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Peppermint Fantasies


( My story for the contest reached a point where I thought it deserved a better editor than myself. I have left it in the hands of a person I know, I can only hope she will have the time to get it back to me before the contest ends. Maybe she will. I wrote this for fun and hope it can bring a bit of winter cheer to any that read it. Enjoy and happy holidays.)


The PA system in the mall needs to die. Not a quick death I decide but a long slow tortuous death of piteous screams.

The type I want to be making as I come back into this mad house for the third time.

Two trips out to the car, my arms loaded with packages and my wife and daughters are still shopping. Lords let this day end!

"Enough." I say softly to myself as I walk past the little water pond. I stop and look down into its tiled depths. Reaching into my pocket I pull out some change and make a quick wish.

The little coins sink into the water with slow spreading ripples. They come to settle on the bottom next to all their drowned cousins.

I look down the length of the mall. All the white garland and lights. The big hanging wreaths with their huge red bows. The winter 'Funland' with the little mechanized villagers. At the far end I can make out the long line of parents waiting for their child to see Santa.

"Well there is at least one blessing." I think as I start to walk towards where my wife said she would be. Our daughters are all old enough to not want to sit on Santa's lap anymore. The hour long wait to get them up to the leg sore, bored to death, man who would ho, ho, ho at them and listen with brain dead boredom to what they wanted.

Snap the picture, Merry Christmas!

As I get near the food court I smell the mixtures of seven different types of fast food. I'm not hungry though. I think I'm still full from yesterday's lunch at my parents and then dinner last night at the in-laws. I do stop and look at the Baskin- Robbins. 'Milk shakes half off.'

"Damn that sounds good." I think,then decide what the hell. The ladies can do without me playing pack mule for a bit longer.

The line isn't too long. The cold snap here at Thanksgiving has made most people want hot drinks not frozen. Hence the sale.

I look through the slanted glass at the round tubs and decide on the Seasonal Special. The bright red and white swirl looks good. I smile and take the Styrofoam cup then decide on a small waffle cone as well. Might as well splurge. My wife has promised dire consequences once the last of the leftovers are gone. Salads all the way to Christmas!

"I'm not a fucking rabbit." I say softly to myself as I take a seat. Thirty days of lettuce doesn't sound like fun.

"Well that's a shame. I was going to chase you down a rabbit hole."

I turn and look up at the young girl walking past me who spoke. My expression must be comical my tongue half out covered with red and white swirls of ice cream.

I don't know her, is the first though that to come to mind. She gives me a flirty smile and keeps walking.

Being a man my eyes drop to her ass of course. Encased in the latest style of skin hugging tights with knee high boots. I feel a smile tug my lips upwards.

She about the age of my oldest daughter. Maybe just out of high school. When I bring my eyes back up I see her grinning at me. Then she wraps her lips around a large peppermint stick and walks over to the low wall by the water feature. When she sits down she looks at me. Kind of a sizing me up sort of look. I see a quirky smile brush her lips then.

She pulls the candy cane out and as I watch gives it a long slow lick up one side.

I chuckle and smiling give my head a little shake. She gives her eyebrow a lift then opens her mouth and slowly slides the candy cane between her lips.

I feel an almost instant arousal when I see how deep it goes. When I was her age the one thing I loved was a blowjob. Twenty years of marriage have taught me other pleasures, which is a good thing since my wife has little desire to give me one.

She smiles when she see what must have been a look of lust cross my face.

"Okay...little cock tease, two can play this game."

I give a soft smile back then lift the waffle cone up. I turn it just a bit and run a long slow lick up through the icy swirls. I give a smirk when I see her take a sudden sharp breath. I lick again letting my tongue follow the side of the cone a bit.

She tilts her head at me then smiling shifts her purse around till it's in her lap. I watch her slide her hand under it. I watch the little shiver a second later with a growing lust.

