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Pent-Up Release


I don't love him. Let's make that crystal clear right now.

I don't know if I like him, but whenever I'm chilling after classes are over, he'll come to my dorm room unexpectedly, bother me with his silly dance moves or his little stories about all the girls he hits on, and my heart will just hammer out of nowhere...

Ugh...he thinks he's such a playboy. To be honest, I don't think he's all that good looking...and yet I'm still attracted to him. Why? I don't know. Maybe you can tell me. He loves to say 'fuck' in just about all of his sentences, he's irritating, annoying, cocky, brash, and does not know when to shut up. He can get me so frustrated that I've already hit him more than any other guy I've ever known in my life!

And yet, there are these moments when he's just standing, looking at me. Not with passion or anything like that, but the suppleness of his large lips, his big body and those strong arms...how his large hand feels in mine when we do our own special handshake...and my god his hair! Sometimes I just want to dig into those locks and pull his lips down to mine in a rough, passionate kiss.

But, no. I wouldn't do that. He thinks I'm small, he knows I don't drink or party, he would never see me in that light. I'm this innocent little girl who has had only one boyfriend and has only had passionate, world-changing, indescribable sex in my mind. No, he wouldn't dare to touch me. I'm too fragile, too perfect for him.

"Do you wanna go out on a date with me?"

...Oh, wait. I bet you're thinking that I just wishfully thought that in my head. Well too bad, you're wrong. He actually asked me out, but I said no because for one my only relationship I ever had left me beyond scarred, and also because I thought he was joking. When he said he was serious and asked me again, I still said no.

Why? Because I don't look like the girls he normally dates. I don't have large or even average-sized boobs. If they didn't stick out I would even say I'm flat chested. My legs and ass, on the other hand, actually look the way they're supposed to on a woman. I could ride any man I wanted like a pro, even though I've never had sex, and make his eyes roll back into his head. I have the equipment; I just need the experience.

Dammit. I'm tired of feeling like I have to be so innocent and sweet all of the time. All my life I've always considered having sex outside of marriage. You want to know why? Because what happens when you find somebody you love, marry them, and when you two finally hop into bed together, there aren't any sparks or mind-blowing orgasms? That sounds horrible to me, and now that I'm in college, I feel like I've waited long enough to try this sex thing out for myself.

Oh no. I'm doing it again. I'm thinking about him and I'm getting wet down there. If I close my eyes and move my hips just right...I bet I can almost feel his large, hard dick moving deep inside me. We're on the wall, he has me mounted on him and he just presses deeper into my tight and virginal pussy, taking me to new heights. And my legs are wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer to me as he pumps harder and faster into me. My hands are locked tightly within his loose locks, and oh my gosh his heat feels so good! It's like I'm on fire! I want to scream his name out, but no! I want him to get so lost into the heat like I am that he screams my name out in ecstasy! He's sucking on my nipples and I'm grabbing his tight, firm ass, just squeezing and slapping those cheeks...so close, so close...say my name...oh say my name! "Oh, fuck! De-"

What the hell am I doing? How can you just let me carry on like that? I was torturing myself and you just let me relish in my sweet agony. Pervert.

But...why should I have to torture myself? I don't love him, I think I like him, and I know for sure that I want him. I think it's time that I loosened my reins and show that playboy just how naughty I can get...

**1 a.m. the following morning**

His roommates are gone. It's the weekend, so they're off partying and getting drunk with the rest of the guys on my floor. Typical college dudes. My man, on the other hand, is sort of religious, so he doesn't do that type of stuff. I know for sure that he and I will be alone tonight.

Wait a second...my man? When did he become my man?

He's not mine now...but after tonight, something of his will be.

With his hallway eerily quiet and all the doors closed, I quickly made my way down to the end of the hall. Knowing the policy of his room, their door always has a crack in it if someone goes out partying.

Taking a deep breath, I step into the silent darkness.

Quickly and quietly getting one of their chairs in the center of the room, I began to set up. Once everything was in place, I slowly approached his bed. I could barely see anything, but the light from the door I left open gave me enough light to see his sleeping figure. I softly called out his name and nudged him. Limp as a rock, light snoring my only response. I chuckled to myself. He's so trusting of me.

