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Persuasive Sales Presentation


I have written previously about the time that Dave, my boss, seduced me while my husband was away on a business trip. That was the first time I had extra-marital sex. Despite the initial guilt feelings, the sex on that occasion had been so erotic and stimulating that I could not refuse further escapades with Dave. What made it even more exciting for me was that sex with my husband also got better – probably as I became less inhibited.

Dave regularly created situations where we could indulge in various levels and forms of sex. Much of this was at short notice, and so it made it even more exciting not knowing when and where I would have my next orgasm or be naked with my boss again. I soon took to wearing sexy underwear at all times, partly because it kept me feeling sexy, but also so that I was always ready for Dave.

Although Dave engineered other opportunities as well, most of our sex took place at the office. Dave would arrange for me to work late and as soon as everybody had left the office we would drop the work for more exciting things. We did it all over the office – on his desk, in my desk chair, on the boardroom table, and in every position imaginable. Dave got me to be far more adventurous and less inhibited than I had been in the past. Things I had considered taboo previously now became erotic escapades. The more sex I had the more my appetite for sex seemed to grow.

After one particularly uninhibited session of amazing erotic stimulation and orgasmic sex in his office, Dave told me that he wanted me completely exposed to him and so wanted to shave my pussy.

I hesitated, thinking that this was something rather radical that I certainly couldn't hide from my husband. Would it make him suspicious? On the other hand it probably would feel quite sexy being naked down there.

Dave obviously saw my body language and read my mind, and quickly said, "Oh come on Sally, just tell your husband that you thought you would give him a little surprise that would spice up your sex life with him."

When I nodded in agreement, Dave took me by surprise by pulling out shaving kit from his desk drawer. I had forgotten that he sometimes shaved at the office. He fetched some water from the bathroom and then instructed me to sit on the edge of the desk and to spread my legs so that he could shave me. The slight nervousness of having a sharp razor operating near my pussy was soon forgotten, as I got turned on by him touching, caressing and working between my legs. When he was finished I ran my hand over the smooth area and was amazed at how erotic it felt. Dave also could not resist and moved his mouth over my smooth pussy, expertly licking and sucking all my sensitive areas. It was not long before my body shuddered in orgasm again.

By now I was so tender from all the sex that I had to ask Dave to stop. I slid off the desk and started getting dressed. When I looked for my panties, Dave smiled at me and explained with a naughty glint in his eye that my pussy would be able to cool off more effectively if it was not covered. I could get my panties back the next day he said.

Needless to say it had the opposite effect, especially having been just been shaved down there for the first time. I felt all the breezes and so felt more exposed than ever. What a turn on that was. By the time I got home, I was totally horny again and ready for sex with my husband. I barely managed to wait until we had finished dinner, and then showed him my new look. He loved the shaved look and this resulted in the best oral sex he had given me in years. He never questioned why – he liked it so much.

While my sex life was in top gear, I was actually being very successful with sales as well. After a few months Dave announced that he wanted me to take over some of the customers that he had personally been dealing with, so that he could concentrate on building other areas of the business. I was happy for the promotion and looked forward to the new challenges.

The next morning we set off to meet with his customers and to introduce me.

I had chosen to wear a formal outfit consisting of a slim fit, buttoned blouse that showed just a bit of cleavage and a sensible length skirt that revealed just enough leg to tempt but still look professional. Underneath that I dressed for Dave, with a nice sexy lacy bra, and a matching lacy thong, just in case we had an opportunity for some erotic fun.

We had a few customer visits in the morning, which went well, with most of them happy to work with me in future. Only one woman's body language seemed to imply that she did not approve of me – possibly because her boss was clearly enjoying my cleavage.

Next we went off for lunch with a long established, very good client, by the name of Matt. We were to give him a presentation on our company's new systems at his office after lunch. Dave warned me that Matt could be very demanding but that if we worked to keep him satisfied he was very loyal to our company.

I found Matt very pleasant company over lunch, and started to relax as the meal went on. Matt did not seem in a hurry to get back to the office so we sipped quite a bit of wine while chatting. I noticed that Matt's eyes drifted down to my cleavage ever so often. Since it was not a lecherous stare I found it quite a sexy sort of compliment. He could get a hint of what I allowed Dave to enjoy to the full.

