He positioned his manhood to be kissed by me again.

"Yes. Oooooohhh... Mmmm... You will be rewarded for your excellent skills, my sweet. Ooooohh... Good. Mmmm... Any woman that can kiss this well should deserve a lot of hard attention."

Just as my mouth was getting tired and could not kiss any longer, he pulled out and placed himself in between my legs again. He looked at how wet my flower was and pressed down on my soft lips to open them for his viewing pleasure.

"Look at that little entrance. It needs to be opened up a bit more. Let me help you with that."

Again he only went in an inch before plunging straight in with full force causing me to scream out loud to his ear's enjoyment. He told me to relax and enjoy his hardness. He slid in and out of me without pulling out all the way for some time. Not only did he enjoy how wet and tight my flower was, but he loved how I could not help screaming in between every other slide. It was intense and I wanted to close my legs, but I could not since they were tied. He knew what to do to get the best intensity from me. I almost wanted him to stop, but I knew he would only continue to slide for his enjoyment. He was not someone to say no to and I was not going to upset him in such an intimate session.

"Aaaahh!! Sire! MMmmm... Sire! Aaaahhh... Sire! Aaaaahhh..."

Before he was close to his climax again, he told me to not shake before him. I was trying very hard not to, but I could not help myself.


I try gasping for air and begging for his forgiveness. He quickly pulled out and spanked both my back cheeks a few times.

"You are naughty naughty. You like shaking and screaming for me that much?"

I did not know how to answer except to say, "Forgive me, sire. I want to make you happy."

"Indeed you will, my sweet. I will see to it that you shake and scream more than you ever have with me tonight. You will not be able to leave your room for a few days. I will make sure of that."

"No, sire. No. Mmmm..."

"Did you not say that you want to make me happy?"

"Yes. Yes, I did. But I..."

Before I could say another word, he made a single, quick push in between my wet legs again. I let out a scream and he was pushing me hard and fast. He wanted me to shake and scream some more. I was not able to say another word with the hard pushing. My mind was going blank and was trying to gasp for air in between my screams. I could not say no and my body was ready to give in. It did not take long before I peaked again screaming at the top of my lungs. Then he pulled out to let me catch my breath and plunged back in. By the third time I had shaken, he let out a loud moan. I knew that he was relieved. This made me very happy.

I am very wet under my robes as I think of what my lord did to me that night. Unfortunately, I can only see my prince when he requests for me. He is very busy with matters of the state and I dare not interfere with his work.

My pants are nearly all wet from my excitement. I had call for my maid to draw me a bath. Maybe that will help me relax.

"My Lady, your bath is ready."

We go to the bathing room and she gently removes my robe. Then I step into the steamy water in a large, wooden tub filled with white, red and purple flower petals.

"My Lady, would you like me to massage your back?"

I had told her that I wanted to be left alone. She said yes, gave a quick bow and left the room knowing that she is standing on the other side of the wall waiting for me to call her again.

As I soaked in the fragrant bath, I was still remembering what my mischievous prince did to me that night. Oooohh how he makes me melt.

After he was relieved, he stayed in me and kissed my arms. He gave a few nudges and circular motions in between making me moan to his delight. I knew he was not joking with me when he said that he will make me shake and scream more than I ever had before. The longer his manhood stays in me, the more sensitive I become. This makes it harder for me to hold back my shaking.

The call of Nature gave me a break from his very wet softness. He pulled out to go to a corner and relieved himself in a piece of clayware meant to be used in such a manner and cleaned himself with a wet towel before he untied me and turned me over. Then he stood at the edge of the bed and had me show how much I love his bag of jewels while I was on my hands and knees.

"Yes. You always know how to please me well. Ooooohhh... If you behave, I will not tie you. Is that understood?"

He had his hand on the back of my head keeping my mouth close to him. The only way I could answer him was moan. He loved the feel of my mouth when I moan. As long as my prince is happy then I am happy.

Once he was ready to fulfill me again, he had me turn around and beg for him to come in. As I was begging, he kept teasing me with the tip of his manhood. I could not hold back my moaning and whimpering. He made me beg until he could not stand it any longer and plunged straight in with a single push. Then he gave me a good smack on both my cheeks and had me bounce for his pleasure.

"Ooooohh... Aaaahh... Oh? Do I feel a quiver coming from you already? Turn to the side and lay face down."

I did as he instructed and he tied my ankles up again, but left my wrists free. He did not waste any time going back inside with his pleasure tool and slid in and out of me.

"Aaaahhhh... Aaaaahhhh... Mmmm... Aaaahhh... Aaaahhh..."

"I am keeping your legs tied in place for your own good. I believe they will be too weak to do justice once you shake again. Your natural instinct is to close them, but I want them wide open for you to feel the most sensation. They will remain open for me to fulfill you. I know you want to shake for me very badly. I want you to beg for relief."

"Mmmm... Oooohh... Sire, I want relief. Please, let me have relief. I beg you please, please, please. Oooohh... I beg for relief, sire. Only you know how to relieve me well. Please, let me have relief. Mmmm..."

