tagNonConsent/ReluctancePassport to Pleasure

Passport to Pleasure

byTony King©

My company had been commissioned by the Rowattaa government to install secret camera's in strategic locations. They were concerned about the level of corruption at local level especially as it was having an effect on the already limited tourist trade.

It was my second month there and following complaints of harassment and even rape by a group of tourist, I was installing cameras in the customs interrogation rooms and holding centre at the airport. The so-called holding rooms were in fact a row of three cell blocks.

I'd secretly installed the cameras over night, each one no bigger than the tip of a pen and was busy setting up the TV monitors and recorder in an adjacent building. As the last monitor sprang into life I could clearly see the arrivals desk, the interrogation room and all of the cells. One cell was already being used as an overflow from the local prison and was occupied by several unruly convicts. They were typical thugs, black large and sweaty.

A little while later my attention was caught by a group arriving from America. They were mostly black Africans but suddenly, amongst the throng appeared two white faces. I had to look twice as the most gorgeous blond stepped up to the desk. She was tall, dressed in a halter top and short safari skirt and from they way her tits bounced it was obvious she was not wearing a bra. Her big, and I mean big tits were just struggling to get out and as she walked, every man in the room looked at her. She was a real stunner but boy did she know it.

Her husband looked rather nervous at all the attention she was attracting and taking her arm he lead her towards the passport counter. "Your name?" the man behind the desk enquired, "Jim and Judy …….." The last bit was obscured by noise, I made a mental note to change the microphone on camera 1. "And what is the purpose of your visit?"

"My wife and I are archaeologists." The passport control officer picked up a telephone and a few minutes later a large black guy appeared dressed in a shabby suit. This guy looked real ugly and menacing with a purple scar running across one cheek and another above his right eye. "Come with me please," he said to the couple.

He led them into the interrogation room and made them stand, their backs to the far wall. "Wait there," he snapped and left the room. "What's going on Jim," the lovely Judy said clinging to her husbands arm, "oh don't worry, you know what these third world countries are like, they've probably never seen an American passport before, it will be OK, you'll see."

A few minutes later the big ugly guy arrived back, only this time he had four soldiers with him and the couples luggage. The soldiers were shabbily dressed but each one carried a riffle. They all starred at Judy as they entered, laughing and talking in there own language. Opening the first case, the ugly guy riffled through Jims belongings, pocketing cash and several other items along the way. Then he went through Judy's case, holding up her sexy underwear for the others to see.

"Hey, what the hells going on?" demanded Jim. The civilian went up to Jim and told him to spread his arms. Jim refused. A nod from Mr ugly and two soldiers immediately pushed him roughly against the wall. "OK, OK, just tell me what's going on," said Jim spreading his arms. He was searched from head to toe before being roughly pushed to the other side of the room.
"You," the man said pointing at Judy. "Now listen here Mister," Jim said as the guy pushed Judy against the wall. Before Jim could utter another word a riffle butt was slammed into his stomach knocking the wind out of him.

Jim watched in agony as the big black man ran his hands over Judy's voluptuous body. Having ran them over the outside of her clothes he started to get more daring. With a huge grin displaying a row of white teeth, he slid his hand into the halter top and grabbed Judy's left breast. He spent ages squeezing it and playing with the nipple, all the time talking to the soldiers and roaring with laughter. Judy stood with her eyes shut tight as he continued his assault. Then, he undid the tie at the back of her neck and tried to expose both tits to the laughing men. Judy put her hands up to stop the top falling but was immediately grabbed by two more soldiers and her hands forced roughly behind her back.

With nothing to stop him, ugly lowered the top. Her tits were incredible, large and upright with bright red nipples the size of a dime. With nothing to stop him he grabbed both tits and pulled on the nipples causing Judy to cry out in pain. Next came the short skirt. One tug and the button fell to the floor allowing the short rap round skirt to fall open. There was a groan of despair from Jim as he watched the man cup Judy's cunt mound in his big black hand, squeezing roughly and pushing his fingers into her slit forcing the material of her panties to disappear completely. As he played with her cunt, the two soldiers holding her played with her tits, all the time conversing in their own language and laughing at the couple's discomfort.

Recovering from the blow to his stomach, Jim suddenly broke free from his captors and rushed at the civilian assaulting his wife. As an ex marine he was both fit and capable and within seconds had laid the man out. He was setting about the two soldiers when the lights went out. One of the other guards hit him across the head with his riffle butt sending him crashing to the floor.

For a short moment the guards didn't know what to do but the big guy was coming round and started shouting instructions to them. They took Judy and shoved her in a vacant cell. She was dressed in nothing but a pair of high heels and skimpy black panties. Jim was thrown into the cell next to her, between her and the cell holding the other men. There was a lot of cheering and whistling from the prisoners. Eventually after a bucket of cold water was thrown over him Jim recovered consciousness.