Oh...I need to explain, don't I? Well basically, I tend to hang out in his room when my roommate is not in our room or her boyfriend drops by for a visit. That's how I knew his roommates were going out to party. As they got ready to go, I slipped out and grabbed a sleeping pill. When I got back to his room, they had already left for the party. Getting ready for bed, he asked me to fix him some orange juice. Seeing my chance, I crushed the sleeping pill in my hand and threw it in the cup, right before I poured the orange juice in. I know, I know. I drugged him and I'm a horrible person. But I needed him knocked out so that I'll be able to do what I'm about to do. Alright? So let's get back to it...

Working quickly, I took the blindfold I had and tied it around his eyes, making sure I moved his head very little. Pulling his blanket down, I gently nudged him out of his pajama bottoms, leaving his boxers on. Seeing that he was wearing a beater, I left it on. Removing his socks, I took a deep breath and, with all my strength, pulled his limp form out of bed. Very slowly and carefully, I carried him to the chair, which luckily was only a few steps away. Sitting him in the chair as gently as I could, I positioned him and promptly took my rope and tied his hands behind the chair and his legs to the chair's legs.

Finally, with the hard part out of the way, I lit two apple-cinnamon candles and closed the door. My night of passion is about to begin.

Once the candles were positioned so that I could finally see in the dark room, I turned and looked at him. Knocked out, tied up, and half-dressed in the middle of his own room. For a while I was scared to touch him, and I started having second thoughts. Is this too extreme? Am I pushing it too far? Would other girls even dream of doing this?

I stopped myself. Yes, other girls would do this. Not me. Not precious, little me. He wouldn't even expect it to be me because it's too extreme and it's going to far, something that I would never do. This is why it's so perfect. I can pleasure both him and myself, without having to complicate our current relationship with any labels. A night of passion that won't result in a lifetime of pain. No emotions, just feeling.

Reaching my hand out, I let it trace the lines of his face. So firm, yet so soft at the same time. I let my fingers linger on his lips. Those juicy lips that always seem to be teasing me, only a few inches away. I ran my fingers into his hair, pulling his drooping head up until I had full access of his lips. I bent over, and I planted a soft, feathery kiss on his. Just that small contact had my panties dampening, and I knew my body would punish me if I didn't get it what it so desperately wanted...what I so desperately needed. Settling across his lap, I leaned back in, this time drawing out the kiss and learning the shape and feel of his amazing lips. Sucking on his bottom lip made me whimper, and I felt my tongue softly pry open his mouth to dance with his.

He tastes so good, I thought to myself. And the way his tongue is working, even in a pill-induced sleep, oh my! He's an even better kisser than my ex! Pulling away from his lips, I left butterfly kisses all over his face before moving down to his shoulders to taste the nape of the neck. Buttery, with a salty after taste; he tasted so delicious. I sucked harder and harder, so hard that I'm pretty sure I left him a few love marks. As my lips are working at his throat, I feel myself touching his large arms. Those muscles, how I've always wanted him to take these arms and dig into my back as I cry out in ecstasy, but unfortunately, I will have to miss out on that fantasy. His arms must remain tied up so that he won't be able to remove the blindfold.

Groaning slightly, I pulled away from his throat and left his lap. Sitting on my knees between his legs, I quickly ripped apart his beater and I kissed down his large, muscular torso. There were so many ridges! I've never seen him without his shirt on, but he's a lot more sculptured than I thought. His nipples were small and erect, begging to be sucked, so I did. Starting with his left nipple, I circled my tongue around it and softly sucked him into my mouth. I sucked and sucked until it fell limp in my mouth. Pulling back, I blew at his now moist tip, and it immediately went back to being erect. I did the same with his other nipple, memorizing their tastes for when my little excursion with my obsession is over. Once I satisfied them, I ran my tongue over the ridges in his chest, and ever so slightly, I saw him tremble.

His body is really starting to respond. That must mean the effects of the pill are wearing off. I don't have that much time. Leaving light kisses across his abdomen, I looked down at the all too personal groin area. In the dim glow from the candles, I could see that he was semi-hard. Pleased, I kneaded his little soldier through the material. Feeling it stiffen some more, I saw that its shape was becoming more defined, so the boxers were now confining it. Looks like the boxers have to go.

