tagRomancePeter and Me

Peter and Me


Hi! I'm Wendy Bradley. In Community Service I told how I met Peter O'Neill, how his enthusiasm for his work consumed me and I became an important team member, despite my not ever having taken charge of anything, but my journalist work. Under Peter's influence and guidance I became a new person. During the project's life I developed the third member of our team, Clive Wishart, was not getting a fair deal in sexual matters from his very inhibited partner, Cindy, so, by chance, Clive had become my new personal project. Now, read on.

It was springtime again. The new grass has had its first cut last week and the winter was kind enough to fill the pond and show off the waterfall; all of which I recorded for the local paper, where I can now choose topics for publication. Some local bird enthusiasts have provided nesting boxes for water birds that now frequent the pond and it surroundings. It was a new place and people were taking advantage of the warm days to picnic in the new park.

This day, Peter wanted to meet me there, so I wanted to see what was on his mind this time. I arrived there and we sat on a bench seat that had been added as a finishing touch to the project. He turned to me, "Look Wendy. We did that, the three of us," as he pointed to the water gently splashing over the waterfall into the pond. "I like these bench seats, which were your addition to the plan. Good thinking, my dear. I must say I was amazed at how enthusiastic Clive became when we needed the earthworks completed in time for the autumn grass seed planting. I was impressed by him."

"Yes, he did do it rather quickly. He worked over the holidays, although there were some very hot days. He's a good young man." Peter was silent for a while, before he asked, "Did you have to do anything to encourage him by any chance?

"I looked at Peter and answered with a smile, "Maybe. We made the difference you had planned. I understand the council was pleased with the result. The newspaper carried a wonderful centre page spread on the opening of the Wetlands Park, as they called it." I reached for his hand and held it firmly. "Peter, you developed me into a positive person. I would never have been involved in something so grand if it were not for your encouragement and infectious enthusiasm. So, thank you, my dear friend. I owe you."

"Don't underestimate your own ability, Wendy. It was you who kept the community informed with your informative progress reports to the newspaper. The mayor made a special comment about you at the last council meeting. The Wendy Bradley reports have been posted on the large notice board in the council office foyer. Your progress photos are also on display. You did a wonderful job. It is a job I could not have done, that was why I believe it was Fate that brought us together at that meeting, almost a year ago now."

"I helped Clive get his business on track with some gentle encouragement," I told Peter. I believed that was my best contribution to the project. "I suppose his father will be pleased. By using your sketches I managed to invigorate Clive. I have the feeling that when he saw your designs on my computer he thought I was giving him an office job. I had to reassure him it was just the tool I used to demonstrate how his completed work would look. I had to work hard to encourage him, but when he got started he was a quick learner and I think he appreciated that my tutorials and practical examples helped bring it to life for him," I told Peter, in support of Clive's good work. There was no reason to tell Peter anything about the sexual rewards I offered him in return for prompt work.

"Did you know he is now on the preferred list on contractors for doing council works?" Peter asked.

"No, I didn't. Clive hasn't mentioned it. Perhaps he is embarrassed," I offered.

"Well, he shouldn't be. His new business brochure has three small photos showing that Wishart Excavations did the work at the wetlands. I think the council had the brochures printed as a token of goodwill for his work during summer." Peter's story made my heart leap. I had really made a difference to Clive!

"By the way, Wendy, I am looking at purchasing a new house for rental purposes in Spring Creek. Would you care to run a critical female eye over the property for me? You know, just to get a woman's perspective; I'm not much good at that. I would like you to be there, there are things I'd like to catch up on, if you care to join me." Was Peter inviting me to another little sexual activity? I don't know where this house is, but I always looked forward to meeting with my mentor and secret lover. After all, I do feel that I owe him for his guidance on the wetlands project.

"Peter, I would be glad to assist you. Do you have a preference for lacy or plain?" I asked him.

"I liked the lacy set I saw on the very first occasion to view one of my properties. It suited the occasion most admirably. Yes, definitely the lacy set." I immediately felt I wanted to impress him even more this time.

"Have you a day in mind, or are you still in planning mode?" I asked him. I think I already knew his answer.

"Yes, on Wednesday. Is that satisfactory for you?" I nodded. "How about 2.00PM?" he added.

