tagLoving WivesPatricks Marriage Changes Ch. 02

Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 02


After our make-session over the weekend I was much more calm and confident that Ann and I would be alright in our marriage. She had left that morning headed out to Chicago again and we had little time to be intimate, but she surprised me with a blowjob in the car just as we got to the airport. I was being surprised by the new her constantly now.

After I saw her off on her trip I went in to work and arranged to take my vacation. My boss asked me if I would take two weeks back to back in order to clear up some kind of problem with manpower. I reluctantly said ok, wanting only to take one week at that time. After some thought I decided that the second week I could spend with the kids and do some stuff around the house that needed done.

I got a message from Ann just after lunch that she needed me to call her from home at seven that night. Knowing that she was probably busy in meetings and trying to get contracts signed, I didn't mind that she hadn't left a more personal message for me.

I spent the rest of the day arranging things for my time off the following two weeks. I had quite a bit of work to do and little time to do it in. That night, with the kids playing in their rooms with friends, I called Ann from our bedroom.

When she finally picked up she sounded winded and a bit breathless. I assumed she had ran to catch the phone, probably having been in the shower or bathroom. We talked and she told me that she couldn't get everything on the contracts done until Saturday or Sunday. She apologized and asked me if I had gotten my vacation.

I told her that I had gotten the next week off and before I could tell her about having to take the following week off too she had started hitting me with the plans for our vacation. She had arranged for me to fly to the islands from home while she flew from Chicago directly there.

I asked her what islands we were going to and she told me that we were getting to spend our vacation in Jamaica. This surprised me quite a bit. She had never said anything about being interested in Jamaica or any South Sea islands.

"Jamaica? Ann, why Jamaica of all places?"

"Don't you want to go there Patrick? I got a special deal on this vacation package. We will get to stay at a very special place courtesy of one of the companies I am dealing with on these contracts. It won't cost us anything but airfare and whatever trinkets we will buy. If you would rather not we could go anywhere else you want though."

"No, Jamaica will be great. I never knew you would be interested in going there though. You surprised me with all of this."

"Only because this company I am dealing with...their president offered the use of their ranch for our vacation. They seem to like me and I think that I got these contracts wrapped up except for the signing and some minor details."

"If you are so close to wrapping them up, why can't you come home on Friday and see the kids before we go? Your mom and Dad are going to watch them, but you won't have seen them for over two weeks by the time we get back."

"I know Patrick. I feel badly about that, but two of the people who need to sign the contracts won't be here until Saturday, and they have already gone out of their way to help me get them signed and us on our way to a great vacation too."

"We could bring the kids along maybe. Wouldn't cost that much more and..."

""Oh sweetie, we couldn't. This ranch is...well they told me it is an adult place. There won't be any other kids there and nothing for them to do at all. We can take a vacation with just them later this year. This is just for me and you honey."

I didn't like it much, but she was right. We needed this for ourselves. If we didn't it was entirely possible that our kids would be in the midst of a divorce even yet. I reluctantly agreed and after a few words of love between us she hung up.

I didn't hear from her until Wednesday. We had made an agreement that when she traveled she would call every other night to save on phone charges. We had gotten some phone bills in the three hundred dollar range too many times.

Our talk Wednesday was about Jamaica and life in general. I forgot to mention that I had to take that second week of vacation again. I felt stupid for forgetting, but then I figured it wasn't that important since I had three more weeks of vacation to use up after these two.

Friday she called me at work just after lunch. She was breathless again and as we talked she sounded distracted. I thought that she was looking over her contracts or something and preoccupied, not an unusual thing. We had a nice chat and she said that she would see me in Jamaica.

Sunday I bundled up the kids and their stuff and took them to her mom's. We talked a bit and I ate dinner with them. I left to go home and finish packing for my trip in the morning. When I got home the answering machine light was blinking.

Ann's voice came out across the room, apologetic. It seemed that she had to stay in Chicago one more day to tie up loose ends. She told me that she would meet me in Jamaica on Tuesday instead of Monday.

