tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 10

Peggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 10


My name is Peggy and I'm married to a man who is married to his job. His name is Jack and he's in a highly competitive sales field. Jack was recently promoted to district manager and he's responsible for offices in five different states. Now he's rarely, if ever, at home.

I'm twenty-five years old, which is much too young to be trapped at home alone. I'm just over five feet tall with brown hair and a petite figure. I have medium-sized breasts, but they're full and firm with pretty pink nipples. I trim my pussy hair so that it's always nice and neat, but I don't shave down there. My girl fur only needs to be snipped enough to keep it from sticking out of my panties, which are usually very skimpy. Of course, I keep the hair down between my legs very short to make my sweet pink pussy lips easily accessible!

People tell me that I have a cute face and still look like a teenager, so I get noticed a lot. Since my husband is much older than me, I'm surprised he doesn't pay as much attention to me as everyone else does. I would think he'd prefer spending more time at home ravaging my young naked body rather than chasing the almighty buck. However, he does shower me with lots of money and constantly stays in touch with me via a webcam, so I guess he still cares about me.

Jack doesn't have a webcam at work, or so he says! This scares me because I don't always know who's watching me. He can see and hear me, but I can only read what he transmits over the Instant Messenger. I used to assume that my husband would never share revealing videos of me, but I've learned that showing movies of me to his friends and coworkers brings him pleasure...lots of pleasure!

Even though I've indulged in numerous acts of exhibitionism, usually by accident, I'm still a bashful person. It always embarrasses me to show my body in public. That's why I'm terrified to know that it excites my husband to let his friends and coworkers watch videos of me in compromising positions.

Jack knows I'd never make it on my own because I wouldn't be able to survive without his money. I'm so used to the creature comforts that it would be impossible for me to move on and start over. Therefore, Jack knows he has me trapped and expects me to do anything to please him. And he's made it quite clear that to please him, I have to undress on the webcam or send videos of me accidentally exposing myself in public.

I feel great shame and humiliation every time I create a new video, but I'm a sex slave to Jack because I'm addicted to his money. He knows it and takes advantage of it. Unfortunately for me, his friends and coworkers know it, too. I guess I only have myself to blame because my carelessness put me in this situation to begin with. It all started quite innocently, which is usually how I get myself into all of my naked predicaments.

One morning, I crawled out of bed and went straight to the couch where I'd left my laptop the previous evening. I took a seat on the couch, propped my feet up on the ottoman, set the computer on my lap and went about connecting to the Internet. Since I'd just gotten out of bed, all I had on was a pair of little white panties. When I connected with my husband, he wrote that he was happy to see that the "girls came out to play" this morning. I giggled knowing he was looking at my bare breasts and I even pushed them together in front of the camera.

As my husband was ogling my tits, one of his co-workers walked into his office. Instead of letting me know that a stranger was looking over his shoulder, he merely let the guy gawk at my bare breasts. I was mortified when I found out later that another man saw my boobies, but it wasn't the most embarrassing thing to happen that morning.

While we were chatting over the Internet, the doorbell rang. Without thinking, I set my laptop down on the ottoman and got up to answer the door. The laptop was pointed towards the front door, so the men were able to see my little white panties as I strolled away. My undies were wedged inside the crack of my ass, which meant that my firm butt cheeks were hanging out to the sides. Some of my butt crack was even showing above the waistband of the little bikini underpants, so the men were treated to quite an eyeful.

After cracking the door open just a couple of inches, I peeked out and saw that it was the man who delivers our newspaper. He's a sweet retired man that stopped by to collect his monthly fee. He's a cute old man and he's always been nice to me. That's why I often go out to retrieve my newspaper in just a T-shirt and panties or a short robe.

When I bend over to pick up the newspaper, my T-shirt rides up and exposes my panties to the man. If I'm really in a teasing mood, I'll wear a robe with nothing on underneath it. When I bend over, I let my robe hang down in front of me so that the man can peek inside. Since I'm naked under my robe, it allows the man to see my bare tits. The sweet old man is now in the habit of waiting for me after he delivers my paper, just in case I'm there to come out and get it. I always make it worth the wait!

