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Photo Shoot


As a photographer for the Military Press Corps, I had occasion to learn the fundamentals of photography using the old-fashioned shutter cameras unlike the digital techno-wonders of today's equipment. There's nothing like the good snap of an Olympus shutter supplemented by the mechanical grind of the film advance to immerse one's self in the capture of images. I went as far as to shun the battery winders so famously used by the paparazzi.

On my last leave, I had occasion to snap what started as a gag, but ended up being a super-serious foray into exhibitionism. Let me explain. I'm married to a spunky little brunette named Marcy. People invariably describe her as wispy - although she doesn't appear to be unhealthy. Some people are just small, and my wife is small. She'll never win glamor awards, for those all are the province of the tall, leggy, and breasty. Even my wife's voice is pitched somewhere in the small range. She is the butt of my buddy Darrel's constant ribbing, and the beginning of the foray I mentioned.

Darrel stayed with us for the two weeks I had off, and he ribbed Marcy about her size in a flirty way. I know nothing could develop between the two; they just aren't compatible in that way. My wife can put up with his kind of humor, but not indefinitely, and Darrel is 24/7 joker. Plus, Darrel is half a foot taller than me and their heights are not compatible in taste. He likes taller women, and she likes shorter men. So the flirting occasioned nothing from me except some smirky eye-rolling. Marcy blushed at first at his constant insinuation that she was less of a woman, sexually, but after just a couple days she was throwing gibes back at him. She seemed to like to imply that he was too big for anything but a moose.

I had the seed for my idea when we went to Starry's, our favorite dance and hang-out joint. Darrel watched us dance a few before he asked Marcy to dance. I always seem to look at places and people as to how they would photograph, and I laughed to myself about doing a photo shoot of Darrel and Marcy "on a date."

"Hey, I have this idea," I began when they came back from their third dance. We were on our fourth round of drinks and were feeling warm and happy.

Darrel raised his eyebrows. "Is this a new thing for you?"

"Yeah, yeah, yuk, yuk." Darrel could make a joke out of junk mail and belly button lint.

"Does it involve your camera?" Marcy chirped at me.

I can't have an original thought without Marcy already knowing it before I speak it.

"Yes, the camera." I smiled.

Darrel appeared to lose interest right away; he wasn't a shutterbug like I was. He was more dirt-bike and sweat than intellectually motivated.

"How would you two like to do a photo shoot gag? Something just for personal keepsakes?" My mind was already swirling with what was needed.

"Gag?" My wife looked like a confused hamster.

Darrel perked up a little at the idea of any kind of gag. "What kind of gag? Whatcha got in mind?"

I finished off my drink and leaned in close to the two of them. "I take a bunch of faked shots of you two together, like on a date. Make it look real with camera angles and everything."

"For what?" Darrel asked.

"Kicks and giggles. Something for your private photo album. A joke shoot."

"Oh." He seemed confused.

"You know, I take shots of you two. Like you went out together. And we can fake some romance shots."

"Romance shots?" Marcy slurred through her drink. "With him?"

"Sure, all faked." I smiled. "You just have to be brave enough to let me take them."

My little Marcy has a slight complex about being brave. Something to do with her size. I probably shouldn't have used that word. Darrel had no complex about being brave. We had been swimming together for a few days, so being barely covered wasn't a shock to anyone here.

"Hmm. Could be fun." Darrel allowed that much, which meant he was game.

"I don't know..." Marcy smiled.

I bugged my eyes out at her. "You don't want the romance shots faked? You want real ones?"

"No! I didn't mean that."

Darrel snickered.

"So you'd rather do fake ones than real ones?" I quizzed her.

"Well, of course, yes." She looked confused.

"Great. We'll start as soon as we get back to the apartment." I smiled like a little kid.

Darrel and I danced with Marcy a couple more times before we called the dancing a night. We also stopped at four drinks each. For me and Darrel, four was enough for a nice buzz. For Marcy, she was on the edge of being looped. Darrel even joked on the ride home and asked if he would "have" to kiss her. That got him a good slap on the arm from Marcy and she arched an eyebrow at him.

I dashed up to the apartment and grabbed my camera while they waited downstairs. I came back out and stood on the landing to start the photo gag of their "date."

"Come on up and I'll start," I said as I readied the camera.

