tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 03

Peggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 03


Through no fault of my own, I keep finding myself faced with the humiliating predicament of being exposed in public. Yesterday was no exception. Before my husband left on his latest business trip, he mentioned that a couple of men were going to install a ceiling fan in our bedroom. What he failed to mention was that he told our condo manager to let the men in if no one was home.

The day started out as usual with my morning shower. Since I was in the shower, I couldn’t hear the doorbell ring. The workmen thought I wasn’t home and summoned the condo manager to unlock our door. After the men entered the condo, they walked into the bedroom to begin installing the ceiling fan. Our bedroom is adjacent to the bathroom and there isn’t a door separating the two rooms. The men quickly realized that they were not alone. There I was in front of them, a naked young girl completely oblivious to their existence. It was an honest mistake, but it soon became a voyeur’s dream. Instead of doing the decent thing and leaving, the men hid behind the doorway and watched through the glass shower door as I continued taking my shower.

There I was, totally naked and vulnerable, while completely unaware of the strange men’s presence as the water sprayed onto my petite five-foot frame. My arms were raised high above my head as I washed my brunette hair, leaving my medium sized, perky breasts and neatly trimmed bush completely exposed for the men to observe. When I rinsed the shampoo from my hair, the suds cascaded down my slender body and paused briefly over my pink painted toenails before disappearing down the drain.

I’m sure the men enjoyed watching me lather up as I rubbed the soap against my bare boobies and then paused to caress my puffy pink nipples. Next I slid my soapy hands over my flat tummy and down to the little patch of fur between my legs. After thoroughly washing my neatly trimmed brunette bush, I unconsciously turned around and gave the men a nice view of my smooth firm ass. They watched intensely as I kneaded the soap over my tan globes of flesh before gently running my fingers up and down my butt crack.

After rinsing the soap off and opening the shower door, I found that there were no bath towels in the bathroom. Only one small hand towel was available for me to use. I did my best to dry off, but the towel was too small to wrap around me, so I just dropped it on the floor of the shower stall. The men ducked out of sight as I stepped out of the shower with nothing protecting my naked hard body from the guys’ prying eyes.

The men still did not make their presence known as I stood there in the buff with my back to them and started drying my hair. They had an unobstructed view of my tan buns as I dried my long brunette hair. The men may have even been able to see my breasts in the mirror. When I finished drying my hair, the workmen were treated to an even better view of my bare butt as I bent over to put the dryer away and get out my makeup bag.

After applying a small amount of makeup, I was finally ready to face the world. I turned around and strolled out of the bathroom without a stitch of clothing on only to be confronted by two strange men. I let out a shriek and did the best I could to cover my breasts and pussy with my hands as the men quickly tried to explain the situation. I began to panic when I saw the look of pure joy on their faces as they gazed at my overexposed body. The men made it sound like an accident the way they watched me take a shower. They said that they didn’t want to embarrass me by alerting me that they were in the room, yet they refused to look away as I stood there stark naked.

Finally I was convinced that the men didn’t break into my condo to attack me and it was really the fault of my husband. However, it didn’t erase the fact that I was still standing in front of two men with nothing on and they were taking the opportunity to feast their eyes on my exposed flesh. The men were really enjoying my predicament. They made no attempt to leave nor did they give me any privacy. One of them even had the audacity to move into a position where he could get a closer look at my bare ass.

You could just imagine the horror and humiliation I was feeling because I was completely naked in front of two total strangers, and they were standing between my clothes and me. There was no way for me to cover everything with just my hands, so I was really putting on a show for the men. Every time I moved a hand to cover one part of my body, it left another part of my body exposed.

I'm twenty-one years old and the two men had to be at least twice my age. My face was red with embarrassment as I stood there in all my glory. I quickly accused the men of taking advantage of a young, innocent girl, but the men replied that they were only doing their job. Their instructions were to seek assistance to enter the condo if no one answered the door, and that’s exactly what they did. The men gave me some lame excuse that they were on a tight schedule and when they entered the room, they had to begin working right away even though I was bare assed naked and showering right in front of them. They claimed that they didn’t have any time to spare. I asked them if they would mind leaving the room while I got dressed, but they reiterated that they were on a tight schedule.