On this particular morning the man was waiting outside to collect his monthly fee. Since I was clad in only a skimpy pair of bikini panties, I had to be careful not to open the door more than a few inches. In order to give the man his money, I needed to go get my purse. Before walking away from the man, I closed the door, or so I thought! Our front door is somewhat strange. If it isn't closed all the way, it drifts open. I guess I didn't close it tight enough because the door inched its way open as I went to get my purse.

My purse was next to the couch. In the short time it took me to walk across the room, the front door drifted all the way open. The man silently watched as I bent over to get his money and all I was wearing were those tiny white panties! The sweet old man was looking at my panty clad butt, which he'd seen before, but only from a distance. Now he was almost standing right on top of me.

I slowly picked up my purse, giving me time to flaunt my titties in front of the webcam. Unfortunately, it also gave the man time to gawk at my see-through underpants. He could see my butt crack right through the thin material! After picking up my purse, I turned and headed towards the door. I was looking down and fishing through my purse for the money as I walked. Therefore, I didn't notice that the front door was wide open. The retired gentleman was staring right at my bare boobies and my nearly transparent panties, and I didn't even know it!

After retrieving the money, I reached for the doorknob, but it wasn't there. That's because the door was already open. I looked up and found myself face to face with the smiling old man. I was so embarrassed that I didn't know what to say, so I just stood there dumbfounded for a moment. This gave the man even more time to examine me in my state of undress.

I finally regained my composure and said, "I guess I need to get this door fixed."

The man simply chuckled, but couldn't bring himself to look away from my nearly naked body. I held my purse in one hand and I tried to cover my bare breasts with the other, but the man held out a bill. Taking the slip of paper from him forced me to drop my protection. There I stood displaying my titties right in front of the man and I was powerless to hide from him. My neatly-trimmed brunette bush was also visible through the front of my thin white panties and all I could do was let the man look.

At this point, I was so humiliated that I'd completely forgotten about the laptop sitting on the ottoman. My husband was still watching me over the Internet and unbeknownst to me, he was allowing his coworker to watch, too. Jack even called another man join them, so he was secretly letting two men watch as I paraded around in front of the webcam wearing only a skimpy pair of see-through panties.

As I tried to give the man at the front door his money, he completely shocked me by saying, "You know, I could let you keep your money if you give me your panties."

I asked, "Um...what? You want me to give you my panties?"

He grinned and said, "That's right. I want you to take off your panties and give them to me."

I giggled and asked, "But why?"

The old man replied, "Because I've always been fond of your panties. I love it when you bend over to pick up your paper and your panties hang out from under your T-shirt. You really know how to please an old man."

I stood there for a moment, and then he begged, "Come on, I'm just an old man. Can't you find it in your heart to give me another chance to feel young?"

I gave in and said, "Oh alright, I'll do it, but only because you're such a sweet old man. Let me go take them off and I'll bring them right back."

He interrupted, "No. I'd rather watch you take them off right here."

I said, "Right here? You want me to take my panties off right here? I can't do that. I'd be naked!"

He said, "Come on, be reasonable. You're practically naked already."

I glanced down at myself and concluded that the old man was right. My bare boobies and pretty pink nipples were completely uncovered, and my brunette bush was just barely covered by a pair of see-through white undies. Still forgetting that my husband and his coworkers were watching me on the webcam, I decided to go ahead and give the poor old man his cheap thrill.

I laughed and said, "Okay, okay, you win."

He got all excited as I slowly turned around and bent forward. With my back to the man, I hooked my thumbs inside the waistband of my panties and inched them down my legs. I looked over my shoulder and giggled a little as I witnessed the man leaning over to get an unobstructed view of my bare ass. In our bent over positions, the man was not only getting a good look at my butt crack, he was also getting a chance to peek at my pussy lips from behind, too. I just giggled again and let the man gawk at my nakedness.