All feeling quite relaxed, we headed back to Matt's office for the presentation. As I was setting up the computer and projector, Matt quipped that he hoped I was good at selling, as he was a tough customer that needed a lot of persuasion. I assured him that I was very professional with a good sales track record and so was unlikely to leave there disappointed.

Dave and Matt sat at the boardroom table while I stood next to the screen and went ahead with the

presentation. Normally at the start of a presentation I would be quite nervous but after the wine at lunch I was feeling relaxed. Matt did not ask questions or pass comment as I spoke, but I did notice his eyes on my cleavage a number of times. I was getting a little uncomfortable at the lack of questions so

I stopped and asked Matt if everything was clear.

Matt looked directly into my eyes and said, "It is fairly clear to me at this stage, but you are not being very persuasive. If you removed your blouse I think it would help me come around to your point of view."

He seemed absolutely serious, and I stood there totally dumbfounded, just staring back at Matt. I looked to Dave for help, hoping he could talk us out of this situation. Dave took his cue, but the response was not what I expected.

Smiling at me he said, "Oh come on Sally, just do it to add a little spice to the presentation. Only Matt is here and the door is locked. Nobody else will know. Go ahead – take your blouse off!!"

My mind was reeled in confusion. Here was my lover encouraging me to stand in front of a stranger in only my bra - and he almost certainly would have guessed that I was wearing a very lacy see-through bra. I started to object about this not being professional, but Dave cut me short and reminded me that Matt was a very important customer.

As I looked back at both men I could see from their expressions that they were fully expecting me to comply. Feeling extremely apprehensive, but sensing that I would cause quite an upset if I did not comply, I slowly undid the buttons of my blouse and let it slide off my arms.

I awkwardly hung the blouse over the nearest chair and stood up front again. I was very aware of how transparent my bra was, and there was no way of hiding my hardening nipples. I tried to cover up my embarrassment and nervousness, by putting on a defiant look and attitude. In fact I was also trying to cover up the slight thrill I experienced at being relatively exposed to this stranger.

Matt smiled and said that I was making more sense now. Staring straight at my hard nipples he quipped, "Your points are more persuasive now!"

His comment made me blush and made my nipples go rock hard. I focused on the screen and

continued my presentation, sensing that both men were concentrating more on my breasts than the

slide show.

I was just getting a little more used to my state of dress when Matt shook his head.

"Sally, although the presentation has improved, I think you will only convince me of the products merits if you complete the slide show without your skirt."

Hell this can't be happening, I thought as I looked to Dave appealingly. I was only wearing a very small, super sexy thong. I could not stand in front of my customer dressed like I was ready for sex.

Dave sat back and smiled at me. "Go on Sally - you are nearly finished. Let Matt enjoy the rest of the presentation. You certainly would be very persuasive making your sales pitch dressed in your bra and panties. I'm sure Matt will not ask for you to take any more off during the last bit of the presentation."

Matt nodded in agreement. Again I was confronted by two men fully expecting me to comply with

their wishes.

"Okay," I said hesitantly, "But that is it and I will not have to remove any more clothing. Is that our understanding?"

Matt nodded his head again. I felt myself blush a second time that afternoon as I unzipped my skirt and let it slide to the floor. With the small lacy thong it was quite clear that my pussy was shaved, while my entire butt was exposed. An involuntary shiver went through my pussy. While I was further embarrassed, I did find myself getting turned on at having these 2 men watching me dressed only in the skimpiest underwear. Thankfully my figure was in good shape from my regular gym workouts.

I rushed through the rest of the presentation wanting to get my clothes on before my state of arousal became too obvious. Once I could get my clothes back on it would be less obvious. As I reached the end, I looked at Matt and asked if he had been persuaded of the presentation.

"You certainly make some very attractive points," he said again staring unashamedly at my very pointed nipples.

"However, I still need to get to the bottom of the business case. Please come over here and explain the financial aspects," he added and indicated for me to go and stand next to him to talk through the papers he had in front of him.

