tagNonConsent/ReluctancePervert 2000 Ep. 01

Pervert 2000 Ep. 01


Episode One: The Babysitter

The couple lay in bed. It was somewhere around three in the morning; even so they were wide awake. The woman searched underneath the covers for her husband's hand. "I still can't believe we're going to do this."

"There's no turning back now," came a whispered response. "Everything's organized."

"So it begins tomorrow..."

He turned on his side and rested on his elbow. "Think of the pleasure," he crooned.

She kissed her husband and cuddled in his arms.


Lauren was already awake when her alarm clock went off. It was morning, and it was time to get up. The sun was up and bright as ever. The chirping birds seemed to rejoice at the fact as they socialized with one another. Lauren, on the other hand, wasn't happy about the sun's penetration through her bedroom's pumpkin yellow curtains. The lukewarm illumination made it impossible to get anymore sleep.

It was Friday, anyway, the last day of college before break. She decided she'd better get up. She rubbed at her eyes and shifted in her bed. Her well-kept long blonde hair rustled around her neck and over her breasts. Slowly she lumbered out of bed and stood to attention in front of a wall high mirror mounted on her wardrobe door.

"Not too bad..." she murmured after observing herself for several moments. The twenty-one year-old was a bit taller than average for her age. She ran her small hands tentatively across her body from the top down: over her medium-sized breasts, down her waist and across her perfectly curved hips. She was proud of her body: it was well formed, well structured. She kept in shape to make sure it stayed that way.

She was very pretty as well. All in all, she was the perfect package. She didn't have the biggest breasts, but she didn't want the biggest breasts either: what she had now was the textbook balanced body that most girls her age craved.

She got enough attention from the guys to know that was the case. Many a male had spent minutes lost in her sparkling blue eyes, staring at her from across the room. She ignored it most of the time.

It wasn't that she didn't like guys, but most of the guys that had hit her up for a number or asked her out were jerks in the way they went about it. She didn't want a jock; she was just waiting to meet a normal, nice guy. As such she could count the times she'd had sex on her fingers. She knew she wasn't missing it. She could wait.

Her nipples probed through her short purple satin nightie. She rubbed two fingers over them longingly. Sitting down on the side of her bed facing the mirror, she slipped the nightie off over her head and watched her reflection play with her breasts. Mirror Lauren tweaked the light pink nipples and rubbed them tenderly. And then Lauren watched as one of her hands slowly made it down to her clean-shaven pussy, and she gasped as her middle finger pushed between the pink glistening folds of her hidden place.


"What's for breakfast, mom?" Lauren's sister Brianna stood in the doorway, leaning on the frame.

"Morning, Bri," Lauren said, smiling at the sibling three years her junior.

"Hey, sis." Brianna collapsed into a chair next to her sister at the table.

"I hadn't planned to make anything special, Brianna," her mother responded.

"Awww..." Brianna pouted.

The girls' mother stared at them both, apparently considering something. "Alright, I'll make some French toast or something." She began to prepare breakfast for the two.

"Thanks mom!" Brianna sparked brightly.

Lauren looked at her younger sister. She enjoyed life with her mother and sister under the same roof. The girls' father had left the family at a very young age, and their mother had never married or gone out with any men since. When Lauren went to college she remained at home to help out around the house and take care of Brianna, who at that time was sixteen. Lauren's mother hadn't asked her to stay home – it was just a decision she had made by herself.

Now her sister had grown up. They were still best friends, but things had changed between them subtly. Brianna was much more outgoing than her sister. She was always hanging around with guys and partying, even at a much younger age. She had a big circle of friends, in contrast with Lauren, who only had one true friend, a bookworm named Gemma.

But that was just who Brianna was. Like Lauren, she was very pretty. A brunette, like her mother, she had big blue eyes that could probably melt even the hardest of men. The two sisters were about the same body size, so like true gals they swapped around many clothes. And whenever times got tough for Brianna in a relationship or with one of her friends, she and her sister would cuddle up at night in one of their beds. As such, Lauren had developed an especially strong bond with her sister. They were siblings worthy of a fairytale.

Brianna caught Lauren's gaze. "What's up, sis?" she quizzed, one eyebrow cocked, head tilted slightly to the left. It was her 'questionnaire' pose.

"Nothing," Lauren replied. "Just remembering old times."

"What are your plans for today?"