I'd completely forgotten all about the men watching me over the Internet. Since I was facing the webcam, my pussy hair was now as exposed to the camera as my breasts were. The men in my husband's office could see everything! After stepping out of my panties, I turned around and handed them to the old man. He took them from me, and then I put both of my hands up on the top of the door jam. I just sort of hung there, thrusting my nakedness into the old man's face.

I teasingly asked the man, "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Surprisingly, he made another request.

He said, "If you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it if you'd be willing to stand there while I take care of this," and then he pointed to the bulge in his pants.

I giggled and asked, "You want me to stand here in the nude while you whack off?"

He replied, "Sure. I'm not asking to touch you or anything. I just want some fun in my life."

Looking for an excuse to get the man to leave, I saw a dust rag that I'd left on the bookshelf the previous day.

I picked up the rag and said, "Actually, I've got some housework to do."

He closed the front door behind him and said, "Great. You just go about your business and I'll stand here and watch."

I finally gave in and said, "Fine."

The man unzipped his pants and pulled out his rigid penis. He was obviously a man that did not need Viagra! Next he put my panties in his hand, wrapped them around his erection and began stroking himself. I had the dust cloth in my hand, so I decided to finish the dusting that I'd been putting off for the last couple of days.

The bookshelf was on the wall between the front door and the ottoman, so the camera was capturing both the man and me. At first I was annoyed that the retired old man asked me to do this, but the way he was worshiping my bare body began to turn me on. I started exaggerating my motions as I slowly reached up high and slid the dust cloth along the top of the bookcase. Then I squatted down with my knees apart and dusted each picture frame on the lower shelf. In my squatted position, my knees were spread apart, which gave the man a total beaver shot! He could see every inch of my moist pink slit.

Then I turned away from the man, but remained in the same squatted position. Since I'd forgotten that the webcam was still on, I was now showing my pink place to the men watching in my husband's office. The reason I turned away from the old man was to allow me to move my finger up and down my slippery snatch. I wasn't trying to get myself off. I just wanted to make sure that all of my soft brown pussy hair was pushed out of the way so that I could treat the man to an unobstructed view of my pussy lips. Then I turned back to the man and continued dusting the bookshelves.

I stayed in my squatted position for a while to give the man a great view of my pink pleasure place, and then I dusted other shelves. I gyrated my naked body into several different positions as I performed my housework. I glanced over at the man and he was wide-eyed as he watched me parade my naked body around in front of him. It looked like he was having trouble firing his missile so I decided to give him some extra incentive.

I looked down and said, "This darn dust is getting all over me. Look how it's sticking to my nipples. I'd better clean them off."

Then I innocently licked my fingers and softly caressed my sensitive pink nipples. It actually felt good and my love juices were beginning to flow. As the man watched, I started rolling my nipples between my fingers and thumbs while gently pulling on them. It was making my nipples nice and hard.

I moaned, "Mmm...my nipples are getting really clean. See? See how hard they are...I mean how clean they are? I guess I'd better keep rubbing them until all the dust is gone!"

The man was stroking hard on his manhood. He was huffing and puffing, too, so I pushed my teasing act a little further. While continuing to caress my left nipple, I licked my right fingers again and then I slowly slid my fingertips down the front of my naked body. I tickled my belly-button a little before continuing down to my girl fur.

I softly said, "Oh, my nipples are nice and clean now, but I'd better clean myself between my legs, too."

I continued moving my hand all the way down until my finger reached my love button. Touching my little clitty sent chills up and down my spine. I was standing sideways between the man and the ottoman, so both the old man and the men in my husband's office were watching as my fingers found my pleasure place. I dragged my finger over my exposed snatch for a couple of seconds, and then my finger found its way into my love hole.

I said, "I'd better check inside here as well" as I pushed my finger into my wet pussy.

