Perfect Picture


"Baby all of this is just icing. You are so gorgeous it makes my heart ache, and this is me claiming you."

The guys finished and left, leaving me with instructions on caring for the piercing and the tattoo.

I turned to Cindy. "Now we must clean you up and get you into your costume."

Chapter 2
The Costume

I grabbed the previous bottle of oil and began to cover all the places I uncovered during ravishing Cindy's tightly stretched body. As I began rubbing in the oil Cindy started to squirm, and I noticed that she was not quite a taut as she had been. So I gave the ratchet a crank and checked her tummy and breasts. Tight, but one more crank.

Cindy moaned, "Ohhhh Master I feel so exposed, but so loved and beautiful. My skin is so sensitive, every time you touch me it makes my pussy twitch and I get hot and wet."

I smiled and leaned over her right nipple and began to suckle and twirl the barbell with my tongue.

"OOOOHHHHH GGGOODD I could cum from you doing that! OOOHHH Master... Oh Ma-Master..."

While I was playing with her nipple I reached down to see what her cunt was doing. Running my finger between her pussy lips. Her muscles twitching and her pussy lips grabbing for anything.

" OOOOHHHHH GGGOODD. OOOHHH Master... Oh God Please... please love me again..."

"Baby, we will never get your costume complete if we do that"

So I pulled my finger out and quit tonguing her nipple. Once again I grabbed the oil and covered her cleaned spots. I stepped back for a second and gazed at the beautiful creature. Oiled, adorned, with her breasts, belly, legs and arms all pulled taut. She was stunning. There is no way anyone could look at her and not be turned on. I grabbed the still camera and walked around her taking photos, close ups and over all shots. As she saw me taking photos, Cindy moaned.

"Master take me, fuck me, love me."

"My pet, I may have to gag you to get my work done, so be good."

"Yes Master."

I went to my goodie bag and pulled out a thick leather collar with tie-down rings all around it. I buckled it to her neck and then ran chains up to the frame above Cindy's head. This stopped the lateral motion of her head. I toyed with the idea of going ahead and gagging her, but didn't.

I pulled out my paints and began to create her costume. Cindy would be a cheetah and I would be the tamer. I started by piling her hair on the top of her head and putting a ventilated canvas bag over Cindy's face to protect her face from the spray. I also covered her new belly button diamond. Then I sprayed her all over with a burnt orange color that also tasted like orange. I changed nozzles and paints and started working on the spots with a black licorice flavored paint. I then finished with an ivory, lemon-flavored paint for her cheetah underbelly.

Everything on her body was finished except her face and tail. I knelt behind her ass and was tempted to tongue her as I worked the butt plug out of her ass. I could hear her moaning through the bag until the plug came free. Her moans increased as I starting oiling her asshole again. I started working a slightly larger butt plug with an attached tail into her.

"Oh God... Oh God... Oh My... Oh... Oh... OOOOOhhhhh Ma-Master. It hurts so good... Oh Master... OOOOhhhhh..."

As the wide part of the plug passed and her asshole closed around the plug, her cries changed.

"Master, I'm so full... Oh... Oh.... Master... Oh my Master..."

I could tell she was having a little trouble with the bigger size, so I reached around toyed with her clit to ease the pain and her reaction was immediate.

"MMAA...MMAASSTTEERR... I'm going to cum."

The combination of pain and stimulation sent her skyrocketing and once again I felt her pussy lips grabbing for me and her cunt rippling around my fingers.

"AAAgggghh... Ohh Ggggoooddd... AAAgggghhhh... IIII can't stoppp it... Oohhh... OOhhh... OOOhhh..."

Her words became a gasping scream as she came. She came down quickly and began to apologize.

"Master, I'm sorry, I have no excuse... I promise to be better."

I stood, went around to face her and took the bag off her head. As I did, her hair tumbled down her back and I could see tears of shame in her eyes.

"My pet, your passion and sensitivity are one of the reasons I love you. But you did come without permission and will have to be punished. Since we are short on time it will have to be at a later date. Remember this, and make sure you control yourself."

"Yes, my Master."