I was unable to reach her in her room, so I left a message for her to call me in the morning early. I went to bed a bit troubled with this turn of events. I knew that she had been working hard to get these contracts, but things were not looking up like I had hoped they would be. Losing that extra day on our vacation for her job made me feel a bit hurt.

My morning went badly too. Ann never called and I had to leave for the airport before she could call. The cab was slow and traffic was bad. By the time I got to the airport I barely had time to get through security and screening before my flight left.

Settling in on the plane in first class I wondered how Ann had managed to afford this seating. I would have been just as happy in coach...well not really, but I had expected coach over first class due to the extra cost.

I sat next to a guy who was flying with me all the way to Jamaica. He worked for a business there and was pretty talkative. We got to know each other and I told him a little bit about Ann and I and our vacation we were going to take.

He offered to show us around some time while we were there and gave me a phone number and address to get in touch with him. I got to Jamaica late in the afternoon, tired and worn out from the traveling. I was met by a very dark skinned gentleman who showed me out to a limo and drove me out to the ranch we were going to be staying at.

I was impressed with the surroundings and the plush room that I was shown to. I got unpacked and then went downstairs to locate a place to eat. At the office a nice looking lady showed me back to the dinner table. It was like being at home only much more elegant and expensive looking.

I was seated at a very large table and there were a few other guests there eating as well. They were all dressed rather skimpily I thought, but then it was pretty warm and humid that night. I ate a wonderful meal and went up to our room and went to bed.

In the middle of the night I heard something stirring around in the room with me and I turned on lamp next to my bed. There was a beautiful and naked woman standing next to the bed. Her dark skin was glistening in the light form the lamp and I could see her nipples were hard and sticking out.

"I am here to make you feel welcome sir. Is there something you would like of me?"

I was stunned and a bit shaken. How she had gotten into the room I didn't know. Then there was her being totally naked. On top of that her offer left no doubt that she was expecting me to take her into my bed with me for sex.

I had sat up when I turned on the light and now she just crawled up on top of me and began to kiss my body all over. I was sleepy and in shock yet and not thinking clearly as she pulled the covers off my body. Her hands were on my cock and it was getting hard in spite of my condition. I moved to take her hands in mine and pull her off of me but she moved quickly to gain a grip on my arms that was quite strong and forceful.

"I can't do this. I'm married. My wife..."

"Your wife isn't here, I am. I am to see to your every need and I happen to know that you have not had a woman's touch for over one week. I am to see to your pleasure and help you to understand certain things."

"What are you talking about? How could you possibly know that I haven't had a woman's touch for over a week? What's going on here anyway? What exactly do you mean help me understand certain things?"

Her grip tightened on me and I found myself in a position that I had never thought would happen. A totally naked strange woman, naked on top of me. I could feel her naked body on mine as she kept me held in position on the bed. I heard something and two more women came in and started to tie me up on the bed.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing? You can't do this. Why? What's going on here?"

I was a bit frightened and also very angry. I had no intention of cheating on my wife. I had no idea what was happening either. When they had me tied up spread out on the bed the woman on top of me began to lick and kiss my body all over.

I struggled to free myself but to no avail. Nobody spoke now. One of the other women began to strip and soon the third followed. I had three naked women in the room, me tied up and naked on the bed. I was mixed up emotionally and didn't know what to expect or why this was all happening either.

"Relax Patrick. We are here to make you feel good. Have you never had a black woman before then? I will show you so much that you have missed. We all will. Tonight and tomorrow you will learn and enjoy. Relax and let us make you feel good."

"I'm married. NO...you can't do this. I cannot do this. Please, let me go. This is a mistake. I am sure that you have me confused with someone else. My wife...she will be here tomorrow...please...no."

"Patrick, we know all about you. We are here to serve, but you must use us too. We have our instructions. You will have us and we will do everything for you. Just relax and enjoy. We want you to feel...good."

