tagIncest/TabooPerverted Twins

Perverted Twins


Eighteen year old Simon Castleford rolled through the door of his parents house. It was getting close to midnight and he had been out for a meal with his girlfriend, Melissa. He had drunk several beers afterwards and was far from sober. Melissa had to be at work early the next morning so she had been on orange juice all night. After dropping Simon off she headed for home.

Simon lurched into the front room to find his twin sister, Lucy, sitting read a magazine. Lucy had some music channel on low volume and seemed totally engrossed in her magazine.

"Hey," Simon said.

"Hey," Lucy responded.

"Where's the old folks?" he enquired.

"Gone for a weekend break to the lakes. There's a list of jobs for you to do before they get back."

"There always is. What you doing up?" he said shrugging his broad shoulders

"Waiting for you, actually. Sit down I want to ask you some stuff."

Simon plonked himself down heavily in the chair opposite his twin.

"This isn't going to be one of those twin psychic powers things, is it?" Simon prepared himself for some dull research that his bookworm sister liked to read up on. He chuckled to himself that in five minutes he probably would be fast asleep anyway.

"Sort of, but if you don't want to answer any of my questions then that is OK. I'll understand," Lucy closed the magazine and took a deep breath.

"Go for it."

"Do you ever think that you are perverted?" Lucy asked

"What? What do you mean?" Simon replied. He was taken back a bit by the question.

"OK. I know you have had sex with Melissa. Is there anything that you would like to do but she isn't keen?"

This wasn't the usual boring twin conversation he had with his sister. Simon had been having sex with Melissa for a year and a half. He had suggested stuff which she wasn't into but he was not sure whether he should be having this conversation with his sister.

"Just cos I want to try new stuff doesn't mean I'm a pervert does it?"

"I can't answer that unless you tell me what she has turned her nose up at."

"If we are going to have this conversation, I'm gonna need another beer."

"I'll have one too."

Simon got up and raided his father's beer cooler. Coming back into the front room he handed one can to his twin and took a large draught of his own before sitting back down. He was still unsure whether to tell Lucy anything. I could be something to blackmail him with.

"Are you ready to begin," she said impatiently

"OK, but first I need you to promise that this will go no further than us two, especially to Melissa."

"I promise. This will be our little secret," Lucy placed her hand on her heart to emphasise the fact.

"I would love to have anal sex with her. More than anything," Simon confessed.

"You've asked and she has said no then."

"Many times."

"Well some girls don't enjoy it. And some girls won't try it because they think it will hurt or they think it's perverted."

"What about you? Are you into anal, sis?"

"This isn't about me, yet. I need to ask you these things first. Anything I say may influence your answers," Lucy said.

"Don't ask me why I want to fuck her arse. I just really want to. Melissa is so sexy and likes flaunting her body when we are alone." Simon could feel the stirrings of an erection as he thought about his girlfriend, "Seeing her on all fours, with her ass in front of me. Her perfect virgin ass hole. I just want to lick her then fuck her."

Simon coloured up as he realised he was confessing his darkest hearts desires to his sister. Lucy said nothing. She just sat there slowly sipping her can of beer. Simon could tell Lucy was processing the information.

The beer had loosened Simon's tongue and it felt liberating to talk to someone about his fantasies.

"Does she like you licking her ass?"

"Nope. She thinks it's dirty. Guess that's what I get for having a girlfriend who works in a doctor's surgery. Trouble is the more she says it's wrong and dirty, the more I want to do it."

Lucy nodded as her brother spoke.

"Is there any other things you would like to do. Not particularly with her but in general?"

"I love to wank myself off while she sat on my face. Apart from that I can't get over the ass thing."

"Ah OK. I'm off to bed now." Lucy cut the conversation short and faked a yawn.

"Hey, I thought it was my turn to ask you?" Simon shot back.

"Maybe tomorrow. Goodnight."

Lucy ran upstairs to her bedroom. Within five minutes she had her panties around her ankles and had masturbated herself to an enormous orgasm.

Simon, on the other hand, went to sleep thinking of how he could get one back over his sister.

The next morning arrived and Simon woke up. His head was a little hazy but he felt fine otherwise. The twin could feel his hard cock pulsing beneath the duvet. He tenderly gripped hold of the shaft and started to pump up and down. Through the relative quite of the morning Simon could hear the shower running. That's it. He thought to himself. I know how to get her back. Simon rolled out of bed and put a pair of shorts on, then rummaged through last nights jeans pockets to find his mobile telephone or to be more precise his camera phone. He turned on the video mode and leapt towards the bathroom.

"Hey nudie!" Simon shouted as he flung open the door. Lucy screamed as she had her privacy invaded. The pair used to bathe together as kids but Simon didn't realise how much she had grown in the last few years. Lucy was gorgeous. Unfortunately for him he had missed his opportunity for the full frontal. Lucy had already got out of the shower and was drying her hair as he burst in. She had a towel around her waist but he and his camera phone got a good view of her teenage breasts. They were small but exceptionally perky, just the right size for her slender physique. Lucy's nipples were petite, their dark colouring contrasting against the creamy whiteness of her skin.

"Got you!" Simon smiled with glee.

"I can't believe you have just done that!" Lucy yelled.