I removed her restraining collar, painted her neck and began painting her face. I gave her a little black nose, whiskers on cheeks and lots of makeup to really bring out her eyes. When the paint on her neck was dry I brought over a jewelers box that contained a sterling silver choker with hidden bondage rings. The outside of the collar was engraved Cindy. The inside was engraved: "Cindy is now and forever the loving property of her Master".

I could see her eyes start to fill with tears, and I admonished "You will ruin your costume my Pet".

I snapped the collar shut around her neck and said, "With this collar, I claim you as exclusively mine forever. No one may touch you without my permission."

She whispered. "I love you master. I am so deliriously happy to be claimed by you."

I had just completed taking photos of my masterpiece when Joe the club manager stuck his head inside the door and said "10 minutes till the costume parade." He stopped and gazed at Cindy and added "This is going to be a night to remember."

I looked over at Cindy; she had started to breathe hard and her eyes had that lost in lust look. Just having Joe ogle her had begun to turn her on.

I clipped leash to her collar and unbuckled her wrists. I told her to lean on me while I unbuckled her ankles and then helped her step off the platform.

"Okay my pet you are now a cheetah and I am your master. So for the rest of the evening you will walk on all fours."

I walked out of the preparation room leading the sexiest, most sensuous cheetah that ever existed. I thought that after four hours Cindy might be thirsty, so I headed over to the bar and ordered a dry martini for me and a bowl of cream for her. She took it right in stride and lapped the cream out of the bowl.

As we walked around the room, we had to be constantly on guard for people tripping over or stepping on Cindy. Many people we saw would test her tail by giving it a pull, and several times Cindy had to curl up in a fetal position to keep from cumming. Cindy is an exhibitionist at heart, a trait we have exploited many times. Parading around naked or having people openly lust after her always keeps her at the edge of cumming.

We saw many people that we only see on Halloween and others that we are friends with. Everyone loved Cindy's costume, and the men particularly loved the fact that there was no underwear. Once again, they could ogle her sensuous and magnificent body with only paint blocking their view. Several people commented on her newly pierced nipples and several twisted the barbells, forcing Cindy to shutter, arch her back and hiss.

The closest Cindy came to cumming was when one of the more abusive Doms grabbed Cindy's tail as she walked past and pulled her to him. This action threatened to pull her tail plug out and she had to clamp down her asshole to keep the tail in. That action sent ripples through her body, centering in on her pulsating cunt. She responded with a cry for help as she fought to stop cumming.

"Ma-MASTER... OH... OH... PLEASE... Help... Master... Master... Oh Master please help" she gasped and shuttered as she tried to regain control of her spasming cunt.

The Dom in question saw her twitching cunt, lifted her tail and jammed two fingers into her pussy and began to thrust in and out. Cindy began to thrash about and screamed.


After her first cry for help I dropped the leash and quickly turned to help my pet. The minute I saw his fingers in my pet's pussy I grabbed his hand, pulled it out of Cindy and flipped him over his chair. He was already drunk and tried to come up swinging. I grabbed his shirt and punched him in the gut hard enough to knock the wind out of him. By that time, Joe was there and the Dom in question was thrown out with all future rights revoked.

After knocking him to the ground, I quickly turned and knelt by Cindy.

"My pet are you okay, are you hurt, oh my love say you are okay," I whispered to her.

Cindy was staring at me with her beautiful green eyes wide open in wonder at what I had done. But the rest of her body was shaking and trembling. I didn't if she was hurt, trying stop from cumming or what.

"Master, you beat him up for me... you protected me ... again," she whispered with awe and wonder in her voice.

"My pet, I told you when I claimed you that no one will ever touch you without my permission and no one will ever hurt you. Are you hurt my Pet?"

"No Master, mostly scared. It brought back the times before and I got scared. I'm okay, Master."

"Are you ready to be the most beautiful cheetah in the world or do you need to rest?"

"Could a cheetah sit next to her trainer and rest a minute?"

"Yes my pet."

I grabbed her leash and walked over to an empty table and sat in a chair. Cindy stayed in character, sat on her haunches and laid her arms and head in my lap. I stroked her hair, caressed her face and ran my hands over her torso, ending by cupping and hefting her breasts while thumbing her nipple.

"Oh master... oh master please may I suck your cock, I need to feel you in some part of me."

"Okay, my pet."

