tagNonConsent/ReluctancePervert 2000 Ep. 02

Pervert 2000 Ep. 02


Episode Two: The Darkness

An hour had passed since Lauren's tri-orgasm affair. She was worn out, and understandably so. The two new lovers lay on the bed together, cuddling, arms around each other. They kissed passionately every now and again. Sam didn't mind the scent of his sweat and the taste of his semen all over her body and in her mouth.

He turned and glanced at the alarm clock on his bedside table. The digital panel blinked back at him. It was 9:22 p.m., just about an hour and a half after Lauren had arrived. He focused his glance back on her, losing himself in her deep blue eyes. Deep blue eyes that he knew would not look as happy after a few days. "I want you to spend the night with me," he said sweetly to her.

Lauren returned his stare and smiled. "But what about your wife? Won't Angela be returning from her relatives soon?"

"No," Sam replied. "They flew in to their country house. I told her that if she was going all the way out there to see them that she might as well stay a few days." Sam smiled. "If you're fine with it, I'll have your hot body for awhile yet." Sam kissed her soft forehead.

"Okay, Mr. Morrison," Lauren replied slyly. Her mouth curled in a dirty manner. "I'll play with you for a little while longer."

"If that's the case," Sam said, "you should ring your mother and tell her you're spending the night here tonight."

Lauren rolled off the bed and slowly walked out of the room. The air was cold and the wild savage fuck she just had had left her waist slightly numbed. She knew the Morrison household quite we thanks to the babysitting jpb. She walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, reaching for the phone.

She dialed her home number. After a few rings her mother picked up on the other line. "Hi Mom!" Lauren said.

"Hi honey," her mother replied. "Do you want me to come and pick you up?"

"Actually Mom, Daniel's having a bit of a tough night tonight and Angela asked me if I wouldn't mind staying the night with him, to make sure he sleeps well, you know."

"Oh..." Lauren's mother trailed. "Is something wrong?"

"N-No," Lauren said, "he's just a bit restless. It's just his age. I didn't want to refuse when they asked me, and it's good money anyway."

"Okay Lauren. Well, you keep safe. If you need anything, just call me."

"Thanks Mom... I love you."

"I love you too, Lauren... See you tomorrow."


Lauren put the receiver back in its cradle. Her mother sounded like she didn't believe her story. Anyway, it didn't matter. She walked back up the stairs and opened the door to the bathroom. The light was on and Sam was inside, washing his hands. He looked at her, waiting for her to say something. "I told my Mom you asked me to stay the night to take care of Daniel."

"Okay," Sam responded.

"I just need to pee," Lauren said, blushing a bit.

"Go ahead," Sam said. He turned off the tap and leaned back against the wash basin.

"Usually I pee with no one watching," she said, raising her eyebrows.

Sam embraced her and held her close. "I want to know everything about you, Lauren. I want us to be together." He sat her down on the toilet and resumed his position against the wash basin. His cock bobbled about with every movement. It was semi-hard again.

Lauren squirmed on the toilet.

Sam took his cock in his hand and started stroking it. "Everything you do turns me on, Lauren," he groaned as he pleasured himself. "I want to watch you take a piss, I want to watch you take a dump. I want you," he said.

Lauren couldn't really believe what she was hearing, and it made her uncomfortable knowing that a guy wanted to get off watching her urinate. "I don't feel comfortable doing this," she trailed.

He focused his gaze on her vulva and gave her an expectant look. "Go ahead," he said. "Just let it go."

"I really don't want to, Sam," Lauren pushed. "Do you do this with Angela?" she said, giving a nervous laugh.

"Of course!" Sam exclaimed. "Angela is nice and kind up front, but deep inside she is the dirtiest slut on the face of this earth. She takes anything. I've pissed on her; made her drink it, made her deepthroat me for an hour – all the time making her gag – she derives pleasure from everything. She said to me a few days ago that she wanted to try shit plays but I had to tell her that I didn't want to go that far."

Lauren's jaw dropped. "So if she's so perfect then why do you want me?"

"Because you're younger. More vulnerable. Deep down inside you know you love to be hammered. You love to be manhandled. You love the dirty crap."

Lauren knew that deep down inside she hated all of that. For some reason though, she felt like she didn't mind it coming from Sam. It was as if he had a special power over her. She stared at him blankly. He moved a hand under her pussy entrance and started massaging her labia. He squeezed the top and tugged on her clit. Involuntarily she broke and urine started flowing out.

