Peeping Lena


I couldn't believe I was doing it again. Today made five straight days of peering out through my bedroom window, watching my hunk of a neighbor sunbathe nude.

My name is Lena. I am forty years old, and have been married for twenty years to my husband Joel. I look pretty good, dare I say, for my age. I can still turn some heads when I want to, and Joel knows it. I am a five-foot-five blonde, with my hair cut down to a buzz (Joel likes the dominant look), and a 36c-27-37 figure. Both of our children have left the coop, so to speak, and Joel and I are definitely enjoying our time by ourselves. Even after twenty years of marriage, we still are animals when it comes to sex. Joel keeps in shape, and he is always very open-minded about trying new things. I don't work, and I have been working myself up into a frenzy watching my hot young man next door bare himself to me for the last week. I suppose Joel has been wondering why I have nearly raped him when he got home from work lately. Yesterday I was on my knees, nude, except for a pair of my sluttiest heels, waiting for him just inside the front door. I simply unzipped his pants and gave him a succulent blowjob, letting him cum down my throat, not missing a drop.

But now Kyle was at it again. He only moved in three weeks ago, and I have only really talked to him once, which happened to be the day he moved in. I offered the next-door-neighbor greetings, letting him know that if there was anything we could do, we would be glad to help out. Kyle had moved here to start a new job, but he told me his first day wasn't for a few weeks, so he was sure we would talk to each other again soon. I figured he was around twenty-four. He has that California beach-bum look, with a nice build, and blonde spiked hair. I remember undressing him with my eyes; I didn't imagine then how undressed I would really see him.

So here I sit on the edge of a chair in my bedroom, totally nude, peering out through a pair of binoculars (tripod-mounted, of course), staring at Kyle's nude body. The distance is about 200 feet from my window to where he is laying on the lounge chair. I suppose he thinks he is hidden by the row of hedges between our back yards, but our house sits slightly higher than his and the view is clear. He is such a beautiful sight; totally nude, slicked down with oil, his cock lying on his stomach. I can zoom the binoculars to just focus on that lovely cock. It's only ten in the morning, and I have all day to stare. He is really working on that tan. I can feel my nipples harden, and my breath starts to come in short inhales and exhales. The last few days I have been able to hold off for a while, but today I feel the urge to masturbate just minutes after I have been watching him. My pussy feels moist, and both of my hands travel to my clit. It's not long before I am having a wild orgasm, and I slump, exhausted in my chair.

I haven't gone to talk to him through all of this, because I am afraid that my fantasy plaything will stop his sunbathing. But today, I can't help myself any longer. I want this man. I rested for a while, lying nude on my bed, and then I slipped into a one-piece red bathing suit (it's really nothing more than a few strings sewn together). I donned a pair of sandals, and with my heart pounding like a jackhammer I walked out my back door, making my way towards fence separating our two backyards. I could see Kyle still lying there; he had rolled over onto his stomach, and his round ass was perfect, baking under the sun. He was facing away from me as he lay on his sturdy lounge chair. I stopped to gaze once more at his body, before surprising him.

"Hi Kyle. Enjoying the sun?" I asked, making him jump. He nearly fell off his chair, raising up onto his arms, revealing his hard cock. He clumsily tried to cover himself, but wasn't having too much luck.

"Lena," he stammered. He finally got the towel around him, covering his erection.

"Can I join you for a minute, Kyle?" I asked.

"Well, I guess so," he replied nervously.

I swung the gate open, and paraded over to him, my nipples hard already. I pulled up another chair, and sat next to him. The thought of his hard cock so close to me was making me wet already. I crossed my legs seductively, watching his reaction. Kyle was already staring at my full breasts.

"So Kyle, do you always sunbathe in the nude?"

"Well, yes. Were you watching?"

"A little," I lied.

"I hope it didn't bother you Lena."

"Not at all, Kyle. I know young men like you love to show off. And if I may say so, you do have a beautiful cock."

The combination of the heat and me being so near to him was beginning to make Kyle sweat. His body was lean and muscular, and that erection was starting to push up the towel. He glanced again at my titties. It seemed Kyle was definitly the breast lover. I began to touch my breasts without really thinking.

"Do you like my tits, Kyle?"

"Lena, I love them. What would your husband think about this?" he asked.

"Well Kyle, you will just have to find that out on your own, won't you now? But I can tell you he is quite secure with me having some extra fun."

"You know, I do believe you for some strange reason."

"Kyle, why don't you lay nude for me?" I suggested.