Now I was really excited and I wanted to get myself off, too. Unfortunately, as soon as I inserted my finger inside of me, the old man started cumming. He was shooting right into my white panties! He continued stroking himself until he couldn't go on any longer. Then he wadded up the panties, put them in his pocket and zipped himself up. The old man thanked me profusely as I stepped forward and gave him a big hug. I pressed my nude body against him for a few minutes and then I released him. He quickly headed out the front door leaving me alone and horny.

Posing naked for the man that delivers the newspaper still wasn't the most embarrassing thing that happened to me that morning. I was horny as hell after the man left and I really needed to cum. I quickly locked the front door and sat down on the couch. I looked at my laptop on the ottoman and the screen-saver made the screen go blank.

I thought to myself, "Oh no, I forgot about Jack! Oh well, I'll contact him later. I've got more important things to do right now!"

I was in such a hurry that I didn't even bother to move the laptop. I just left it on the ottoman and propped my feet up to each side of it. The webcam was pointed directly at me because the laptop was positioned right between my legs. Since the screen was blank, I figured Jack had gone back to work a long time ago. I didn't know that the webcam was still active even though the screen was blank. I was completely unaware that my husband was still watching me. Even worse was the fact that two of his coworkers were watching me, too. And now I was about to masturbate right in front of them!

I licked my fingers and began teasing my nipples as the men watched. With the camera pointed between my legs, the men had a clear view of my neatly-trimmed brunette bush. I'm sure the men could easily see how excited I was as my wet pussy was just waiting to be touched.

After caressing and twisting my nipples for a while, it was time for my hands to head south. I slid my hands down over my flat tummy until they reached my inner thighs. Then I put one foot on the floor so I could spread my legs wide apart. One leg remained up on the ottoman, so the camera was still right between my legs.

I combed my fingernails through my hairy triangle for a few seconds and then I parted my pussy lips with the middle finger of my right hand. My pink pleasure place was nice and wet as I slid my finger up and down between my legs. When my finger reached my little clitty, it caused my firm body to shutter. I let my hand linger there for a moment as I thought about how I'd just finished posing naked for the old man.

With my finger gently resting on my love button, I began fantasizing that my front door drifted open again. However, instead of doing housework in the nude while an old man watched, I dreamt that a group of well-built younger men with model good looks were at the door. They were staring at my naked body as I performed my household chores. Now I was really getting myself excited!

I pushed the middle finger of my right hand deep inside my wet pussy while I used the index finger of my left hand to continue massaging my little clitty. I was so turned on that I could hardly sit still. I was still fantasizing that a group of good-looking men were watching me as I made small circles with my finger inside of my pussy. Little did I know that a group of men really were watching me...over the Internet! I would find out later that a secretary came into the office and stayed to watch my performance, too. Now three men and a woman were watching me masturbate and I didn't even know it!

I started moving my finger in and out, in and out as the tension began to build inside my tight little body. My left index finger was gently rubbing my love button as my right middle finger made long thrusts deep inside of me. The feeling was really building inside as my fingers worked their magic on my tight pussy, and there was a camera less than two feet away broadcasting my private personal moment over the Internet!

The feeling inside of me was building stronger and stronger as I pushed my hips up and down to the rhythm of my finger. My finger felt magnificent inside of me as I located the spot that drives me crazy. I was also alternating my other hand between my little clitty and my precious pink nipples to create a wonderful sensation throughout my body.

My dream progressed to the point where my imaginary models had removed their clothes and I was surrounded my strong muscular men with big thick erections. The men were so pleased with the sight of my nude body that they couldn't help stroking their massive members. With my finger moving in and out of my pussy, I fantasized that one of the body builder models took over and pushed his rock hard penis inside of me.

Still dreaming about the imaginary man, I started moaning, "Mmm...that feels so good, so good. Yeah, that's what I like! Just like that."

Sure there really were three men and a woman watching me, but I didn't know it. The tension inside of me was so intense that I thought I was going to burst. I started pulling on my nipples, and then I moved my hand back down to my love button. Of course the finger on my other hand was still rubbing my favorite spot inside my pussy. I was almost frustrated because I was just on the brink of an orgasm, but I could finish myself off.

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