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Perfect Strangers


The door to the apartment hadn't finished clicking shut before Lisa found herself pressed up against the wall. Feeling the hot, hungry mouth on hers, she tried to remember the last time she had been so turned on.

His tongue aggressively darted into her mouth as the stranger tasted her dinner and her drinks, and Lisa did the same. She clenched his bar shirt in one hand and ran her hand over the flat, hard muscles of his chest and arms - the same ones that had drawn her gaze earlier that night and peaked her interest. His breathing was ragged as his hands roamed over the tight fitting jeans Lisa had worn to the bar and, for a moment, he squeezed her ass so hard it hurt. Lisa whimpered into his mouth and he pulled back for a second, giving them both a chance to breathe.

"Sorry," he murmured, trying to calm himself down as his eyes ran over her figure, drinking in the sight of the beautiful woman in front of him.

"It's okay," Lisa responded through lusty half-lidded eyes.

His hands busied themselves with removing the light top Lisa had worn to the bar and she raised her arms to help, glad to be rid of it. Though she would never admit such a thing, the sexy fabric somehow managed to make her itch in remarkably non-sexy ways when she started to sweat. Throwing the flimsy fabric in a careless pile somewhere off to the side, the muscled hardbody's eyes widened as the exquisite bra Lisa had decided to wear that night was exposed, contrasting beautifully with her toned, pale figure.

"Wow," he said, stunned for a moment, busily running his eyes over her full breasts. His hands rested on her hips and Lisa arched her back accordingly, more pleased with the obvious approval than she cared to admit.

"You like?" she asked, wanting more.

His response was stiff, hard and largely non-verbal as he pressed against her once more.

Well, that's what I was going for Lisa thought, her mouth suddenly very busy managing the edges of a delighted smile as the lightly stubbled mouth scratched at her face. Lisa felt a strong hand gently cup and squeeze her breast through the material as his mouth nibbled at the side of her neck, and she felt a warm, shuddering throb run through her body. Lisa made a sound in the back of her throat as his lips travelled down her cleavage and over the tips of her breasts. The hand roughly pulled the lacy material down and she felt lips, teeth, and tongue teasing her hard nipple.

Lisa leaned her head back and spent a long moment savouring the sensations. Her head swam with alcohol, though she wasn't drunk. Well, no, she was drunk - but just enough to give her the liquid courage she needed for tonight.

No strings attached sex with a complete stranger.

Lisa had just recently gotten out of a disastrous long-term relationship, and found herself not quite ready to dive back into the dating pool. She was in her early twenties, and found herself irrationally worrying more often than not as of late that she was going to die alone. The past few weeks had been especially hard for her, unused as she was to the single life. Finally, this past weekend, a strange concoction of anxious loneliness had reached a boiling point inside of her and she had decided that Saturday was the night that she was going to dress up in her poor, neglected sexy pants, and if the stars aligned, she wouldn't be coming home alone.

As it turned out, the stranger lived like two blocks away from the bar.

From what little she had seen in the brief glimpses she had caught, his apartment looked nice enough. No clothes (aside from hers) on the floors and no mountains of dirty, unwashed dishes piling up in the sink.

All good signs.

Tangling her fingers in his thick black curly hair, Lisa raised the mouth sucking and nuzzling at her breast back up and as their eager lips and tongues met once more, curiosity got the best of her. She squeezed the hard lump straining towards her through the stranger's pants. She was trying to remember his name. Larry? David, maybe? He had introduced himself earlier in the night but she had almost immediately forgotten. Truth be told, she was more interested by the object in her hand than his name. Still pinned to the wall, Lisa found herself clumsily trying to undo his belt and unbutton his pants. Their passionate kissing slowly ground to a halt as the effort consumed more and more of her attention.

Finally, Lisa succeeded.

They looked each other in the eye and were both silent for a long moment. Lisa found herself beginning to blush as the stranger gently laughed before undoing her bra in a quick, practiced motion.

"Oh god that's embarrassing," Lisa said, painfully self-conscious all of a sudden.

"It's adorable. Don't worry about it," reassured the stranger before kissing her gently once again.

Lisa warmed to the embrace. Her hand slowly slipped under his waistband and traced over the hard, throbbing member pointing towards her. She watched the expression on the beautiful stranger's face change as she traced her fingers around the erect tip. His attention was drawn inward as he focused on her touch. His expression was almost serious, and not for the first time that night, Lisa felt the thrill of control as she wrapped her fingers around his erection and pulled gently. She couldn't help but notice how his hips followed her subtle direction, his breathing shallow and his eyes closed.

At this point, Lisa was wetter than she had been in a long time. From the moment she had spotted him earlier that night, she had been picturing him inside of her, his muscled body thrusting away on top of her, naked and sweaty. She broke the spell he was under as she pulled his erection, his hips, the whole package, really, towards her. Hungrily, with renewed purpose, he lowered his mouth over her naked breasts and deftly undid her tight jeans, roughly pulling them down off of her long, pale, toned legs, revealing the intricately patterned partner to the discarded bra she had been wearing.

He didn't say a word, but the way his breathing increased and his renewed aggressiveness he showed told Lisa everything she needed to know. She twitched and quivered with the knowledge. Every touch of his hot mouth on her bared body reverberating through her.

Well, here we go thought Lisa as she closed her eyes, turned on but a little nervous as the hungry, attentive mouth licked and sucked and descended lower still over her abdomen. Her brown eyes clenched shut as the stranger finally elected to simply pull her damp, lacy undergarment to the side as he ran his mouth and the tip of his tongue over her sensitive and glistening lips. Nervousness was quickly forgotten and replaced with raw pleasure as the tips of warm, electric fingers coursed through her body.