"There's my girl," he said, stroking his cock while looking at the stream of urine.

Lauren started feeling woozy. Something wasn't right. This was sick. When the flow of pee stopped she leaned against the wall in shock. Sam corrected her posture and held her upright. He slid his cock into her slippery pussy, which had tightened again over the last hour. Lauren moaned slightly in pain and shock.

Sam withdrew his cock and sat her back down. He grabbed her jaw, forcing her to open her mouth, and pushed her head back against the water tank of the toilet. He shoved his full meat, hard and pulsing, covered with her own urine and stench, straight down her throat. She gagged at the sudden intrusion and after a few moments began dry wrenching. The sick, salty taste of her own piss was turning her senses inside out. Sam took it as an opportunity to push more of his cock down her throat. With his right hand he collected her hair into a makeshift ponytail and yanked hard on it, pulling her head back.

Lauren had no idea what was happening to her. Suddenly, in the past two minutes, Sam's attitude towards her had changed with the snap of his fingers. She tried to push his words out of her head. 'You love being manhandled. You love the dirty crap.' However hard she tried the words ringed around her mind and bounced in and out of her ears. Sam was pushing all of his eight inches further and further down her throat. She hated the taste of her own piss and sex combined, but she couldn't help but feel aroused by his arrogant and masculine actions. She started to feel her vagina getting wet again and her mind was a blank. She started to move her mouth up and down on the hilt of his cock, and tried to suck while constantly gagging.

Sam felt her reluctant acceptance of his penis. He pulled upwards on her right eyebrow, forcing her to open her eyes. Her right eye was stretched open and she looked straight back at him. "You like it, don't you, you little slut!" Sam laughed. He let go of her hair and eyebrows and pushed her head down further on his cock. He was getting ready to blow. This time he would blow his full load in her mouth.

He started pumping his cock in her throat, withdrawing slightly and then pushing back in. Her tongue licked his shaft up and down and she whimpered through his meat. Without warning her or giving her notice he reached orgasm and started firing his load. She felt his hot cum gush down her throat, the stick fluid coating the back of her mouth. It dripped down her pipe. Sam blew three, four times into her mouth and then withdrew.

Lauren's face was a mess. Massive amounts of saliva covered her lips and chin and dripped down onto her bare breasts and thighs. She started coughing as Sam laughed. He crouched by the toilet seat and started rubbing her back and neck to make her feel better. Sperm started dripping from her mouth. Her lips were covered in a foul mixture of saliva, semen, and slight traces of her own vaginal fluids and urine. She continued coughing while she gave Sam a quick glance of hate. He helped her stand up and walked her the few feet to the wash basin. She turned on the hot water tap and moaned with relief as she clean her face and body. She felt dirty. She wished she could spend a day in the shower.

All the while Sam held her body. She wished he wouldn't. She didn't have the energy to stop him. "That wasn't so bad, was it sweetheart?" He kissed her head, shoulders and neck.

She pulled away from him and stood in the open doorway. "I didn't enjoy that, you know," she managed to say. "I don't think I should be here."

"Don't be ridiculous!" Sam smiled. "Look, I'm sorry if I hurt you." He approached her and stroked her hair, holding her face warmly.

"Why did you do that to me?" Lauren cried out.

"You enjoyed it. That's why you don't feel right. You know you liked it."

"Stop saying that!" she screamed at him. She tried to convince herself she didn't like it, but she couldn't stop his words from penetrating and taking over her mind.

"C'mon," he said. He held her hand and led her back to his bedroom. Her saliva was still dripping from his semi-hard cock. He hadn't lost his erection. He sat her down on his bed. "I'm sorry if I hurt you, Lauren." He dropped his head and bit his lip. She didn't reply. Sam stood up and opened the draw of his bedside table.

He took a key out and opened a side compartment in a large dresser at the front of the room. "Angela and I collected all these dirty toys and sex toys." He looked back at Lauren and smiled. "This is our little dirty sex collection, if you will." He took out a pair of black fluffy handcuffs, closed the compartment and sat back down next to the frozen Lauren. He stroked her hair back. "I'll make you feel better again, okay?"

He spread her out on the bed and kneeled, with each leg around her waist so she couldn't move. She didn't respond as he took her right hand and snapped one end of the handcuff around it. As soon as she heard the metallic 'click' of the handcuff Lauren jumped. "Sam..." she whispered. "What are you doing?"

