tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPassword Protect Your Video Tapes

Password Protect Your Video Tapes


"Mmmm. That was...good," Ethan mumbled as he pulled out of Amanda. They had just finished having intercourse in their tried and true missionary style, with Amanda's heels resting just above Ethan's ass.

"Yeah, honey, it was." Amanda tried to sound enthusiastic. She failed to reach orgasm again. It's been weeks since she's climaxed while having sex with her fiancée.

The couple shared a quick kiss, then turned their backs on each other in the king sized bed and drifted off to sleep.

The next day Ethan went to happy hour after work with best friend Dan. After a few beers, Ethan started talking about his mediocre sex life with his soon-to-be wife.

"We're in a rut, Dan. I don't think she's excited about having sex, and I'm not exactly having mind-blowing orgasms. We're bored I think."

"Sorry to hear, buddy," Dan blushed. Dan has always wanted Amanda, and anytime his friend mentions his fiancée in a sexual context, Dan can't help but feel his penis tingle. He shifted in his seat and tried to be non-chalant by looking away while talking.

"Why don't you guys try some new things, experiment or something?"

"We've talked about it, yeah. But we're not really sure what to do. Amanda's pretty reserved, it's not like we'd go to a swinger's convention or anything. It's gotta be something in the privacy of our own bedroom."

"How about using your video camera? Have you ever tried that?"

"I've brought it up to her many times, but she's terrified of someone else getting a hold of the tape. She'd never want her sexuality exposed like that to someone else. She'd break off the engagement, that's how much trouble I'd be in, if it got into the wrong hands."

"I don't blame her," Dan said. "But, have you heard of the new camcorders? You can password-protect the video tape!"

"Really? No I haven't seen one of those. Do you have one?"

"I just bought one a few weeks ago. It works great. Do you want to borrow it? You guys could set the password, and Amanda would never have to worry about another person viewing it."

"I love that idea! Bring it to work tomorrow. Can't wait to tell Amanda!"

That night in bed Ethan told Amanda about the video camera idea with password-protect option to put Amanda's mind at ease. Amanda was still reluctant, but considering the lack of other ideas to spice up their sex life, she agreed. With the excitement just a day away, Ethan had an erection and started to feel Amanda's breast through her nightshirt. She pushed his hand away.

"Let's wait til we get that video camera, then you'll really be ready."

Ethan groaned and turned away poutingly.

The next day at work Dan brought the video camera and a 4 blank tapes and a tripod. The idea of his camera filming his friend's hot fiancée gave him a small erection through his work pants. He explained a few things to Ethan about the zoom features and how to password-protect the tapes before handing it over to him.

"Thanks, Dan. We're very excited. Don't expect me to be in too early tomorrow. We may be up late tonight."

Dan smiled and blushed again. He turned away and by the time he sat back down at his own desk, he had a full erection. He thought about the video camera seeing Amanda's beautiful petite body. She had shoulder-length blond hair and blue eyes and smooth, creamy skin. She was short but had the walk of a supermodel. Her butt was about as perfect as Dan would ever want, meaning just enough for a nice handful, and a tiny bit extra. Her breasts were firm and they pointed out just perfectly. Dan figured they must be C cups.

Dan always felt it was ironic that he wanted Amanda more than anyone, but could never masturbate while thinking of her. The thought of his best friend always crept into his mind if he'd try to masturbate to her, then his mood would be gone.

After work Ethan rushed home and Amanda was waiting for him in the bedroom. She had picked up some new lingerie on her way home and was wearing it now. It was a black see-through teddy with black lacy thong panties underneath. Her pointy nipples were clearly visible, and there was very little covering her pubic area. She was laying on the bed watching TV on their new plasma. She sat up when Ethan entered the room with the camcorder.

"Hi honey," she smiled innocently. "What did you bring me?"

"Oh my, you are hot tonight, honey. I love what you are wearing. Let's get that on tape!" Ethan said as he handed her the video camera. Ethan quickly stripped down to his boxers. He was semi-erect already.

"It was nice of Dan to borrow this to us. Does he know what we're using it for? I hope you didn't tell him it's to show us having sex! I would be so embarrassed."

"No, no honey. I told him we want to upgrade from our old one, and that we'd like to try before we buy. I didn't say anything about sex." Ethan had to lie, for he didn't want to spoil the horny mood they both were in.

"Okay. But don't mention what we're really doing with this, okay?"

"Absolutely not a word."

They set up the tripod and Ethan pointed the camera at the bed and hit record. He didn't know the right angle to point it, so he plugged it into the plasma so they could see themselves on the big screen. He had a full erection now and it was clearly visible through his boxer shorts.