Her last words were spoken in a whisper as her tongue began to lick my hard shaft. The other women began to lick and kiss me all over, their hands massaging my body as the leader now sucked my cock into her throat. Her fingers on my balls, caressing me.

I was so turned on, yet so painfully aware that I was also helpless to do anything to stop this. What would Ann say when she found out what happened between now and the time she got here? I would tell her everything...I could only be honest with her. I hadn't asked for this at all. I had been...raped. Yes. Raped. This was all happening to me without my permission or my wanting it to.

Three mouths working on my body, my hands tied, my legs tied. I was totally helpless to prevent them from doing anything to me. God, they could slit my throat and there would be nothing I could do to stop them.

"Patrick...we are not here to hurt you. You really need to relax. We are here to make you feel good mon. You'll be having some of this and some of that soon mon, soon."

As she had said that she had cupped her pussy in her hand. Then she cupped one of the other women's pussy in her hand as she finished talking to me. I was obvious that I was to have sex with all of them. I couldn't understand why my cock stayed hard...of course she was licking and sucking it so...expertly.

The woman on my right moved down and soon I had two women licking and sucking me. It was a feeling like I had never felt before. Before I knew it I was getting wrapped up in this illicit sex. With two women on my cock and balls, sucking and licking like they were, I knew I wasn't going to last long in any case.

The third woman moved up and straddled my chest. Her fingers traced my lips and neck, then she bent down to kiss me. Her tongue traced where her fingers had just been, and suddenly I felt her tongue between my lips, forcing it's way into my mouth. I held my teeth closed trying to resist, but with the mouths below on my cock, I found my resistance weakening.

Finally, I gave up. I realized that if I were going to have to explain anything, I might as well try to enjoy it. I knew that Ann would be hurt and possibly divorce me over this, but I had no choice it seemed. I had to hope that she would understand what had happened and be able to forgive me.

Giving up and resigning myself to this sexual feast I had become I let my teeth part and her tongue enter my mouth. She was very good at kissing. Her kiss was intense yet softly intriguing. Her tongue moved out of my mouth and trailed down my neck.

I felt a throat around my cock and a tongue lightly caressing my balls as the woman on my chest sat up and began to move up on me. Soon a shaved and wet pussy was presented to my mouth. I reached up with my tongue and began to lick as she lowered down on my face. My tongue was pressed inside her lips as my nose ground on her clit.

I could smell her passion as she rocked her hips over my head, my tongue caressing her. I soon found my lips on her pussy lips and I gently sucked them into my mouth. Her clit was rubbing on my nose, and as she built up in her passion, I was thinking I would have no chance at all for breathing if she really started to press down on my face.

I tried to turn my head just a bit, giving myself a bit of room to breathe just in case, but she took my head in her hands and guided me back to her center. Her eyes were on mine and she smiled. Then her eyes closed, her head swung back as she began to cum.

I felt the cum boiling up from my balls an instant before the woman on my face began to orgasm. Her pussy flooded my mouth and her juices, sweet and salty at the same time, spread over my cheeks and nose as she rode me to a strong finish.

The lips around my shaft continued to suck on me as I shot my load inside that hot mouth. The tongue on my balls never missed a stroke as I shook in my orgasm. They didn't stop then either. The mouth on my cock left and was replaced by another while the woman on my chest moved off to one side.

The lady in charge was now moving up, pressing her breasts in my face and purring in my ear. I could feel a tremor in her body as she moved over me. I could sense that she loved being in charge of a male.

My legs were untied and then moved up so that my knees were spread in the air. This position put my asshole in the night's cool air. I next felt a light licking and then a tongue pressing into my anal passage. My cock throbbed in anticipation of the next sensual feeling.

The mouth on my cock left, but it stayed rock hard. The leader moved down a bit and soon I felt her pussy lips enveloping me. As she slid down my shaft she licked and sucked my lips into her mouth. Then her tongue entered. I could feel her hard nipples rubbing on my chest.

The tongue in my ass left to be replaced by a moistened finger. As the leader began to thrust up and down on my shaft, the finger in my ass kept time. The faster the woman fucking me went the faster was the finger.