He had me in a bit of a dilemma. Standing up at the screen a few feet away from Matt was very

different to standing right next to him given my state of dress. Dave was already walking around the table to Matt's side, and beckoned me to join him.

"I'll help you get through this quickly with Matt," he said very disarmingly.

Not knowing how to argue against this I moved next to Matt and bent down to start explaining the numbers. Dave stood the other side of me and put his hand on my back, which felt quite comforting. As Dave leaned forward so as to be able to see the papers, the pressure from his hand increased causing me to put both hands on the table to keep my balance.

This placed the edge of my bra covered breast quite close to Matt's face. He smiled in appreciation and without hesitation brought one hand up and caressed the underside of my breast. Instinctively I tried to move away but found I could not with Dave's hand still keeping me bent over.

"Matt, please don't do that. Please respect the fact that I am a married woman," I protested, and looked at him pleadingly. My body was already responding to the erotic thrill of being right up next to two men while being very under-dressed. I really did not want to be further stimulated.

Ignoring my comment, he continued the caressing and told me to focus on explaining the financial

numbers I had prepared. I tried to explain the numbers logically but it was not easy as I was getting stimulated from Matt's gentle caresses. His hand was were now moving from one lacy covered breast to another. With the caresses Matt occasionally squeezed my nipples, which extracted a little sigh from me each time. I could not believe how hard and pointed my nipples had got, and what a shiver was sent through me every time Matt tweaked them.

"Matt and Dave – please don't do this to me," I protested, looking at them hoping to end the

stimulation. My body was starting to respond to Matt's touch and I did not know how much longer I could resist. Dave detected the slight quiver in my voice, which he knew indicated that I was getting turned on.

"It seems as though you are enjoying Matt's touch Sally – but your bra is spoiling the experience," chirped Dave, unclipping my bra strap, while maintaining the pressure on my back.

I was forced to keep my hands on the table to keep my balance as my bra slid down my arms. I felt a distinct thrill as my 36C tits and rock hard nipples became fully exposed.

"Oh God no!!. Dave why are you doing this?" I exclaimed as Matt and Dave each grasped a tit and started massaging. It felt so good - but I knew it was wrong and my brain was telling me that this should go no further.

Trying to prevent any further exposure, I feebly said, "Matt, you clearly said you would not ask me to take any more clothes off."

"Sally, we will stick to our word and not ask YOU to take any more clothes off. Instead, WE will take your clothes off," he chuckled and continued rolling my exposed nipple.

At this point I stopped all pretence of continuing with the business meeting. Clearly the focus was now much more sexual. I was also getting really turned on and was just letting Matt and Dave have free reign with my tits.

Regular moans escaped from my lips as the fondling continued. It crossed my mind that if this continued, I would almost certainly be naked with these 2 men very soon. I had never been in this situation before – and I found the prospect seriously erotic.

Dave sensed that I had now submitted to the erotic pleasure I was experiencing. The hand that was pressing on my back slid down over my arse. His fingers traced down my butt crack and in between my legs sending a shiver through me. As he made contact with my pussy, through my thong I groaned partly in pleasure and partly in anticipation.

He rubbed me briefly through the meager cloth, before sliding it aside and slipping a finger inside my dripping wet pussy.

"OHHHHHHHHH" I groaned in satisfaction. My body and mind had now submitted completely to the

gratifying pleasure. I stopped caring that I was just about naked and in the throes of pleasure in front of another man, who was both a customer and a stranger.

Just as I started to ride the thrust of Dave fingering my pussy he stopped and told me to stand up straight. He turned me to face Matt.

"I think it's time to get totally naked for Matt and show him your nicely shaved pussy," he said slowly sliding my thong down to my ankles. I did not even have a chance to object – not that I would have, as I was so turned on now.

Matt placed a hand on my knee and slowly slid it up toward my exposed pussy. All the while he was

looking me straight in the eye. I was not sure if he was checking my eyes for defiance or if he wanted to see how I responded to the prospect of him touching my pussy. All he would have seen was growing lust in my eyes.

