tagNonHumanPee, My Sexy Faerie-Lover

Pee, My Sexy Faerie-Lover


I've always had a fascination with faeries. You know, faeries: an ethereal female race of tiny nature spirits, able to manifest themselves in physical bodies at will. Mischievous, magic, breathtakingly beautiful, and other-worldly are the sexy little winged ladies, the official caretakers and guardians of Mother Nature. Their consciousness is not as ours however, being creatures of nature, and though an over-simplification, perhaps the closest human term to describe them would be 'insane' to varying degrees.

Some similar species include: sprites, nymphs, elves, gnomes, and a myriad other so-called 'mythical' folk of legend. But they are not myths, none of them. I've lived personally close to them my whole life. True, I've been an exception, and I consider myself lucky, for they usually remain hidden from mortal eyes. But I cannot doubt what I've seen and know. Neither could you, if you'd met one.

I've grown very close to one faerie in particular and she's become a very special part of my life. I see her on a fairly regular basis even now. Her name's 'Pee.' I'll share the story with you so that you too may perhaps come to believe that faeries exist.


When I'd be out picking blueberries in the forest as a young boy, I'd sometimes fancy I saw a tiny, pretty, winged, thimble-sized girl sitting among the blueberry bushes, but she'd always disappear before I could speak to her. And when I'd take out my little penis to go pee in the bushes, she'd be there sometimes, smiling and watching me. Sometimes I fancied I could hear her tiny laughter. She would sometimes flitter away like a dragonfly and disappear in a little burst of sparkles, or simply vanish like a moment.

As I got older and read some Irish folklore and folklore from many other countries, I came across legends of a race of sprites called 'faeries,' which I figured her to be one of. I'd continue to see her from time to time, usually in natural settings like gardens and forests, but sometimes she'd appear to me right in my bedroom. I remember the first time she spoke to me like it was yesterday...

I'd just turned eighteen and my grandparents were letting me stay at their cottage. It was wintertime and I was the only one there; my girlfriend was back at home. I was asleep on the soft cushions of the long wooden couch, the embers of a roaring fire I'd had earlier in the fireplace slowly dying.

That was when I awoke to see a faintly glowing shape about the size of a baseball zipping around the room in the silent darkness. At once I knew it had to be her! I smiled and felt suddenly wide awake.

Sure enough, the glowing shape neared me and came to rest on the floor in front of the couch; it was her, the faerie! And how beautiful she was! ...not so unlike Disney's animated Tinker Bell of 1953, in a general soft of way. She was a glowing neon-yellow color, about the size of a baseball, completely nude, and had a slender, hour-glass-figure and ethereal-looking dragonfly wings. You might say she looked like one of those sexy little Japanese hentai figurines (only she was alive!) She was smiling brightly, her eyes like tiny stars, her elfin ears long and pointy. Her ethereal neon-yellow hair was straight, long and done up in two cute pony tails on either side of her head. Her legs were long (proportionately) and slender, her breasts enormous for her tiny size.

It was then that she spoke her first word to me. In fact, 'spoke' is not the right word exactly, for her voice was also in my mind where I heard her say in the most beautiful, girlish voice I'd ever heard, like dewdrops sparkling on blades of grass in the morning, 'Hello!!'

I was stunned, overjoyed! 'Hi!' I replied in a whisper. My response seemed to excite her as much as hearing her speak had excited me, and as butterflies did flips in my stomach, she literally began to fly about, momentarily doing flips in the air, and laughing, before sitting back down on the floor.

'My name is 'Pee'!' she told me, her words inside my mind, as well as heard by my ears.

'I'm Mike! I've seen you before... Pee!'

'Yes, I know! I've been around you since you were just a fat little baby in a cradle!' she laughed.

'What... are you? Are you a faerie?'

'Yes, that's right! Yes! Yes! Yes!' she laughed, and I laughed with her.

'So your name, Pee, is that like, what does that mean?' I asked amused at her unusual sort of sexy name.

'It means like, Peeeeeeeeee!' and she flew spiraling up into the air with her legs apart... peeing! Her pee was like little yellow sparkles, which never actually landed on the floor. We both laughed!