Lisa, chest heaving and flush, found her legs trembling as she struggled to continue supporting her body against the wall. Her fingers were once more tangled in his hair, and she provided what were probably confusing directions as she simultaneously arched towards him while trying to push him away. She couldn't help herself. She wanted him to tease her, and she wanted to cum. She wanted to work for her orgasm and she also wanted it right then.

Ultimately, she just wanted more. Fortunately, he seemed to understand that well enough.

Lisa gasped harshly as he gently sucked her wet, engorged clit into his mouth and gently ran the flat of his tongue along it. Looking down, she couldn't help but notice how much he seemed to be enjoying the act of eating her out. Lisa felt the faintest brush as an unexpected but rapidly building orgasm surged inside of her, and her legs wobbled so hard she almost fell to the floor.

"You okay?" the man asked, stopping for a moment and smiling. The bottom half of his face was obscenely wet and glistening. Lisa sort of hoped he didn't try to kiss her until he washed up, though she felt uncharitable for the thought.

"Yeah, you're just... really good at that," she said. Talk about an understatement. Her stomach and legs were still twitching.

"Really?" he asked, obviously pleased with the comment.

"Mmhmm," Lisa moaned, biting her lip, unaware that she was running her hands over her body, enjoying the heightened sense of her every feminine curve.

"Well that's good. Should I keep going?" he asked, teasing her as he made idle circles with his thumb around her sensitive pink button. Lisa nodded silently, her mouth opened but made no sound as his single digit slowly slid lower through her wetness, finding her entrance. Pushing his way inside with excruciating patience, the stranger ran his other hand over her perky breasts, gently squeezing and massaging them.

At that moment, Lisa couldn't wait any longer.

"Do you have a condom?" she half-gasped, half-asked.

The stranger nodded and wrapped a strong, muscular arm around her waist. Lisa wasn't exactly a small woman, but the ease with which he lifted her off the ground with no discernable effort made her feel as if she were, and she loved him a little for that. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around his body as he jostled them towards his bedroom. Gently, he lowered Lisa onto the expanse of his mattress before opening the drawer of the nightstand next to his bed.

As he quickly tore open the small square package and rolled on the thin, protective plastic with a practiced ease that would have worried Lisa had she stopped to consider the question. Instead, she was finally treated to an unobstructed view of the stranger's impressively sized cock. She watched, hypnotized almost, as the fifth man she had ever been with (and the best looking by far) settled into position between her legs. Before he made contact, Lisa put a hand on his well-developed pec and cautioned him with a look.

"Be gentle, please. It's been a little while," she said.

"I'll go slow," he said, reassuringly.

She nodded and he slowly pressed against her, filling her an inch at a time. Lisa stopped him when she needed a moment to adjust to his lengthy girth, and by the time his pelvis touched hers she was ready for more.

"Harder. Make me cum," she begged.

He didn't need much more encouragement than that.

The stranger fucked her with a deep, steady rhythm that quickly fanned the fading embers of her earlier orgasm back into brilliant, flaming existence. Without really realizing what she was doing, Lisa found herself gnawing on the muscled shoulder she was clutching to. Lisa struggled against the inevitable building pressure for as long as she could as the stranger fucked her with wild, passionate abandon. Her crumbling self-control was finally ripped away, her body wracked with spasms and twitches tore through her body as her insides gripped the thick dick inside of her in a pulsing vice-like grip. The stranger panted, sweat dripping off his gleaming body and he slowed, not stopping, giving her some time to recover before he roughly flipped her over and entered her from behind.

Lisa moaned as he fucked her more deeper and harder than she ever had before. Filling her completely, the stranger's pelvis slapped against her pale round bottom again and again, until her cheeks were pink with the abuse. His frenzied thrusts intensified, nearing the point of pain and Lisa was about to ask him to stop when she saw how his fists were clenched in the bedsheets. The veins in his muscled forearms stood out clearly with his white knuckled grip. She could feel the sweat pouring off his brow dripping onto her back.

"Come on my back!" she begged, encouraging him onwards and inwards with her feet, praying for him to finish.

Finally, long moments later, he toppled over the edge.

Grunting like an animal, the stranger finished a few more frantic thrusts before pulling out and ripping off the condom. Lisa sighed, as much in relief as in satisfaction as hot warmth spattered over her back. The droplets cooled quickly where they landed, and she could feel his body clenching and relaxing to the pulse of his orgasm as his erection slowly deflated in his hand.

For a moment, only the sounds of their heavy breathing filled the silence.

"Um, a little help here," Lisa said, finally, gesturing awkwardly to her back

"Sorry. Let me grab you a towel," said the stranger with an apologetic chuckle.

After cleaning up (as much as you could with a towel and a spare toothbrush, anyways), Lisa and the stranger quickly fell asleep on opposite ends of the mattress.

___ ___ ___

As the sun crested the horizon, Lisa was dressed and just about ready to leave in yesterday's clothes when the stranger called to her. Inwardly she cursed as she turned to face him with a bright smile. She had been trying to avoid an awkward goodbye.

"You're leaving?" he mumbled, and Lisa thought she could detect the faintest hint of disappointment in his voice.

"Sorry. Big day ahead," she said softly in the delicate silence of the morning, entirely comfortable with her half-truth.

"S'alright. Will I see you again?" he asked, and Lisa couldn't bring herself to speak plainly about what last night had been to her. She sort of wanted to feel bad about it, but couldn't quite really get there.

"Sure. Maybe. Possibly. Add me on Facebook or something. Bye!" she said as she forced herself to start moving towards the exit, not wanting to get stuck in a discussion.

"Okay," he muttered, smacking his lips and forgetting to ask Lisa her full name as he drifted away to the sound of his apartment door closing.

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