tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 06

Peggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 06


My husband, Jack, is always going on business trips and he was preparing to leave on another one. He was finished loading the car, but returned to our condo to get his briefcase. Even though it was almost noon, I was still lying in bed without a stitch of clothing on. My cute little brunette bush was right there for my husband to enjoy, but as usual, he wasn't paying any attention to me. Jack was only interested in getting out of the house on time. I guess I shouldn't have married a thirty-five year old man who was only married to his job.

I don't know why he ignores me so much. I'm just over five-foot tall with medium sized, natural breasts and puffy pink nipples. My breasts may not be huge, but they look great with my petite, muscular figure. I have a cute face with big brown eyes and I'm just twenty-one years old. Most people think I'm only a teenager because of my small, fresh features, but my husband must not be interested in young girls. I wish there was a way to get even with Jack for pushing me away. Maybe someday I'll get him all excited and then push him away. That way he'll see what it feels like.

Keri is a friend of mine and she lives in our condo complex. Our door was unlocked, so she let herself in. Keri was in a playful mood and thought that she'd surprise me by jumping into bed with me. She had no idea that my husband was still at home. While she was in the living room, she pulled her T-shirt and bra off. Next Keri wiggled out of her tight jeans and then slipped her skimpy white cotton panties off. She was now totally nude, just like me.

My husband had never met Keri before, but he was about to meet her in a big way. Keri quietly crept into the bedroom and just as she was about to crawl into bed with me, she came face to face with my husband. Jack looked like he was about to have a heart attack from the shock of seeing my beautiful friend standing there stark naked.

Keri is twenty-five years old and has a nice, firm body from working out all the time. She's about five-foot-five with light brown hair and large, full breasts. Keri has a pretty face and a deep golden tan, although her face was now turning bright red from embarrassment. She was so embarrassed that she dove into the bed and buried her face in a pillow. However, her smooth shapely butt was still out in the open and my husband couldn't take his eyes off of it.

I said, "Keri, this is my husband, Jack."

Keri held her hand out and waved without removing her face from the pillow.

I looked at Jack and said, "She keeps me company while you go on all those business trips" as I began caressing her beautiful bare buns.

I softly ran my fingers up and down her butt crack and added, "Look at her tan line. It's barely visible. You'd think she spent a day at the pool without wearing a bikini."

Keri giggled because she knew that I was making a reference to our pool party experience.

My husband declared, "If this is what goes on when I leave, then maybe I shouldn't leave."

I said, "You normally can't wait to get out of here! Why are you suddenly interested in hanging around now? Is it because you like looking at Keri's bare butt?"

Jack didn't answer, but it looked like he was really getting excited. I decided that this was a perfect time to punish him for ignoring me. I was going to use Keri to turn him on and then leave him high and dry. That would teach him to pay more attention to me!

I patted Keri on her nice round butt cheeks a few times and said, "Jack, look how smooth and firm her sweet little ass is. Do you think her butt is better than mine?"

Jack managed to say, "No, you've got a great butt."

I said, "Well then maybe Keri has some other features that are keeping you from leaving."

I turned to Keri and said, "Keri, roll over."

Her voice was muffled from the pillow, but I heard her reply, "No! Your husband will be able to see me and I don't have any clothes on."

I said sweetly, "Come on Keri. You have such a pretty pussy and your breasts are flawless. You should show them off."

Finally, Keri gave in and turned over, but she still held the pillow over her red face. Her ripe melons and soft brown pussy hair were now put on display for my husband's viewing pleasure. Jack seemed overjoyed that I was making such an effort to show him another girl's naked body, but he was really just falling into my trap.

I reached over, gently squeezed Keri's big boobs and said, "Well, maybe you don't want to go on your business trip because you like looking at her breasts. You probably like seeing her cleavage when I push them together. They feel so nice and full in my hands when I squeeze them. I'll bet you like her boobies because they're bigger than mine."

Jack mumbled, "No, your breasts look better than hers."

I added, "Then why are you looking at her breasts instead of mine?"

He stammered, "Uh…no reason."

Keri was really embarrassed by the way I kept drawing my husband's attention to her naked body, but I didn't let up. I wanted to tease my husband to the max before sending him out the door without giving him any release. I continued the torture by gently placing my fingers on Keri's big tits and then I began making soft circles over her rosy round nipples.

