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Perfect Complements


Their meeting was accidental. Paul had tried to keep them apart, but Elaine got the day confused. Each knew about the other because Paul had made no secret that he was dating two women. But seeing each other nevertheless was extremely awkward. So when Ginny opened the door to Paul's apartment and saw Elaine they both were somewhat shocked. Neither said a word until Ginny said, "You must be Elaine. Please come in."

"Thanks," said Elaine. "I wasn't positive Paul and I were meeting today but thought I would come just in case. But I was wrong and didn't know you would be here. I'm very sorry. I realize this is a little bit strange. A lot strange. But -- how did you know it was me? Why would you assume that just because a woman comes to the door it was me?"

"Simple. I asked Paul to go steady and he said he didn't want to. I asked and asked and finally he said that it was because he could not give up seeing you. I asked why until he broke down and told me - because you had the best body he had ever seen. He said you were a 1 in a thousand in terms of your looks - perfect blond hair with a perfect face and a perfect body. Since that does describe you, you had to be Elaine. Simple. I can now see why Paul enjoys ...ahhh, dating you."

Elaine reflected for a minute. She was much less complimented over the praise than she was saddened and surprised that Paul has not mentioned anything about her personality. About her generous nature, all the love she gave him, her devotion to him. She had long suspected that he only dated her for her body. How many times has he left right after they had sex without even pretending to make small talk?

Elaine replied, "I know some things about you too, Ginny. You see, I also asked Paul to go steady, and he also told me 'no'. He at first refused to say why, but I told him that I wouldn't let him make love to me unless he told me. She smiled. He said he wanted to keep dating you because you have most talented tongue on the planet. He said he couldn't give up your tongue - and also your fingers and your overall passionate nature. He said you are, in terms of your lovemaking skills, a wild woman, a 1 in a thousand."

Ginny smiled. The description was spot on, but she was sad that Paul did not mention her sense of humor, her compassion, her caring, her helpful nature. Her artistic side, her brains and creativity. Her ---

Ginny knew deep inside that Paul was only dating her for sex, but she has tried denying it to herself. But hearing it from Elaine made her wonder that maybe she should break it off and find someone she could relate to better. Besides - Paul did not even satisfy her sexually. Her sex drive was much higher than his, and even if he was not also seeing Elaine he would not be able to keep up with her. Why exactly did she keep seeing him? She was being a chump, big time, she told herself. But Ginny soon forgot Paul because, while she was a cute looking girl, she was certainly not in the same league as Elaine. Even being in the same room with Elaine made her feel inadequate. She knew that when it came to men, if they just gave her a chance she could more than compete with beautiful women because of her fire and her talents. But mostly she wished that Paul - or another man - could appreciate her brain and other non-sexual talents as well, and wondered if she had the strength to end it before she found someone else.

Ginny invited Elaine in, and they continued to talk. They compared notes about Paul, getting more and more candid. They also talked about nothing in particular for a long time, each having so much fun that they lost all track of time. After quite a long time they were really warming up to each other. Within a few wonderful hours each had somehow been transformed in the mind of the other from Mysterious Rival, to the warm, compassionate, and friendly woman each in fact was.

But no matter how well they got along, no matter how easily they talked and how much they laughed (at Paul's expense, at Paul's antics, at life in general) there also was at times an air of tension because they were, of course rivals for Paul's attention. And, despite the warm banter, Elaine stared at Ginny - could it possibly be true? What Paul said about Ginny? She decided to be direct.

"Look Ginny, if Paul wanted you for your brains or wit or generous nature I sure could understand it because you are one of the most engaging, intriguing, and fascinating woman - people - I have ever met. If Paul was in love with you I could understand that. But I simply can't believe that you - that any woman - can compete with me sexually, in terms of lovemaking. You are a nice looking girl, cute, fit and trim, great looking in fact. But just take a look at me! (She stood up, thrust out her breasts (which made Ginny's eyes bulge), and turned around.) I can more than satisfy any man. In fact, I am more than any man can handle."

Ginny replied that Elaine was indeed beautiful, gorgeous, ravishing. But Ginny calmly looked Elaine in the eye and informed Elaine that she could do things with her passion, tongue and fingers that Elaine could not even dream of.