"Don't know. I don't have any classes. I might go out with Gemma... catch a movie or something. Wanna come?"

"What are you gonna see?" Brianna asked, now messaging someone with her mobile phone.

"'Dark Grey Fields and a Diamond Made of Cane looks cool.'"

"That new Meryl Streep movie?"

"Yeah. She meets up with a long lost friend from Eastern Europe or something. It's supposed to be good."

"You know what I would like to see? That new Brad Pitt and George Clooney movie. The trailer is really funny."

"Maybe I'll give Gemma a call."

In that moment the phone started ringing. "Speak of the devil, huh?" Brianna laughed.

Lauren walked out into the hallway and picked up the receiver. "Hello?"

"Lauren?" said a husky male voice on the other end. "This is Sam Morrison."

"Oh, hey Mr. Morrison," Lauren replied.

"I'm sorry I've called so early in the morning. I hope I haven't disturbed you."

"Oh, no, we're all up. Is everything okay? Do you need by to baby-sit Daniel?"

"How did you know? Look, I'm sorry for the short notice, but my wife's out of town visiting some relatives and I've got a business meeting this evening. I'm wondering if you can make it around... seven o'clock."

"Sure," Lauren replied confidently.

"I'm not disturbing any plans of yours, am I? Because if you've made plans I can work out another solution."

"No, I didn't have any plans. I'll be there around seven, then."

"Excellent. Thank you, Lauren. Take care."

With that, the phone call ended. In her last year at high school Lauren had taken up babysitting kids in the neighborhood for a little extra income. It was easy work – she was good with children and all the parents liked her. She'd babysat the Morrison's son, Daniel, before. He was a good kid. Instead of going out she could bring Gemma with her.

Brianna passed Lauren in the passage and began ascending the stairs. "Babysitting tonight?"



"Thanks for bringing me, mom."

Lauren opened the passenger door of her mother's car. The night had turned black. It was raining heavily outside, and water was getting into the car.

Lauren's mother turned to look at her daughter. Smiling, she held Lauren's hand. "If you need anything, don't hesitate to call home."

"Thanks, mom," Lauren replied, brushing some unruly strands of hair out of her eyes.

"Send me a message when you need me to pick you up, okay sweetie?"

Nodding, Lauren stepped out of the car and walked through the gates to the front door of the house. She knew the Morrison family quite well, after babysitting Daniel for around three years. Lauren's mother watched her daughter dash through the falling rain and wondered how she'd grown up so fast.

Lauren turned to wave to her mother as she stepped under the awning of the front door landing and watched as the dark sedan drove away into the dark, wet night. She pressed the doorbell and waited several moments. The father of the child opened the door and waved Lauren in. "Come out of the rain!" he beamed. "Are you wet?" he said, even though at a glance she was almost completely dry.

"I'm fine, thanks Mr. Morrison. How is Daniel today?" she asked.

"He's doing well," the man replied.

"Good. So, when will you be going?"

"Well, actually Lauren..." Sam Morrison paused. "I'm not headed out tonight. And Daniel's with Angela visiting her aunt and uncle."

"Oh! Lauren exclaimed, raising her eyebrows in surprise. "So, why did you want me to come in this evening?"

The man bit his lip and waited a few seconds before replying. "To be perfectly honest with you Lauren, I've been thinking about you a lot."

"What do you mean?" Lauren replied nervously.

He looked into her crystal blue eyes. "You're a very beautiful girl, but in the years I've known you, I notice you've hardly been with a boyfriend."

Lauren shifted. She took a few small steps back and extended a hand, looking for the door knob.

Mr. Morrison reached out and grabbed Lauren's hand softly, attempting not to frighten her. "Do you remember that day when you saw me come out of the shower?"

Lauren blushed. She was heading for the bathroom and hadn't realized that Mr. Morrison was drying himself, having just exited the shower. She caught a full glimpse of his five-inch flaccid penis. "I'm sorry about that, Mr. Morrison," she said, "but I don't think I want to be involved with you."

The man chuckled. "It's just that, you've looked at me in a different way ever since then and, as I said, I've been thinking of you a lot." He placed his right hand on her left shoulder and slowly ran it down her body, stopping on her butt. He squeezed the well formed muscles and drew her in closer to his body.

