Friday evening a few members of a classic car club were together talking about having a photo shoot with the natural surroundings in the state park, as the backdrop for their cars. They settled for midmorning Saturday on a secluded area in the northern corner of the park. Bob was to bring all the photo equipment including lights and, just in case a video camera.

The discussion turned to virgins, virgins they could deflower. Mike said, "Do Pat!" Immediately it was as if a light came on, there was unanimous agreement. They all heard she was a virgin. Mike had tried dating her. He assured them that Pat was sexually naive.

Pat was the club secretary, she was an average twenty year old full of herself. Her naïve view of life was a turn on for any man who appreciates the allure of youthful innocents in a woman. Her playful demeanor, full lips, and sweet ass gave all men the hots for her. She liked to dress well, it was usual attire for her to wear a skirt that swirled around bring promise to what was hidden within.

Knowing she was truly naïve caused an erotic fantasy to begin forming in their minds. As the fantasy took form, they began to wonder, was there a possibility to share her body. The lustful thoughts aroused them.

"It would be nice if Pat was to come tomorrow, who knows somebody might get lucky."

"Why can't we all get lucky?" Dave asked. "Have any of you ever raped a woman?"

No one responded.

"Neither have I, but what if we pull a gang-bang on Pat." "It would be wild!" "Can you imagine gangbanging a twenty-one year old virgin?" "She wouldn't know what to do, and she would never tell."

Once it was so stated, the idea instantly became acceptable. It wasn't as if she belonged to some one, she wasn't married, she didn't have a boy friend, she was fair game, theirs for the taking.

"Look this is a win-win for us, we pull a gang-bang and we all get laid." "We even get to make a porn movie.

Bob agreed. "We have a promising opportunity!" He concluded. "The perfect set up!" "The little snatch shows up, we pull a gang bang. We all get to fuck her."

"Mike, why don't you and Rob bringing her?" Bob asked.

We'll bring her for a piece of the action. Mike replied.

Saturday morning, as agreed Mike called Pat and casually mentioned that this morning some members were having photos taken of their cars and thought she might like to go. Pat was excited about a photo shoot and asked, "Where they would be in the park."

He said he was getting his car ready and would be leaving in an hour to go to the park. "Rob and I will come by. I'll ride with you and show you where to go."

Bob arrived at the site just as Dick and the others were starting to show up. With most of the group there, he told them Pat would be coming. To the guys she was a bonus, a gift that needed to be unwrapped to experience the treasure hiding within. A loud sigh could be heard as they grabbed their family jewels and said, "I got what she needs right here." Bob was surprised at the responses until last night he thought he was the only one who wanted to get into her pants.

Dave jokingly asked, "If I fucked her would the others get angry."

"Hey! Wait a minute we all want some of her, there's more then enough for everybody." "You know you can't wear it out," Joe said laughing.

"Look!" Dick chimed in, "I have a plan that might get us all some pussy or at the very worse a trip to jail. Have you ever noticed that she's not very sophisticated when it comes to men?" "Well there are quit a few of us and our numbers alone will overwhelm her, if we push it I know she'll give it up and never tell. Are you with me?"

Bob and Dave looked around the group to get a consensus.

Ok Bob replied, "Tell us what to do!"

Dick laid it out for them. "Follow my lead; make suggestive remarks to her and about her. When she gets flighty we take her down." "Just remember her cherry is mine." The pecking order decided the guys started the shoot.

On the ride over she was calm Mike and Rob, treated her in a friendly manner. However, when she saw ten or twelve club members already there she suddenly felt nervous.

All eyes were on her as she exited her car. She wore a loose fitting, white sleeveless button down the front blouse and a light cotton two piece over and under Spanish dancer type skirt that fit tight around her waist and upper hips before flaring out into a flowing white, light cotton under skirt that came to mid calf and a olive colored cotton top skirt with scalloped bottom a few inches shorter then the under skirt.

She had to walk a short distance to get to where the men were she noticed Alan pointing a video camera in her direction. She smiled for the camera.

As they watched her walk towards them, Dave motioned towards Pat with his head he said, "She doesn't have a clue what we have planned for her." A low murmur from the others acknowledged their agreement.

"Yeah!" Dave added, "Twelve guy's to one cunt sounds like a winner to me."

Bob laughed out of the side of his mouth. "And she'll never tell."

They were semi hard just thinking of getting at what was hidden beneath her skirt. Pat thought she was on a level playing field with the guys. What she failed to realize was that the guys saw her as a hot young pussy, ready for stiff dick.

Any profiler would tell you the scene was the perfect set up for a gang fuck, one girl, a secluded setting, and twelve guys.

"Hi, am I holding things up?" Pat cheerfully asked.

Bob gave her a quick once over with his eyes. "No you didn't hold us up at all."

"Did I miss anything important," she asked.

"No we were just talking some guy talk."

"Good, then I didn't miss anything of interest."

Dick was in front of her smiling. He too looked her over from head to toe.