"Open your legs for me Sally," he instructed as his hand got to the top of my thigh. I hastily stepped out of the thong that was still around my ankles and stood with my feet apart.

"That's good! I like girls who follow instructions. I also like a shaved cunt because it means you are a naughty girl with a desire to expose yourself to men completely!" Matt teased.

"VERY EROTIC!" he said, at the same time sliding 2 fingers right up my pussy.

"AHHHHHHHHH. Oh my!" I exclaimed as a huge wave of pleasure rolled over me.

At this point Dave moved in behind me, slid his arms around me and started to roll and pull on my nipples. Having one man finger my pussy and rub my clit, with another massaging both nipples made my body shudder with erotic stimulation. I knew that I would soon orgasm if they continued.

Dave leaned into me and licked the side of my neck (which I also find thrilling), before saying in a very soft, seductive voice, "You have 2 men wanting to fuck you Sally. Do you want that to happen?"

The prospect was very exciting and brought me closer still to my orgasm. I nodded my head in


"GOOD - you really are a horny lady," Matt smiled at me. "Have you ever had a threesome before Sally?"

"No, never," I replied, feeling almost slightly embarrassed at having to admit this.

"I'm sure you must have fantasized about two cocks pleasuring you. Would you like us to make your fantasy come true?" Matt tantalized me, as he stuck yet another finger up my pussy.

"Oh hell yesssssssssssssss! I panted, now totally submissive to the erotic pleasures.

As the thrill of the prospect hit home I started to cum. Matt and Dave both sensed it and turned up the tempo of their stimulation, turning it into a really huge orgasm.

"OHHHHHHHHH MY FUCK," I exclaimed totally losing any inhibitions about swearing. My body

shuddered and shook as the men squeezed a totally complete orgasm out of me.

Dave lay me back on the boardroom table to recover. As I lay there in a state of erotic bliss I was aware of both men undressing. Wow – there is more to come I thought to myself.

Matt came over to the side of the table and stuck his rock hard cock close to my face. It was clear what he wanted, and I was happy to oblige. I eased over, opened my mouth and licked all round the tip of his long, thin cock before easing my lips over the end of his cock. It was quite a thrill sucking off only the second cock (other than my husband's cock) since I got married. I gently fondled Matt's ample

balls as I slid my mouth up and down over his cock.

I was aware of Dave joining in the action. He eased me legs apart, and I felt his mouth close over my pussy. Despite my orgasm just a little earlier, I was still very horny which was compounded by the excitement I felt at stimulating Matt. It felt a real thrill at sexually pleasuring and sucking the

cock of a man I had only met a few hours back. This was pure sex, and felt very erotic.

Dave soon had me sighing with pleasure as he lapped my pussy lips and clit, while occasionally shoving a finger or two up my pussy.

"Sally, you are a hot little woman. You obviously need more sex than you get at home. You love being fucked don't you?" Matt asked.

Lost in a world of eroticism I just nodded my head in reply, as I did not want to let go of his cock, which was starting to twitch. I sucked harder and stroked his cock faster, wanting to maximize the pleasure for this man. I felt like a bit of a slut, being so focused on pleasuring a relative stranger, but the erotic

thrill was immense.

Matt's eased his cock a bit deeper in my mouth, as his breathing speeded up. When he slid his hand behind my head I knew he was about to cum and that he expected me to swallow his cum.

"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH" was all I heard as Matt's cock erupted in my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed as loads of cum filled my mouth. I found myself wondering at how different his cum tasted

to my husband's cum.

Having completely spent his load Matt pulled back. "Fuck that was good!!" he said quite simply, making me feel great about what I had just done for him.

Meanwhile Dave had stopped licking my clit, but was still slowly fingering me. I think he had really enjoyed the sight of another man cumming in my mouth.

"Now it's time for a good fuck," Dave said, his voice full of lust. He moved my butt to the edge of the table and picked both my legs up onto his shoulders. He lined his cock up with my cunt and in one thrust shoved it all the way up.

"Oh Dave - that feels so gooooood," I exclaimed. I had not realized just how wet my pussy was, and just how ready I was for a cock, despite having orgasmed only a short while ago.

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