"No," Elaine replied softly, but firmly. "Not to sound too conceited, but I know I am not just good looking. I am dazzling. When I get undressed at the gym even the straight girls' nipples get erect when they look at me, and their pussys get soaking wet. I'm talking about straight pussys! The gay girls are paralyzed with lust over me! Even though I have never done anything with a woman, they beg me again and again."

When she saw a look of bemusement fall over Ginny's lips, Elaine decided to show her. Ginny's eyes got wider and wider as Elaine stripped down to her underwear. When Elaine took off her bra, Ginny gasped. They were indeed the sexiest set of breasts she had ever seen. Breasts that would drive any man or - God help her - any woman wild. When Elaine took off her panties Ginny almost forgot that she was straight - so much perfect beauty that all she could do was stare. As Elaine had warned, Ginny could feel her nipples becoming erect through her bra and shirt, and her pussy getting wet.

With a look of triumph Elaine put her two index fingers on Ginny's nipples, one after the other, which continued to show more and more, to Ginny's great embarrassment. Worse, Ginny's nipples became even harder after Elaine touched them.

"Didn't I tell you, Ginny? No one, man or woman, can fight my looks. If I had a penny for every happily married man or woman who has come on to me... Tell me what you think, Ginny."

"You're -- you're awesomely beautiful. Lucky Paul."

"Don't you want to fuck me?"

Ginny was too shocked to speak. Finally, she sputtered, "Nnnoo.. I'm straight. Straight. Nnooo."

"Right. Unless I let you of course, in which case you would change your mind in a heartbeat. Your erect nipples don't lie, do they?" Ginny's face reddened.

"And now for the point of my little exercise. Why on earth is Paul dating you? No offense - you are very nice looking and clearly are a wonderful human being. I certainly understand why someone - anyone - could fall in love with you. But Paul is just interested in sex. And aren't I sexy enough for anyone?"

Ginny broke her stare and looked down to avoid looking at Elaine's tits. "I - I - I told you, Elaine. I have the most talented tongue ever. And fingers too. When I make love I go crazy and drive anyone I am with crazy. Paul is helpless when I go to work on him. Any -- any - man -- would be. "

Elaine looked at her. Ginny was looking down, so Elaine gently put her hand under Ginny's chin and forced her face up so she was looking Elaine in the eye. "Prove it."

Ginny's eyes glazed over with puzzlement. "Do you mean you want to see me blow Paul? No problem. I am sure he wouldn't mind if you watched. Or do you want to see me suck his nipples until he moans with pleasure? I can work my magic on a man's nipples so that they bring him as much pleasure as most women's nipples bring to them - I'm really that good! Or I could kiss him on his lips until he is helpless, or plant kisses all over his body until I drive him wild? Do you want to watch all this?"

"No, you ninny. There is only one way for me to really see for myself what talents you have."

"By see, you mean--" And then Ginny got it. "But you're a girl. I don't do things with girls."

"Neither do I. Up to now. But the fact that I am a girl should make your task easy. Very easy. If you can suck on a man's lips and nipples until he moans with pleasure, it should be simple for you to turn me on too. My nipples are much more sensitive than Paul's. Even though I am straight, if you are so talented you should be able to turn me on easily."

"No. I don't want to suck a girl's nipples. Or even to kiss a girl."

"Sure you do. Just look at my body. Look at my tits. Wouldn't this be a once in a lifetime opportunity? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that you will like them too much? I thought you were straight? Or are you afraid that you don't really have as much talent in that tongue, in those fingers, as you claim? Are you chicken? Prove your boast. I proved to you what a sexy body I have. Now prove to me that your passion, tongue and fingers are so wonderful! Prove your boast like I proved mine!"

With this challenge Elaine moved closer to Ginny, and slowly pushed Ginny's head down to Elaine's incredible chest. Ginny resisted, trembling and shaking as Elaine gently forced her mouth gradually toward Elaine's naked breasts. Ginny shook more and more violently until her lips were pushed onto Elaine's perfect nipples. Then she gave in. With Elaine's exquisite and hardening nipple at her mouth, Ginny's willpower to resist had broken.

Ginny started to lick, and then to suck Elaine's nipples. One by one, alternating, with her hands doing their magic on the nipple she was not worshiping with her mouth.