His smile and the look in his eyes made Pat nervous it was a look as if he could see right through her clothes. She turned to go around him, but others were in the way.

Dick smiled, "Pat how about being our model, the guy's think you would be great."

"I can imagine! But I'll give it a try anyway."

Bob was positioning Pat for another take when he let his hand touch her breast...she gasped but didn't move away, in fact she didn't want to attract any unwanted attention. He began to squeeze her breast. "Have you been getting any cock lately?" He asked her.

She was too shocked to reply. He squeezed her breast, slid his other hand under her skirt, and palmed her hot cunt.

"Oh," She gasped, and pulled away. It was then that she noticed the video camera pointing at her.

Dick shouted for her to spice it up. She was unsure of what he meant.

"Explain what you mean," She replied.


Pat was shocked and pleased by the remarks. "You've got the wrong girl if that's what you want," She said.

However, she was feeling confident and she enjoyed the attention. She smiled and pulled the hem of her skirt up to the top of her thigh giving them a good leg shot. Allen's camera caught it all.

That's great, now how about opening your shirt?

She stuttered, "What? I can't do that."

"Come on Pat!" Michael urged, "What will it hurt you're among friends."

She was scared never in her life had she been in this type of situation, she didn't know what to do. Oh well she thought, what can it hurt, after all they were her friends.

"Do it Pat," Michael, urged her, "no one will know but us."

She looked like she might do it. They were quiet their fantasy might be coming to fruition.

She took in a deep breath, shrugged and with a smile on her face she unbuttoned her shirt pulled it off her shoulders and let it slide down her arms revealing her bra. She released the clasp holding the bra cups together and let the straps slide down her arms. Her breasts were firm nicely rounded globes topped with nickel-sized areolas, and proud protruding nipples.

She could feel her face getting red. This was so embarrassing she had never been topless with any man before. She felt uncomfortable their eyes were intently studying her breasts.

"That's as far as I go," she said somewhat nervously.

Dick said, "Don't worry about it you're doing fine. Now just relax and let me get you squared away."

She saw Allen moving in closer with the camera.

"Go-ahead Dick do it for her," Bob said chuckling nervously.

Before she knew it, her skirt was lying at her feet. She was in shock. She didn't know what to do. Dick and Mike encouraged her to relax. Dick and Mike slowly pulled her panties down. She didn't do a thing to stop them. She wanted to, but couldn't. She heard loud sighs as Dick slid her panties off. They had her naked. It was so shocking to her she almost passed out.

What a sight! She was naked. Her tits bare, her hairy triangle... they were high, she was letting it happen, their planned gang-bang was about to begin. This was what dreams were made of, dreams of putting it to some hot young pussy. She was a cock pleasing sight...

They felt emboldened by her lack of resistance. They knew they could have their way with her.

Put it to her Dick, look at her Dick she wants it bad. She's going to be a hot fuck

There was chanting of, "Fuck that pussy Dick! Fuck the cunt Dick, fuck her, fuck, fuck!"

They kept chanting, egging Dick on.

Dick finally leaned over and put his lips on her breast. He sucked on her nipples and tongued all around them. Lay her down Dick ordered so I can get to that pussy. A little push and Pat was flat on her back on a blanket that had suddenly appeared. Dick was still sucking on her nipple. He stopped spread her legs exposing her sex. He looked down at her pussy. "That's eating stuff," he said, "I'm going to enjoy eating this before I fuck it."

She was so embarrassed. Knowing it was her first time the guy's anxiously crowded around waiting to see how she reacted when her deflowering occurred.

Adding to her embarrassment was the leering faces openly staring at her exposed sex. Twelve men who were going to witness her deflowering, twelve men who would violate her body one after the other.

Dick slid his hand down her bush, palming her plump mound. Sliding his middle finger between her meaty pussy lips, he slowly slid his finger down her warm slit to her virgin opening, and slid his finger into her tight cunt.

Her ass came a foot up off the blanket.... Her eyes opened wide.

She felt his finger moving in her. Soon she felt a second finger join the first.

"You got to feel this guy's she's never had a dick in her."

Dick, slowly finger fucked her tight cunt. Everybody tried to view, the lewd display of Pats sexual humiliation. She turned her head aside and blankly stared into the distance.

Dick's cock strained to get into action, consumed with the anticipation of taking her cherry.

"Get her up, put her hands on the fender," Dick ordered, "I want her leaning against the car with her hands on the car with her legs spread, I'm cocking this bitch."

Leaning her against the car Dave and Bob placed her hands on the fender and spread her feet wide apart.

Dick pushed her head down. "Hold her legs wide apart he said, I want to go deep in this bitch's pussy, it's time she got fucked deep and hard."

Dick wanted to enjoy every sensation he stood up and stripped off his clothes. His large cock was sticking straight out the engorged cock head shining with pre cum held her attention. She was mesmerized by the sight of his hard cock she was seeing hard cock for the first time.