I guess I was too young and naïve to realize that the men were just exploiting the situation because I bought into their story and began getting dressed right in front of them. I reluctantly dropped the protection of my hands and proceeded to walk over to the dresser. It was so degrading to walk across the room in front of the men with my whole body showing. My breasts, my pussy, my butt; they were all paraded right in front of the workmen and the men made it obvious that they were going to watch every move I made. Their eyes were like saucers as they took a good look at my young, naked body.

The men pretended to work as I bent over and opened the dresser drawer to begin looking for a pair of panties. Unfortunately for me, I keep my underwear and swimming suits in the bottom drawer, so much to the delight of the men, I had to bend way over to search for my panties. I was getting nervous because the only underpants I could find were tiny thongs. As I continued to search for a more conservative pair of panties, I was bent over for what seemed like an eternity in front of the two strange men. My naked ass was pointed right at them. I could feel their hungry eyes inspecting every inch of my tight little butt, so I finally gave in and settled for a skimpy white thong.

Before I put the panties on, I turned around so that I wasn’t bent over in front of the men any longer. I figured they’d spent enough time gazing at my bare butt. However, turning around was a mistake because it only provided them with a full frontal view of my naked body. They could see my pretty pink nipples and dark hairy triangle without anything to block their view. I became extremely embarrassed because my breasts were hanging right out in front of the guys as I leaned forward to step into the tiny garment. The men watched intensely as I slid the thong up my legs and positioned the little piece of see-through white fabric over my dark pussy hair. The material was so transparent that the guys could still see just about everything I had to offer. I think it even enticed them more.

Next I turned around and looked for a shirt to wear. My ass still looked naked to the men because the little string on the back of the thong became wedged inside of my butt crack. I was very self-conscious that my nearly naked butt was still on display for the men, so I hurried to select a shirt.

It was a warm day, so I chose a half T-shirt to wear. Without thinking, I turned around to face the men as I reached up high with my arms to pull the little shirt over my head. My bare breasts were now semi-covered by the pale pink material, but my nipples poked out proudly against the thin fabric. I guess I never realized how short the T-shirt really was. It barely covered my titties, as the lower portions of my breasts were visible under the bottom of the tiny shirt. If I raised my arms at all, the shirt would rise up and expose my nipples. The excitement of the circumstances made my nipples become erect and thrust out against the thin material. This only added to my embarrassment as their eyes zeroed in on my barely covered breasts, but I wasn’t about to remove the T-shirt and change into another one. They weren’t going to see my tits again!

The last article of clothing I slipped into were a pair of tight denim shorts. The shorts were another bad selection because they were so small that the bottom of my butt cheeks hung out in back. They were also cut so low that the waistband of my thong was hanging out. When I moved around, the shorts would work their way down my hips and the top of my ass crack would show. It was a very revealing outfit, but I felt somewhat protected after standing there stark naked in front of two men that I’d never met before in my life.

The men seemed to take their time finishing up the project. Either they found me appealing in my skimpy little outfit or they thought I’d get naked again. For whatever reason, they sure didn’t seem very concerned about their tight schedule anymore. We joked around a bit and I began to feel relaxed, but I made it clear that I was married and nothing was going to happen.

The phone rang and I leaned over to answer it. I was bent over with my elbows on the dresser as I talked on the phone. I wasn’t aware that the position I was in caused my shirt to droop low, away from my breasts and also caused my butt cheeks to hang out of my shorts. As I talked on the phone, my titties were again uncovered and the men wasted no time getting into a position to look up my shirt. When I noticed the men staring at me, I playfully stood up and covered my breasts, then resumed talking on the phone.