"That's fine with me. Now, where do we meet? I have no idea where this house is," I told him.

"Good, park your car at the old football ground and I will meet you there. I think it is better if we go in my car. Are you happy with that, Wendy?" I was more than happy, I was ecstatic!

I had one day to prepare for my meeting with Peter. I thought I would surprise him with a new set of lacy underwear, so I visited my favourite lingerie shop to find the perfect items. As I walked in I was greeted by the proprietor, "Good morning, Mrs Carter, how are you today?"

"I'm fine thank you, Brenda." Brenda Lee was the shop owner who took over when her mother retired.

"What is it you are looking for today, Mrs Carter? Something to surprise a friend, maybe?" I smiled, but didn't say anything. "How was your last purchase? Did it please your friend, Mrs Carter?" Brenda asked.

"Please, Brenda, call me Wendy. I am here to buy some intimate apparel and you sound so formal. I prefer Wendy on occasions such as this. Yes, I am looking for something special. I am thinking of a bra, panties and a suspender belt set, rather than just the two pieces," I told her.

"Were you unhappy with your last purchase, Mrs ... er ... Wendy?" Brenda sounded concerned as she spoke.

"No, not at all. Quite the contrary. It worked so well he asked me to wear them and nothing else so he could take in the view, as he called it." Her face relaxed and a smile appeared. She looked at me, but she didn't comment further. She was a woman of discretion.

There was a short silence and Brenda asked me, "You chose the Belle Gala in Blue Wren, didn't you? Do you have a preference for colour today? I do have other colours in that brand, also the matching suspender belt. Let me show you some colours, just to get you started."

I told her my feelings about the colour and style I had in mind, "Perhaps a darker colour or a soft green might be what I want. I don't really know, to be honest. All I do know is that lacy garments turn him totally on." Brenda walked to a shelf at the far wall and came back with three boxes from the top shelf.

"I have this one in a soft green with a satin feel. Does he like the feel of satin on you?" Brenda opened the box and took out the panties. "Does this colour appeal to you, Wendy?" I looked at them and wasn't sure what to think, so I didn't say anything. "No, I can see now it doesn't suit your skin tone, so let me show you this one." She opened another box and there was a beautiful colour, darker than a normal pink, but it caught my attention.

"Oh, that looks gorgeous. Can I try it on, please?" As I walked to the changing cubicle, I heard Brenda say it was called Cranberry Surprise. "That sounds suitable for such a lovely colour," I commented to her. I knew that Peter would like it, but did it suit my skin tone, I needed to try it on. I took my clothes off and hooked the bra in place, then put the new panties over my own — it's a Health Department rule not to try new panties on naked vaginas, so I wore thin nylon panties for that reason. I untangled the suspender belt and realised I was probably in my twenties when I last wore suspenders. I managed to put it around my waist and tried to match it with the panties, but my white underpants detracted from the overall image I was trying to create. I must have been a long time looking in the mirror, because Brenda came to the curtain and asked me if I was all right. "Oh Brenda, I just can't get the right feeling. I'm not sure."

"Would you mind if I came in to help you?" She seemed embarrassed to have asked, but I was pleased with her offer of assistance.

"Oh yes, please do. I would like a second opinion. Do come in." I opened the curtain and Brenda entered. She saw me examining my body in the long mirror. She looked for a minute or two then said,

"I see what you mean. Perhaps, this one time you can take your panties off to try on the new ones, yes?" I nodded and smiled.

"Thank you, Brenda that would be great." Brenda stayed while I removed both pairs and put the lacy panties back on. I looked into the mirror; I was sure Peter would approve of my choice.

"Pardon me for asking, but do you trim you pubic hair?" I hadn't expected that from Brenda, but I answered truthfully.

"Just enough to lose the scraggly, curly hairs. The rest is just trimmed to whatever shape it was. I do trim it closer for summer." Perhaps it was too much information, but I knew her well enough to be forthright with her.

"I can see how much neater it looks inside those lacy panties. Wendy, did you notice the pussy patch is just big enough to cover only the girlie part? It shows your natural dark colour rather well, I think." I looked at the mirror again and asked,

"It that called a pussy patch?" I asked in surprise.

"Yes, among other things. May I ask what you are wearing over those lacy teasers for your man?"

