tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeeping Tom Ch. 02

Peeping Tom Ch. 02

byMany Feathers©

"Come on Tom. While mom's making a fresh pot of coffee, I'll take you on a quick tour of the house here," Rub said taking my hand. I followed, but didn't see the logic in her doing so. Our units were basically identical in design. Standard three bedroom, sitting dining room, full bath and half bath. And though they certainly had a lot more tastefully designed furniture than I did, I again didn't see the reason for her offer.

Until she led me into what was the master bedroom. Again, similar to my own. But the difference was, neither one of them was using it for that reason. Both Rub and Darlene were using the other, slightly smaller bedrooms for themselves.

"And this...is what we call, the 'fun-room'," she said leading me inside. Almost immediately, I could see why they would call it that. The first thing I noticed was another large 55-inch flat screen TV mounted on the far wall. A very large, very comfortable looking couch sat across from that. Below the TV, almost the entire wall was mirrored. Sitting on the couch, one could easily see themselves sitting there. Along the other wall was what appeared to be an entertainment center, though there were several drawers and cabinets that one could easily see were filled with several very interesting looking items. Vibrators galore for one thing, along with a pretty impressive collection of x-rated videos, and other kinds of toys, many of which I had no clue as to their purpose. Alongside the couch off to one side, I also saw what Rub described as a sex-swing, hanging and secured from the ceiling.

"Wow," I exclaimed taking it all in. "I can see why you would call it this. I take it...you do some additional entertaining in here then?" From the looks of it, I couldn't imagine that only the two of them ever used it.

"Yeah, every couple of months or so, mom hosts what is called a masturbation party. Several of the people who live here in this complex come to it, along with a few other friends we know and have known for years."

"Masturbation party?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah, and strictly that too. Nothing else. Early on, we decided to limit it to just that, figuring that would weed out anyone else who might think there'd be opportunity to get away with doing anything else. We figured they could always go home with others who might be interested if that was the case, but not here. Here...it's strictly about that. Mutual masturbation, solo...or just watching or being watched. Whatever floats your boat. But it's turned out to be a very erotic happening whenever we hold one of these parties. It might surprise you just how sensual and exciting something as simple as that can turn out to be."

Just from what I was seeing, and imagining now...I had no reason to doubt her claim.

"As a matter of fact, we're planning on having a party this weekend. I do hope you'll give some thought to coming over and attending."

I'd have to think about that, and told her so. "Perhaps after I hear a bit more about it," I explained. "Being new to all this and all," I said looking down at myself, standing there with nothing on except for the tee shirt I'd been wearing. Surprised that I could feel somewhat comfortable standing here like this after having just drenched her mother's tits with copious amounts of my cream only minutes ago. A woman I had in fact just formally met. Though having done that, I was also thinking that a masturbation party might be an interesting event to at least have a look at. After all, Rub had stated that some people actually attended who just preferred to watch everyone else while they stood jerking themselves off. I might not even do that much...but I could certainly watch.

We were still standing there in the fun room when Darlene came walking in, joining us.

"What do you think?" She asked.

"I like it. It's very...interesting," I said once again taking notice of the three of us in the mirrors there on the wall.

Now standing there, the three of us looking back at ourselves, Darlene continued. "Surprises you doesn't it?" She asked. "Amazing how erotic it really can be, to sit there and watch yourself in the mirror, almost like watching a movie of yourself in a way. One of the best icebreakers imaginable. Something about doing that, allows most people who come to my parties, to shed their inhibitions, if they even have any...almost immediately."

I could easily see why. I was starting to get stiff again standing there looking at the three of us. My rapidly hardening dick was giving myself away. And it of course didn't go unnoticed either.

"See Rub? Told you it probably wouldn't take very long," Darlene quipped. "So Tom, how'd you like to sit down on the couch here with us, and enjoy a mirror show?"

I found...I was all for it.


It was a perspective you just didn't get, unless you were actually watching a video of yourself. Sitting down on the couch, now sandwiched between my new neighbors, I took delight in the image there in front of me, as each of them reached over, placing their hands on my cock, and began fondling and playing with it as we all watched.