"So, you want to play games," the ugly guy said, nursing a cut lip, "Good, we like to play games too." He shouted more instructions to the soldiers. With huge grins they dragged Judy from her cell and threw her into the one containing the convicts. For a few minutes there was a deathly hush, as Judy stood, back against the bars, covering her tits with her arms. The six convicts stood the other side of the small cell, not quiet sure what to do. Eventually the penny dropped and one by one they closed in on the terrified Judy. "Please no, Jim, help me, noooooooo."

She was dragged to the middle of the cell and held down on a grubby wooden table. Her panties were ripped from her body and her legs forced open exposing her pink cunt lips. Jim was screaming from his cell but no one paid any attention, all eyes were on Judy, spread eagled over the table with six sex starved men waiting to ravish her lovely white body. One guy was already fingering her cunt, forcing first two and then four fingers deep inside her. She cried out as others tortured her already abused and sore tits. Jim watched in horror as the men started to strip off. "Now you will see how we treat drug smugglers," ugly said to Jim, obviously enjoying his discomfort.

"W-w-what do you mean, drug smugglers?" demanded Jim, hardly able to tear his eyes away from his wife. A cry from Judy stopped any further conversion. A large muscular black guy was standing between her legs, the first few inches of his massive black cock resting just inside her exposed cunt. With out any thought for the poor white girl spread out before him, he looked at Jim as he slowly forced at least ten inches of thick black cock into her. If it hadn't been for the fingers causing a bit of lubrication he would have split Judy in two. Within a few stokes he was in balls deep and holding her legs in the air he rammed his large cock in and out like a piston, knocking the wind out of her on the down strokes and causing her to cry out in pain at the sudden and violent invasion of her body. Others were still busy abusing her tits while another man was forcing his evil smelling unwashed cock into her lovely mouth.

Jim was in despair but could do nothing to save his wife. Man after man took turns fucking her cunt or mouth until eventually she was left lying there like a lifeless rag doll. The whole scene lasted for maybe an hour until eventually the guards carried her back to her own cell and threw her on the bed. Jim knelt beside her and reaching through the bars caressed her hair. "It's all right Honey," he said, the tears of rage and frustration running down his face, "just hold on, I'll get us out of here."

Ugly returned about an hour later accompanied by the four soldiers again. "Look mister, I don't know what you want, but I'll give you anything, just let us go."

"Sign this," the man said passing a sheet of paper through the bars. Jim read it and then screwed it up in pure defiance. "What the fuck is this, you know dam well we're not drug smugglers. If you think I'm going to sign a false confession you can think again. "Sign and we may let you go," he said, the purely white teeth showing again as he grinned in at the unfortunate Jim. "Go fuck yourself!" said Jim. "No," said the man, "but we will fuck your wife again." With that the cell was unlocked and the half conscious Judy dragged out into the guards area.

"OK, I'll sign, any thing, just don't hurt her again, please."

"Too late my friend," the man sneered, "you had your chance, now my guards want their fun." The four guards laid Judy on the table and again spread her legs wide. Jim could see the copious amount of spunk running out of her abused cunt, the lips red and puffy.

One of the men pushed the barrel of his riffle a few inches into her and looked at Jim, his finger hovering over the trigger. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO," screamed Jim fearing for his wife's life. CLICK, the man pulled the trigger on an empty chamber. As Jim nearly had a heart attacked the guards roared with laughter at their sick joke. "Stand up bitch," ugly said, pulling Judy to her feet. Again he ran his hands all over her body. "Kiss me white girl and make it good." He grabbed her hair forcing her head to one side. Looking directly at Jim he placed his big black lips over Judy's and forced his tongue inside her mouth. He kissed her long and hard, all the time starring at Jim. When he finished he licked his lips. "Hmmm, she taste good for a white girl." Each soldier kissed her in turn, feeling her up as they did so. Judy had gone numb by now and simply stood there with her legs apart as they fingered her cunt or pulled on her nipples.

"Now we fuck her good," said Ugly. As one soldier lay on the table, Judy was lifted on to his engorged tool. It slide in easily thanks to the spunk already deposited by the prisoners. Another took his place at her head, and pulling her hair to lift her head, he slide his cock into her mouth and on into her throat causing her to gag and splutter. But worse was still to come and as Jim watched helplessly, ugly started to spit on her tight virgin arse hole, pushing it in with his fat grubby fingers. Judy and Jim groaned in despair as ugly added a second finger and roughly frigged her hole.

