tagMind ControlPersuade-Her: Week 1

Persuade-Her: Week 1


My marriage has, for the last few years, been going down hill, at least sexually speaking. I was totally sexually frustrated and getting desperate. My wife and I had not had any sexual contact for about a year. She would not dress with me in the room and I was not even allowed to see her in her underwear, although I did occasionally manage to sneak a peak through a badly shut door or a reflection in a mirror. I did not want to go elsewhere to satisfy my sexual urges, but I had to do something. After months of deliberation I finally decided that enough was enough and I would try an aphrodisiac or even one of those date rape drugs.

I went up to Soho and visited several sex shops looking for what I wanted without success. Eventually I plucked up the courage to ask the man behind the counter, in one of the shops, what he recommended. He persuaded me to purchase an expensive, but unlabeled, small, blue bottle of what he called 'Persuade-her'. He promised me that five drops in any female's drink and they would be open to any suggestion you made to them and even better than that they would think that it was their idea originally. The only down side was that it could only be used once a week. I was very sceptical of his claims but, what the heck I was desperate and it might work. I decided to try it that night so rushed home.

As soon as I got home I made Jackie, my wife, and myself a drink. Jackie's of course had five extra drops in it. We then went through the normal routine of putting the children to bed etc. Once the children were safely asleep I spoke to Jackie, "Why don't you pop up and have a bath whilst I make your tea. Then come down in just your black nightdress." This I thought was a mild test as she nearly always bathed before tea but she would never come downstairs in just her nightdress and had not worn her sexy black one for years.

"I'll go and have a bath," she replied "fix up something nice for dinner." She then went upstairs. I still expected that she would come back down wearing her normal thermal pyjamas and dressing gown. Imagine my surprise when, just after I shouted that dinner was ready, she came down in just her translucent short black nightdress.

"I haven't worn this for ages and it makes me feel really sexy," she said, "do you like it?"

"I love it" I replied giving her a kiss. I was in no doubt 'Persuade-her' worked, but how far could I go and how long did its effects last? I decided to put it too a much sterner test.

"How about watching one of my porn movies after dinner?" I suggested, "You could even masturbate whilst watching it." I thought that there would be no hope of this as she hated me even having porn films and had never ever masturbated saying that it was a disgusting and dirty thing to do. Jackie didn't comment but took a sip from her wine glass. Well at least she didn't slap me. We finished dinner quietly. I realised that I had raised my hopes too soon and decided to chuck the rest of the 'Persuade-her' away as soon as possible to avoid it getting found and having some awkward questions to answer. We started to clear the table when Jackie said,

"I'll clear away. You find one of your porn movies to watch and make sure it's a strong one!" My jaw fell open and you could have knocked me down with a feather. So the guy was right about them thinking it was their idea. They obviously hear the suggestion, but only sub-consciously, and then repeat it as their own idea a bit later. I quickly found the hardest porno I had and selected a bit where a woman was dealing with two well-endowed men. Jackie soon joined me on the sofa.

" She seems to have her hands full with those two." Jackie commented.

"How would you like to be in her place then?" I asked.

"Mmm... it could be fun," she replied beginning to caress her nipples through her translucent nightdress. She was obviously getting turned on as she undid a button and slipped a hand inside her nightdress. Her hand cupped her breast and then she began to roll her rapidly hardening nipple with her fingers. She started to pant as she opened her top further and massaged both her naked breasts using both hands. Her nipples were more erect than I had ever seen them. She started pinching them, far harder than I would have dared to. Sweat began to glisten on her breasts and beads began to run down her cleavage. Her hips began to gyrate as her right hand slowly slipped down across her abdomen to her pussy and started to caress it thought the dampening material. She then stood up and slipped the nightdress off her shoulders and slowly slid it down her excited naked body. She then lay back on the sofa, her head on my lap. One hand continued to caress her glistening breasts whilst the other was stroking her engorged lower lips. Her breathing and the gyrating of her hips were getting faster. She let out a moan as the girl on the telly, who was straddling one of the men, used her hands to part her cunt lips and impaled herself on the monstrous, erect prick. Jackie then used one hand to part her lower lips and started to stroke a finger of her other hand up and down the slippery valley pausing occasionally to caress her clitoris. With an accompanying groan she slipped the finger, followed rapidly by a second, right into he sodden love canal. She then began to finger fuck herself in rhythm with the girl on the video.

The other bloke on the video then slipped his equally impressive prick into the girl's mouth. Jackie took her fingers from her cunt and slipped them into her mouth, sucking them clean and then moved her head up and down them as if they were a cock to which she was giving a blowjob.

