tagLesbian SexPeaches Ch. 02

Peaches Ch. 02


I am a 40 year old typical soccer mom who leads a pretty conventional life. My stories are based on my fantasies. Most deal with the humiliation of older women by younger women, in the style of my favorite authors such as Cowgirl, Couture, Phoenix Arrow and Jane Parks. I hope you enjoy this story. It's dedicated to my favorite Puerto Rican bitch Miss Peaches. I'm working on further chapters, and I'd enjoy any constructive criticism.

This a story of a middle aged woman who gets used and humiliated by a sexy Puerto Rican girl she met online.

Peaches – Chapter 2

I was consumed with guilt following my chat session with Miss Peaches. I don't know what came over me that day. I'm not a lesbian, and have never been with a woman, so I don't know why I got so turned on by that Puerto Rican hottie. She turned out to be such a total bitch. I couldn't believe how she degraded me, and I don't know what came over me masturbating like that, on my daughter's bed, wearing her panties. I was disgusted by my own actions, and swore repeatedly that it would never happen again. I'd never repeat that ugly incident, NEVER.

Then my mind went back to the pictures I had taken, I realized that I hadn't even deleted them from my camera. My face went flush momentarily, thinking of the serious consequences had my husband or one of my daughters seen them. Better delete them right now. With hands shaking I retrieved the camera from my drawer, and hooked it up to my laptop. I downloaded the pictures. Up came a slide show of all of the pictures from the camera. "Don't even look at them, just press delete", I told myself.

I just couldn't help myself, I took a quick peak; there were 10 pictures in all. I gulped noticing myself frigging myself in my daughters blue thong. My blonde pussy hair poking out the sides, and the crotch of the panties was soaking wet. I felt an electric jolt to my crotch, and I knew instantly that looking at these pictures was a mistake. The feelings of humiliation came flooding back to me, also the feelings of intense pleasure. I knew instantly, I craved more; I had to talk to Miss Peaches again.

Automatically, I opened my chat program, and went to the chat room where I first met Miss Peaches; half hoping she wouldn't be there, but half desperately hoping she would be. I saw she was there, and my heart skipped a beat. With shaking hand, I clicked on her name and brought up the private chat window. I typed in, "Hi, Miss Peaches", and waited. First for 5 minutes, and then 10 minutes, but there was no response. Desperate now, I typed, "I have the picture you wanted."

A response finally came back.

MissPeaches: "I have no idea what you're talking about. Who are you?"

My heart dropped, I was crestfallen. Was it possible that this woman, I was so desperate for; that I'd thought about thousands of times in the past 2 weeks didn't even remember me?

Soccermom: "Ummm, we chatted a couple of weeks ago, you asked me to take a certain picture of myself and send it to you."

MissPeaches: "Listen puta, old sluts like you contact me all the time. I don't have a lot of time to waste. Well ok you have a picture, let me take a look."

I quickly without thinking sent a picture of myself. This picture showed me in the throws of my orgasm, writhing on my daughter's bed. I was ashamed, since not 15 minutes earlier; I was ready to delete these photos. Now I was sending them to Miss Peaches, desperate for her approval. I waited expectantly for 5 minutes; finally there was a response.

MissPeaches: "Oh yes I remember you puta, you're the old slut who loves wearing your daughter's panties and masturbating on her bed."

My first thought was to protest, "I didn't want to do that you bitch, you forced me to." But instead I typed, "I did that because you wanted me to Miss Peaches."

MissPeaches: "Yea, right puta, if you say so. Either way, I'm talking with some young sexy bitches today; I don't have time to waste on an old fat slut like you. Besides, you're as hairy as an ape. I like my sluts clean shaven."

My heart was broken, I shifted uncomfortably in my chair. I knew now was my chance to gather my last bit of self respect, close the window, and never talk with Miss Peaches again. However, my pussy was betraying me; she had awoken something in me that I just couldn't shut off.

Soccermom: "Pleaaaseee Miss Peaches." (Oh why am I doing this.)

MissPeaches: "Oh god you're disgusting. Why do I waste my time on these charity cases? You probably smell like shit too. Well if you want to have even a chance of talking with me here is what I want you to do. First take a shower, and clean off that smelly body. Then, I want you to shave that disgusting cunt completely clean. When your done come back. Oh and by the way save that disgusting cunt hair. When you're done, I want a picture of your bald cunt, and another one of the hair you cut off."

Once again the rational part of my brain, told me that enough was enough, and that I should just tell this bitch off, and get out of here. But of course that's not what I did.

Soccermom: "Yes Miss Peaches."

I quickly got up from my desk, and removed my clothes. I got in the shower, although I had just showered that morning and didn't need another one. Why didn't I just tell her I took a shower, she'd never know. But somehow I had this irrational fear that she would know, and if she found out, she'd never talk with me again.

After my shower I took my towel and dried off. It was time to shave. Normally I groom myself in the shower, with a razor and shaving cream. But Miss Peaches told me to save my hair as proof. I took my makeup mirror and lay it on my bathroom floor. Then I retrieved my husband's electric razor. I squatted over the mirror, and began shaving, taking care that the hair would fall onto the mirror. I don't know whether it was the vibration from the electric razor, or the humiliating position I was in, but I could feel myself getting very wet.

When I was satisfied that my cunt was completely bare, I retrieved the camera, and snapped a picture of my hair clippings. Then I took another one of my bare cunt.

I quickly uploaded both pictures to Miss Peaches, and waited. Finally a response came.

MissPeaches: "(LOL) look at that fat ugly cunt of yours. You are a big fat ugly pig. Well what is it that you want from me?"

I was desperate, I humiliated myself beyond belief, and just for Miss Peaches' approval, and she still wouldn't talk to me.