Darrel slipped his arm around Marcy and they walked to the stairs. I snapped two pictures. They went to the door of the apartment and I snapped another. With the door open, I snapped one as they entered. Just as they were in the doorway, Darrel reached a hand and cupped my wife's butt cheek. I snickered and snapped a picture of that just before she slapped his hand away.

Inside, I had them hug for a couple shots. I had them sit on the couch next and fake kissing. Basically I just shot the back of Darrel's head as he put his face up to Marcy's. It looked off, though, so I told them to grab each other like they were really kissing, and not posing. That looked a little better, but it still seemed forced since I had to take the shot from behind Darrel's head.

"It would just be easier if we kissed, wouldn't it?" Darrel seemed impatient. Twisted as he was on the couch was probably as uncomfortable as it looked.

Marcy giggled. She was still tipsy from the drinks.

"Yeah, I guess. Kissing never killed anyone." I waved at him to proceed.

Darrel planted a kiss on Marcy in a more natural position. That worked. When Darrel pulled back, I could see Marcy blushing.

"You kiss funny," she said.

"I kiss funny? What the hell?" Darrel actually seemed offended in a joking, questioning way.

I waved them silent. "Marcy, get on him like you're showing him you're the kisser in control."

"Yeah, lemme show you how it's done." She pushed Darrel back and straddled his stomach. She leaned down and planted her own kiss on him. He put his hands on her hips and let her kiss him.

"Oh, I see. You kiss slow," he said. "And I kiss funny because my tongue moves faster?"

Marcy laughed. "It feels funny."

Darrel seemed put out by that. "Well, I never..."

Marcy laughed harder. She really got a kick out of tweaking Darrel finally without a joking response at her expense.

"Okay. Can you two fake making out? Do some groping and necking?" I moved to kneel by them.

"How do you fake groping?" Darrel was exasperated.

I lowered the camera. "Well... I'd like to get some faked shots where you're naked together..."

"Naked?" Marcy's eyes got big.

"Faked, dear."

Marcy blinked, unsure as of yet what I meant.

"As for the groping, I guess since you're dressed, just grope each other through your clothes and we'll fake the naked ones." I readied the camera.

"You mean, like this?" Darrel grabbed one of Marcy's small boobs. She squealed.

I snorted. "Yes, that's fine."

Darrel squeezed like he was checking vegetables at the supermarket and Marcy slapped at his roughness. She reached back behind her and grabbed a handful of his crotch. He yelped as she squeezed hard. I got all this on film.

Both broke out laughing.

"Okay, okay, I'll go easy," Darrel chuckled.

"Never mind that," I waved at him. "Get your hands up under her skirt."

"Umm..." Marcy looked panicked.

Panicked? Oh, I suddenly knew why.

Sometimes Marcy went without panties. Not often, but often enough to keep me guessing. This must have been one of those nights.

"Hmm, well. Just a little, Darrel." I snapped a couple as his hands slid up her skirt. I could tell he was being proper; he kept his hands at the sides of her legs. But before either of us could stop him, he had his hands up to her hips.

"Um, oh." Darrel's face told me that he had discovered that he had met only skin on her hips and not the expected pantyline. He actually blushed.

"Sorry," I said to both of them.

"No, I'm sorry," Darrel stuttered at the same time.

"Oops, sorry," Marcy piped in simultaneously.

All three of us broke out laughing.

"Eh, don't worry about it. There's going to be some skin during the faked shots that will have to touch, so forget about it." I stood up. "Maybe we can just keep going and have you two undress each other? I'll get some shots of that."

Darrel nodded.

He and Marcy fumbled around at their clothing like retards until I sighed. "This isn't really difficult, you know."

With some laughter, they both stood and began undressing each other. I used the rest of the roll. The shots of Marcy pulling down his pants were good. I captured her glance at his underwear on film. I got what looked to be a good one as she stepped out of her skirt with Darrel's face just inches from her confirmed panty-less crotch. Darrel tried to be proper, but he kept looking at my wife's pussy.

"It's okay, Darrel. It works for the camera." I winked at him. These wouldn't look right if he acted shy.

I changed film as they stood there alternately looking at me and each other. With a fresh roll, I took a couple as they finished undressing. The only thing I couldn't get on film was my wife's giggle as Darrel's penis came into view. He was smaller than me, although he was taller. Not tiny, just smaller.

"Are you laughing at this?" Darrel pulled at his limp member. I got a picture of that.