"What are you doing?" Lauren shouted, alarmed. She tried to raise her free hand to slap him or take some action against him, but in one quick movement he grabbed her other arm and pushed her against the wall.

Mr. Morrison moved in closer to her. Mere inches separated their faces. "I'm sure a lot of guys pay a lot of attention to you." The two were now touching bodies. Mr. Morrison was clutching her ass so tightly and had drawn her in with such force that she could feel his soft cock rubbing up against her crotch. "It would be wrong to tease them so." He talked slowly and soothingly; lingering on the last sentence he slipped his arm under her top, fondled her back and unclipped her bra.

Lauren let out a little gasp as the tension around holding her breasts broke. She shook with fear.

"Don't be scared, Lauren," Sam Morrison said calmly. "I'm offering you the opportunity of having an eight-inch pole up that hot pussy of yours," he whispered into her ear as he kissed her neck and removed his hand from under her top. He slid it past her butt and under her undercarriage, where he put pressure on her pussy through her jeans.

"Please don't do this," Lauren broke up, squirming uncomfortably.

"I don't want to force you, Lauren. I just want to fuck you and spend the night with you," he smiled. "I know how you feel about me." He drew her back into his arms, and whispered, "Don't be scared," before clamping his mouth over hers in a passionate kiss.

Lauren could do noting to break the kiss. She found herself overcome by emotion. He wasn't exactly wrong: his penis had certainly been an impressive sight, but she didn't want to have sex like this. Deep down at a biological level she had been set off by his fondling of her crotch, she was all too aware of the dampness developing in her vagina.

Sam Morrison let go of the scared babysitter. He moved back and gave her some space. Lauren wasn't sure what to think. "Do you want to do this?"

Lauren swallowed roughly. What did he mean? She was sure he was about to rape her. Was he giving her a choice?

He brought his hands to her waist and undid the first button on the fly of her jeans. A tear rolled out down Lauren's cheek and dropped to the floor. She wasn't sure what to do. His kind and calm nature might be deceiving. If she said no, he'd surely rape her, maybe even kill her. There was no way he could let her go after his manhandling of her. She looked at the man as he stroked her thighs softly. She was growing more sexually charged as the seconds went by. If she consented, maybe she could keep control of the situation... but then, she'd lose her virginity under duress.

The man leaned in to kiss her. He slowed down as he approached her lips, allowing her to complete the movement.

She couldn't refuse. It was the only safe option. Her lips touched his, and immediately his hands began to rush over her body again. She managed to push him back. "But what about your wife?"

"Not here," he repeated. "Lauren, ever since you saw me naked in the bathroom and I saw how you looked at me I've need you. I've thought about that incident every day ever since."

Lauren moved him back against the wall and reciprocated his kiss. She still wasn't sure this was the right thing to do, but was suddenly overcome by emotion. She was on now, she hadn't had sex in who knows how long, and in an instant, the thought of how she could face Mr. Morrison's wife and son after they'd fucked went out the window.

"Lauren," Mr. Morrison gasped. He grabbed her hot ass and lifted it up so she was off the floor. She wrapped her legs around his and continued kissing him tentatively, still slightly reluctant. He stroked her hair and carried her up the stairs to his bedroom.

Lauren sat down on the bed. Sam lifted her top off and removed her hanging bra exposing her perfect breasts. "What are you going to do to me?" Lauren asked as he pinched both her puffy erect nipples. It was a stupid question.

He kissed her again and managed to slyly whisper, "Call me Sam," before he lay on top of her.

After a while she got up and kneeled on the bed. Sam got off and groped her ass as she started to undo the rest of the buttons on the fly of her jeans. She knew what she had to do now. She pulled down his pants and his boxer shorts and marveled at his soft cock. He'd shaved most of his pubic hair but had left a small blond tuft above the hilt of his pole. Lauren took his cock in her hands and started massaging it.

"Suck my cock, Lauren. Let me show you how to love." No more words were spoken as she hesitantly bent over to take Sam's cock in her mouth. She'd never had any such contact with another male's penis before. Sure, she'd seen porn, she knew how to do it, but she was still unsure about everything. She paused before finally deciding just to enjoy the moment as much as she could. She knew now that she needed to have sex. Her back arched and her ass poked out, presenting itself in the air, restricted behind the tight denim jeans. Her breasts retained their perfect curves, bouncing about as she began to move her head back and forth on Sam's cock.