"I had thought of a white blouse and a navy blue jacket and a matching straight skirt, with a rear pleat. I thought that would look neat for my friend." I paused for a moment then added, "Oh, yes, I will need some sheer black stockings, otherwise why would I want the suspender belt?" Brenda was looking at my near naked body and said,

"That Cranberry Surprise looks good with your skin toning. It's a good choice, Wendy. Would you mind telling me if your man is older or younger than you?"

"I don't know if I should tell you. You may think naughty things about me. He's four years older than me."

Brenda Laughed as I expected. "No Wendy, I don't judge my customers, but I do know that 80 percent buy for a special friend, as you are, not a husband."

"Brenda, how can you know that?" I asked her.

"Because when women seek out special items as you have done, I know for sure. Let's face it, if you wanted to impress your husband would you be here, or would you have gone to K-Mart or Target?" I laughed,

"Yes, you are right. I hadn't thought of that. My husband wouldn't notice if I wore a sugar sack, I'm sure."

"My point exactly, Mrs Carter." I took the garments off under her curious gaze, but her next question stopped me in my tracks. "Wendy, may I feel your pubic hair, I have thought about doing that to mine, but would you mind if I touched you?" I saw no harm in helping a long-time friend make a decision, just as she helped me with my decision making, but I wasn't expecting to feel a finger push into me ever so lightly. I didn't stop her. Brenda stopped at that point. I continued to dress, while Brenda collected the garments and took them out to repack the box. "I'll get some stockings for you to try, Wendy." I nodded and said 'OK'.

When I returned to the counter there was a drawer with many types and styles of stockings waiting for me. She asked me my leg size and directed me to the correct packets. I chose a very sheer pair in black,

"I think these will do the trick."

"I'm sure they will, Mrs Carter." I noticed Brenda was wavering between my first name and married name, but it didn't bother me. Perhaps she was exercising her saleswoman status to close the transaction. I offered my credit card to pay. The deal was done, I picked up my special parcel and was about to leave, when I heard, "Oh, Wendy, perhaps we could meet for coffee one day?" Was it a question? I looked directly at her to try and judge her reason for the unusual offer, but saw no clue,

"Ok. Perhaps we could. Yes, that would be nice. Thank you." I was still wondering about her unusual offer when I reached my parked car. I also thought about where her finger was earlier.

It was Wednesday morning and I was standing in the shower, just thinking about Peter, but I did notice I spent more time with my fingers near my crotch as the warm water splashed over my naked body. I was excited, but I didn't want to betray those feelings to Peter when I met him. At the appointed time I reached the car park and there, near a stand of poplar trees, was Peter's car. I parked beside him and walked to his car where he held the door open for me.

"Good afternoon, Wendy," he greeted me as he planted a kiss on my cheek. My heart started racing. He was silent as he selected 'drive' and moved off towards Spring Creek.

"Where exactly is Spring Creek, Peter? I asked him.

"It's about 20 kilometers down that way, but we are not going there, I have another place to be, so we will go there instead," he told me. I didn't mind, I was with Peter for all the afternoon and that was all that mattered. We drove along some roads I had not used, but soon I saw a familiar looking road.

"Haven't we been on this road before?" But as I asked, I could see we were at his rental property where we came for that first time and many others since, but not from that direction. He turned the car into the driveway and stopped the engine. "Oh Peter, your tricked me. But I like your choice." I kissed his cheek.

He opened the door to the house as always, a courteous ritual from this well-mannered man then gestured for me to enter. He followed and locked the door, "You know your way, my love, so proceed." He hadn't called me that before. I was bubbling inside and I felt I was getting moist again.

"Peter, I see you have changed the bed covers. Do you do that often?" I asked him.

"I did it for you, Wendy. The change seems to suggest a different room. That was my thinking." He looked at me and told me, "You look exceptionally fetching today. I haven't seen you dressed in a suit before. It's very neat. Do they still call them suits, Wendy? I have lost touch with that sort of thing." I paused for a while,

"I don't know really, I've always thought of it as a jacket and skirt." I answered him.

"Whatever it is, I'd like to take it from you, do you mind?" I said 'no' and let him take it off and watched as he undid the button at the side near my hip, I had to tell him to slide the zipper to make it easier to pull down.