Sam closed the other end of the handcuff around a decorative wooden pole under the headboard of the bed. Lauren moved her left arm but couldn't avoid Sam grabbing it and handcuffing her with the second cuff to the headboard. Both her arms were now locked above her head.

Lauren tried to kick her legs to get him off her but she couldn't. She couldn't move her arms and now she was completely vulnerable. She feared what was coming up. "Sam, please let me g—".

Her voice was muffled as Sam shoved his tongue deep inside her mouth. "Just relax, Lauren," Sam said. "You'll feel better after another couple of orgasms." With that he left the room.

"Sam!" Lauren screamed. "Sam, don't do this to me! You can't do this to me!" She heard him descending down the stairs. Frantically she tugged on the headboard and yanked on the handcuffs, but it was no use. The headboard was made for this kind of sex play. She was trapped on a kinky sex bed. She knew that she would hate whatever was coming up next. Even Sam's charm that had swayed her judgment before wouldn't change her mind now. He was going to rape her.

After a minute of struggling, Lauren gave up. Sam walked back into the room. In one hand he held a dark and long cucumber. It was sixteen inches long and at least two and a half inches thick. In the other hand he held a bottle of raspberry flavored personal lubricant. With him he also had a large, cube-like cushion that he dropped on the floor. Lauren's face was motionless in an expression of anguish. "Please, Sam!" she cried out. Tears started to form in her eyes causing her eyeliner to blur.

Sam sat down on the bed next to her. "Just relax, Lauren," he said sweetly. "You have no idea how much pleasure this is going to give you. Just lay back and don't struggle, okay hon?" He bent over and kissed her softly on her forehead.

Lauren let her head drop down back onto the pillow. Maybe Sam was right, maybe she would enjoy it. She couldn't stop the tears streaming from her eyes. They ran down her face and onto the pillow.

"Oh, honey," Sam said, kissing her again. "You know I really care about you." He used his thumb to dry away her tears. "Okay sweetie, I need you to turn around, okay? You know what's cool about these handcuffs? There's a rotateable hinge in between both cuffs so you can turn around the 'captive'" – he said this with a laugh – "at any time. I need you to turn around and lie on your stomach."

Lauren did so. In a way, she realized that she was giving into him again and she had no idea what he'd do to her, but she couldn't help going along with him. "What are you going to do to me?" she asked.

"You'll see," he said. "Arch your back so your butt is popped out into the air." Lauren complied and Sam placed the cube cushion under her stomach. "There. Now you can place all your weight on the cushion and not feel uncomfortable." He spanked her ass playfully.

"Why do you need the cucumber and the lube, then?"

She feared that she already knew the answer, but Sam didn't reply. He opened the bottle of lube and squirted some on her small, tight asshole. Sam started massaging the orifice with the lube and before Lauren knew it he had two and eventually three fingers deep in her pooper.

"Sam..." Lauren whimpered. She was finding it hard to talk due to the new feeling of something going up her ass. She was a complete anal virgin, and his warm slippery fingers felt strange sliding up her anus. "Sam... I don't think I can have anal sex." No response. "Sam, please don't anal me. Sam!"

"I'm not going to stick my cock up your ass, Lauren."

The sick feeling Lauren had felt on the toilet hit her again like a tidal wave. "The cucumber... Oh my god, Sam! It's too big! You can't do this to me, you'll kill me!"

Sam took his fingers out of her butt and cleaned his lubed-up fingers by smearing them on her butt cheeks. He spanked her again, this time more roughly. She let out a little yelp. "You'll love it. Trust me." He picked up the cucumber and covered it with more lube out of the bottle. Once he was satisfied it was slick enough he opened her little winker again with his fingers and placed the tip of the cucumber inside her constricted hole. "Don't resist and you'll be fine, Lauren."

"Ahhhhh!" Lauren burst out, clenching her teeth.

"The more you resist, the more uncomfortable it'll feel and the more it'll hurt." Sam continued pushing the cucumber up her anus. Slowly but surely, her sphincter muscles relaxed and accepted the new intrusion against her will. Sam poured more lubricant all over her ass, on the cucumber and in her asshole. Lauren moaned, screamed and cried out, trying to resist the cucumber. She hated the full feeling it gave her and the thing she hated most was that it felt good. "I know it feels good in a weird way, Lauren," Sam said. "Just don't resist it and you'll be fine," he repeated. After a minute eight inches of the vegetable were well in her anus and in her rectum. He pushed on the cucumber a final few times and managed to get it in a full ten inches. Six inches of the rod still jutted out of her extraordinarily dilated hole.