I said, "You think my breasts are better that Keri's breasts? Come on Jack, you can be honest with me. Take a good look at her nice firm boobies. They're perfectly shaped and her nipples are so cute, wouldn't you agree?"

As her nipples began to harden under my gentle touch, he replied, "Well, her breasts are excellent, but your breasts are better."

I knew Jack wasn't being honest with me. Keri's breasts are obviously better than mine, but it was nice of him to pay me a compliment. As Jack continued to gawk at Keri's naked body, he developed a large bulge in the front of his pants. I decided to torture Jack a little more as I slid my hands over Keri's flat stomach. Next I began to gently rake my fingernails through her neatly trimmed bush.

I asked, "Jack, tell me the real reason you don't want to go on your business trip. Is it because Keri's pussy hair is light brown and my pussy hair is dark brown?"

My husband started to perspire as he ogled Keri's sweet snatch, but he managed to mutter, "No, I love your pussy, Peggy."

Keri was mortified knowing that everyone in the room was examining her pussy, but she was a good sport and didn't try to hide it. She just laid there with her legs slightly spread apart and let me touch her light brown bush.

As I continued running my fingernails through Keri's little hairy triangle I said, "Now don't answer so fast. Take a good hard look between Keri's legs. She has a pretty little bush. Her pussy hair is so soft and nicely trimmed. I just love touching it. Are you sure you don't like her pussy better than mine?"

Jack stammered, "…no" and then he tried to reach down between Keri's legs.

I slapped Jack's hand, pushed it away and said, "You're not going to touch her when you don't even touch me. Besides that, you don't have time. You have to leave on your business trip!"

Jack didn't move. That statement really frustrated him. He was so excited that he was trembling. My plan was obviously working because the bulge in Jack's pants looked bigger than I'd ever seen it before. He needed some action soon or he was going to bust.

I decided to continue punishing Jack with my plan of letting him see, but not touch. After moving my hands down between Keri's legs, I forced her to spread them further apart. Next I began softly caressing her inner thighs and occasionally touching her pussy lips, which made Keri twitch. I think she was finally starting to enjoy herself.

I asked, "Jack, don't you just love Keri's tan legs? They're so smooth and muscular. It makes you just want to spend the whole day between them."

My husband had an unobstructed view as I ran my finger up and down Keri's moist slit. It was so warm and inviting. Jack wanted to get involved in the activities so badly, but all I would let him do is watch. That was too bad for my husband because the action was really starting to heat up.

I said in a sweet, girlish voice, "Aw, look at Keri's pussy, Jack. She's getting all wet. This must be turning her on. She's so wet that my finger just slides right in. Watch how my finger goes in and out, in and out, in and out. She just keeps getting wetter!"

I looked up at Jack and said, "Say, it's getting late. Don't you have to leave for your business trip?"

Jack began to whimper and said, "No, I can't leave now. I'm so hard, it hurts. Please Peggy, you've got to help me out!"

I said, "Sorry Jack. You've had plenty of chances to be with me. Now it's Keri's turn. She likes being with me. See how she's playing with her own titties while I move my finger in and out of her pussy? Look how she squeezes her nipples and pulls on them. That must feel really good."

Directing Jack's attention back to Keri's pussy, I said, "Look down here, Jack. Watch how she responds when I leave my finger inside of her and make little circles. It's causing her to moan with pleasure. And see that? That's her clitoris. I like to call it her love button. Watch what happens when I continue moving my finger inside of her pussy while I touch her love button with my other hand. She squirms around like a little puppy. She's so cute."

I heard Jack unzip his fly and I looked back to see him free his erect penis from his pants.

I said, "Jack, put that thing away and get out of here. Go on your business trip. Leave Keri and I alone."

Jack was begging me to give him some action, but I refused. Keri and I were really driving him crazy. I pulled my finger out of Keri's juicy pussy, pointed towards the door and once again I told Jack to leave.

Keri called out from under the pillow, "Don't stop. Don't stop!"

I said, "Did you hear that, Jack? Keri doesn't want me to stop. Maybe she'd like to have my tongue down there, too?"

Keri said, "Oh yes. Do it, please do it!"