With nowhere else to put my own hands, they just naturally seemed to gravitate between the legs of the two women sitting on either side of me. Sitting there watching myself doing that in the mirror, added a very sensual dimension to all this as I did so. It was almost like there were two "me's" doing this, as I slipped a finger inside each woman. The subtle, somewhat similar differences of each adding to the eroticism, as I explored, played and toyed with their respective cunts. Simultaneously of course, the two of them, fondling and playing with me, touching places on my cock in so different a way, that it was escalating the intensity of pleasure unlike anything I had ever felt before.

Rubbing, fingering...I could feel the hardness of Darlene's clit, the succulent sucking of her slippery gash as I drove my finger in and out of her slowly, methodically...teasing and toying with her. Even as I did that, I simultaneously probed, teased and delighted myself...as well as the girls as Becca's, (Rub's) equally wet split, sloshed...sucked and squished against my thrusting finger. Her noticeably larger clitoris was interesting to touch, feel...and even clasp between my fingers, as I pulled on it gingerly at first. Jacking it like a miniature cock, though she had instructed me to do so for her.

"Ooh, I like that Tom," she purred contentedly. "Just like that baby, work it up and down...pull and pinch it for me just the way you're doing. Drives me nuts feeling that," she trembled, her body involuntarily shaking a little as I toyed with her hard stiff clitoris.

Darlene was enjoying herself too. Moaning and groaning pleasurably as I now added a second finger to her sloppy wet snatch. I was enjoying the sounds of their gushy slick quims, all the while watching ourselves in the mirror across from where we were sitting. The accompaniment of their respective, free-flowing juices, adding to the images we sat watching in one another. Even my own dick was once again leaking like a sieve here as the girls took turns squeezing it, coaxing more and more pre-cum fuck juice from the tip, which they then used to further stimulate and pleasure me with.

"Boy your dicks hard!" Rub quipped.

"Isn't it though?" Darlene added to that. "Almost like holding onto a miniature baseball bat here. I mean look Rub...look how hard and swollen his dick head has gotten here. All deep purple, throbbing, and juicing for us so lovely here!"

All this dirty sex-talk was having an additional effect on me. Along with the sounds, we were each making with our juice-fluids, and the vision of seeing it simultaneously through the mirror, soon had me hovering on the edge again, quite unexpectedly. As though sensing it, Darlene removed her hand from my prick, now taking it in her own, placing it on my shaft. Rub surprisingly did the same, seeing her mother doing so.

"Ok Tom...stroke it for us. Make yourself cum now. Make it squirt...pleasure yourself for us while we watch, and while you watch us doing the same for you."

Again...it was like a scene in a movie. My total and complete lack of inhibitions as I now sat excitedly stroking my own cock, in the manor that I had only up until now...felt comfortable enough doing in the privacy of my own bedroom. I now slapped, bent, and toyed with my own dick in the way that no one else had, or did...besides myself. Both mother and daughter took delight in seeing me doing so, likewise touching themselves in their own unique pleasurable preferred ways. Darlene, preferring now to palm, cup, and at times actually slap her juicy split. Rub...spreading herself even more obscenely there on the couch. One hand helping to spread herself further. The other...three fingers grasping and tugging...pulling on her massive clit as she teased and stroked it.

"Make it squirt baby!" Rub cried out, now pulling even harder on herself.

"Yes Tom, yes!" Darlene said joining in. "Yank that fucking cock of yours...make it spurt, let it juice baby. We want to see all that delicious cum-cream of yours pouring out of that lovely hard cock you're playing with!"

I couldn't have stopped the deluge of spunk that was about to explode from my dick if I'd tried. With a low deep-throated grunt of release, I felt the first massive surge suddenly erupt. Sitting there looking at myself in the mirror, something I had never done or actually seen before, I was actually fascinated at the sudden streamer of white cream that shot high up into the air. One right after the other. Long stringy ropes of semen that began to liberally spray almost everywhere. Much of it arching up and outwards towards the very mirror across from us. Again...it was eerily hot, seeing my own semen spurting out, leaping away, but then looking up, and seeing it actually coming towards me too.