She lovingly unbuckled my pants and fished out my soft cock. She purred, fed my cock into her mouth and started to lovingly caress it with her mouth and tongue. The head of my cock is so large when it's hard that she has a difficult time sucking anything but the head. But whileiti was soft she began to suck as much as she could down her throat.

I start stroking her hair and caressing her face with one hand and toying with her newly pierced nipple with the other hand. As I grew in her mouth she began to choke and backed my cock out of her throat until she only had the head in her mouth. My tit play was having the desired effect as she started to squirm, her nipples hard enough to cut glass. I could see her pussy lips glistening.

I could feel and hear her moaning around my cock as she became more and more excited. My cock had grown to full size. My sexy cheetah could only get the head in her mouth, so she ran her lips up and down my shaft and wrapped her tongue around the shaft. She started panting and gasping around my shaft as I twirled and tugged on the barbell in her nipple.

"Oh Master... I need you in me... Oh... master... please..."

"My pet, that will have to wait, but see if you can make me cum."

Normally I can't cum in her mouth because the head gets the only stimulation, but the thought of what is to come had me to the point of cumming. She continues to wash my cock with her tongue and suck on my cockhead until my balls are ready to explode.

I pinch her nipple and she to opened her mouth wide in a gasp. I pushed my cock into her open mouth and exploded my cum into her. My beautiful pet didn't miss a drop and sucks all the cum out of my cock as I continue to pour cum into her mouth. When I finish cumming, she started to wash my cock and lovingly licks it all over. When my cock is clean, she puts it back in my pants, buckles my belt and rests her head back in my lap with a satisfied look on her face.

"Thank you, Master. Cats love their cream," she purred.

"Oh my pet, you make me the happiest Master in the world," I laughed

I bend over and kissed her, tilted her face towards me, nibbled on her lips, stuck my tongue in her mouth and kissed her with all the love I felt.

"Oh my Master ... Oh god how I want you inside me." she purred

"I know baby ... Ready to once again be the sexist cheetah in the world?"

"Yes, Master."

For the next 10 minutes, we resumed walking around the room as sexy cheetah and trainer. Then we headed over to the judging area and the parade of costumes began.

There were about 10 people were in the running, but no one was in my sexy cheetah's league. We walked up to the stage and everyone stood in a line. Each person had 2 minutes to present their costume, after which the judging would begin. The costumes were judged via applause.

There were a couple of sexy vampires, al la "Elvira," and a French Maid whose costume basically consisted of three small bows and one large bow in back. There were also a couple of sexy space invaders that were reminiscent of several of Jane Fonda's "Barbarella" costumes: clear bras and lots of cutouts. The other costumes included an indecent schoolgirl (she would have never made through the door), a porn star (she wore a very short open crochet dress) and a castaway or maybe Eve (dressed only in leaves). The last contestant wore a Daisy Duke outfit with only a few threats holding it in place, but I have to admit that she looked damn good in the outfit.

I had an idea while standing next to my sexy cheetah. I turned her away from the crowd, pulled on her leash and bade her to stand. As she was facing me, I whispered to her.

"Pet you have my permission to cum."

She looked up at me, started biting her lip and trembling. While she was looking at me I started caressing her tit while pinching her nipple with one hand. With the other hand I slid two fingers into her drenched pussy and began to slowly fingerfuck her and rub her clit with my thumb. Her knees started to sag and she leaned into me.

"Oh... Oh... master... Oh... master Oh Oh OH," she whispered into my chest.

When I have exposed her before crowds and made her cum she is usually tightly bound. This time the only binding is the leash. So to get the orgasm I want from her I will need to hold the leash tight.

She was quivering and panting into my chest. I knew she was close, and that was perfect because we were next.

I gave her a flick on her clit and I kissed her mouth and whispered."Cum hard for your Master; show the crowd how much you love your me."

I pushed her to her knees and she resumed her cheetah pose.

"Next is a sexy cheetah and her trainer," the announcer said.

I knelt behind my pet and began.

"Actually, this is a well-trained Sexy Cheetah and right now she is in heat. So I will show you how well trained she is."

I began to finger fuck her buttery cunt, and with each stroke I would caress her clit and rub her G-spot. Within a half a dozen strokes, she was quivering and pushing her cunt back on my fingers.

"Not yet, my pussy. Not yet," I whispered.