I kneeled down between Keri's legs and began to lick her love button, while I reinserted my finger into her pussy. Keri was beginning to breathe heavily and she had to remove the pillow from her face to get more air. My butt was up in the air and my knees were spread apart exposing my pussy to my husband. He tried to put his penis inside of me from behind, but I pushed him away. I told him that he hadn't touched me for days, so he should just take a good look at what he's missing. I explained that he should think about the naked bodies he was watching while he was on his trip, because watching was all he was going to get to do today.

He was whining, "I'm sorry, Peggy. Please let me put it in. I'm begging you, " but I just ignored him.

The pillow was no longer covering Keri's face and she could now see my husband's super hard penis. Keri took a good, long look at it and my husband made no attempt to hide it. I think she liked what she saw, but that was as close as she was going to get to it. I was controlling the action today!

I turned my attention back between Keri's legs and I could feel the tension building inside of her. As I licked her clit and moved my finger around inside of her wet pussy, she grabbed the sheets and started to thrash about. Keri's eyes were now shut and she was moaning uncontrollably. The tension kept building and building. I could tell that she was going to explode any second, so I pushed my tongue deep inside of her sweet snatch several times. Then I went back to licking her love button while moving my finger in and out of her pussy. I got into a rhythm and I could tell that I was in the right spot by the way that Keri was tensing up. Finally Keri couldn't hold on any longer and I bought her to a dramatic climax.

Suddenly I felt something land on my back. I turned around to see my husband getting himself off while he watched Keri and I make love. As Keri witnessed Jack shooting warm spurts all over me, she started to laugh. However, my husband didn't feel any shame at all. He just zipped up his pants, kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye. Now I wasn't sure if my punishment was effective or not.

I wiped myself off with a towel and then Keri suggested that we go out and wave goodbye to my husband. As Jack started to back out of his parking space, Keri and I ran to the railing that overlooks the parking lot, just outside of our condo. Keri and I sill didn't have any clothes on as we waved goodbye to him from the second floor platform. I'm sure it was killing Jack to see our young, naked bodies as he drove away, but that was the choice he made. As he pulled out onto the street, Keri and I turned around to go back into the condo.

I jiggled the knob and said, "Oh no."

Keri looked at me and said, "What's wrong?"

I replied, "The door's locked."

She reiterated, "The door's locked? You mean we're locked out?"

I said, "I'm afraid so."

Keri said, "This is terrible. What are we going to do?"

I replied, "The only thing we can do. We'll have to walk over to the building manager's office and get the spare key."

She started to panic and said, "The building manager's office? His office faces the street. Its noon and we're naked!"

I said, "I'm sorry, but we don't have any choice."

Keri repeated, "But we're naked! Everyone will be looking at us and we don't have any clothes on. I mean we are totally naked!"

I said, "Alright, I get it…we're naked. But we still have to go get the key unless you can think of another option."

Unfortunately there was no other option. Keri and I were going to have to go down the stairs and scamper across the hot pavement of the parking lot. Then we would have to walk on the sidewalk in front of noontime traffic and into the building manager's office. And we would have to do all of this completely naked!

We tiptoed down the stairs and peeked out to see if the coast was clear. We didn't see anyone, so we started to jog across the parking lot. At that moment, two condo doors opened and a couple of our neighbors just happen to come out and catch us in the nude. Of course, they both had to be men! Our pussies and asses were in plain view, and our boobs were bouncing up and down as we hurried across the hot pavement. Then a car pulled into the parking lot and the men inside were also treated to a view of our naked bodies.

When we got to the sidewalk, cars began to slow down and honk at us. There were a few guys walking down the sidewalk and we had to walk right past them. Our unrestrained boobies were bouncing around and our pussy hair was showing as the guys moved together, which forced us to squeeze past them to get by. My breasts rubbed against one of the guy's arms as I went by and his fingers brushed against my pussy hair. Another guy even had the nerve to pat Keri on her bare ass with one hand, while the fingers on his other hand slid up and down my butt crack. We were totally humiliated, but we didn't even look back. We just kept moving forward until we got to the building manager's office.

