The following is a true story.


When our parents told us we were moving, my sister and I were not happy. We would have to leave our schools, our own rooms, and all of our friends behind. But there was nothing we could do but pack. I was in my senior year of high school, and my sister was a freshman, and although we didn't fight that much, we weren't exactly close. Neither of us was excited about the prospect of losing all of our friends, however, we had no choice.

Our new house was larger then the old one, which was nice, and my sister and I flipped for the secluded back room. I lost and was stuck with the room sandwiched in between her new room and my parents' room. We set about arranging our rooms and unpacking our things, helping each other as needed.

Eventually, my parents treated us to a pizza, and we sat on some boxes, just having a good time and eating. After dinner, my parents retired to their bedroom, and my sister and I stayed up talking and eating for a while. Soon, we too decided we should get ready for bed.

As I entered my room, it was completely dark and just before I flicked on the light I noticed a shaft of light coming from the left wall. I left the light off, closed the door behind me and went over to check it out. I was shocked to see it was a little peephole into my parents' room! The way they arranged the room left me with a perfect view of their bed (lengthwise), my mothers' dresser (at the foot of the bed) and the left edge of my father's dresser. I realized they had no way of knowing about the hole because their side of the wall had a faux-stucco finish.

I quickly glanced about the room for my chair, then hurriedly and quietly pulled it up to the peephole, fascinated that I could see them and they had no idea I was watching. They were arranging things about the room and talking, although it was hard to understand exactly what they were saying through the wall. My mother was standing by her dresser folding some clothes and my father walked up behind her and hugged her. He started kissing her neck, then fondling her breasts through her shirt.

I sat there amazed. It was all happening so fast. In the few seconds I had been watching them I hadn't even thought of the fact that I would be able to watch them undressing and having sex, and I was definitely intrigued.

My fathers' hands continued caressing her breasts through the material of her shirt while kissing her neck. My mother wasn't necessarily the hottest mother I had known, but she was attractive. Even though she did work out she was a still a little chubby, but she had fairly large breasts to compensate for that (even if they were a bit saggy). When she was younger, people often compared her to Janis Joplin, although my mother had bigger breasts. His hands then went under her shirt and expertly unclasped her bra from the back. He continued kissing her neck and rubbing against her as he undid the buttons down the front of her shirt.

I unzipped my shorts and began to stroke my stiffening cock, eyes glued to the scene unfolding before me.

Finally the shirt came off, the bra quickly followed, and I had my first real good look at my mothers' breasts. They did sag a bit, but I was entranced by the pink nipples. She turned to face him and they embraced, kissing and fondling each other all over. My mother reached down and undid the clasp of my fathers' jeans and let them drop to the floor. She fondled his cock through his underwear as he bent to lick and suck on her erect nipples.

She stripped off his shirt and her hand deftly slipped under his waistline, fooling with his cock. What an erotic sight! My mothers hand moving around in my fathers tighty-whities! She lowered herself onto her knees in front of him, tugging his underwear down with her, releasing his prick from its material prison. Once his cock flopped out, I could not believe the size of it. Even though he was only semi-erect, I could tell it was quite large, and very thick. She kissed around his thighs and balls, slowly making her way to his hardening prick. Finally she pulled the skin away from the head and licked the tip a few times before sucking him into her mouth. She bobbed up and down on his cock a few times, sucking in as much as she could, then let it plop out of her mouth in order to pay more attention to his balls. As she licked his hairy nutsack, his considerably large, thick cock rested across her forehead an image so hot, that it immediately burned itself into my memory forever. She went back to work on his cock, visibly enjoying the pleasure she was giving him, but he soon pulled her up by her armpits and they kissed full on the lips once again, his cock pressed up against her pants.

Now it was his turn. He undid her jeans and stripped them off, revealing red satin panties and tufts of pubic hair peeking out the top and sides around her legs. Licking his way down her chest he finally positioned his face in front of her panties, obviously delighting in the aroma. He put his mouth over her mound, still through her panties, while still running his hands all over her body, up and down her legs, pinching and fondling her nipples and breasts. Her head rocked back as she visibly enjoyed this very much. Finally he stripped her panties off and dove into her pussy, lifting her left leg on to his shoulder for better access. After about a minute of this he got up and they laid across the bed, and he went down on her a little while longer.

After a while she pulled him up and he slowly eased his cock into her. He left his cock in her for a bit for her to adjust then picked up a pretty good pace, slowly increasing in speed, occasionally pulling his cock all the way out to tease her. Next he took his cock out, rubbed it along the length of her pussy a few times then shoved it into her waiting cunt. She let out a low grunt that was fairly audible and he really started going at her, really fucking her hard. She began to moan, clutching at his back, her legs high in the air as he kept up his pace. The bedsprings were squealing and barely covered up her moans; he was really giving it to her. She let out an "oh" and was clearly cumming on his big cock.

When she finished, he pulled out of her and proceeded to go down on her again. She wrapped her legs around his head as he also played with his cock a bit to keep himself hard. They spoke a bit (I couldn't quite hear) and she turned and got on her knees, her tits resting on the bed. He positioned himself behind and drove his cock back in her pussy hard, forcing her face into a pillow. I came all over myself at the sight, yet I was so turned on I continued jacking off. The pillow muffled her grunts as he continued to stuff her pussy with his massive cock. He reached around to fondle her breasts, sliding his prick deep inside her, then pulled out once more before slamming his cock into her, cumming deep into her pussy and lowly moaning while kneading her breasts.

He backed away from her and she leaned forward, letting his already shrinking cock flop out of her stretched pussy. She turned and began to clean his cock off. I couldn't believe what a whore my mother really was, how much she noticeably loved his cock and cum. When she was finished she got up, put her red panties back on they went to bed, kissing before turning out the light.

I stared off into space, still jerking off my erect cock. I had cum all over myself, but I didn't care. I was thinking what a wonderful discovery this was. Eventually regaining my senses I fished a poster out of a nearby box and taped it up over the hole, so that no light would escape from my room into theirs (even though their room faced east [it was a lot brighter]).

A few days later while everyone was unpacking downstairs I snuck their room and found the red panties in a heap of dirty clothes on the floor. I stuffed them into my pocket and locked myself in my room. My hands were shaking as I pulled them out of my pocket, dropping my shorts to the floor and pulling out my cock. I could already smell the pungent aroma from them as I brought them to my face. They were stained with the mixed cum of my mother and father, and I brought my self to another orgasm, smelling their sex that I had witnessed.

I knew I would enjoy the experiences I would have in this new house.

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