Eventually, he replaced his fingers with his prick and forcibly rammed the first few inches up her. Judy screamed in pain as for the first time ever, she felt a prick in her arse. Adding more spit to the shaft, ugly continued to ram it home until he was completely buried in her tight warm tunnel. Poor Judy now had a prick in each hole, even the smallest prick was at least three inches longer then her husbands and all of them so much fatter. She felt like her body was on fire as each man thrust into her. As they built up a rhythm Judy felt the first pangs of desire building in the pit of her stomach. "NO," she mentally screamed as the feelings grew, "oh please God, don't let me enjoy it." Relentlessly the men fucked her holes and relentlessly the feeling grew. She could hear loud moaning and suddenly realised it was coming from herself. The men fucking her heard it to and laughing out loud they redoubled their efforts. "I think your wife has a liking for black cock," ugly shouted at Jim, ramming his cock in and out of her arse as fast as he could. "Oh God, noooo, nooooo, oh please, don't make me cum ……………….." He statement turned into a wail as her orgasm hit her. It started from the pit of her stomach and worked its way through her nipples and pussy ending in her clit and somewhere deep in her arse. Wave after wave crashed over her and all she could think about was the three very large pricks totally invading her body. The feeling was so overwhelming she didn't ever want it to end.

More orgasms followed until eventually, one by one, the men emptied themselves into her. First to come was the man in her mouth and for the first time in her life she eagerly sucked on a cock and savoured the taste as shot after shot of warm creamy spunk filled her mouth. She found herself running the spunk round her tongue, savouring the salty taste and thick creamy texture while enjoying the two pricks still hammering her body. She felt totally dominated and humiliated but for some unknown reason she was loving it. The prick in her cunt was next to explode, sending a warm gooey feeling into the depths of her womb. But the best was saved to last. Ugly grabbed her hips and went at her arse like a jack hammer. "Yesssss, oh yessssss, don't stop, please, fuck me hard, fuck my arse you bastard, fuck meeeeeeeeee." She felt every hot blast as he filled her virgin arse with his hot black seed and was squeezing her muscles for all they were worth trying to get the last drops from his wilting prick. When the next two guards took over she willingly accepted a cock up her arse and one in her cunt. Her only regret was that her mouth was empty.

This was soon solved when ugly and a guard dragged Jim from his cell, stripped him naked and stood him in front of his horny wife. Not even realising who's cock she was sucking, Judy went to work on it like a seasoned pro. For all his reluctance, Jim found himself getting hard and the sight of two large black men fucking her arse and cunt was just too much. Involuntary, he found his hips moving in rhythm to the others until he too could hold back no more. Holding his wife's head in both hands he rammed his 6" cock deep into her mouth and let rip. Like before, she sucked every last drop out licking her lips as though begging for more. Exhausted, Jim could only watch as his once lovely faithful wife shouted encouragement to the two men fucking her. Another guard, suitable refreshed, replaced Jim at Judy's mouth and once again she went into several orgasms as each hole was filled to capacity.

They continued to fuck her until they were all spent but Judy had now reached the depths of depravity and with her mind totally warped she screamed for more. In their eleven years of marriage they had only ever tried one threesome and although Judy enjoyed it, she had refused to try it again through fear of STD's etc. But now, it seemed she just didn't care, her arse, cunt and mouth were running with fresh spunk and still the cock hungry whore was demanding more.

By now, even the guards were exhausted so they threw Judy and Jim back into the cell full of convicts. Within seconds they were all over her again. Jim was forced to his knees; his head directly level with his wife's ravaged cunt. Someone pulled his hair and as he opened his mouth to shout a large black cock was forced in. He was made to suck each cock both before and after it had fucked one of his wife's holes and at one point even had a cock come in mouth. They made him lick the spunk from Judy's cunt and arse and even made him join in fucking her. It was no good trying to pretend he wasn't turned on, his cock was harder than it had even been and somehow he was deriving a perverse sense of pleasure from being used and abused and seeing his wife act as a total out of control slut.

His tortured mind reasoned that as there was nothing he could do to prevent them, it was OK, neither he or Judy were to blame. Judy also reveled in the rape and when every man in the place was spent she continued to suck cock just on the off chance they might get hard again.

Eventually, with every man exhausted, Judy and Jim were led to a shower block. After washing, they're clothes were returned, minus Judy's panties and the battered couple got dressed. This time, his mind in turmoil, Jim simply signed the confession. "Good," ugly said smiling. "Now, should you ever return to my country again you will be arrested. If you complain, we will of course deny everything and produce the signed confession as evidence. Your plane will be here in thirty minutes, good bye and thank you for making your stay as exciting as possible." With one more quick feel of Judy's sloppy cunt he left the room.

I really couldn't decide what to do, but eventually common sense prevailed. I've already sold over tree hundred copies of the tape and eagerly await the next unwary white female traveller to visit Rogattaa.

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