tagIncest/TabooPaul's Big Sister

Paul's Big Sister


I was lying there on my bed with my skirt hiked up and the crotch of my panties pulled aside. As I rubbed my clitty I could feel my orgasm just starting to build. Oh did I need this, and it was feeling soooo good.

All of a sudden my bedroom door flew open and in ran my younger brother. Damn, I thought I locked that. He was yelling something about what a great day he was having, but stopped mid sentence and dead in his tracks.

I pulled my legs together and started to yell at him but then I saw that lustful look in his eyes as he just stood and stared.

Slowly I raised my legs back up and spread my knees giving him a good look at my shaved pussy. As I started teasing my clit again, he just stood there mouth gaped transfixed.

"What's the matter, never seen a girl naked before?" I said

"As a matter of fact, No." Paul stammered

I was shocked. "You're 19 and you've been dating Maria for a while now and never got in her panties?"

"Not even close." he said

Giving the bed beside me a pat I said, "Come over here I'll show you some more."

Slowly he came over and stood beside the bed.

I rubbed my clit a little more and said "Have a seat. I won't bite." His eyes never left my crotch as he gingerly sat on the very edge of the bed.

"That's better." I said "Now tell me, how far have you and Maria gone?"

Paul blushed beet red. "Not very far." he said "She let me reach under her shirt once, but I only felt her tittie through her bra."

"That's all?" I said "What has she done for you?"

Still blushing Paul said "Sometimes she rubs my dick through my pants but it's never very long until she stops because 'She doesn't want to make a mess' she says."

"So you're still a virgin?" I asked shocked.

"Yes." he snapped "but it's not funny!"

"Relax." I said "I'm not making fun, I just didn't think Maria was such a cock tease."

I moved my hands away from my crotch and pulled off my shirt, baring my B cup breasts.

Paul looked surprised.

"I don't like wearing a bra." I said taking his hand and putting it on my left breast.

He pulled his hand away and said "We shouldn't be doing this Rhonda."

He was right, of course, but I broke up with my last boyfriend months ago and I needed an orgasm, so my pussy was in control.

I pulled his hand back to my breast saying "Don't worry, Mom and Dad won't be home for hours."

He squeezed my breast involuntarily saying "But this seems so wrong."

"MMM." I moaned as he squeezed again "Don't worry, I won't let it go too far." I lied.

"Like this?" he asked squeezing again.

I showed him on my right tit how to tease and tweak my nipple. He matched each move on my left. The sensation was wonderful, and he was starting to relax.

I leaned forward and kissed him. He kissed me back parting my lips with his tongue. Apparently he had done this before. We French kissed some more while he continued to play with my nipple.

Without breaking our kiss. I took his hand and slid it down my body until it rubbed across my shaved mound and touched my soaking wet pussy.

He tried to pull his hand away but I was ready and held it in place moaning "no." into his mouth.

I rubbed his hand on my clit fighting off the urge to cum immediately.

After a couple strokes he started rubbing my clit all on his own. I released his hand and let him pleasure me. He broke our kiss and looked down at his hand, watching it pleasure his older sister.

"Go ahead." I urged "take a closer look."

He leaned down and took a nice close look at my wet snatch.

"Put a finger in my pussy." I said

Tentatively he slid his index finger down my lips until he reached my hot hole. Slowly he pushed his finger into me. It slid in easily because of how wet I was. When it was all the way in he froze.

"Fuck me with it." I said. "Damn do I have to tell you everything?"

"Sorry." He said starting to move it in and out and looking at me like a whipped puppy.

"It's OK." I said and reached down and moved his thumb onto my clit.

His movements were a little awkward but he soon had me panting and moaning.

I stopped him and pulled his hand away from my pussy. "Stand Up." I said.

Paul stammered "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." I said "Just stand up."

Paul got up and turned to face me as I put my hand to my crotch and slowly stroked my pussy.

"Now strip!" I ordered.

"What?" Paul said "No way."

"Do it or get the fuck out of my room and I'll finish this myself." I demanded, secretly praying he wouldn't just leave.

I rubbed my pussy with one hand and tweaked a nipple with the other. Paul looked at me in disbelief but slowly reached up and removed his tee shirt. As he worked the snap and fly on his jeans, I removed my skirt and panties. He pushed his jeans down his legs, and as he took them off his ankles I noticed the huge bulge in his boxers.

He looked at me as if to beg out of removing his boxers. Before he could say anything, I said "them too." and pointed at his drawers.