Soon after Ginny started to work her wonders on her goddess-like breasts, Elaine moaned -- louder than Paul had ever moaned. Within a very short time she was moaning twice as loud. Soon her moans were uncontrollable, an order of magnitude louder than Paul had ever dreamed of moaning. Ginny was indeed proving what she could do to nipples - and then some!

Then Ginny kissed Elaine deeply, maintaining the nipple simulation with her hands. But before the kiss settled into a deep kiss -- Elaine came. But Ginny, now determined to prove her talents, wouldn't stop. She pushed Elaine onto the carpet and went down on her pussy. In just a few seconds Elaine came again. And then again, and then two more times.

As Ginny made passionate love to Elaine's pussy she reflected that she liked the power she had over women even more than the power she had over men. She could make a man come once or, if he rested, sometimes twice. But Elaine already had her 5th orgasm with no end in sight. Ginny loved the power she had over this ultimate sexual being. Ginny had triumphed! She reflected that men were too easy for someone of her talents. Almost any woman could make almost any man come most of the time. But she had just made a straight goddess come fives times!

They continued, with Ginny marveling over how superior women were, sexually, to men. Such pleasure women could receive! Men were such pitiful creatures compared to the lovely Elaine.

Finally Elaine pushed Ginny away. "Its too much. I'll pass out if you do that again. Now I want to show you the pleasure I can bring to someone with my body. Let's rub pussys until you come. That way you'll experience my perfect body while I kiss you, and the sight and feel of my tits and pussy, plus my tongue, will make you come more than you have ever come before."

Normally Ginny would have been turned off by Elaine's boasting, but she knew it was all true. Just watching Elaine thrash and come again and again had driven Ginny crazy! She was desperate to get off, and really close.

Elaine mounted Ginny and kissed her deeply. She positioned her pussy on Ginny's, rubbing clit on clit, with her massive breasts rubbing on Ginny's smaller ones, and Ginny was in heaven. The sexual feelings from this unbelievable woman kissing her and rubbing their sexual selves together made her come quickly, and almost continuously, for longer in total and more times in total than she had come with Paul during all the months they had been dating. One time with a women was worth more than months with a man! Truly this was the superior way to make love. After the uncountable earthquakes stopped Elaine gave her the longest and most tender kiss either of them had ever experienced.

Afterwards they talked for hours. Each said the other was so much better a lover than Paul that the comparison was laughable. Each also was glad they had made love together - despite Elaine's opportunities this was the first time either had done it with a girl. They talked on and on about Paul, about other men, loosing their virginity, love, about careers, about life. They laughed together and by the time they were talked out were finishing each others' sentences.

Finally, Ginny looked Elaine in the eye and spoke very slowly and softly: "You are an awesome person, a 1 in a thousand as a great human being, not just as a body. You also are a fantastic lover. That was the best sex I have ever had. Paul is so lucky to have you as a girlfriend. He doesn't deserve you."

Elaine stared back, a tear forming in her eyes. For several seconds she could not speak, for finally forced herself: "I can't remember talking so easily with anyone, being so happy to be with anyone, and our lovemaking was so beautiful I could cry. I envy Paul having you as a girlfriend. I wish -- I wish it could somehow be that -- that -- that -- you were my girlfriend. I think I could -- fall in love with you."

Ginny stared at Elaine? Have a girl as a girlfriend? That was crazy? No? Or was she in love with Elaine? Was love at first sight possible - with a girl?

This goddess had just asked her to be her girlfriend. Her talented tongue - and also her personality - had just reeled in an awesome human being. A woman that any man would kill to have. A woman that would have been way out of her league if she has been a man. A woman who could make her come endlessly. In every way a much better bargain than Paul.

Except that Elaine was a girl.

Ginny started to tremble at the conflicting thoughts. A girl for a soulmate? Why not? She was easier to like - and, she was sure, to love - than any guy Ginny had ever met. Maybe she was already in love with Elaine. And from the way Elaine was looking at her, she thought Elaine also was in love with her. And, how could she ever go back to having boring sex with a man after all this?

Elaine moved forward and kissed Ginny deeply. But this time their kiss was not sexual. It was beyond sex, far beyond lust. It was a kiss of two souls. After what seemed like hours their lips unlocked. Ginny replied, "I think... I think... I might be falling in love with you. Do you.... do you... want to move in together?" Elaine nodded and replied, "I don't think I love you. I am sure of it."

Ginny started to tear and replied, "I am sure that I love you too."

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