It was my neighbor on the phone and she asked me to meet her at the pool. I explained what had happened with the workmen and told her that I had to wait until they left so that I could have some privacy to put on my swimming suit. When the men overheard my conversation, they made it clear that they weren’t going to leave until I put my swimming suit on in front of them. I thought they were kidding and I refused their advances for a while, but I soon came to the realization that they were serious. I begged them to leave and told them that I couldn’t go through the embarrassment of being naked in front of them again. Eventually, they wore me down and finally convinced me that they’d already seen me without my clothes on, so I may as well just do it and that way they’d leave.

The men were finished with the job, so they got down on their knees to pack up their tools. I hesitated because the men were at eye level to my waist, but they demanded that I begin undressing immediately. They said that if I didn’t undress myself, they were going to undress me, carry me outside and throw me into the pool naked. The workmen looked like they meant business and I didn’t want all of my neighbors to see me without any clothes on, so did what they asked. Nervously, I unbuttoned my shorts, pulled down the zipper and peeled them off. It was so embarrassing to have the men kneeling down right in front of me with my dark pussy hair clearly visible under the skimpy white thong I was wearing.

While the men studied my little hairy triangle, I tried to decide what to take off next. Since they were peeking under my shirt at the exposed portion of my breasts, I decided to remove it all the way. I slowly lifted the T-shirt over my firm boobies until the men could see my puffy pink nipples. Then I pulled it over my head and dropped it on the floor. My medium sized, but full breasts with nice round nipples were now out in the open for everyone to see. Finally, I hooked my thumbs under the waistband of my thong and slowly slid it down my legs. Their faces were so close to my neatly trimmed bush that they could almost taste it. Once again I was completely naked in front of the men and they loved every minute of it.

I turned around and started to reach for the bottom dresser drawer, then looked back at the men. They were excited knowing that I was going to have to bend over to get my swimming suit out of the drawer. With my legs straight, I bent over leaving my bare ass pointed right at the men. My legs were even spread far enough apart that from their kneeling position, the men could look right up at my pussy. I was actually beginning to enjoy the attention that the men were giving me, so I took my time selecting a suit. This gave the men a long look at my tan, muscular butt and whatever else they could see. I finally chose a barely-there string bikini that was sure to excite the guys.

The men stood up as I turned around with the top of my bikini in one hand and the bottoms of my bikini in the other hand. I decided to tease them a little as I held up the suit and asked the men if they liked it. I made sure the suit was out to my sides so that the men had a clear view of my firm boobs, pink nipples and the small patch of brunette pussy hair. My plan was to seek revenge by getting them high, then leaving them dry.

For a long time, the men didn’t do anything. They said that they needed an extensive look at the bikini to decide if they liked it. The whole time I was standing there completely exposed with my body in full view of the men. Then the men did something unexpected. Each guy grabbed a piece of the suit declaring that they needed a closer look at my bikini to determine if they liked it.

Suddenly, my comfort level with the men was extinguished. I felt very embarrassed and vulnerable, like a little girl who suddenly realized that she was naked in school and all of her classmates were looking at her. My young body was completely exposed and a couple of strange men who claimed to be examining my bikini were actually examining me! I attempted to cover my nudity with my hands for a moment, but then demanded that the men give me back my swimming suit.

The men started laughing at me and began playing keep-away with my bikini. Since they were much taller than me, the men proceeded to hold my bikini up high in the air and made me jump for it. Each time I leaped up to grab the bikini, my boobs would bounce up and down. The men must have enjoyed seeing my bouncing breasts because they continued to dangle the material just out of my reach. They forced me to jump over and over again. This really seemed to turn the men on.

Soon I was wrestling with the men to get my suit back. While we wrestled, they made a point of “accidentally” grabbing my boobs and patting me on the ass. Sometimes their hands would slide across my nipples and other times their hands would find their way between my legs. Their fingers even slithered up and down my sensitive butt crack a few times. Soon they were “accidentally” touching me everywhere on my naked body and there wasn’t much I could do to stop them. They were big strong men and I was just a helpless little girl.