'My name is really (something unintelligible to me, like birdsongs and the flowing of little streams) but you can call me Pee; lucky you!'

Pee laughed a lot, which made me laugh too. We chatted together for several hours like old friends re-discovering each other. It was the thrill of my life! It felt like I was on acid, and she was so sexy I couldn't help but become completely smitten with her... and horny.

'I am naked- faeries always prefer to be naked- but you are wearing those silly, ugly clothes!' she said at one point. 'I want to see what you look like naked too, Mike! Come be naked with me!!'

By that time, I'd come to feel strangely comfortable with, so I barely hesitated before stripping down to the nude. My cock hung already slightly hard between my legs.

'It's taller than me!!!' Pee teased sexily, pointing straight at my naked dick and stamping her tiny feet repeatedly.

'Now, you can get a good look at my little vagina,' she said, and flew up to my face in a flash.

She hovered in front of my eyes like a hummingbird and spread her tiny legs wide open, knees bent, for me to inspect her smooth little pussy. It was (tiny, but) so fucking hot!! Her beautiful, cute little, totally hairless pussy was glowing neon-yellow (like the rest of her) and upon close inspection, I could see that it was seeping the tiniest little drop of something wet: faerie pussy-juice! (or perhaps it was just pee...) Her tiny little faerie cunt was glistening not ten inches from my wide-open, staring eyes. And her (proportionately) huge little boobs were simply gorgeous! My cock had meanwhile grown raging-hard because of this whole magical-flying-faerie pussy-splaying-in-my-face thing, and my breathing was getting heavy.

Pee hovered lower and we kissed, her tiny mouth against my larger one. I was in love! And I nearly came at the mere touch of her lips...

Then she asked me to lie down on the floor, which of course I did. I propped myself up on my elbows to watch as she hugged the tree trunk of my hard cock in her arms and kissed it. Pre cum popped out of its tip like a dewdrop and glistened there.

Then she hovered like a bumblebee, and added her legs to her embrace of my dick, like she was hanging onto a tree. She giggled and smiled as she squeezed the shaft and gently bounced herself up and down ever so slightly, her tiny wet pussy sliding just barely perceptibly to my dick, up and down my cock. It was surreal, magic, wonderful, and hot as fuck! I couldn't believe what was happening! What the fuck was happening??? Was I dreaming? Despite my skepticism, I was pretty sure it was real!

'That feels awesome, Pee!' I told her softly, to which she just giggled and bounced even faster up and down holding my dick in her tiny little arms and legs...

Then, her whole body seemed to ooze a sort of lubricant as she moved, and it just felt better and better on my cock as she got more and more slippery.

'Oh fuck!' I groaned in ecstasy as she stroked my dick with her whole slippery flying little body.

(I wondered just for half a second if those rubber pocket-pussies with the tiny little lady sculpted onto them had been modeled after faeries...)

Her bouncing up and down got faster and faster until she was literally vibrating in a bright yellow blur up and down the entire length of my hard dick. It felt like a magical super-wet vibrating pussy and it wasn't long before I was grunting that I was about to cum.

I felt nearly insane with a weird, fantastic lust I'd never felt before, as I groaned and my cock blasted a huge rope of hot love-cream high up into the air. 'Oooh!' I grunted as I came, the bright yellow faerie-babe still working my cock in a blur.

My cum flew up into the darkness, must have stopped at some point, turned round in an arc, and splattered back down all over my stomach and thighs and Pee (who was still a blur) as well as the surrounding carpet.

'You can stop now, Pee!' I said out of breath after a few moments, my orgasm having finally subsided and my dick in the super-sensitized post-orgasm phase.

The faerie slowed down and dismounted my spent, super-sensitized trunk.

'Whoa, I am diiiizy!' she giggled, teetered and fell down in a puddle of my spunk on my stomach. 'Whew!' she giggled and kicked around playing in the whitish muck like a child.

'That was incredible, Pee; thanks!!'

She propped herself up on one elbow, smiled at me and blew me a kiss of golden sparkles. And in a flash she was gone, along with the mess of my cum. I could still smell it, but the carpet and I were as dry as a bone.