"No, no, no, no!" Lauren cried out as more tears began emerging from her eyes.

"It'll hurt a bit, Lauren, but I know it's starting to feel normal up there and I know it'll be the best thing you've ever felt in your life when you cum." He started stroking his cock to get it fully hard. "This is cool, feel this," he said. He wound up his hand and spanked her ass brutally.

"Ahhhhh!" Lauren screamed out again. He butt clenched itself in defense and the whole vegetable moved up and down her anus with each clench. "Ohh..." Lauren moaned. This was the thing that hurt most. She was being abused and humiliated by this man she felt so attracted to, and the worst thing was that he was right: it felt so good.

"I was right, wasn't I?" Sam smiled. "It does feel good to have ten inches of that thing right up your little pooper." He removed the cube cushion and held up her waist, supporting her with his hands. "I'm going to slide under you now, Lauren, and you're going to place all of your weight on my body. I don't want you to fight me, okay?" She didn't respond. "Any brash moves and that cucumber will start to hurt you. I can tell it's your first time because of the tightness. Get ready, sweetie."

Sam slowly spread her legs and eased himself under her so they were face to face. He helped Lauren ease herself down onto him. Then he reached under her, grabbed his steel hard penis, aimed the head at her vulva and pushed in with one stroke. Lauren moaned and said his name repeatedly as he slowly started fucking her vagina. With every stroke in and out the cucumber would move as well. Her ass clenched tightly onto it and never let it go. She was full and it felt good.

"Sam..." Lauren moaned. He paused to kiss her passionately. She had fallen for him again. He had done some terrible things to her, and still she'd broken again. She knew she needed to cum to feel better again.

Sam continued to buck his hips and slide deeper and deeper into his babysitter. He wrapped his arms around her ass and grasped the end of the cucumber. With every pump he'd move the cucumber around her anus: pulling it out slightly, twisting it or pushing it even deeper in. With every movement of the monolithic vegetable Lauren would yelp out and raise her head in agony, and with every yelp of hers Sam would pump more brutally, harder, faster, unrelenting. Sam could feel the massive cucumber rubbing against his cock on the other side of her pussy. He knew she was getting closer and closer to orgasm, as he was himself.

He grabbed the cucumber and started to stroke it in and out of her butt, timing it so it alternated with his own penetrations. Lauren screamed out in anguish as the vegetable moved six inches out of her ass then pushed back in, just in time before her muscles tightened up again. "Aaahhhhh!" she yelled, before she started panting again: "Aah, aah, aah, aah, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!"

Within a minute she achieved her fourth orgasm of the night. She arched her back and convulsed heavily on Sam's cock. She felt the cucumber proceeding further into her bowels as her whole body shook. It was the strongest orgasm she had in her life. Pussy juice squirted out all over Sam's pole. Suddenly he found himself slipping around recklessly inside her small, shaking body. After two minutes of utter bliss and palpitations, Lauren collapsed on Sam. She had temporarily lost consciousness from the strong high. On the verge of orgasm himself, Sam withdrew from her and slid away from under her body, laying it softly on the bed. He carefully withdrew the cucumber from her anus and dropped it on the floor.

He flipped her around so her back was on the bed and kneeled above her stomach. Sam pinched her nipple strongly for a second, then relinquished his grip and slapped her breast. A red mark appeared as Lauren winced but didn't open her eyes. He did it again, yanking strongly on her rock-hard nipple and slapping the C-cup jug. After a third time, with a raw red color enveloping her tit, Lauren awoke. She looked at Sam with a twisted expression on her face.

"Hey," Sam said. He stroked his still hard cock twice and started ejaculating instantly. He blew his cum all over her face. She closed her eyes to avoid the milk spray. After three shots, he grabbed her head and pulled it closer to his penis. He drew her long hair together and fired what was left of his sticky cream straight into her blonde hair. When he'd blow the last of his load he wiped the semen on her face off with her hair.

Lauren's hair was a mess. It had been roughed up, and most of it was covered in Sam's sperm. The sperm had already started to dry and clot to the strands. She was still groggy after the rape fuck and the strong orgasm she'd just had. She felt sick and used up.

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