He then held my hips tightly and banged as hard and fast as he could to push my climax over the top. My entire body shook and he held me tightly as he felt the vibration. Then he withdrew again to let me catch my breath before going back in.

"Shake some more, my sweet. Shake long and hard for me. I know you enjoy shaking. Your body is too weak to resist shaking for my hardness. Shake again. You deserve all my hard attention. I am letting your flower indulge in all this hard thickness. You are thankful for this, are you not?"

"AAAAAHHHH!!! AAAAHHHHHH!! Ooooooohhh... Yes, sire. Ooooohhh... Thank you, sire. Mmmm..."

As soon as I was able to breathe well enough again, he slipped in and slid in and out instead of pushing hard for me to climax again. He slid in and out till it was too much for me to handle.

"Mmmmmm... AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Mmmm... Oooooohhh..."

He could not wait for me to catch my breath and continued to pound me hard until he was relieved. He let out a loud moan that brought a smile to my face.

"I know you like it when I am relieved, my sweet. Do not worry, the night is still young. I am not done fulfilling your gentle flower yet. I want it to be pounded until it becomes very very tender. There is not any objection to that, is there?"

I turned my head and told him there is not any objection. There was not a choice in the matter. I wanted him to be happy. It was a long night of screaming, moaning, whimpering, shaking and gasping for me. Indeed, I was not able to walk out of my room very easily for a few days after that.

Next thing I know, I was feeling hands on my shoulders. I became slightly upset that the maid did not listen to me the first time.

I said in a stern voice, "I already told you that I want to be left alone."

"I do not think you want to be left alone, my sweet. It appears you are soaking wet for me. I know you would not object to me joining you in all this wetness."

I was a bit startled and said, "Oh sire. You came in without a sound and scared me. Please forgive me. I was telling the maid earlier to leave me alone. I..."

He then put a beautiful, shiny, gold necklace with floral designs on my neck. I always love the gifts from him. He puts in a lot of thought of what each of us likes before he has the artisans custom make the jewelry, robes, paintings and jewelry boxes for us. I treasure them all.

Before I could say thank you, he had his manhood pressed against my lips. He did not have to say a word after that. I was happy to please my sweet prince again. If I do well, I know he will fill my flower with his hardness for hours. The thought makes me even more wet and he reached down to slide his finger in between my petals. I was moaning endlessly as my mouth was full.

"I do not want you to say a word until I say so, my sweet Guai Ling. You are only allowed to scream, moan, whimper and shake for me. Is that understood?"

All I could do was shake my head while taking in his fruit of love. I knew he enjoyed my tongue swirling around when I hear his moans and holds my head close to him.

"I wish that I can keep my fruit soft so I can stay in your warm and loving mouth longer, but as you can see, your wonderful skills get a lot of hard attention from me. Mmmm... Ooooohh... Yes. Oooooohh..."

When he was ready to for relief, I got up and turned around with my legs in the tub, hands on the edge and my flower exposed for his viewing pleasure. I opened my legs as wide as I could and he played the edges of my petals with the tip of his hard fruit. If I could only speak, I would beg for my lord to go inside my wetness.

Instead of pushing himself inside me, he gave my cheeks a good smack and then inserted something slender and hard in my back door. It surprised me and also made me worry what he had in mind to do.

"You will keep that in you the whole night, Guai Ling. I assure you that it will be very pleasurable. You will enjoy it. Every time I request for you, this will be in you ready and waiting for me to play with. You can thank me for the gift with your tongue later."

I was feeling a little scared, but I had to trust his words. If my lord expects to see that inside my back door each time I see him then he shall see that I obey his orders. It is an unusual gift that I will learn to love for his pleasure.

Not long after, he forced himself inside my tightness and made me scream helplessly to his delight. He gave a quick, sinister laugh. The sound gave me goose bumps. Tonight will be harder for me to handle than last time knowing he has added an extra device of pleasure.

"Ha ha ha. You enjoy how hard I am for you? Relieve me well tonight. You have the privilege of working for all my reliefs tonight. This time, if you shake without my permission, I will have to give you a hard lesson."

He tapped against the stone cold tool he inserted earlier as he said that. The idea of what he might do brought chills down my back. I do not dare to disobey him. He gave me a slap and a push to remind me what I must do since I stood frozen at the thought of what kind of mood he was in.

I was eager to bounce for his first relief of the night. There was a mix of excitement and fear in me all rolled into one. Sire is always full of surprises and this time, he brings fear in me.

After he climaxed, he sat in the tub with me rubbing my slim and slippery body all over. He kissed every part of my face, pinched my nipples and massaged my twins and my pouty flower.

"My sweet Guai Ling, do not test me tonight for I will show you no mercy if you disobey me. You will take your punishment on your hands and knees screaming helplessly. The night will not end until I am fully satisfied with your performance. Is that clear?"

I only gave a nod and whimpered as he held me closer and breathed down my ear. He licked my ear lobes and gave a low chuckle and sly grin as if he has something wicked in mind for me to endure for his pleasure. Will I be able to look back on this night with joy?

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