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Paul and Paula


Dear Paul,

I can not believe how wonderful it was to see you at the twenty year reunion a few days ago. It feels like only yesterday that we graduated high school and promised to stay in touch. Yet then life happened. We both went away to college and then by the time we goth got home we had grown apart.

Then I went back for my master's and that's when I met Charlie. He was a good man. He treated me like a queen. The problem was not only did he treat me like a queen but he also treated Sandy and Erica like queens. Of course, I did not realize that until we had already been married for ten years and we had two children. Caleb was seven years old and Caitlyn was four years old. At the time of the divorce, he tried to fight me for custody of them but in the end I won. I guess the judge did not sympathize with a two timing bastard.

Well enough about how lousy my marriage turned out to be. How have you been? How has life treated you the last twenty years?


Dear Paula,

It most definitely was wonderful to see you a few days ago. It was also great to receive your letter. It is sad that it has taken so long for us to reconnect.

I am so sorry hear about your marriage. Some things are just not meant to be. I know that it may sound insensitive of me. I guess I have just grown a bit callous but I, myself, have dealt with my share of heartache since our high school days.

I was married too. Her name was Denise. We met our sophomore year of college. At least for me, it was love at first sight. We married only a year after we met. From the outside, our marriage seemed ideal yet from the beginning cracks developed. Then about five years in, she met a businessman from London. Two weeks later she was on a plane to London and I was being served divorce papers. She didn't even have the decency to come back to the states for the proceedings. Everything was done through her lawyer. The only blessing I have is that we never had any children to get stuck in the middle of it. I feel bad for Caleb and Caitlyn. They are the innocent parties that Charlie probably never even thought about.

So I guess we are both in the same boat. We have been burnt by love and have made it through with only a few scars to remind us of the past. How have you and the kids been since the divorce?


Dear Paul,

We've been doing good. We went through a rough time shortly after Charlie and I split. Caleb did not really understand why mommy and daddy were no longer together. I tried to explain it but he blamed himself . I guess he was just too young to understand it. Thankfully we made it through. I think it made us closer as a family.

Caleb is now eleven years old . He's an extremely active preteen boy. He loves playing sports. His favorite sport to play is baseball. He also loves to play video games.

My little girl, Caitlyn, is now seven years old. She is the typical little girl. She loves playing with Barbie dolls and pretending to play tea party with all of her dolls.

They are both such good kids. I know everyone says it but I truly do feel blessed to have such amazing children. You should meet them. I think they would really like you.


Dear Paula,

It is great to here that you and your kids are doing well. I may not have any kids of my own but I have my niece. Her name is Marie. She just turned six years old. Since my divorce from Denise, little Marie has been the only girl I have any time for in my life.

My sister and brother-in-law both work full time. Uncle Paul babysits whenever she is not in school. Marie would correct me if she saw this letter. She would say that I big girl sit because she is no baby. She is a sweet girl but most definitely has her opinion and is not afraid to speak her mind .

I would love to meet Caleb and Caitlyn . Since they are so close in age maybe Marie and Caitlyn would enjoy playing together. Why don't we meet next Saturday at the park on sixth street around two?


Dear Paul,

It is great to hear how happy Marie makes you. Of course, she is welcome to come along. I am sure Caitlyn would to have another little girl to play with. She so rarely gets to play with a girl her own age.

Saturday sounds wonderful. The weather is supposed to be beautiful. We look forward to seeing you and Marie there.


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