Very carefully, I pulled the boxers down to around his ankles, making sure not to stare at his groin area at all until it was completely uncovered. I wanted a full view of it, in all of its glory. Taking a small, reassuring breath, I cast the boxers to the side and placed myself back in between his legs.

His dick is amazing.

It's so dark and swollen and BIG. The only other penis I've seen was my ex-boyfriend's, but his is nothing compared to the glorious member before me. I don't even know how many inches it could be, but it easily could be nine or ten. So dark and glistening...what should I do?

Slightly shaken at the sheer size of his package, I shook my head and remembered what I was doing. If I don't hurry up, he can wake up and stop me before I even get started. With that in mind, I grabbed his thick, pulsating dick and shoved it down my throat.

My eyes widened in surprise once I had it in my mouth. It was salty and pungent, but the way it filled my mouth out really did a number, because my panties seriously just got heavier with my juices. Pulling up, I pulled him out and started to lick his staff. When I got to the bottom, I softly nipped at his balls. Getting his staff and his sack completely wet, I licked circles around the tip of his overwhelming cock, loving the way it pulsated on my tongue. I pulled him back in, this time letting him touch the back of my throat. I gagged slightly, but after doing it a few more times, I didn't gag at all. As my mouth slid towards the tip, I had my hand wrapped around him and jerking. I worked him with my hand and my mouth, going faster and faster, letting his sweet taste be branded on my taste buds.

I kept going up and down on him, working my tongue in circles around his tip, over and over, until he finally released. It caught me by surprise, so I didn't have time to move him out of my mouth. His nectar ran quickly down my throat, and I swallowed it all, even though I never planned on doing it. After he finished cumming, I pulled back and let it all roll down my throat. It...it wasn't bad. It tasted like salted pickles. I think I might even like it. Going back to his still hard dick, I licked up the last of his orgasm. I made him orgasm...I can't believe it! But I'm not done yet. I still need to be pleasured.

Stepping out of my matching lace bra and panties, I paused as I got used to the cold air on my delicate parts. Here I was, fully unclothed, in my friends' room. I've watched football in here, listened to music, laughed when they told funny jokes. Here I am, 'fucking' my friend that I don't love or hate. We're not friends with benefits, seeing as I don't plan on doing this ever again. He's...he's just a one night stand. Once the rest of the pill wears off, all he'll know is that a stranger tied him up and pleasured him. No name, no judgment. Just two people having sex.

I don't know why, but my heart just dropped at my last thought.

Feeling the dying heat between my legs, I knew that it was either now or never, and I didn't come this far just to give up and walk away. Making myself comfortable on his lap, I looked at him.

No. I don't want to have sex with him if he isn't awake.

I start kissing him roughly, twisting his nipples in hopes that somewhere in his foggy mind, he'll feel the heat and wake up. I heard a soft sigh come from his lips, so I plunged my tongue deep into his wet cavity. I felt our tongues dance again, this time more ferociously. I sucked and bit at his lips, making them red and swollen from my passionate attacks. Rocking my wet center on his navel, I made sure my body sent the message of "Urgency!" to his. Groans, then moans, I can feel him writhing beneath me. I pulled my mouth away and waited for him to come to.

"Uh...mm...I can't-see. Who's on me. What the f-" I kissed him roughly, shutting him up and running my fingers through his hair. I felt him struggling beneath me, and I started to get scared. Rolling my wet center up his body, I began kissing him softly again, taking my time and sending my tongue out, hoping for entrance into his warmth again. I felt his confusion as he tugged at his arms, so I took my hands and kneaded them into his taut shoulders, hoping to relax him and show him that he can trust me. His soft struggling finally yielded, and his mouth finally opened up to let my tongue explore his heated core once more. Feeling confident that he wasn't going to struggle again, I started my ministrations again. I bit his lip softly and sucked at the corners while my arms massaged his shoulders and my throbbing pussy rubbed against his lap. Finally, he completely relaxed, mumbling and groaning in pleasure. Kissing him softly, I moved my lips to let him speak.

"Damn...this feels so good. Who are you?"

