tagBDSMPet's Punishment

Pet's Punishment


"Damn!" I swore under my breath as I hung up the telephone. I wanted to play with my toys so badly, and I couldn't reach my Master to ask permission. I loved hearing his amusement when I asked if I could play. He had never denied my request, but I had to ask him first.

"Yes, pet," he would say. "You may play, but you have to tell me about it when I get home."

"Yes, Sir," I would giggle as I answered. "You know I always tell you everything."

My friends had each sent me several steamy stories that morning, and I had read them all. Now I was so aroused all I could think about was satisfying my libidinous appetite. But Master was away from his phone, and I knew he might not be back in contact until much later.

I thought about it for a few minutes, then went into the bedroom and opened the toy drawer. I stared at the box that contained our collection of vibrators and other fun things for a long moment, measuring my need to relieve myself against the possible consequences. The throbbing of my clit against my jeans decided for me.

I knew I was doing the wrong thing when I reached in and got out my favorite toy, my vibrating egg. I felt a little guilty as I pulled off my pants and touched it to my clit, but the guilt didn't last long. It felt so good. I was soon lost in the pleasurable vibrations, bent over the bed rocking the vibe against my clit and fantasizing about Master teasing at my ass with his cock.

In my mind I felt him slowly enter me, his cock stretching my tight ass as he pushed forward. I gasped as I felt my clitoris respond to my imaginations and the pleasant vibrations. I began alternating speeds on the vibe, turning it down, then back up. A little moan escaped my lips as I felt the different sensations producing the desired effect. I was quickly approaching climax.

I slid my index finger down through the wetness that had gathered between my nether lips and continued past the slippery opening to my pussy. I wiggled my finger against my ass. I imagined Master asking me if I liked him to fuck me there, as he will do from time to time just to get me to admit it out loud. That was it. Moaning low and long I slipped over the edge of high arousal and into a spinning vortex of orgasm.

I could hear someone knocking at the door as I began breathing normally again. I hurriedly threw my egg into the toy box and closed the lid. I pulled my pants back on and gave the drawer a shove before hurrying to answer the door. I soon forgot my undisciplined behavior.

Later, when Master came home, I greeted him as always by wrapping my arms around his neck and presenting my lips to him. He kissed me warmly and put his hand between my legs.

"Ahhh," he smiled at me. "Someone is very warm. Have you been playing today?"

"Well," I evaded, inwardly panicked. My Master always knew when I was trying to avoid directly answering a question. "I couldn't reach you this afternoon. And I know I can't play without asking."

"No, you couldn't," he answered thoughtfully.

It might have gone better for me if I had confessed right then. Master does not tolerate dishonesty, and now I had lied as well as broken another one of his few absolute rules.

We went about our evening, things as normal as any other day. I fixed dinner and we sat and ate and talked about the events of the day. After I'd put the dishes away, I went in to ready myself for bed. As I walked around the bed, I made a disturbing discovery. The drawer that held our toy box was open! Had Master noticed? Maybe he hadn't. He certainly hadn't said anything.

I decided he probably hadn't noticed, and finished undressing. Master came in several minutes later. I was waiting for him, kneeling on the bed in his favorite position. He undressed and patted my butt as he walked past, then laid down as if he were going to go right to sleep. I crawled up beside him and knelt there.

"Yes, pet?" he asked. "Is there something you need?"

"I just wanted to know if I had done something wrong, Master," I said. "Is there some reason you don't want to play with me tonight?" I had an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"Interesting that you should ask me that, pet." he replied, his tone almost cold. "It would seem that you have no need of me."

"What do you mean, Master? Of course I need you." I knew now what it was. He had seen the open drawer. He knew what it meant. I had gratified my lusts without his permission. Surely he would not be too angry with me. It was not that big a transgression. But he had asked me, and I had forfeited my right to quick forgiveness by denying it.

He let me stay kneeling a few minutes, then said gently, "Yes, pet, you do need me." He rose from where he lay beside me and barked, "Assume your position."

I quickly moved and knelt at the end of the bed, my head down on my arms and my bottom high in the air. I knew better than to hesitate when he spoke that way. But I also knew this position was always a prelude to hot, body and mind melting sex. I shivered with delight, knowing that he wanted me after all.

Smack! The blow from his hand caught me by surprise and I exhaled in a big rush of air. He usually did not start out a spanking that hard, preferring to build slowly up to a good warming. I turned to look at him.

"Do not look at me." he ordered. "You have been a very willful and disobedient pet for some time. You know I notice everything, especially when it concerns you." I felt the guilt wash over me at his awareness of all my transgressions and immediately turned my head back to rest my forehead on my arms.

Smack! His palm hit the other side of my butt, and I jumped. I only flinched a little, but he put his hand on my lower back and growled at me, "If you keep moving like that, I might miss. Hold still."

I tried to brace myself for the next one. I waited, but nothing happened. Then suddenly Master began to rain blows on my behind with his favorite paddle. It stung! I counted the spats on my behind. One, two.... ten, fifteen... My thighs began to quiver as I lost count. I could feel both cheeks beginning to flame as he alternated sides.