"Oh fuck! Fuck!" I cried out jacking my prick almost violently now, though both Darlene as well as Rub seemed to be doing the same thing to themselves as their own orgasmic eruptions now joined my own. Even Darlene had a nice little ejaculate that made her appear as though she was peeing. Though she wasn't of course. I watched her own naughty spurts now joining my own, the laminated flooring in front of us, soon wet and glistening with puddles of our combined spunks littering the floor.


I took my laundry back home. To be honest, I could even remember the last time I'd had two very intense, very pleasurable orgasms like that in one morning before. Added to that, was the fact that nothing else had really happened either. Though there had been some obvious touching, I was more stunned, and yet again...aroused by the fact it had been as intensely pleasurable as it had been, and had been simple-pure masturbation. I knew then, if it could be like that, Darlene's parties were no doubt even more exciting and arousing. And something I was admittedly now...looking forward to.

Even as I began putting my clothes away, I began wondering what it might cost to mirror one wall of one of my totally unused, un-needed bedrooms. And then, "Why bother?" I thought. "I have hot, sexy neighbors who've already done that!" In addition, I knew immediately, I intended to exploit that whenever the opportunity was afforded to me.


As pleasant as the morning had been, I was NOT looking forward to the afternoon. I had purposely chosen this new place to live for several reasons. One of which, was that it was a lot closer to where I worked. But the other...was that it was as far away from my soon to be ex-wife as I could physically make it. The fact that Karen was going to have to drive well over an hour to drop off some paperwork that needed to be signed, was a nice little inconvenience for her, which gave me a small measure of pleasure. Having to actually see her though, didn't. She was due to arrive in about an hour from now, though I hoped her visit would be as short and brief as our marriage had been.

I spent what little time I had before Karen's arrival, straightening up a few things, arranging what furniture and possessions I did have so as not to put on the appearance that I was destitute, or insufficient at being able to take care of myself. Silly, I know...but I didn't want her gloating over the fact that this divorce was hurting me more than it would eventually be hurting her. She was, after all...the one who had eventually caused it. Even as I heard the doorbell, heading over to answer it, I glanced outside in passing. Sure enough, Rub was lying outside on her balcony, enjoying the sun, entirely nude. Even as I stepped towards the door, an idea was just then coming into my head.

"I could actually have some fun with this," I thought, answering the door. "Karen."

"Tom," Karen said looking at me, an almost sad expression on her face.

"Come in, you brought the papers with you yes?" She nodded her head, handing me a large manila envelope. "Can I get you something to drink while I quickly look through these?" I asked.

"Yes, that would be nice. Thank you."

Leading Karen into the house, she quite naturally gravitated over towards the open door leading out onto my balcony. It was after all quite spacious, and eye-catching. "Nice deck," she said not quite yet stepping out.

"Yes it is. Why don't you have a seat out there? I'll bring you a drink, and then I can sit down and read through this. The lights better outside anyway." I was grinning from ear to ear as I fixed Karen a stiff drink, I figured she would be needing it as I returned moments later.

"Nice view." She was looking across the way.

"Yes it is, isn't it?" I responded, not bothering to look up, or even over at where I knew Rub was laying, top-side up this time, which made things even more interesting as I took a seat, beginning to glance through all the legal-eez of the documents I was holding. Out of the corner of my eye, Karen sipped on her drink, winced...but said nothing about that.

"I take it you've already met your new neighbors she asked?" This time I did glance up, and over. Almost as though on cue, Rub smiled, and even waved at me. I waved back, and then went back to my reading.

"You might could say that... yes."

"Isn't she...a bit young?" Karen said with a sour taste in her tone of voice.

"Becca? No...not really," I said using that name. I figured even as much as I would have liked to, trying to explain her nickname would have only aggravated the situation further. Just saying that much produced the desired results anyway.

"I see...so you have met her."

"Yes, sweet girl," I added glancing up again, though Rub had resituated herself, now laying face down, her exquisite little ass so invitingly exposed.

