Photo Shoot


My lover and I meet just a day ago. Oh -- we have been chatting a while on line -- but face to face? Less than a day! We have written stories and ideas to each other for weeks, wanting to meet and learn each other. We have entered into this relationship simply as fuck buddies, there is no past, no future and no obligations except to make each other cum. This is a trial period, and if we enjoy each other, there may be other meetings, but this one is special. It may be the only one, and nothing is forbidden, nothing is taboo.

About us, we are both in our early forties, we have raised our families, been the "good" boy and girl to make everyone around us happy. But years of frustration have built up, we are ready to do all the naughty, all the "taboo" and all the things we were never even told about. Thank God for sites like Literotica, it allowed us to learn we were not the only ones with these desires.

We have decided that we should take photos and video our next fuck session. We both agreed that we will delete everything if we don't like what we see, so a strong safety net is in place. We can do this, because there will not be any repercussions or fear of exposure. Safety is key, you won't be leaving your marriage, and while mine has ended after 20 years, we are still in court and I don't want anything exposed.

We have fucked, sucked and stroked every inch of each other. We have purchased a couple disposable cameras, a cheap camcorder and some toys. We are going to document our next games. I get to go first and I am so excited.

I know soft materials and silkily textures turn you on. You are standing, but I want more. I push you back against the door and reach up and pull down cuffs that are covered in fur. I enclose your wrists, so your body is now mine to do as I will. I set up the camcorder and make sure the lights are showcasing your raging hard-on. I gently squeeze your balls while stroking my thumb down your shaft, delighting when your cock jumps to my touch.

I go to our bag of toys and pull out two pieces of material. One square is a soft, soft cashmere, which you adore, and another piece of silk. I rub your body with the cashmere, letting its soft material cover you, teasing your cock by gently draping it over. I love my flag poll and touch you every so gently through the material. I love the gasps and groans I am getting from your mouth and I press against you. I decide to save the silk for later.

I kneel before you, and remove the fabric, while angling so the camera will be between us, so it will capture your cock going in and out of my mouth. I lick the head and nibble down the base, letting the camera capture each and every movement. I lick back up the base, and take you into my mouth. I move your cock in shallow to my mouth, I want the camera to see my mouth stretching just around your head. I take you in slowly, sucking you deeper and deeper into my mouth to let the camera see me swallow you into me.

You begin to fuck my mouth, and I greedily let you take my mouth at your will. The camera captures each and every movement, and your balls slap against my chin. I lick, lave and lash your cock with my tongue, swirling your cock with my mouth. You feel a buildup and know you are going to cum, you pull out of my hot mouth and spray your jism across my face, coating my lips and cheeks. Cum drips down my chin to my tits. The camera captured all!

We laugh and l release you. Like two naughty children, we quickly clean up and then watch the video to see how it turned out. It is great, yes it looks like it was made by amateurs, but what the hell, it is great and we are excited we did this. We are laying on the bed watching this, loving each and every clip of film. You grin and tell me it is my turn!

You have me climb on the bed on all fours, presenting my pussy and ass to you. You angle the camera directly at me, so you can capture every reaction. You finger my ass, plunging in and out, so the camera can see my pussy clench as my ass is violated. I feel my pussy flood and know you want more and more from me. I am moaning and gasping from the finger fucking my ass is taking. You didn't build up, you just started and I am already raging with desire!

Your finger is gone and I hear you reach for your bag of tricks. You come around to my face and put a blindfold on me, telling me you only want real reactions showcased, so I cannot see what you plan to do to my pussy and ass -- the highlight of this video. My pussy clenches in anticipation and you lightly smack my ass when you come back there. You start fingering my ass again, and my pussy clenches and I feel fluid leaking from my hot pussy, knowing the drops are being captured on film.

I hear you reaching in the bag, but have no idea what is to come. I hear a cap and think it is lube, but I am not sure. Suddenly your fingers are gone and I feel a plug at my ass. The camera catches every motion, as you slowly insert and seat the plug home. My ass burns as you push the plug in and I am moaning and groaning. I haven't really had a lot of anal play, and so I am burning and stretching and I want to pull away. I didn't even realize it, but you are holding my hair, pulling me back as I want to pull and move away. I am whimpering a bit, I am stretched and, and, oh My God -- it is turning into fullness, the pain is going away and oh, it feels so good. You know and move my legs farther apart, so that my pussy gaps open for the camera.

You sneak under me and begin to lick my clit. My pussy is gaped open as you had spread me wide for the shots. You lick and lave my clit and I am mewling with excitement. My pussy is soaked and hot fluid leaks out and drops down, each drop captured by the camera. You suck my clit into your mouth and I cum. My whole body explodes with the pleasure you have incited in me. You want more for the video, so you grab a double headed dildo and slide one end into my pussy, and pull the plug from my ass, then ram the other side of the dildo in my ass.

You rock them back and forth, double fucking me as the camera sees and watches the show. You push my legs wider, and sit to the side, and reach down with your talented fingers and flick my clit, over and over, while your other hand rocks the dildo between my pussy and ass. You yank the dildo out of both holes and jump into position. You move the camera to capture the sight of your engorged cock slamming into my gapping, soaked pussy. My hungry pussy sucks you in and you rock. Unbelievably, you are able to cum again and pull out to shoot your jism over my ass and back. LOL -- clean up time again!

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