Each fiery smack of the paddle sent a jolt of current to my genitals. The pain only increased my need for my Master. I felt so wicked, my arousal all jumbled with my physical distress. It made no sense, but it didn't have to. I loved to submit to his every desire. He could spank me until I trembled with need for release and then make me beg him to fuck me. And then he would use his whole body to make me cum until I couldn't walk.

Just when I thought I would not be able to keep myself from moving and trying to escape the stinging rain, Master stopped. My breath coming in pants, I could feel him watching me as I calmed. I waited for his big hands to soothe the burn on my buttocks, but he made no attempt to comfort me. Confused, I knelt there, a cold shudder running up my back in spite of the fire on my bottom.

I know he saw me shiver. Master does notice everything about me. He pays careful attention to my every sound and motion when we are at play. He has given me much pleasure and much pain, but he has never truly hurt me.

I heard the drawer sliding. I heard him take out the toy box and lift the lid. I barely had time to wonder what he was getting out. I heard a buzzing sound and knew instantly which toy it was. It was the large vibrating anal plug. He had only used it on me once, and knew the sound would strike terror in me. It was way too big. The one time he had inserted it into my tight ass, I had begged and pleaded for him to remove it, the burning had been more than I could bear.

I felt it land on the bed beside me, still humming away. I was safe for the moment. Now the scent of leather assailed my nostrils. I inhaled deeply of the aroma of the flogger Master had laid by my head. He knew the scent would further arouse me. Then I felt the falls of his favorite flogger caressing me. He brushed them gently across my warmed bottom and up my back. He tickled me with the soft leather until I squirmed. Then I felt the first blow of the leather strips on my bottom. He was not gentle as he struck me with the flogger repeatedly until my cheeks were once again burning.

I felt the fire grow on the tender skin of my buttocks until I was sure I would not be able to hold my position. But again he knew where I was and moved his strokes away. He began striking me on my back, the flogger stinging places that had only been touched gently before. I finally cried out as he struck my shoulders with the flogger. He stopped instantly. But he did not caress the spot with his loving hand, or offer a word of comfort.

"No, you may not make a sound in protest," he corrected me. "Your transgressions have been many lately. I have been too involved with work to devote the time to properly discipline you, but the time has come. I asked you this when I came home. Now I'm asking you again. Did you play today?"

"Yes, Master," I confessed to him, knowing he knew already. "I had tried to reach you but you weren't there. And I needed to play so badly!" I knew exactly what he was talking about. There was more than just playing without permission today. I had done many small things lately, either out of laziness or hesitation. I had even reflexively pushed his hands from my breasts when he had suddenly squeezed my nipples just the day before. I was in trouble and I knew it.

Once again he started raining blows on my body. From my shoulders to my feet, nothing was spared. But in spite of the pain he was giving me, I was becoming more and more aroused with each strike of the leather on my tender skin. I could feel the wetness seeping from me to leak onto my thighs. And I was so turned on by his total domination of me. I shuddered and moaned when the leather slapped against my nether lips and snaked across my clit.

"Do I ask too much of you, pet?" he asked gently. "I am a generous Master. I have never refused your request to play. I require that you ask me for only a few things. Surely that is not much to demand of my devoted pet?"

"No, Master!" I cried out. "I am sorry!" I really was. I had already promised myself I would never do anything against my Master's wishes ever again. I would stand as still as could be as he pinched and pulled on my nipples. I would not be lazy or sloppy when he tasked me. And I would NEVER play again without first asking his permission.

"I can tell you are sorry, pet," he said, his voice still gentle. "But you know I must continue with the course of discipline I have decided on."

"Yes, Master," I answered soberly, wondering what else he could have in mind to help me remember my lesson.

I didn't have long to ponder my fate.

I heard him moving behind me. Then I felt his belt make contact with my bottom. I had thought my butt was already stinging painfully. I was wrong. I had known his belt before, but never with such vehemence. With each resounding slap of the leather on my already well-heated rear Master further instilled in me a desire to follow the rules I had signed my name to in agreement.

My pussy was soaked, my thighs wet from my freely flowing juices. I needed him so badly. I knew all he would have to do is enter me and I would cum. But he showed no sign of stopping, or even slowing. My cheeks were burning, and still the belt fell. I could feel the tears spilling down my face, and no longer gave any pretence of trying to hold my position. I flinched and jerked each time he made contact.

Finally he stopped. I waited, but no more blows fell. Master slid his hand between my legs, his fingers slipping between my swollen, ready lips. I needed him so badly! "Please..." I begged him. My face was wet with my tears, but my dripping pussy was wetter.

"I would love to please you, pet." he said sadly. "But you had your pleasure today. Put things away, I am tired." With that he lay down on the bed and turned on his side away from me.

I gulped back my sobs and got up off the bed. I carefully coiled his belt and put it back in the drawer. I put the plug, it's batteries drained, back in the toy box. I put the floggers and the paddle away. Then I crawled back up to my pillow and lay down beside my Master. I curled into an aching ball with my back to him, my heart sorer than my backside ever could be.

Master turned and wrapped his arm around me. "I love you, pet." he comforted me.

I smiled through my tears and snuggled my burning bottom up against him. Tomorrow would be a better day.

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