Keri and I darted inside of the office only to find ourselves naked in a room full of men. Mr. Boxton, our fifty-year-old building manager, was sitting behind his desk with two men and a younger guy seated around him. Mr. Boxton just sat back and smiled. He saw the way Keri and I carried on at the pool party. I guess he wanted to see more of the same, so he wasn't in any hurry to help us.

Mr. Boxton looked at the other men in the room and said, "This is Peggy and Keri, our resident nudists."

The men looked over at us and they could tell that Keri and I were feeling very uncomfortable. We were trying to hide our nudity by putting an arm across our chests and a hand between our legs, but the window behind us still let the people outside look at our bare asses.

Mr. Boxton said, "Girls, this is Robert. He's a real estate agent and this is Tom, who may buy a condo here. Come on now girls, be friendly. Shake their hands."

I continued trying to cover my naked body and said, "Look Mr. Boxton, we're locked out and I need my spare key."

Mr. Boxton said, "I'll unlock your door as soon as you show these men a little hospitality. Over here is Jimmy, Tom's eighteen-year-old son. At least shake his hand."

We said, "Alright, if it will get us home any faster."

Keri and I dropped our arms, but our other hands remaining between our legs. Our bare breasts jiggled right in front of the young boy as we took turns shaking his hand. I think he was even more embarrassed than we were, but the rest of the men didn't have any problem gawking at our naked titties. Our pink nipples were poking out and the men were enjoying the view.

While I was shaking Jimmy's hand, his father reached over and grabbed my other hand. His fingers touched my pussy hair as he took my hand and began to shake it. Both of my arms were now held apart, making it impossible for me to hide my nudity. The men could see my bare breasts and my neatly trimmed brunette bush. There was nothing that I could do about it.

Finally they let go and I asked, "Can I have my key now?"

Mr. Boxton replied, "I can't just give you the key. You might loose it."

I said, "I won't loose it."

Mr. Boxton said, "Well, you lost your clothes."

The men laughed, then Mr. Boxton said, "Look girls, we're all walking over that way in a moment. I'll let you in personally."

I said in a sarcastic voice, "Sure, whatever" as Keri and I just stood there and tried to cover our nudity the best we could.

I don't know what they were waiting for. Keri and I wanted to leave, but the men just sat there talking amongst themselves. The men continued to look at us as they talked, but Jimmy, the young kid, sat and stared at us like he'd never seen a naked girl before. It was both embarrassing and exciting to have him looking so intensely at us. Keri and I teased the boy a few times by dropping our arms to give him a peek at our bare breasts and exposed pussies. Finally we were about to leave when the front door opened and a couple of guys about the same age as me walked into the office.

Keri whispered to me, "That's just great. There are more guys here to look at our naked bodies!"

These were the guys that cut the grass and trimmed the shrubs. They wanted to pick up their paychecks. Their eyes were bulging out when got a look at Keri and I standing there stark naked. They were so surprised by our nudity that they didn't even shut the door! Now cars were slowing down to get a look at us and even worse, with so many people in the office, Keri and I were getting pushed right up against the front windows. We were mooning everybody on the street.

Mr. Boxton took his good ole time getting the guys' paychecks, then he dropped the envelopes at our feet and pretended like it was an accident. When the guys bent over to pick up their checks, their noses were only about an inch away from our pussies. Talk about humiliation! After taking a really good look at our little hair triangles, the guys finally picked up their paychecks and left.

We all headed out of the office, but as soon as we were on the sidewalk, a new pickup truck stopped. Mr. Boxton started talking to the guy inside, forcing Keri and I to stand there completely naked on a public street. A friend of Mr. Boxton was in the pickup and he wanted to show Mr. Boxton his new truck. In the mean time, Keri and I were left standing there on the hot sidewalk in our bare feet, and bare everything else, while all the onlookers fixed their eyes on us.

As people walked down the street, we tried to position ourselves behind the guys from the office, but they would just move out of the way so that everyone could get a look at us. Then our luck got even worse. A bus pulled up and stopped behind the pickup truck. It was loaded with people and they had their faces pressed up against the windows to get a look at Keri and I, as we stood there completely naked. The guy in the pickup truck could have moved or the bus driver could have gone around him, but they all just sat there allowing everyone to stare at our exposed breasts, naked pussies and bare asses. Keri and I had never been so embarrassed in our lives.

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