The idea of taking this little flirt to someplace, anyplace, and fucking her till she can't walk straight come on me then. In twenty years of marriage I've never cheated...come close a few times but never gone beyond acceptable flirting. But right now? With this little minx? If I had the chance she would be squirming under me in a heartbeat.

I glance to the crowds around us. We're in a packed building. The fire marshal probably needs to be called. Then again he's probably here somewhere with his wife shopping. No one is look at us in anyway funny.

When I glance back at her I see her hand moving under her purse. As I watch she slides the candy cane around between her lips, licking the tip, then down the side.

I give the waffle cone a tiny bite that causes her eyes two widen. A small line of white ice cream runs down the side. I chase it with my tongue.

By now I'm hard as ten-year-old fruitcake!

Which makes sense, I'm a forty five year old fruitcake to be doing this.

I watch her slowly giving what looks like an incredible blowjob to the candy cane. The desire for her is incredible by this point. I want to feel those lips around me, I want it to be my cock that's parting them, sliding across her tongue. Brushing the back of her mouth. I also want her to be the one I'm licking. Not cold but hot is what my tongue wants now.

Warm skin dripping with the lust of her young body.

A drop of ice-cream drips from the cone to the side of my hand. As I catch it with my tongue I see her give a sudden intake and a shiver. Her eyes close and I watch a little satisfied half smile slowly form.

When she opens her eyes she looks at me and I swear blushes.

I chuckle seeing her embarrassment. Her age and real innocents appear now that her lust has had a bit of a release.

"Dad! Mom's going to kill you if she see you eating ice cream."

I look up at my oldest daughter as she comes walking over to the table, her arms weighted down with at least three bags per side.

I'm about to say something when she suddenly drops the bags beside my table and all but sprints across to the girl!


I watch my little girl give the flirty minx I've been playing with a quick hug. I can only guess at what the look on my face must be as she starts to drag the girl by the arm over to me.

I stand up as they approach feeling the hard on slowly dying in my pants. I know I'm still presenting a hell of a bulge though.

"Amber, this is my dad. Dad this is Amber. She was in my study hall group this year. I told you about her."

I look at the girl our eyes meeting. I give her a slow smile

"Pleasure to met you ,Amber." I say softly grinning just a bit. "I've hear a lot about you over the last year."

"It's nice to meat you ,Mr. Morris. I..." she is blushing and trying to hide it .

"Call me, Tim." I say as I give her a smile.

Out the corner of my eye I see my daughter give me a strange look. I reach down to the table and pick up the untouched milkshake. I offer it to her.

"Oh ...thanks. Mom still going kill you over the ice cream." She takes a sip, then makes a face. "Yuck. I hate peppermint." She goes to hand it back.

"I love peppermint." Amber says softly just as my fingers close around the frosty cup. I smile and hold it out to her. She gives me a soft 'thank you' and I watch her lips purse around the straw in a secret kiss. She looks to my daughter. "Jennifer, I've got to go find my Mom. Want to come with me?"

My daughter shakes her head.

"Sorry, I need to take these out to the car." She gives the packages by her feet a nudge.

"I'll get those. You go with your friend." Leaning down to get the bags I see the darker wet spot just under the edge of Amber's long shirt and the bit of puffy lips encased in her tights. I grab up the six bags by their handles and stand up. Amber sees my face and blushes furiously. "Where did your mom say she was going to be?" I ask Jennifer to distract her from my little flirt.

"Pottery Barn, then Macys"

"Okay. Amber it was...nice to meet you." I wish I had though to not pick up the bags yet. Then I could have offered her my hand. That way I could have gotten to touch her at least once. I can't think of anyway to do it now without it looking strange.

"It was nice to meet you Mr. Mor...Tim." She lifts the milkshake a bit into view. "And thank you for this I... have a kind of a sweat tooth when it comes to peppermint. I can never get enough."

I give her a wink my daughter can't see, then watch the two of them walk off into the mall. My eyes on Amber's beautiful ass the whole time.

As I take the bags towards the door I have to reconsider letting the PA system live.


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