Then, without a warning, the leader sat up, her breasts bouncing freely in the light and she began to really fuck me. The finger in my ass left and then both of the other women began to lick and kiss my chest, face, and mouth as I was fucked harder and harder.

The tight and very hot pussy on my shaft began undulate, muscles moving in ways I had never felt, milking my shaft. My senses were in overload as this dark and seemingly dangerous woman brought me up and over into a mutual orgasm with her.

After she came, she collapsed onto my chest and lay there for a bit. The other women began to untie me. When the leader got off my worn body, the others brought out wash clothes and expertly wiped my whole body. Then I was nudged into rolling over and they cleaned my whole back too.

After the cleaning, I felt warm oil being spread on my back and soon I was being massaged by the two women as the leader rubbed my neck and ran her hands through my hair. I fell asleep like that.

In the bright morning light I woke up to find all three women gone. Had I dreamed it all then? No. The rope was still tied to the bed frame. My naked body smelled of the spicy oils that had been massaged into it. I felt great, although quite guilty and ashamed. I had been so weak.

I spent a bit of time in the shower then and when I came out the leader was there waiting. Naked still, she took my hand before I could dress myself and led me out of the room and down the stairs to the diningroom. Naked I was seated at the table and a string of naked beauties brought out my breakfast. Fruits, cakes, and some meats were spread out before me. I ate and as I did the leader introduced herself and began to tell me what I needed to understand.

"My name is Sanya. I will be your guide while you stay here. Your wife asked that you be well taken care of until she arrives. I hope that you feel good after last night. I know that we may have shocked you a bit with our...shall I say...treatment of you. We meant no harm toward you. I was making sure that you were well met."

"I don't think that my wife would have wanted you to offer me quite the services that you did last night though. I may have a problem explaining this all to her. I think that there has been a serious misunderstanding."

"Nonsense Patrick. We had explicit orders from Ann. She requested your special service and what we should do too. It is all part of the experience for you while you stay here."

"Now I am confused. Ann, my Ann, requested that you have sex with me? With all three of you women?"

"You say women like we are less than good for you? Don't be shocked Patrick. Ann knows what treatment you got and she approved it all. Every bit of it. Lighten up mon. You are about to learn things about your Ann that you do not know. Just relax and enjoy. It will all become clear tomorrow. Today, you enjoy us and we enjoy you. Have fun, taste the life and sensuality of Jamaica."

"Sanya, I am at a loss here. My wife is behind all of this? Are you sure you haven't made a mistake here? I can't believe that my wife..."

"Ann not only set this up, she wanted you to have the experience you had last night. She said three women, all to perform for Patrick. Her own words. She expected and expects you to enjoy us fully. Anywhere and anytime, we will be there for you. One at a time or all at once. Ann has requested this all for you."

"Why would my Ann want me to be with other women...unless...oh no...she isn't...I can't..."

"There you go, getting all worked up again. Ann will explain all to you tomorrow. You need to relax...Letisha! Monique! Come ladies, Patrick needs our help again."

Sanya took my hand and led me upstairs. This time we went down a different hallway and when the door opened I was surprised yet some more. The room I was led into had one large round bed in the center. There were mirrors all over the ceiling, and on three of the walls.

Sanya led me to the bed and then proceeded to go down on her knees and begin to lick my cock. I was in a bit of shock at all I had heard and what she had implied about my wife. I saw Letisha and Monique enter the room, naked, and they had bottles and something under a covered cart they pushed between them. I was maneuvered back on the bed and soon I had three very intense women going over every inch of my body with lips, tongues, fingers and hands.

This time I was not offered a pussy to lick or lips to kiss. They concentrated on my body and limbs, leaving my head alone. Warm oil was then spread on my chest and legs, being massaged in.

I found that the oil they used today began to tingle all over as it was spread. It felt like a million tiny pins poking me lightly. Not quite hurting, not quite not. The sensation was not unpleasant. The more the oil spread the more other feelings began to surface.

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