"It's... it's..." Marcy didn't know what to say.

"Hey, I didn't laugh at you!" Darrel snorted.

"No, no!" Marcy blushed. "I think it's... cute."

It was a good enough recovery that Darrel let it go.

"I can't help it being limp," he shrugged. "I'm being photographed."

"Marcy, dear, would you grab him?" I asked my wife. "Is that okay? We won't all die if a little touching is involved, will we? It'll help the pictures. You'll need to be touching for the faked shots anyway."

"Touch it?" Marcy asked. She looked appalled.

"Okay, try hugging first, then," I directed.

Darrel and Marcy hugged each other, naked. It was good for two pictures. Afterwards, Marcy was willing to touch him and she grabbed his penis gingerly. The look of caution and uncertaintly was worth three pictures. Within a few seconds, Darrel was hardening.

"Oh my," Marcy stammered.

"If you squeeze it, it will bite you!" Darrel threatened with mock severity.

Marcy actually squealed in fright and let go of it. That got us all laughing again.

When she grabbed it again, she was a little more natural with it. She gave it a few strokes and that was worth a couple more pictures.

"Darrel, would you do some handiwork on Marcy?" I moved around to get a good shot of that.

"Sure, bud." His hand reached into Marcy's tiny crotch and gave it a few rubs. His eyebrows went up a few notches as he rubbed. Marcy closed her eyes through it and appeared to be suffering through the shots. Or maybe trying to control herself.

"Okay, enough of that; we'll do some faked shots, now. Marcy, would you fake blowing Darrel?"

"Huh? How the hell do I fake a blowjob?"

I motioned. "Just lower your mouth over it without touching it."

Marcy blinked at me and gave me a dubious look. She didn't think it was possible, apparently. But she tried. Darrel laid back on the couch as she lowered her mouth over his erection. I got a good handful of shots of her mouth covering his penis. It looked real, but I could see that her mouth was strained open to avoid touching him. Darrel got a nasty twinkle in his eye and I saw his penis twitch. The movement caused it to move into contact with her upper lip. She panicked and drew up sharply, but not before her lips had closed reflexively onto his shaft. She drew her mouth off quickly, but it was too late.

"Whoa!" Darrel almost stood up from a laying position.

Marcy glared at him. "Don't get funny, smart guy."

"I didn't know you liked me like that," Darrel gasped.

Marcy pointed a finger at him but just shook her head with a rueful smile after a few seconds. Her pointed finger turned into a finger-shake.

"Careful, you two. Don't get excited." I moved again.

"Easy for you to say," Darrel grumped.

"Okay," I tapped the camera. "Let's have you fake eating Marcy."

I snapped two pictures of them changing positions, and another as Darrel put his face close to Marcy's pussy. There was a slight glisten to Marcy's pussy lips, but that was pretty common after a few drinks. This one was harder to fake than the blowjob. I told him to get closer a couple times until he got frustrated and just buried his nose up against Marcy's vagina. Marcy grabbed his head as if to push it away, and it worked great for the picture. She didn't push away, though, and I think she was trying to keep him from doing anything extra.

"Great, let's fake some sex, now." I led them into the bedroom.

I had Marcy climb onto Darrel as he laid back to fake a cowgirl ride. "Straddle him and hold his penis while you hold open your lips. Just like you're going to slide onto him."

She blushed. Darrel was staring at my wife as she straddled him. I got a couple pictures there. She looked fantastic straddling him, spread open as she was. My wife was very photogenic, although she didn't believe so.

"Okay, now put it down and sit on it. I'll get a shot from his feet. It'll look like you slid down on him." She did and I got a picture of her round little butt in three stages. One, up in the air with his penis looking like it was starting to penetrate. The second with her lowering over him - although his penis was at her front, it looked like it was sliding in. The third was her butt sitting on his hips, smashed down with that alluring feminine flare. "Darrel, would you help out? Fondle her boobs for a shot?"

Darrel reached up and rubbed her small boobs. Marcy hummed; she really likes her boobs played with. She responded by rocking her hips back and forth a few times on his hips. It was great for the pictures, but Darrel's gasp told me she could carry it too far.

"Stop, Marcy. You don't want to cause any accidents, do you?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, sorry." My wife giggled nervously.

"Let's fake a doggy position," I twirled my hand as if to stir the pot.