I didn't respond. Instead, I bent his head down to my small chest and silently asked him to suck my aching nipples. Getting the hint, he took one of my nipples and started sucking on it. I closed my eyes and tried not to moan. But it felt so good! I grabbed hold of his hair again and gave him better access. I was so lost in the feeling that I was caught off guard and squeaked when he nipped my nipple. I slightly pulled on his hair to tell him that was a no-no, but I heard a soft chuckle and I could almost feel him smiling into my chest.

Oh, so he thinks that's funny?

Surprising him as well as myself, I lifted my hips and landed straight on his dick, feeling him go all the way up. He gasped and his head flew back, moaning at how my hot, wet center felt around him. I was so amazed. It only hurt a little, but it was masked by the sheer pleasure it felt to have him all the way inside.

Knowing that I was in control since I had him all tied up, I lifted myself up and plunged down on him again. When I lifted again, his hips came with me. Here I was, riding this man, feeling him fill me up as my tight pussy wrapped around him, almost like it was fitted perfectly for his dick, and his dick only. My mouth was dry and watery at the same time, feeling him pound into me was driving me over the edge, and I felt like that in no time soon, I'll be jumping over. He was pounding into me and I heard him muttering and moaning, groaning and mumbling expletives. I hastened my pace, pulling him in and out of me, my pussy holding on to his cock, as if for dear life. I heard the noises of our juices meshing together, both of us about to meet our end. NO! Not yet! I pulled off, and the sound he made was almost animalistic.

"Uhmmm...mmm...FUCK! Why'd you stop? It feels so good, baby."

I slapped him. I don't want him calling me 'baby'. That's what he calls those other girls.

I'm not your 'baby'. I'm your friend, your nameless lover. I'm the one who cared for you when you were sick. I'm the one who watches football with you and your roommates, and actually wants to know what's going on. I'm the one who puts up with your antics and despite all the times you infuriate me, all I can do is smile. I'm the one who's meant for you. So don't you dare call me baby.

I slapped him. And then I kissed him. I jammed my tongue down his throat and released all of the pent-up emotions I've had over all this time. My frustration, my irritation, my anger, my jealousy, my lust, my yearning. I kissed him, and then I began to ride him past ecstasy. With a muted cry, I leaned back, and with my hands on his strong legs, I threw my head back and let his massive member plunge as far as it could go into me. My pussy tightened around him, as if wanting to never let his big dick go, to make him an extension of myself. I heard him grunting, could feel him rocking beneath me, and I felt his unspoken desires. He wanted his hands free so that he could grab the soft and supple sides of my abdomen so that he could guide my body with his hands and pleasure my aching breasts with his teasing touch. I know this because I want it just as bad as he does.

Pulling my head up, I looked at the spot where his eyes are, and envisioned him staring at me with so much passion and want and need...

I could feel it. It's threatening to spill over. I feel his luscious dick trembling within my silken walls, and I knew that he was on the verge, too. With one last longing look at his sculpted body, his beautiful hair, and his handsome face, I kissed him with all the feeling in the world as we both climaxed, rocking each other's world's as we were flooded with our juices...

...I couldn't move. I knew I should, to clean up and make my quick escape. But he was still in me, and I really didn't want to move. He didn't move either, and even if he wasn't restrained, I'm sure he wouldn't want to move either.

So I stayed where I was. I stayed silent. I laid my head onto his strong chest and listened to his slowing heartbeat. Yet again I wished that his arms were free, just so that he could hug me closer to him and I could be wrapped up in his large, warm arms.

"That was amazing. I don't know if it was the bondage or mystery or what, but that's the best sex I've ever had."

I weakly nodded my head.

"I mean...no girl's ever done something like this to me. I don't even think I know a girl who would do something this crazy. Do we know each other?"

Relieved that he didn't think it was me but upset that he didn't, I shook his head.

"So you're what? A secret admirer or something?"

I didn't respond.

"Please..." I gasped at the softness in his voice. I've never heard him like this before. "This night was amazing, and I would love to get to know you more, but I don't even know your name."

I bit my lip. I can't tell him...I can't tell him.

"Dammit!" I jumped at his outburst, his cock hitting my walls and making me catch my breath. "I don't know what you think of me, but I'm not a guy who does this. I at least know the name of the girl first. We exchange numbers, we flirt, we go out to eat."

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