Simon ducked out of the bathroom before Lucy had the chance to throw anything at him.

Ten minutes later Simon was enjoying his breakfast. He had reviewed the video several times and, although unimpressed with the quality, he did get to see his sister's tits again. He noticed she made no move to cover herself.

Lucy entered the kitchen a few moments later. She had tied her long chestnut hair back and was wearing an old yellow t-shirt. The t-shirt was very tight and the material thin. Lucy's delicious bra-less breasts were framed magnificently in this attire. The garment was also cropped short at the bottom displaying her flat navel.

"Did you get a good eyeful?"

"I did."

"Good, time for another."

Lucy moved towards her twin. As she past the table Lucy came into full view. The little yellow t-shirt was all she was wearing!

"Lucy! What are you doing?" Simon asked

"You've seen me topless. Now see me bottomless" Lucy giggled

Lucy then pulled out a chair and sat down with her knees together. Slowly, she opened her sexy legs baring her angelic pussy to her twin brother. She was hairless apart for a small patch of trimmed hair above her smooth, moist opening. Simon couldn't believe what he was seeing. This was his own sister, his own twin.

"You like?" she purred.

"Oh yes." came the reply

"See. You are not the only one who's perverted," Lucy said "Now I would like to see you naked."

Simon wasted no time in pulling down his shorts. His cock sprang up for his sister's attention.

"Just what I always wanted. My brother with a hard on, staring at my pussy."

The teenage girl pulled up her shirt up above her breasts, "Remember these?" she said, her voice all husky.

"How could I forget" Simon spoke with utmost sincerity

Lucy clambered onto the kitchen table and positioned herself on her hands and knees, her glorious ass at eye level. Whilst maintaining her balance Lucy pulled her cheeks apart.

"Now I know you're not looking just at my pussy are you?"


"What are you looking at, Simon?"

"You're perfect ass hole," he admitted.

"I know you've just eaten. Question is...are you still hungry?"

Lucy closed her eyes in delight as she felt her brothers wet tongue greedily lap at her arse hole.

"Simon likes eating his sister's ass, doesn't he?" Lucy didn't expect much of a verbal reply. Instead she felt his tongue move a little faster and more pressure on her pucker as he tried to tongue fuck her ass. Simon had one hand stroking his cock as he performed incestual oral sex on his sibling. Lucy was loving every second. She was totally unashamed of what she had instigated. She felt even more of a thrill when she realised that her neighbours may be able to see the lurid sex act from their rear bedroom window.

Simon was in his element. He began probing a finger into her ass. There was some resistance at first until her muscles relaxed. Lucy cried in delight as she felt a second finger enter her back passage.

"Its time." Lucy said "I want your cock in my ass."

Lucy got off the table and grabbed some butter Simon had out for use on his toast. She took a loose fistful and began smearing it frantically on her brothers throbbing cock.

"Your sister is about to make your dreams come true," Lucy grinned, "Not here though."

"When then?"

"In the back garden."

"Are you mad? We might be seen!"

"I don't care. This is how I want it to be. If you want your cock deep inside my willing, tight ass then you have to do as I say."

Simon didn't think about it. He just unlocked the door and held it open for his sister.

"Ladies first."

"Hmm, I'm going to let you fuck my ass, in the back garden, where anyone could see. I don't believe the term lady applies. Do you?" Lucy spoke in a matter of fact tone.

"How about horny, filthy, cock hungry, incestuous, exhibitionist slut?" Simon offered and they walked out into the garden stark naked.

"Sounds good to me. Here's a good place."

In the centre of the garden, in the warm summer morning light, a nude eighteen year old beauty dropped to her knees. She thrust out her posterior and impatiently waited for her twin brother's cock to pierce her accommodating ass hole. Lucy did not have to wait long. Simon's erect prick slowly eased its way into her. Simon picked up speed, his strong hands on her hips as leverage. His cock thrust deep into her ass. Occasionally he withdrew all the way out before slamming it back in again.

Lucy murmured incoherently with gratification as her brother fucked her. Simon thought he was in paradise as he repeatedly entered his sister's ass. He smiled through clenched teeth as he realised with each thrust he was breaking two taboos. Not only that, he was doing it with risk of being seen. This only heightened the pleasure. He slapped her ass with delight. Simon could feel Lucy's asshole pulse around his cock as the biggest orgasm of her life ripped through her. Lucy let out a long moan as she climaxed by indulging in her most forbidden fantasies. Simon couldn't take hold back any longer, cumming hard into Lucy's ass.

The pair collapsed on to the ground. Simon never wanted to move. He could happily die here with his prick buried in his sister's sweet behind. He caressed her tits but she was on the move.

"We had better get inside. Just in case anyone sees us," she said.

"A bit late for that now, isn't it?"

"Yeah but lets not push our luck."

As the naked couple moved inside, Simon's eyes were still on Lucy's ass.

"Can you remember Saturday mornings years ago when we watched cartoons together?" Lucy asked.

"Yes. I used to enjoy that" Simon replied

"Me too. But I'm more into ass fucking. How about we watch cartoons whilst we get our breath back. Then you can, maybe, eat my pussy while I tell you about some of my other fantasies?"


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