Marcy got on hands and knees while Darrel moved up behind her.

"Sort of put it here?" Darrel slid his penis between the back of Marcy's thighs. By virtue of the position, his penis had to be rubbing along her opening.

"Exactly," I said. "Perfect." A few more pictures as that was being posed and Darrel made a few back and forth movements. Marcy responded by moving counter to him.

"Yes, there you go!" I responded enthusiastically. They were getting into the spirit and play of a good fake. I got several of that from different angles. Except from the front, you couldn't tell that Darrel wasn't in her. From the front, though, I could see his penis poking through her thighs. His erection was rubbing her opening and splitting her lips open. Marcy appeared to be deep in concentration. Darrel's breathing got ragged and his pumps pretty feverish.

"I think we better change positions," he offered.

"Er, yeah." I was getting mesmerized by the sight of him pumping against her hips. There was a very good impression of desperation that carried through. His muscles were outlined as he strained against her and my wife's body had a fluid suppleness that moved with him. I shook myself and asked for a faked mercenary position.

Marcy laid back on the bed and spread her legs for Darrel. The act made me hard. I found my own breath to be a little fast. I wiped my brow. Darrel crawled between her legs, his penis bobbing as it pointed at her entrance. My wife opened her legs even farther. I discovered that I was shaking. This was showing too good, and my pictures came quickly. I had Darrel aim at her vagina and hold his penis like a tool. I told him to hold it near her opening.

I got several pictures of that from different angles. I told him to press the head of his penis hard against the side of her vagina so that it looked like it was going in. He did and it looked great. Her opening bent inward as he pressed against the side of her lips. It looked like there was an inch of penetration. Perfect.

I then had him lay against her with his penis up against his own belly and his hips pressed into hers. I took a few pictures of that. Darrel started pumping then, and Marcy countered back at him. I ran out of film and had to change rolls. Darrel stopped for a minute while I changed, but then started back up again before I was ready. Marcy countered his thrusts. I could hear the faint sounds of wetness. I hurriedly finished loading the film and readying the camera. They were beginning to have fun at this, and I didn't want to miss it.

"How about where you're leaning up, Darrel? Aim your penis down between her thighs? It should look like penetration."

Darrel nodded and knelt back on his knees to reposition. Pre-come oozed from his erection and I got a picture of that with Marcy wide open in the background. She moaned in anticipation when he scooted over her and she closed her knees a little. Darrel used his hand to position his penis down between her thighs. The top of his shaft was rubbing her opening. I rarely get to take a close look at Marcy when she's excited, but I've seen her excited before. I could tell she was very excited. Her lips were swollen and red. She was leaking lubrication and making slow, achy movements. When Darrel had placed his penis, she closed her thighs around it. He raised and lowered his hips against hers.

Marcy gasped and thrust her hips against his. Their crotches rubbed wetly against each other as I snapped pictures. Darrel's penis glistened with her juices. He alternated slow and fast pumping as I tried to maintain a steady movement of camera positions and shots. I knew the faking was becoming enjoyable to them as the rubbing must have felt good. I tried to pay attention to the camera.

With a shaky voice, I asked for a change in positions. "Spoon shot?"

Marcy continued to writhe as Darrel got off of her and her pussy lips were even more swollen and wet. He laid behind her on his side as she levered herself up with her back to him. She bent her knee and exposed her sopping mound. Darrel reached down and moved his penis over to her vagina. He laid it along the opening as I got pictures. Marcy's face had an odd look as she stared back at him. He pumped his erection along my wife's opening and she began pumping back. He had a hold on his penis, keeping it in line, but as the pumps passed, I noticed that he was purposely rubbing the head against her opening. Marcy wasn't pulling away, and she was obviously enjoying the attention. I felt they were getting close to actually wanting to fuck and I paused to consider. Marcy was having fun, was turned on, and Darrel was a close friend. If she was at the point where she was aching to have him fuck her, then she had concluded that it must have been okay to proceed.

I was a little lost watching that as my breathing was short and my balance a little off. Darrel's strokes became less controlled as he aimed more and more at her opening. My wife just stared back at him as she angled her vagina towards his probing erection. Her pussy was starving, and she was wide open, ready to be fucked. Needing to be fucked. Darrel slowed his pumping as his head found her entrance. He paused there and used his hand to guide his erection as it teased her opening. Marcy's small hips pushed downward against his probing head.

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