The next surprised look belonged to me. As he lowered his boxers he set free his huge cock. I've seen quite a few cocks, but here stood my baby brother with the largest cock I'd ever laid eyes on. As he stood up, I reached out with both hands and stroked his hard cock.

"My God Paul!" I Gasped "It's Enormous!"

"10 inches, last time I measured it." He said proudly, then blushed as he realized he'd just admitted to keeping track.

"Come closer." I said stroking it lightly.

He stepped right up to the edge of the bed as a drop of precum formed in his piss slit. I stuck out my tongue and licked it off. He pulled away a little but the grip I had on the base of his cock kept him where he was. I opened my mouth wide and slid his cock in. Inch by inch I moved my head until his cock was nestled in my throat. My God half his cock is still out. I've never sucked a cock that I couldn't take it all.

Paul moaned bringing my attention back to him. I started moving my head up and down and I swear this monster grew even more as I sucked. I just had to get this in my pussy, brother or not.

Paul said "Shit Rhonda, that feels great!" as his balls began to tighten. I released his cock with an audible plop.

"Awww." He groaned "I was getting real close."

"Not yet." I said "I want to show you how to please a woman."

I moved him around and got him laying on his belly between my legs with his face directly in front of my pussy. I could feel his hot breath on me. He reached up and slid a finger into my wet slit. It felt good but I wanted more.

"Lick my clit." I said.

"What?" he asked

"Right here." I said pointing out exactly where I wanted his tongue. Tentatively he stuck his tongue out and leaning forward touched it to my clit. Electric shocks ran through me and I gave a little moan. This must have been enough encouragement because he began to lick with more zeal.

I moaned more as he sucked my clit between his lips and flicked the tip of his tongue over it. "Are you sure you've never done this?" I asked.

"No." he said "Is it OK?"

I grabbed his hair and pulled his face back into my crotch. "Yes, more than OK." I said.

He went right back to his attention on my clit and I went right back to moaning. I gave him a pointer or two as he ate, but my little brother really was a natural. It only took a couple minutes and I felt my orgasm building deep inside me.

I got him to slide a second finger in me as he continued orally stimulating my clit.

My pussy gripped his fingers tight and my juices soaked his hand as my orgasm shook my body. I fought the urge to clamp my legs around him, I didn't want to scare him. "Fuck Yeah!" I screamed "I'm Cuuummmiinnng!"

Paul continued to lick and finger fuck me all the way through my intense orgasm.

As the spasms subsided, I pulled him up the bed beside me and kissed him deeply. He had done wonderfully, and I was going to repay the favor in spades. While still kissing him I rolled him onto his back with me on top of him, feeling his monster cock pulsing between us.

While keeping him distracted with deep kisses. I felt around in my nightstand and pulled out a condom. Quickly I unwrapped it, then broke our kiss and rolled off him. I reached down and placing the condom on the head of his cock, and started to roll it down.

"I need a rubber for a blowjob?" he asked.

"You're not putting it back in my mouth." I said rolling onto my back and pulling him onto me.

"Are you sure, Sis?" he asked

"Shut up and stick it in." I instructed "Your days as a virgin are at an end." I reached between my legs and pointed the monster at my dripping pussy.

He pushed forward and pushed it in all at once without mercy.

I yelped as his massive dick suddenly stretched my pussy wide. Pain and pleasure coursed together through my body.

Paul stopped and held very still saying "Am I hurting you?"

"A little." I said "Go easy at first. That thing is huge."

Paul started moving slowly in and out of my pussy. I moaned aloud each time he hit bottom filling me completely.

After only a few strokes I could feel my orgasm building. I knew this wouldn't last long as Paul's breathing was coming in pants and his strokes were getting a little clumsy.

As his orgasm neared Paul began pounding hard and deep into my pussy, pushing me over the edge into my second orgasm. Paul grunted loudly and joined me in orgasm filling the condom with his semen. He pumped through our mutual orgasm extending the pleasure as long as he could.

As he slowly stopped pumping my pussy, he looked down at me smiling and said "Thank you, Rhonda." then kissed me deeply.

When we broke the kiss I grinned and said "Thank You. I needed that worse than you know."

"We have all summer." He said "Will you teach me some more so whenever she let's me I can please Maria?"

"I think you can please her fine without any more instruction." I said. A disappointed look came across Paul's face.

"But come see me tomorrow and maybe I'll let you practice." I continued, bringing the grin back to his face.

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