Perfect Prey


I let my fingers dance around the edge, then pressed the center of the rough spot, before rubbing gently back and forth as she had recommended. Kristine screamed, her body arched, and her nipples went stone hard. A second later I felt the characteristic contractions at the edge of her pussy, and this was the moment I knew that I would always love experiencing a woman's orgasm thusly. Having Kristine writhing and crying in throes of ecstasy was driving me crazy with lust, I'd never realized how beautiful a woman was when she came so hard.

When she collapsed back down on the bed, she moved my hand from her breast and down to her swollen nub. I wasn't sure what she meant me to do, but I let two fingers circulate on the sensitive area. Her other hand found my dick and squeezed the hard shaft, then started to stimulate me by moving the foreskin back and forth. She knew exactly where the sensitive spot was just on the edge of the head, and we both moaned in appreciation. As she increased the pace, I automatically followed her lead and rubbed her clit in time with her movement.

To my surprise and delight the result was another climax, making Kristine utter more loud noises and squeeze my fingers with her internal muscles and my manhood with her hand. I kept rubbing until she stilled my hand as a last shudder went through her body. Then I just sat there staring at her, amazed that I had brought a woman to climax with my fingers for the first time in my life. When she opened her eyes and gave me a very satisfied, but also expectant look, I stammered: "I thought you weren't able to come from anything I did?"

Kristine's voice was hoarse from passion, as she whispered: "Sometimes a girl can get lucky. But actually, the easiest time to get a woman, or at least me, to have an orgasm, is when she has just come and is still on a high." I stored this interesting information in the back of my mind, but right now I only wanted one thing. To get my dick inside her as quick as possible, and I had no doubt she wanted this too. Her fingers were busy again by the dark triangle of hair, as I forced her legs apart and leant over her to position the crown against the entrance to heaven.

The moment I pushed my dick into her pussy, she came for the third time, and my experience with Daniella had taught me what to do. I paused with just the tip of my manhood inside her, and my reward was to feel her orgasmic contractions directly against the most sensitive part of me. So awesome to see and hear Kristine give herself over to ecstasy as she convulsed around the naked helmet of my fairly desperate tool. My dick wanted to fuck her so badly, and I gave in and thrust it all the way inside, as Kristine seemed to be descending from her peak. Oh, yeah, we all liked that idea!

She clung to me and bucked her hips up, and if I had thought her tight before, it was nothing to how she felt now. It was like plowing my way through a wet and quivering but very narrow tunnel of flesh, and her instinctive cry of "Oh, fuck you're big," was only partly due to me being at maximum engorgement. But I had no complaint about the illusion of having a huge manhood that ravished a delighted female. I was very glad that I had already come once this morning, because fucking her was so good that I would have erupted within seconds otherwise. As it was I still had to restrain myself, so as not to run headlong into it.

However, I did remember my goal of taking her from behind, so after the first rush of gleeful fucking, I pulled out and told her to turn round. Kristine immediately got on all fours and presented me with her plumb ass, and I lost no time in burying my manhood in her willing hotspot. I kneaded her soft bottom, which she seemed to like, and lost myself in the pleasure of riding her hard. It was just as good as I had anticipated, and Kristine certainly appreciated my efforts. She pushed back against me and begged me: "Oh, yes, yes...more, yes, harder... ah, yes." I was more than happy to oblige and rammed myself into her again and again.

Taking breaks from fucking the luscious body in front of me gave me a chance to pull her buttocks apart and play with her anus. I wetted a finger and pushed it inside, eliciting happy moans from Kristine who clenched her sphincters around both penetrating parts of me. I'd never done a woman's ass, so I was somewhat tempted to let my dick follow my finger. However, it purely refused to suit up, now that it was finally allowed unlimited and unprotected access to a warm and willing pussy.

So I just fucked Kristine's asshole with my thumb and her pussy with my dick, while she writhed wantonly under my hands and made some very sexy, almost animal like sounds. At one point she managed to gasp: " Oh, fuck I just love being taken from behind. Hard. Come on, Anders, harder, more, yes!" Her word was my command, so as her head and shoulders collapsed on the mattress, I grabbed her hips with both hands and let her have it. I reveled in the fantastic feeling of just doing exactly what I wanted, which was to fuck her silly and fill her with the very last cum in my balls.

Suddenly one of her hands sneaked in between our legs and she squeezed her pussy lips together to massage my dick, mmm nice. Then her fingers continued back to fondle my sack and gently rub the sensitive area behind. A picture of Mark's delicious ass flashed before my eyes, because he had held me just like that moments before I had cum inside him. When Kristine's finger circulated on my anus, I was brought to the precipice of ecstasy, whether I wanted to or not. The instant her wet fingertip penetrated my rear opening, I exploded in an involuntary but much needed and longed for orgasm.

I positively roared as I shot inside her, burying myself as deep as possible, while spurting again and again until my balls ached. After my first shouts I managed to clamp my lips together, and I swear I heard Kristine actually cooing in triumph during my climax. Her soft hand cupped my perineum almost lovingly, her fingers tightening carefully in time with my convulsions, while keeping her fingertip firmly lodged in my back entrance. Fucking hell, if I should ever have problems with coming, this was the trick I would ask my partner to perform.

We just stood there for a little while, as I tried to get my voice to function, so that I could thank Kristine. Finally my dick deflated, and as I slipped out of her, she collapsed onto her stomach and sighed. Her head was turned to one side, and the blue eyes opened to look at me. She smiled and whispered: "That was absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much, Anders." My mouth fell open, and then I tried to express why I was the one who should feel grateful. Seeing as I'd never had so much experienced and passionate pussy in such a short time.

Of course I was very happy that Kristine was also content, because I was already hoping that she would let me repeat our night together sometime soon. Even though I had no problem persuading other girls to share my bed in the subsequent months, now that I knew how to find proper game. None of them regretted falling prey to my seduction, as I usually succeeded in satisfying them with my increasing skills in using fingers, mouth and dick to pleasure women. But Kristine remained a special challenge and object of my lust.

Maybe also because she turned me down, kindly but firmly, the first couple of times I tried to hit on her again. She quoted the Danish proverb 'Een gang er ingen gang, men to gange er en vane' meaning once is no custom (but twice is). "And I have no intention of becoming a habit for a guy right now, not even for casual sex and a sweet young stud like you, Anders." I got her point, but it just made me even more eager to bring this particular prey down once more. Silly, I know, but the unattainable is even more irresistible.

If you like, I'll tell you the story of how I finally managed to persuade her, shortly before she disappeared out of my life for good. This time I fucked her in all three holes, to our mutual pleasure. Even though my nights with Kristine happened almost twenty years ago, I still recall them fondly and usually with a hand stroking my stiff manhood. And also with gratitude for what she taught me about how to give satisfaction to women (and men).

Now that I think about it, the main benefit apart from the fantastic sex was actually making me aware that women who really enjoy sex, are better, more fun, in bed. So if I can give a woman sexual pleasure, the reward is that I get more AND better sex. And if a woman is into sex, she is usually also much more likely to engage in some of the fun games that I like. So Kristine taught me an important lesson, and since then I've always done my very best to bring the lovely ladies in my life joy in bed. I can only recommend you do the same, it's well worth the effort.

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