"How about sucking my dick whilst finger fucking yourself," I suggested, "or even better I could find a carrot for you to fuck yourself with." Jackie moved slightly and undid my trousers and eased them and my pants down. She took my, by now, painfully hard dick in one hand and began massaging my balls with the other. She then opened her mouth slightly and began to swirl her tongue around my knob. I thought I would explode immediately but managed somehow to hang on as her mouth engulfed the end of my rampant cock. She then took my cock so deep that her nose was nestling in my pubes. I felt that I had died and gone to heaven, but I could not last much longer as she was rapidly bobbing her head up and down my member and massaging my balls. . Just before I pumped her throat full of spunk she pulled away and said,

"Go get me a carrot for me to fuck myself with whilst I suck you off," she said, "and make sure it is the biggest we have got." I rushed off and found an enormous carrot at least 10 inches long and very fat. As I came back into the room I the wonderful and intoxicating smell of sex hit me. Jackie had not sat waiting for me but was flat on her back with three fingers of one hand flashing in and out of her frothing gash and two fingers of her other hand frantically rubbing her clit in a circular motion. I gave her the carrot. It looked too big to be inserted and she couldn't get her fingers right round it. She knelt up and then began to rub the carrot up and down her dripping cunt slowly increasing the pressure. Her lips gradually parted and the tip of the carrot easily slipped in. I was slowly wanking my prick as I watched the erotic sight of by prudish, frigid wife sliding a massive carrot ever deeper into her cunt. Eventually she managed to get almost all of it pushed up her cunt and began to fuck herself with it. Soon she was back in rhythm with the girl on the video.

"Get your cock over here," Jackie instructed, "so I can finish sucking you off." I rapidly got my prick in line with her mouth and she slipped her lips back round it. I was in ecstasy this was the best blowjob I had ever had, not that I had had many and none by Jackie till tonight. It felt fantastic. Her head was bobbing up and down in time with the carrot, which was squelching in and out of her cunt, and the girl on the video. The man on the video pulled his cock from the girl's mouth and came all over the girl's face and tits followed, almost immediately, by the other guy who shot his load all over her fanny.

"I am going to come," I warned. Jackie pulled my cock from her mouth and wanked it rapidly a few times until I erupted what felt like gallons of spunk over her face and tits. That sent Jackie over the top and for the first time in her life she came and not gently or quietly. Her whole body tensed and she screamed out loud and long. After a few moments her body relaxed and She fell back exhausted, contented and covered in spunk. As she lay there getting her breath back I watched as the sperm trickled down her breasts and off her nipples. I then noticed the carrot slowly sliding out of her sodden and still twitching twat. It finally came out with a plop and a trickle of love juice that joined the damp patch on the carpet.

"Lets go up to bed," I suggested, "and when you wake in the morning you will wank yourself to another orgasm and then be desperate for me to fuck you." I had no idea whether suggestions planted under the influence of 'Persuade-her' would still work after it had worn off but it was worth a try.

I fell asleep thinking of all the wonderful adventures I could have with 'Persuade-her' Just how far could I go. Certainly a lot further yet.

Noises and movement next to me awakened me quite early next morning. Jackie had thrown her duvet off and was masturbating. Two fingers were being thrust in and out of her squelching vagina and she was moaning and panting as she approached her orgasm. Her back arched and she shoved a third finger inside as she came with, a squeal, which I was scared would wake the children. She then flopped back on to the bed.

"Morning darling," she whispered, "fuck me." I reached for the bedside cabinet to get a condom, but she stopped me. "No, don't you dare use one of them. I don't want anything between your hot, hard and erect cock and my cunt. I want you to shoot it up me and over my pussy like the girl in the video."

"But, you might get pregnant!" I stammered.

"I take a morning after pill," She immediately responded, "but get that cock up me now." I threw my duvet off and lay back with my erection pointing proudly to the ceiling.

"If you want it like the girl on the video," I stated, "then you'll to ride it." Jackie quickly straddled me and fed my engorged member up her soaking twat. She then rapidly started to ride me. Being not long since she came she rapidly came again and as I came she pulled me out so that most of my jism went over her pubes which she then proceeded to rub in making herself come yet again in the process. She then flopped back on to the bed. Almost immediately a change came over her and she pulled her duvet back over herself.

"I don't know what came over me last night and this morning," she said.

"I did for one," I joked.

"I know and...I normally would hate even the idea of it, and even now I hate the idea of it, but... at the time... it seemed fantastic. I can't believe...I... I...masturbated... in front of... of you...and that... that disgusting porn video of yours and... I don't want to think about the...carrot!" she continued. "Even now the idea of it appalls me, but again... at the time it was what I wanted... more then anything... anything in the world and god did I enjoy it. For the first time in my life I... I... actually orgasmed. I... I just don't know what came over me. But it is absolutely disgusting and must... NO WILL NOT EVER HAPPEN AGAIN!"

Until next week I thought...

To be continued...

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