His cock began to grow erect in her mouth. It was a little thicker than average, enough to make her spread her mouth widely. Any shortcomings in big-cock-thickness were more than made up by his full eight-inch length. His cock was the perfect penetrating machine: balanced thickness and length with a slight upwards curl that would make any woman scream with pleasure when being taken from behind.

Lauren continued working on his cock, tightening her lips around the hard steel-like rod to create more friction like a professional. Sam put one hand behind her head, encouraging her to move her head further down his pole. She gagged slightly as his cock head began going further down her throat.

She continued gagging as Sam started jarring his hips forward. Her head was now at the hilt of his cock, and Sam sighed loudly at her deepthroating of his full length. Lauren gagged as he let her withdraw her head. His penis was covered with saliva, and thick strands of Lauren's spit trailed from her mouth to the pink head of his cock.

Sam pushed her head back onto him. Now that his cock was lubricated with her spit she moved her hand up and down his pole while she focused her efforts on the head. "Suck that cock, baby," Sam gasped with pleasure as she rolled her tongue around his glans.

She pulled her head back away off his penis again. More spit drooled from her mouth and onto the bed. She fondled his big balls and stared in amazement at how much they drooped from his cock; almost a full three inches. Sam gasped again as she slowly licked up from the base of his penis up to the head.

He stopped her from going down on his cock again. "If you don't stop you're going to make me cum," he said as he planted a big kiss on her mouth. She slyly shoved her tongue down his throat before he could pull away, giving him a distant taste of his own precum.

He held her close to his chest as she stripped him of all the clothes he was still wearing. "I'm going to stave off my orgasm for as long as possible, so when I do cum, I can spill as much cream as possible over that big, hot ass of yours," he said, squeezing her ass again. "How about we get all of that denim off of that ass?" He kneeled on the bed behind her and rubbed his now fully hard cock over her ass. He kissed her neck as squeezed her tits as he unbuckled her belt and pulled down her pants. She was wearing pink skin tight boy shorts.

Lauren had become so aroused when clamping down on his cock that her juices had dripped freely from her pussy all over her panties. Her pussy lips made a clean bulge in the fabric with all the blood running to her labia.

Sam wrapped his arm around her waist. He rubbed, squeezed, and poked her labia through her panties. Teased and heavily aroused, Lauren threw her head back onto his shoulder and screamed with pleasure. "You've been hot all this time, haven't you, you little slut?" Sam grinned. He gave her butt a little spank and squeezed the toned cheeks.

He threw her back onto the bed. She rested her head against the pillow as he clambered on top of her and took her right nipple into his mouth. Lauren couldn't help but moan at the pleasure of her nipples being taken to.

This turned him on even more as he tugged on her solid nipple. He abused her breast with his other hand, tugging at it and pushing it upwards. He left both breasts as he moved down and focused on the large bulge in her panties again. He squeezed the lips together and slapped her pussy over and over again.

Lauren repeatedly jolted her hips forward. Sam was starting to play rough and dirty, abusing her sex. She tried to tell him to stop, she tried to put an end to it, but she couldn't ignore her hard and erect nipples and the pool of sex juice that had darkened her pretty pink panties: she'd never been so aroused before in her life.

Lauren looked at him vulnerably as he turned her around so she was face down on the bed. "Let's strip the last thing covering that pussy," he said as he groped her ass. He stuck a finger into her little puckered asshole and rubbed the fabric up against her soft flesh. She moaned again as the nerve endings sparked up in bliss.

He spanked her again and licked her cheeks while continually probing her undercarriage and the outer limits of her pussy.

Lauren gasped and for the first time moaned his name softly. Sam knew she'd come around. He had her now. She continued to cry out lustily as he flipped her around again so her back was on the bed. He raised her legs up and in one quick motion ripped the boy shorts off her pussy and off her legs.

Lauren gasped again as the colder room temperature air hit her labia, causing her to get even more stimulated. Sam looked at the twenty-one year old babysitter's pussy. It was perfectly formed and had soft, puffy lips ready to be penetrated past. It was fully shaved.

He put his head down near her pussy. He spread her clitoral hood apart with his fingers and used a thumb to rub and push on the nub, causing her to pant heavily. She was so hot he suspected that that would have been enough to make her melt on the spot but he shoved his tongue in between her fleshy folds and probed between her pussy lips.

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