"Come on Dick put it to her." Bob shouted.

Dick bent down put his face between her legs, and put his lips on her clit. She jerked and gasped loudly. He tongued her slit for a few minutes then placed his hard member against her virgin pussy lips.

She was frantic her eyes were open wide her face covered in a wet sheen. She really didn't want to fuck.

"No! No! Please, Oh no!" She pleaded, "Don't put your dick in me."

"It's fuck time sweetie," Dick told her.

A few seconds later, her face contorted in distress as he pushed his cock head into her tight pussy. She felt his cock penetrate her pussy. She gasped as her pussy stretched to accommodate his engorged cock head. She protested in vain, he continued to push his hard member into her virgin cunt. Dick grasped her hips pulled her butt to him and pushed his member into her. Two inches of his cock popped inside her tight cunt. She felt his cock brush against the thin membrane covering her vagina. She knew this was the end of her virginity.

Dick waited a few seconds letting her adjust to his invading member. He told her to relax that it would be over soon. Suddenly he grunted and pushed his hard member into her vagina. She screamed as her hymen tore.

He groaned, pulled out then pushed his member in again. He had her impaled on his hard cock. He experienced the most spectacular sensations. Her velvety cunt was clutching and pulling at his member as he slipped deeper into her. A series of in out motions and his member was buried balls deep in her. This was the best fuck of his life!

The guy's cheered, and she moaned and tossed her head all about. From her movements one would conclusion that this was her first time taking hard cock.

Dick held his self up so he could watch his member slide in and out of her tight cunt. He started slowly pushing his cock in and out of her hot cunt. He picked up a rhythm thrusting his member in and out of her velvety cunt.

She groaned when he grabbed her hips and began giving her young pussy a serious work out. The rhythmic (slap, slap, slap, and slap) sound of flesh on flesh echoed thru the trees. She started meeting his thrusts. Suddenly her eyes fluttered, she moaned, as her first orgasm consumed her she shuddered with waves of pleasure. Dick pounded into her harder, his member plunging deep into her. It wasn't long before his balls tighten. He started pounding her faster then yelled as if he was an Indian, stiffened and filled her hot young cunt with its first load of hot male seed. This was especially good pussy, it was virgin pussy, and it was gang-fuck pussy. He would remember this fuck the rest of his life.

Dick waited a second to catch his breath before he pulled his cock out of her. Cum mixed with streaks of red blood leaked from her ravished pussy.

"Thanks Pat," he said, "I needed that you're a great fuck."

Pat kept her head turned aside and stared at the trees. Thankful it was over.

They pounded Dick on the back and laughed.

"So how was it Dick?"

"IT WAS THE BEST PUSSY I EVER HAD," "She's a hot fuck," Dick replied.

"Who's next?"

Pat cringed, at what she just heard.

Switching places with Dick, Bob said, "It's my turn."

Bob knelt between her wide spread legs taking his time he looked down at her sensuously exposed nude body. Her pussy lips were puffy from resent activity. He pushed his hard cock into her. He had waited a long time for this moment. Her engorged pussy lips parted as his cock entered her.

She groaned, ugh! She felt his penetration, a few pushes and his cock was buried balls deep in her tight cunt. He grunted with pleasure and slowly began to thrust his cock in and out of her hot cunt, his cock exploring the length and depth of her lost innocence. She made an OH AH OH AH OH AH sound with each stroke. Her body stiffens as she had an orgasm. He looked at the others, and smiled, "She's cumin, and she likes it!"

"She's good pussy," he said, "Yes sir she's real good pussy!"

Mike and Rob were with the group, there was laughing and cheering coming from their midst.

"Fuck that pussy Bob!" "Give it to her buddy!"

They watched Bob's naked white ass going up and down between her wide spread white legs. The slapping sounds of flesh striking flesh made it obvious that sexual activity was taking place inside that cluster of men. Bob pushed into her and with a huge smile released his load deep in her hot cunt.

"They're gang fucking her," Rob commented to Mike.

"Yeah," Mike replied, "I'm next."

Bob moved aside and Mike took over. Mike put Pat on her hands and knees and got behind her. He pulled her legs apart, and placed his cock against her pussy entrance. In one thrust, he buried his dick in her tight wet cunt. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head up. Rob was poised in front of her he pushed his hard cock against her lips forcing her to take his cock in her mouth.

She never gave head before Rob held her head with both hands as he fed his cock down her throat. Pat continued gagging, saliva bubbles formed at the corners of her tightly stretched lips. Rob held her head and pumped his hips in and out face fucking her. This was an incredible sight, Pat was on hands and knees taking it in both ends her hanging tits swaying back and forth Mike and Rob had her on a skew. Dave was under her sucking on her swaying breasts.

Their photo-op gang-bang was under way. Dick, Bob, and Mike took her first followed by Rob, Dave, Allen and the other 6. Thru out the day they repeatedly mounted her, taking her in every opening.

Unattached she was available, fair game to all.

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