Amanda had a big smile on her face as she looked at the plasma and then at her fiancées erection. They embraced while sitting on the bed and kissed and felt each other's bodies. She felt his cock through his boxers, while he caressed her soft teddy and felt her nipples almost poking straight through. He pulled at one of her shoulder straps and the teddy fell enough for her right breast to be fully exposed. He grabbed the remote control for the camera and zoomed in on her bare breast. After a few moments, seeing her breast on the TV, Amanda's nipple became hard and it pointed out a half-inch. She was beginning to feel wet in her panties and could see the precum staining Ethan's boxers. Ethan zoomed out with the remote then turned the camera to focus on her panties. It was clearly wet and he began to rub his finger up and down her panties. He occasionally moved her panties to the side and slipped his finger inside her, and when he pulled it out, it was glistening with her wetness. The TV showed it in wonderful resolution. He thrust his finger in and out slowly for a long time and Amanda spread her legs further and further, and was moaning in delight. She looked up at the TV, then thought about the possibility of someone else watching her. She immediately closed her legs and pulled Ethan's hand away from her.

"I don't know, hon. I'm nervous about this. Are you sure that password-protection works?"

Ethan's erection subsided, and he stood up and pressed the stop button on the camcorder. He sighed and went into the menu where Dan showed him how to set the password.

"Come here, I'll show you."

He found the password section and put in his network password from work.

"This tape is secure now, Amanda. You have nothing to worry about. See?" He pressed play on the camcorder and it prompted for his password.

After seeing the demonstration, Amanda breathed a sigh of relief, then looked at Ethan.

"Thank you. You know me, I just worry. Sorry to kill the mood for you," she said as she felt his ass through his boxers. She kissed his shoulder and ran her hand to the front of his boxers and felt his hardness returning.

"You've got a lot of precum. Let me take care of that for you," she said as they returned to the bed with the camcorder recording again.

He zoomed it into his crotch where she was stroking his wet boxers. She reached inside and started to stroke his bare penis rapidly. She pulled his boxers totally off and her mouth descended onto his erection. She stroked his shaft while her lips devoured the head of his penis. She took his whole penis in her mouth and bobbed up and down. While her eyes were closed, his eyes were glued on the TV, seeing his penis appear and disappear with each thrust from his beautiful fiancee's mouth. Her blond hair dropped in front of the camera's view, so Ethan took her hair and held it back behind her ear. In less than a minute of sucking, he began to moan uncontrollably. Amanda knew he was about to cum, and kept sucking him. She had given him blowjobs before, but never swallowed. The moment seemed perfect to try it now.

Ethan let out a huge gasp of air and his penis exploded in her mouth.

"Ahhhhh!" he moaned and he pumped his ejaculate deep in her mouth. She tightened her lips around his shaft and felt the first jet of semen hitting the back of her throat. She was ready for it, but she shuttered at the first shot. She quickly swallowed it but another shot of semen came right after, and she reacted by opening her mouth and letting some of it out. It dribbled down her lips and her chin. The subsequent loads of semen were easy enough for Amanda to swallow. She kept thrusting her mouth up and down on him until he was spent. She opened her eyes and looked at her fiancées pulsing head. It was purple and wet from his cum and her saliva. She turned and looked at the TV and saw some cum on her lips and chin. She turned away from the camera and wiped it off with her hand.

"Oh honey, that was fucking wonderful!" Ethan said as he lay back.

"I...I've never done that kind of thing before. I'm glad you liked it."

"We've got to do more of these videos. I can't wait to watch it!" Ethan said as he held her close to him.

The next few nights they videotaped themselves having sex. They recorded sessions of Ethan licking her vagina and more blowjobs from Amanda, as well as intercourse. They didn't go back and watch what they recorded, and agreed they would watch it together when they bought their own video camera. The following week he returned the camera to Dan and told him it worked out perfectly, and their sex life had improved dramatically. Ethan didn't go into detail with his best-friend, as if trying to redeem himself for lying to his fiancée.

"We're going to buy one of these after we get back from vacation in a couple weeks. By the way, can you house-sit for us?" Ethan asked.

"Sure, how long are you gone for?"

"A week, goin to Mexico. Can you handle it?"

"No problem."

The following week Ethan gave Dan the key to the house and instructed him on when to feed the cats and check the mail and other maintenance items for the house. They left on Monday and that night Dan was to go over to the house and feed their cats.

As Dan wandered around their house, he couldn't help but think where those sex tapes were. Ethan said nothing about the tapes since he returned the videocamera, and it was written off as just a small favor and not to be mentioned again. Dan assumed they locked the tapes up somewhere or took them with on their trip. He wasn't concerned about it anyway, since it would be very dirty of him to seek them out.

He needed to use their bathroom and in the hallway he noticed their bedroom door was open. Why wouldn't they close their bedroom door, there would be no reason for me to go in there, he thought. But then again, why close the bedroom door? "It's not like I'm some crazed pervert that's going to masturbate all over her panties," he reasoned.

After pissing, curiosity got the better of him and he decided to go into their bedroom. "Maybe the cat's in there, and I need to tell the cat to eat now?" He felt a rush of dirty lust as he turned on the light of the bedroom. He knew it was wrong for him to go in there.

"But why not, they'll never know!"