With a swift movement I was standing with my white shirt up top and my lacy underwear and stockings below. I watched as he looked at me, a smile transformed his face, "Wendy, the colour, it looks so beautiful on you ... the stockings too. I haven't seen a suspender belt since my wedding night, I think. How thoughtful of you to surprise me like this. Let's take off your shirt and I can see the full gorgeous package." I undid the cuff buttons while he fumbled with the fancy front buttons, but it was now off and I was in my cranberry coloured underwear. "My god, you look so lovely, I can feel an erection starting." Was that my permission to help him undress?

I saw him loosen his tie, so I loosened his belt and slid his trousers down to his feet. He did indeed have an erection. The bulge inside his underpants was testament to that, so I watched his cock spring out and up as I pulled the elastic waist out over the bulge. I left him to undo his shirt as I took his scrotum in my hand and felt the softness of his balls. Crouched down as I was to put my mouth over his large cock I felt the first trickle of my girlie moisture on my inner thigh. I stopped sucking him when he put his hands against my sides and lifted me onto the bed. The covers were partially turned down, so I took my cue to slide in and make space for him. He took his shoes off and stepped out of his trousers and laid them over a chair.

He walked to the bed, his erection was now quite hard and as he slipped in beside me he said, "My erection started when we walked into this room, my dear. You are a wonderful influence on me and my genitalia."

"I am pleased to give you such pleasure. It's all I think about at home," I was being honest. I often came up with ideas to give him pleasure. We don't always have the time together to put some of my thoughts into practice, but it doesn't matter. We enjoy whatever it is we do together. I turned to face him and allowed him to put his arms around me. It's my favourite starting position, a close cuddle, where my tits are pressed hard against his chest and I can feel his rigid cock pressing against my vagina.

We stayed like that for some time as we chatted about our days apart. There was no reason to rush, we enjoy each position we are in. I unfolded his arms from around me and turned so my butt was pressed against his cock. He replaced his hands around me, now he used one hand to squeeze a breast and tweak my nipple. I turned my head to ask him, "Spoon with me Peter, please." As he came closer to follow the shape of my body I felt so wonderful and wanted. A feeling I have not known for some time. We were silent. We didn't need to speak; our bodies were doing that for us.

It didn't take long before I felt his hand move lower to caress my pussy mounds, still without a word. I felt him gently insert a finger and feel upward for my clit; I jumped a little when he found it. His gentle rubbing brought me closer to ecstasy. I pressed my buttocks harder against his cock. As I did so, he kissed the nape of my neck which raised my pulse another step. My heart beats were quickening, such was the gentle touch of Peter's fingers. He moved lower and raised my leg gently, so that his cock was able to access my pussy opening from behind. I held my leg high enough for his penis to be fully installed in me then gently lowered it to keep him in place when he was comfortable. There was a gentle, rhythmic movement, which would be almost invisible to a casual observer. I loved the feeling it gave me.

Peter knew how to please me, no words were needed. By now, we both knew what each of us liked and we managed to indicate most of those feelings just by movement alone. As we both reached closer to a climax, I moved off his cock and rolled onto my back. He followed and moved in between my opened legs. I felt his throbbing cock fill my love tunnel again. I locked my heels behind his thighs to maintain full contact with him. His unhurried thrusts slowly brought me to boiling point and I heard myself saying, "God, Peter, I'm coming, I'm coming." He thrust harder and almost as one we reached our climaxes. I felt the strong surges from his manly organ as it pressed deep into me and filled me with burst after burst of his hot lovemaking juice. My legs were locked even tighter and my toes curled like never before. We stayed this way as the feeling subsided. I didn't move, neither did Peter, we had both paused for breath. He kissed me on my mouth; his tongue found its way inside and soon our tongues were working overtime. I liked the security of him lying over me, our bodies engaged as one. He wasn't heavy. He was my Peter, my lover, for my afternoon.

Our lovemaking does not need words. We had our musical practice as different married couples and now it's a new tune we play together as lovers; a well-rehearsed melody that we both know so well. The practices of old are now our new enjoyment, a tune most often played as lovers. I remained under Peter, until he spoke, "Wendy, I think we excelled today with that interaction. Did you enjoy it?" Peter liked big words and I knew exactly what he meant. As he pulled his now flagging penis from my wide open pussy, I asked him,

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