Soccermom: "I, I just wanted to talk with you, I thought maybe we could be friends."

MissPeaches: "(LOL) Oh puta, you can't be my friend, I only like young sexy girls, the only reason I ever talk with old sluts like you is when they entertain me. What are you willing to do to entertain me?"

Soccermom: (Biting my lip) "Anything."

MissPeaches: Well let's see about that. First let's decorate you, go to your daughter's room, and get her favorite red lipstick, and don't tell me she doesn't have any because I know she's a slut just like you. Also, get a black magic marker, and hurry bitch.

Knowing it was senseless to argue. I quickly retrieved both items.

Soccermom: I'm back, Miss Peaches.

MissPeaches: What took you so long, slut. Never mind, it's time to start decorating yourself. I want you to completely color in those cow nipples of yours with the lipstick. Make it nice and messy. When you're done with that, I want you to color that slut cunt and asshole completely. I want you completely covered, and don't forget, make it thick and messy.

Once again, I knew it was senseless to complain. I was getting to the point where my desire to cum overruled all reason. I began slathering the lipstick all over my nipples, my cunt and my ass, until I was completely covered. I looked like a perverted clown.

Soccermom: I'm done Miss Peaches.

MissPeaches: "OK puta. Now take the marker. On one of those cow udders, I want you to write SLUT in large letters. On the other write PIG. On that fat stomach, I want you to write SMELLY CUNT and draw an arrow down to that smelly cunt. When it's complete, I want to see a picture of you."

I wanted to protest. Oh why couldn't she be nice to me? With tears in my eyes, I got to work on my degrading task. When it was complete, I took a picture and sent it to Miss Peaches.

MissPeaches: "Oh you look so ridiculous; I can't believe what a slut you are. That fat cunt getting wet puta?"

Soccermom: "Yes Miss Peaches."

MissPeaches: "You want to cum?"

Soccermom: "Yes Miss Peaches."

MissPeaches: "Do you remember how you did it last time?"

Soccermom: My thoughts went back to that shameful day 2 weeks ago; me laying on my daughter's bed, wearing her panties and masturbating. "Yes Miss Peaches."

MissPeaches: "Do you want to do the same thing again?"

I wanted to scream out NO, but I knew deep down inside the answer she wanted. Anything else and I feared she'd stop talking with me.

Soccermom: "Yes Miss Peaches."

MissPeaches: "Giggle, Are you sure?"

Soccermom: "Yes Miss Peaches."

MissPeaches: "I don't think you really want to. Just forget it, goodbye."

Soccermom: "No please Miss Peaches, I really want to."

MissPeaches: "Well, why don't you beg me stupid?"

Soccermom: "Please...please, please let me put on my daughters panties and masturbate, please I want to soooo bad." (And at that moment it was so true.)

MissPeaches: "You're pathetic, with a mother like you your daughters have no choice but to grow up as sluts. Some day they'll be begging me to lick my ass just like you want to, huh piggy?"

I didn't dare respond to that last question. Instead I repeated my prior plea.

Soccermom: "Please...please, please let me put on my daughters panties and masturbate, please I want to so bad."

MissPeaches: "Wait I have a better idea. Here's what I want you to do. First, I want you to return the lipstick to your daughter's room. Don't you dare throw it away. Next time you see her wearing it, you'll know just where it's been. Then I want you to go into each of your daughter's rooms and retrieve a pair of panties from each hamper.

Shamefully, I did as told, I returned with 2 pairs of soiled panties.

Soccermom: "I'm back Miss Peaches." MissPeaches: "OK, put one pair on, and set your camera to automatic, we're going to need some pictures."

I set the camera, and squeezed myself into one of the panties. Once again the sensation in my clit was instantaneous.

Soccermom: "I'm ready Miss Peaches."

MissPeaches: "OK, now start licking the crotch of the other panties; make sure you get it nice and wet. Of course, I want you to make sure you get some nice pictures."

I began licking the crotch of my daughter's panties, completely horrified, and completely turned on at the same time. The camera recorded my utter degradation. I uploaded the picture to Miss Peaches, and waited expectantly for her permission to cum.

MissPeaches: "Oh puta, you did so good. I'm so proud of you."

In spite of myself my heart beamed with pride.

Soccermom: "Thank you Miss Peaches, ummm well I guess I get my reward now, right?"

MissPeaches: "Grrr, always...cum, cum, cum. You are such a slutty bitch. If you want to talk with me again you must learn some self control."

Soccermom: (My heart dropped.) "Yes Miss Peaches."

MissPeaches: "OK, here's how it's going to be. If you want to cum, go right ahead, of course you realize it will be completely over between you and I."

MissPeaches: "No Miss Peaches, I don't want it over, I NEED you." (Oh my god it was true.)

MissPeaches: "Well then, here's what I want. Send me your phone numbers, all of them right now, home, work and the office."

I knew it was a horrible mistake, but I was out of control, I immediately sent Miss Peaches my contact numbers.

MissPeaches: "Good girl, you may have some promise yet. Also, I have a list of other things I expect of you, if you wish to speak with me again. There will be no compromises, if you don't agree that's fine, but obviously we won't talk again. Please write this down word for word. I want you to sign your name at the bottom and keep it with you at all times."

I stared at the screen looking at the list horrified, but realizing I was completely hooked, I had to follow this path to see where it would take me.

MissPeaches: "Do you understand everything puta?"

Soccermom: "Yes, Miss Peaches."

MissPeaches: "Good girl, now it's time for me to go. One other thing, no shower or cleaning up until tomorrow morning, I want you to stay in your makeup overnight. Goodbye piggy."

And just like that she was gone.

End of Chapter 2.

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