He saw the closet door slightly open and he approached it, feeling extremely dirty and horny at the same time. He was already getting an erection just by the thought of what was in the closet. He opened the closet door and looked around. In the corner was some nicely folded lingerie. There was a black teddy, white garter belt, and some sexy panties and bras. Dan had a raging hard-on and couldn't help but think of Amanda wearing that sexy clothing. In a box on the floor was a pink dildo and a blue vibrator. He felt it and imagined Amanda's vagina tightly wrapping around these toys. His breath was quickening.

He heard a sound outside and quickly closed the door and ran out of the bedroom, turning off the light. His face was red and was terrified of what might happen if they caught him in there looking at her lingerie and sex toys. He looked out the window and it was only the neighbors leaving the house. He returned to the room and started to scour through the closet more quickly this time, looking for anything else sexy. He found some sex-instructional books and some porn magazines. He sighed and knew he wasn't going to find the tapes in there.

He closed the closet door its original position and walked around the room. There was a little nightstand by their bed and he knew he had to check it. In the top drawer there some white cotton panties and pulled them out. There in the drawer sat the tapes. The same ones that he had given them. His face blushed and he grew a full erection immediately. After considering leaving the tapes and the house, for it would be the right thing to do, he just couldn't let this opportunity pass by. He grabbed all 4 tapes and set out for home.

When he got home he put one of the tapes in the camcorder and pressed play. A password prompt came up. He sunk in his chair and scratched his head. He knew he'd have to overcome this, but how? He started entering some passwords that his friend might have: his birthday, a couple passwords they had shared at work for different systems, her birthday, and some other standard ones. Nothing worked.

That night in bed Dan pulled down his boxer shorts and began masturbating. He thought of what he had seen at Ethan and Amanda's house. He thought of what Amanda would look like in the lingerie. He thought about her using the sex toys and masturbating.

After a few minutes Dan thought he was acting dirty towards them and he lost his erection. He felt bad about taking the tapes from them. He decided to take the tapes back to their house the next day after work.

The next day Dan was troubleshooting a problem on a computer application and he knew that Ethan had run into this same problem a few months before. The trouble was, the fix was only on Ethan's computer, and there was no way to access it without logging into the network as Ethan. So Dan brought this to the attention of the network administrator. The admin was busy putting out a different fire, and didn't have time to go to Ethan's desk. So he de-crypted Ethan's network password and gave it to Dan, so he could go log in. It was a password Dan was not familiar with, and the light bulb immediately went off in his head and wanted to try that password on the sex tapes. His desire to see the tapes overwhelmed his sense of morality and decided he'd try that password, if that didn't work, he'd bring the tapes back to their house for good.

Dan raced home after work and put one of the tapes in and entered the newly found password. The tape went into motion. Dan felt a surge of lust run through him as the first image that came on the viewfinder was Amanda in her black lingerie. He was feeling awful and completely horny at the same time. The camera zoomed to her breast and showed her nipple getting hard, Dan watching with his jaw dropped. He was getting hard. Dan continued watching through the part where Amanda gives Ethan a blowjob. Dan removed his pants and masturbated with both hands. Just as Ethan ejaculated into Amanda's mouth, Dan began to feel the rush coming on and released his load all over the desk where the camcorder sat.

Almost immediately Dan cursed at himself for doing such a terrible thing, but was so interested in the tapes he just had to see it all. After cleaning up the sperm from the desk, he recorded all of the tapes onto his computer for later viewing. Usually after Dan masturbates, he has no desire to do anything sexual, but this time it was different. He grew hard again within a half hour of viewing more of the footage.

The next night he returned the tapes to their nightstand and went back to his house to view more.

On tape two there was Amanda standing in front of the camera wearing a white garter belt and crotchless panties. She masturbated while standing up, and the camera was shaking a little due to Ethan masturbating while video taping her. Later in the tape they were having sex missionary style, with Amanda's heels just above Ethan's ass, and they decided to switch positions and did it doggie-style. Dan was embarrassed to see his best friend's hard cock, and tried to avoid looking at it, only looking at her. But after awhile, it seemed natural to look at it going in and out of her pussy. Ethan had a decent package, probably a bit shorter than Dan's, but thicker. Ethan had obviously shaved often, as there was little pubic hair. Ethan pulled out at the last second and came all over her ass. There was cum dripping down her leg. Moments later Dan had an orgasm too.

The third night Dan watched more, this time it was concentrating on Amanda's pussy. She had shaved too, but not bare. The camera angle was real close, and Ethan's fingers went in and out of her, while Amanda fingered her clitoris. After a few minutes, some fluid began to get her whole pussy wet. It resembled semen, but a bit thicker. It ran out of her vagina and down her ass. The sounds of the wet finger sliding in and out made Dan very hard. He orgasmed again to the video tapes.

The following week Ethan and Amanda returned from Mexico. Ethan told Dan all about their trip, but said nothing of a sexual nature.

It put Dan's mind at ease when Ethan never found out that Dan had his network password, so Ethan would never think twice about the sex tapes being viewed.

One night after work they went out for happy hour and Amanda joined them. Dan stared at her all night and it brought him back to all the wonderful sex sessions on the video tapes.

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