I again watched out of the corner of my eye as Karen folded her arms beneath her breasts in the way she had always done, whenever she was annoyed with something. "She still looks awfully young," she said more to herself than to me even, though speaking up again adding..."And to be laying out side like that, in the middle of the day, when just about anyone could see her. Just isn't right. I bet her mother wouldn't approve. I know if I was her mother..."

Karen didn't finish though. As though again on cue, and much to my delight and surprise, Darlene came wandering out herself, as though this had been planned ahead of time. It couldn't have worked out any better. And though Darlene wasn't naked...I knew just in looking at her, she soon would be. She was wearing her light blue Kimono again, so it was only a matter of time now. "And that...is Darlene. She IS the mother," I said grinning and then purposely waved catching her attention, as Darlene smiled, waving back...and simply dropped the robe she had on, down onto her lounge chair. Now they were both naked.

"That's...that's disgusting!" Karen spat, refolding her arms beneath her breasts again as though in emphasis of that.

"Why? What's so disgusting about that?" I asked now looking over, admiring the two of them as Darlene settled back into her chair, sunglasses on. I couldn't help wondering if she was looking over here wondering about Karen. It was obvious that she and Rub were discussing something. I knew then, I'd have to fill them in later, and thank them for the timely show. It couldn't have worked out any better for me. "They're just sun-bathing!"

"But they're...they're mother and daughter! They're naked, and they're...anyone can look over and see them laying there like that!"

"Yeah? So? And what's it hurting if they are? You see anyone beside's yourself complaining?"

Good old Steven. When he strolled outside naked, I thought Karen was going to faint. I figured then it was about time to sign the papers, send Karen on her way, before Steven decided that our sunbathing neighbors were worth masturbating to.

I escorted Karen to the door, saw her out, and then turned heading back outside to the balcony. I was still grinning as I looked over and waved at Steven, even though I hadn't met him officially yet. He waved back however, pointing across the way at the neighbors. I nodded, and then grinned some more. Dropping my shorts down around my ankles. I stood as naked as he was, just as Karen entered the courtyard heading out towards the parking area. She glanced up towards my unit, as I hoped she might, and watched her actually stumble, nearly careening into the decorative pond as she ran her foot into the brick runners surrounding it. I pretended not to notice, not even looking at her as she made her escape. The only thing that could have made it any better, is if David and Crystal had been outside on their deck fucking. Though when Karen turned again just before disappearing around the side of the building, I saw her stumble again as she craned her neck looking up one last time.

I was still standing against the railing, and my cock, was nice and hard too.


I'd actually been half expecting it, so I wasn't at all surprised when my doorbell rang a hour later. Rub stood there with a basket of laundry.

"Hi, was just running down to do a last load, thought I'd stop by and see if you had any colors needing washing. No sense wasting a full load when I don't have one."

"A couple of shirts is all," I said inviting her in. "You don't really have to do this either. They can wait until I have another full load myself."

"Don't be silly, might as well save us both a little time and trouble. Speaking of which, that looked like trouble sitting outside on your balcony earlier," she asked without asking.

"In a way...but not for too much longer," I told Rub. "That's my soon to be ex-wife."

"Ah we thought so, didn't bet on it though. We were both right. Figured the way she was sitting all pissy-posed, she wasn't too keen on seeing your new neighbors out sun-bathing in the all together."

"Actually Rub, it couldn't have worked out any more perfectly, even with Steven suddenly walking outside when he did. Just seeing you and your mom was enough." That made her laugh.

"Well good, glad it helped some anyway. In the meantime, go grab your shirts. I have another reason for taking you back down to the laundry with me."

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

"I saw Jan and Stacy heading down there a few minutes ago. They're the lesbians I told you about that live below us. Always interesting being around those two. I think they're even more horny than I am half the time," she told me. "Figured you might as well meet them anyway, before the weekend preferably. They love coming to mom's nasty parties."

"They do?"

"Oh yeah...they do. Told me a long time ago, they get off on watching guys jacking off other guys as much as most guys enjoy watching two women together. Go figure. But like Jan once told me, just because they're lesbians, and prefer women, especially on a more intimate level, they still get off on watching a guy jacking himself off. Really turns them on seeing that. And turns me on watching the two of them going at it. If we're lucky, they just might be already involved by the time we get down there."

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