'Pee?' I called out. But there was no answer.


The next night I waited for her on the couch in the same room, reading a book by the firelight. I was pretty sure it'd been real, but then, I knew it could also have been a dream.

Some time past midnight, she appeared! I saw her outside the window at first- a glowing shape about the size of a baseball just zipping around and around outside in the darkness. I got up to go let her in, when she suddenly appeared right there in the room.

'Hello, Mike!' said her sexy little voice.

'Pee! I'm so happy to see you again!'

Pee laughed hysterically then stopped abruptly- 'Wanna fuck?' she asked, sounding suddenly serious.

The question was a bit shocking, but not in the least bit unwelcome! 'I would love to!! But... how can we?'

'Like this...' and as she spoke she grew in size until she was the size of a normal human girl!

'Wow!' I breathed; she was gorgeous! Exactly as she'd been when tiny, only human-sized! She reminded me vaguely of pale-skinned Japanese fashion models I'd seen on the internet (only she was neon-yellow and glowing, had ethereal dragonfly wings, and long pointy elfin ears...)

'Or would you prefer this?' and as she spoke this time, changed in a flash into a naked Gwen Stefani!!

'What!!?' I cried in shock, but brimming with sudden joy and lust, since it'd always been one of my fantasies to fuck Gwen Stefani.

'Or how bout this?' and she changed in another flash into a girl I'd gone to school with last year who I'd always wanted to fuck, but never had: Melanie Summers.

'Snap! I mean, holy shit! Pee?? Is it you? How-?'

Pee-as-Melanie laughed and said, 'Of course it's me, silly! These girls are from your mind; girls I know you'd want to fuck! I can be any girl you want me to be!' and she flashed through ten or twenty of my favorite female porn stars.

I was stunned... 'How about we just start with the real faerie-you, ok?'

'Ok!' she said, and was her beautiful, other-worldly (human-sized) self once again in a flash.

I leaned forward and kissed the gorgeous creature, taking one of her enormous round faerie boobies into my hand as our tongues explored each other's mouths. Pee undid my pants as we kissed, stopped briefly to help me get naked, then kissed me again while stroking my cock to raging hardness, her hand itself seeming to secrete some kind of lubricant as needed.

'I think you wanna fuck these first, hm?' she said smiling, kneeling down on the floor in front of me and holding her enormous, glowing neon-yellow firm round faerie titties together for me to fuck.

I stood up and fed my hard dick up into the tight tunnel of her cleavage between her massive tits, which she held firmly together for me and began to fuck her chest. Her cleavage somehow secreted its own lube, and it was just like fucking a wet pussy- it was incredible! Her tits were so tight and slippery around my hard dick, not to mention insanely fucking beautiful. I fucked her tits for some time with glee.

After a while, I sat back on the couch and let the faerie-babe straddle me. She peed on me and I jerked my hard cock in the hot stream of her piss. Then she guided my cock straight up into her hot, tight, slippery smooth faerie pussy with her hand and sat down in my lap, taking my dick all the way up her hole to its base- bliss! Her big, soft, round, lightly speckled faerie boobs pressed into my chest as we kissed and fucked. Her firm nipples jutted into my chest, and I reached around and grabbed a big handful of her soft ass in each of my hands as she rocked her cunt back and forth in my lap, fucking my happy cock.

'You're drivin me crazy, sexy faerie girl! You're so fucking hot!!' I complimented her as we fucked.

She just laughed musically, like the trickling of water in a mountain stream, and sent my cock to heaven up her magic cunt. 'Try this!' she said and turned suddenly back into Gwen Stefani!

Oh, shit!!! And she, as Gwen, seemed completely real in every way; I looked her torso up and down, checking out her shaved pussy, cute small tits, bleached blonde hair, gorgeous face and rich red lipstick, and proceeded to fuck her as she straddled my lap! Fuck yeah!!

Another flash and I was fucking Brianna Love! Only she had long, bleached blonde hair; her pussy was as smooth as Pee's and Gwen's had been, and I seamlessly continued to fuck her too! What an unbelievable fantasy come true!