My reaction to their pokes and prods made them realize that I was very ticklish. This led to a tickling session where one of the men tied my hands to the headboard of the bed with the top of my bikini while the other man gently tickled every inch of my exposed skin. He even took my makeup brush and started tickling my feet, causing me to squirm and wiggle around. I tried to hold my legs together, but the ticking was too much to for me to withstand. In the end I was powerless to keep my legs together and gave the man a total beaver shot!

The man must have liked what he saw because he held me in that position for the longest time. He was admiring my entire pussy. When I say entire pussy, I mean there was no part of my pussy that he couldn’t see! I felt so humiliated and begged him not to look at me. I said the game had finally gone too far, but he ignored my pleas. The man knew that I was defenseless to stop him, so he just continued to study my young, tight pussy.

Eventually, the other man also wanted to look between my legs. He tied one of my ankles to the base of the bed with the bottoms of my bikini. The workmen were able to hold onto my other leg and I was now completely helpless to stop them from spreading my legs apart. I was mortified knowing that both of the men were inspecting my sweet pussy lips and there was nothing I could do to block their view. They got so close to me that I could feel their breath against my pussy hair. All I could do was lay there and let them stare at every inch of my neatly trimmed brunette bush.

Next, one of the men tickled me between my legs with his fingers. I’m sure he could feel the wetness of my pussy, but he continued over my flat stomach and up my sides to my armpits, which drove me crazy. The other man moved into a position where he could gently stroke my inner thighs, then moved up between my legs and let his fingers linger over my pussy. I wanted him to do more, but he just teased me by stroking my moist pussy lips without inserting a finger inside of me. The men ended up spending a considerable amount of time touching my breasts and caressing my nipples. They even rolled me over, tickled my ass, and ran their fingers softly up and down my butt crack.

After working me into a frenzy, they placed me on my back again and then one of the men inserted a finger into my wet pussy while the other man began kissing and sucking on my tender nipples. I was really getting excited and starting to give in to my desires as he began moving his finger in and out, in and out, again and again, causing the feeling inside me to build and build until I finally exploded in a powerful orgasm.

As I was lying on the bed, trying to recover from all the excitement, one of the men received a text-page stating that they were late for their next job. The men apologized to me for having to leave so abruptly, but they said that there were other men working in our condo complex and they all needed to get to their next job. The men untied me and handed me back my bikini, but much to the men’s surprise, I dropped it on the bed and walked them to the door in the nude!

They were even more surprised when I went outside and stood at the top of the staircase, still completely naked. As the men walked down the steps, they kept peeking back over their shoulders. My juices started flowing again as my slightly spread legs allowed the men to look right up at my neatly trimmed pussy. The smiles on their faces gave me more courage, so I spread my legs further apart giving the men an unobstructed view of my pussy lips. Soon I was posing, turning and bending my nude body in every direction to give the men a performance they’ll never forget!

My freedom and exhibitionism were instantly converted to embarrassment and humiliation. As I turned around and looked out from the second floor railing behind me, I was stunned to discover that the three guys who left the text-page were waiting for the two workmen in the truck below. These guys were watching my performance, too. I was petrified when I realized that they had a clear view of my firm titties and brunette bush. It was so embarrassing knowing that the guys had just watched me shake my butt, grab my breasts, tweak my nipples and caress my pussy. I felt ridiculous and just froze as the guys clapped and whistled. My naked body was out in the open for everyone to see and all I could do was stand there.

How do I get myself into these humiliating situations? The three guys were all about the same age as me and along with the other two men, I was now revealing my unclothed body for five guys! This was worse than the time I was stripped naked on the bus. I started remembering the shameful feeling of being on a bus after some hoodlum teenagers took all of my clothes. I was left nude on a public bus with everyone looking at me and nowhere to hide. They were gawking at my full set of tits and hairy triangle, and I was all by myself with no protection from their ability to see me. Then I remembered how I got off the bus and proudly walked home in the buff. It inspired me to remain standing there out in the open without a stitch of clothes on and give these five guys an unforgettable memory!

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