After another half a dozen stokes she was shaking, slamming her cunt onto my fingers, and hissing.

"Master... oh... Master please... Master now... please Master..."

"Not yet, my pussy. Not yet."

After another half a dozen stokes, she was swinging her head from side to side, her arms and legs were locked in an attempt the stave off the wave of pleasure trying to consume her. Her stomach and pussy muscles were clamped tight and at the same time rippling and trying to pull my fingers further into her. Her back was arched back, thrusting her magnificent tits towards the audience. She was begging now.

"Master... oh my Master please... OooooHhhhh please Master... Ooooooooooo... pleeeeeaassee."

I grabbed her tail and yanked, "Cum for me pet."

Her back bowed even further, her mouth opened in a silent scream and all her muscles locked. For a few seconds I could not move my fingers in her. Then her stomach muscles clenched and whipped her forward on the stage, screaming.

"AAAgggghhhh... Oohhh... OOhhh... Ohhh Master... Oh Master... Oh... AAAgggghh... Ohh Ggggddd... AAAgggghhhh... OOOhhh..."

Her entire body went into convulsions as I cradled her in my lap. As I caressed her, her body started calming and the shaking morphed into the occasional spasm. I kissed her on her cheek.

"That was magnificent, my pet."

I looked up and the crowd was stone dead silent and several people's mouths were hanging open in awe of what they had just seen. Our two minutes were up, so I picked up Cindy and cradled her in my arms. She put her arms around me, snuggled into me and whispered into my neck.

"Oh Master I love you so very much. I hope you will let me be your slave forever."

I whispered back, "I know, my pet, because you inspire me to greatness."

The crowd jumped to their feet, and the roar that consumed the club lasted for a good five minutes. Cindy looked up at me and gave me a smile that could light a city. I set her on her feet so she could garner her accolades. She bowed and stood tall, showing off her stunning figure. Her smile was lighting the room, and her beautiful, paint adorned body was the envy of every male in the room.

The announcer piped up, "I don't think we really need to vote. The winner is obvious."

Cindy's smile brightened and snuggled into me.

"Hold me, Master, please hold me." She melted me with her eyes.

I picked her up in my arms, while she put her arms around me and snuggled into my neck. Then she started crying.

Then she started crying and whispered "Master, none of this would have been possible without you. I owe you everything, even my life. Oh master, you make me so deliriously happy; I love you. I love you so much, I only hope I can live up to the honor of being your slave. Take me somewhere and make love to me and mark me with your seed."

"My pet, my love, we still have the rest of the party, but as soon as it is over I will make love to you and mark you as mine."

As the noise died down, we walked up to accept the trophy. The organizers then took photos of Cindy to include in the trophy. The announcer said there would be a special trick-and-treat show in 10 minutes. So I grabbed Cindy's leash and led her back to the preparation room.

Chapter 3
Trick and Treat

When we returned to the preparation room Cindy was beaming from having won the costume competition, but she soon turned and looked at me with confusion.

"Master why are we back in this room?" she asked.

"Tonight, my love, you are the Trick and Treat special show. I have a special evening planned for you and one everyone here will remember it forever. Do you trust me my pet?"

"Yes master, I will always trust you and love you always. I know that you will always take care of me, even when I am bad," she responded.

"Good step back to the frame."

Cindy stepped back and I helped her step on the platform. I could not buckle her into the frame with it extended. I made note of the ratchet settings and released the frame so that it sprang back into its original position. I knelt down and buckled her ankles into the frame and stood then buckled her wrists into the top of the frame.

"Baby, are you nervous or scared?"

Cindy nodded her head and added "Master you have displayed me to many people, but something feels different tonight. I know you will watch over me and take care of me, but I'm still nervous."

"Tonight is different. After your show tonight you will be mine, marked inside and out by me and you will never leave my side. So just remember your training and trust in me" I replied.

"I do trust in you and I will remember my training"

I saw tears in her eyes and I think she started to realize how much the Master loves his Sub. So I added "After tonight you are collared, branded and marked as mine to love and cherish forever."

Tears started rolling down her cheeks and she stated. "You are my master and I will love you forever."

I checked her restraints and began to ratchet the frame back to its extended position. I checked the tautness of Cindy's belly, her breasts and ran my hands over mound to check her sensitivity.

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