'Oh my god!!!' I croaked, nearly insane with the lustful bliss of the unreal situation, my cock up BRIANNA LOVE'S hot, tight, wet cunt!!!

She became all my favorite porn stars in fast succession, only they were all blonde and had completely smooth pussies: Jenna Haze, Alexis Texas, Brianna Banks, Jesse Jane, Aletta Ocean, Brea Bennett, Nikki Blond, Nikki Benz, Marilyn Sakova, Krystal Steal, Tanya James, Veronika Simon, Asa Akira, Madison Ivy, Evelyn Lin, Nadia Hilton, Jennifer White, Rebeca Linares, Sensi Pearl, Faye Reagan and Ioanna, not to mention at least a dozen of the hottest girls from school I'd had crushes on.

I was literally going nuts; it was too awesome; it felt like I was about to OD on acid or something...

'Pee!!' I cried just in time before I literally went insane with pleasure, 'This is too much: Jesse Jane! Jesse Jane! Can you please just be Jesse Jane for a few minutes!!'

'Sure! Sorry, I forgot you aren't used to faerie sex yet!' and suddenly my dick was slid all the way up the hot, wet tight pussy of the fucking gorgeous, one-and-only JESSE JANE! (even though it was really just a magical faerie who momentarily just looked like Jesse Jane...)

I mean, shit!!! I fucked the dream-girl's smooth wet cunt for all I was worth. ...I didn't think I'd ever seen Jesse do anal, so I thought it would be especially cool if... 'Pee! Can I fuck you up the ass, as Jesse?'

'You got it, stud!' she said in Jesse's voice, and Pee-as-Jesse got off my cock and got down on her hands and knees on the floor, arched her back low, and thrust out her hot sexy little ass for me to fuck.

'You don't even have to be gentle, Mike; I'm a magic faerie! I could take this whole house up my ass if I wanted to!'

I didn't wonder too long about her strange-sounding comment, but caught the bit about me not having to be gentle. 'Just amazing...' I thought to myself, utterly stonkered by my ridiculously good luck, straddled 'Jesse,' and simply shoved my whole cock right up her tight slippery asshole to the balls- heaven!

'Aaah, yeah!' I groaned in triumph feeling my dick completely up the hot fantasy-girl's ass.

Her ass was slippery, hot, tight, deep, and basically balls-to-the-wall fucking amazing! I fucked it as hard and deep as I possibly could manage. She pissed all over the floor as I fucked her arse hard.

'Oh! Oh! Oh!' Jesse was moaning, 'You're gonna make me cum, Mike! Don't stop fucking my ass!'

I rammed my meat hard up her butt over and over as fast as I could, until she wailed that she was cumming. Her arse-hole spasmed hard around my fucking rod as she came and her pussy gushed all over the floor.

'I'm gonna fucking cum, too; can I cum up your ass, Jesse?!' I asked urgently (hoping she wouldn't mind that I'd called her 'Jesse' and not 'Pee.')

'Fucking do it, stud! Fuck my tight little asshole! Cum up my fucking ass!'

A few more strokes and I was shooting a heavenly rainbow-feeling load up the petite, blonde, huge fake-titted porn star bitch's asshole, pulling myself deeper up her ass by her hard round tits on either side of her as I came.

I shook and rammed my cock home hard up her fart-box several last few times as the last of my jizz pumped out into the hot tight faerie-as-Jesse Jane's sweet magic bum...

'Oh god, Pee! I think I love you!!' I said deliriously, dizzy form having cum so hard.

She reverted to her human-sized Pee form, my cock still buried deep up her hot, tight faerie arse-hole, and laughed. 'I love you too, Mike! Can I be your faerie-girlfriend, please?'

'Are you kidding me; of course!!'

'But you have to keep me a secret from your human girlfriend!'

'I can do that; but really, I don't think she'd mind if she knew you were a faerie!'

'Exactly! You can't cheat with a faerie, because we're faeries!' she explained... as if that made sense.

I pulled out and we sat together naked on the couch, her still in human-size. And it wasn't long before my cock was back up her tight, wet, hot, magic faerie cunt once again...


And she's come and seen me from time to time ever since. She's my sexy, magic little girlfriend...

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