At this point he didn't need too much encouragement. Kyle let the towel drop to the ground and he laid back on the lounge chair, his cock now raging hard. I pulled the fabric covering my nipples to the sides, revealing my chest to him. I was enjoying the delicious feeling of the sun beating down on my hard nipples. I began to roll them between my thumbs and my forefingers, and I spread my legs. My pussy was at the boiling point. A wet spot had formed on the fabric of the material covering my crotch. Not only was I getting to him, Kyle was getting to me. I could not take my eyes off of his cock. I needed it, and wanted to have him right then. I pulled the chair closer, and I leaned over, softly caressing his balls in my hand. Kyle groaned, and I moved my other hand to his cock, gently stroking it. His cock was slick from the suntan oil, and my hand moved easily up and down the shaft. Kyle began to stroke my legs, and I knew that he was into the scene. I took the time to stand and remove my bathing suit, and within a minute I was nude, except for my sandals. I straddled Kyle's waist, giving him a perfect view of my trimmed pussy and ass. He groaned as I reached down and began to stroke his cock again, and already I could see a drop of pre-cum on the crown of his erection.

I spun around bent over, licking my lips as I glanced at him. He instantly moved up on the lounge chair, so that I could sit between his legs. I leaned over and licked the drop of cum off of the tip of his cock, and with one deep motion, took him completely in my mouth. My body felt totally on fire, and I greedily sucked his entire shaft, moving up and down on it, swirling my tongue around the tip. I had visions of making him cum right then and there, but I also knew that I had to make it last. I would pause every now and then, letting him relax, and then I would continue my cock-sucking, bringing him so close to cumming, and then backing off again. Beads of sweat formed on my face, and I would rub his lovely shaft all over my cheeks. I then began to sweat all over, leaving trails running down my back to my ass, and droplets were flicking off my titties. Kyle was moaning loudly, enjoying every feeling.

"Oh gosh yes Lena...oh god, that feels so good. You are such a horny slut...sucking my cock like this outdoors, in broad daylight. Yes..Suck it baby...enjoy my know you love it."

And I did love it. I really get off on sucking a man's cock, and Kyle's was a beauty. Easily seven inches long, a perfect crown, nicely shaved balls, and a trimmed patch of hair made his cock a jewel. Feeling him in my mouth was overwhelming; the taste, the smell, and his words were mesmerizing me. I had to have his cum. I broke off my sucking long enough to tell him to take my head, and fuck my mouth until he got off. I could feel his strong hands grab my head, and my hands instantly attacked my pussy, fingering my hole with my left hand while my right hand pinched my clit. Kyle was so good at fucking my mouth; he must have had a lot of experience.

He raised my head up and down in a steady rhythm, not going too fast. It allowed me to feel the pressure I was putting on his shaft with my lips, and to swirl my tongue around the head of his cock on each upstroke. I was nearing a climax, and I paced myself, keeping my mind and body in a sexual zone of total pleasure, pushing two fingers deep into my pussy, holding them there, spreading them, feeling myself, while keeping a constant pressure on my clit. My body had not yet overtaken my mind, although I was right on the edge of total pleasure. I was aware of every input to my senses: Kyle's cock penetrating my mouth, his moans of pleasure, my aching nipples, the sun beating down on my raised ass, and even the birds singing in the air. I was mentally worshipping his cock, as well as my pussy. My orgasm began to call to me, urging me to push myself over the edge. I looked Kyle dead in the eyes, and he was staring at his cock, which was still driving in and out of my mouth. Just then, I could sense his body tensing.

"Oh fuck!" he bellowed.

It was all over. I drove my fingers in as deep as I could, and tightened my grip on my clit. My ass began to rotate as if riding an invisible cock. I could feel my toes shudder, and the wave traveled up my legs, centering like a volcanic eruption on my pussy. I instinctively pressed my lips tighter around the base of Kyle's cock, and the head of his erection was partway down my throat. I could feel his fluid travel up the base of his cock with my tongue, and I swallowed greedily as stream after stream of cum flowed into me. We were both enjoying a total orgasm, yet neither of us made a sound. I worked my pussy hard, as I always do when I bring myself to an orgasm. My hips thrust forward and back now, simply riding the waves. I don't know how long my orgasm lasted; I just know that Kyle's cock went limp in my mouth, and I finally collapsed on the lounge chair.

Kyle was stroking my short hair, and I looked up at him.

"Lena, I have never experienced anything like that," he claimed.

"Get used to it Kyle."

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