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Photo Shoot


He has let it be known round the campus that there was an un-official, cash in hand modelling job that was going to a single female if they wanted it. A friend of Nick's had started a lingerie company and needed someone to model some of the specialist wear. She had a fascination with 50's lingerie, specifically Basques and so had begun producing them.

The buyers wanted to see how they looked on a real person not just the mannequins so she had asked Nick if he knew anyone at the university where he lectured. Nick could think of a great many of the very attractive students straight off the top of his head that would look great in them but it seemed a bad idea to simply go around asking. So he had let a variety of rumours slip, the odd discreet note and email saying what email to contact if they were interested.

After a few days he had one promising email from someone calling themselves 'Kitty'. He was fairly certain there was no-one at the university by that name but that didn't bother him. She claimed to be five foot four, a size 10, a c cup (which would be perfect for the first load of lingerie testers that Kate his friend had sent) and waxed which would look better in the shots he planned to take.

He quickly replied back with a date, time and place at a house he had borrowed out of town for the week. He had specifically hired the house (paid for by Kate) because of the historical features, inside and out, that he thought would complement the design of the products the model would be showing off. He was curious who she was but was quite happy to wait to find out. If she wasn't appropriate he would apologise and send her away but so far she was the only applicant.

The day in question arrived. He had arranged for Kitty to arrive early afternoon so that there was enough light for the outside shots he wanted to do. The camera equipment was on the side, the bedroom was lit and arranged how he wanted, as was the lounge and the garden area outside. He was just in the kitchen fixing a drink when the doorbell went. He strolled through and opened the door. There stood Eva, one of his hottest little fantasies. He had always preferred petite women and she was shorter but with amazing curves.

He smiled as she stared up at him in shock, she was in one of his lectures, he was one of her lecturers, oh god... He could see the thoughts running through her mind and before she could turn around and run he took her arm and led her unresisting into the house.

"Good Afternoon Kitty," he said smiling as he led her into the kitchen. "I am glad to see you and hope you are looking forwards to this. We agreed on the figure of £200.00 for the photo shoot but my client has offered another £200.00 on top if you agree to certain other photos. However we can discuss that later."

Nick could smell wine and looking at her he guessed she had probably drunk a few glasses to steady her nerves as she seemed rather nervous. He kept playing along pretending he didn't recognise her and she started to relax. He lectured several hundred students a week, no reason he would recognise her specifically.

He handed her a couple of disclaimer forms and an envelope to seal them in so he wouldn't need to check. She quickly scrawled her name on them and put them in the envelope. The cash was in another envelope which he showed her.

"Now the first room on the left upstairs is the one I have set aside for you to get changed in. There is a rack already there with the first three outfits that I would like to do you in outside in the garden." He smiled wondering if she caught that and from the faintest hint of blush creeping into her cheeks he knew she had.

She nodded meekly still not having said anything and walked upstairs quickly. He did admire the curve of her ass in her jeans and looked forwards to seeing more of it. He quickly grabbed the camera and checked the memory card and battery, all good. Turning he leant against the wall and waited. He didn't have to wait long until she came out the bedroom and stood at the top of the stairs for a moment.

He took a second to admire her. Kate had done an amazing job. A black sheer mesh Basque topped off with some French lace that hugged her body defining her amazing curves. With the matching thong and a silk robe wrapped around her, along with the heels, she looked stunning. Her long blonde hair falling to her shoulders. Nick couldn't help but let out an appreciative sigh.

"Right, we had best get to it whilst we have the light."

She came carefully down the stairs and he led her outside into the garden. It was warm enough though he could tell she was cool as her nipples hardened to poke through the sheer material. He took her over the swing and positioned her for several shots then lying in the swing chair, on the patio furniture and in various positions around the garden. She was a very willing model and quickly changed into the other outfits as he positioned her with firm hands.

He couldn't help but notice that she seemed to be enjoying it more when he positioned her firmly, guiding her with his strong hands to sit a certain way, arch her back so it showed off her cleavage or lean in a particular direction. She barely said anything the whole time they were outside and by the time they went back inside he was certain she was becoming increasingly aroused at the photos and the positions he put her in.

They went up to the bedroom and she changed back into the first outfit again and walked through into the bedroom he had set up. It was very suggestive, lit by candles, a large four poster bed with a dressing table alongside it.

He had her pose at the dressing table first brushing her hair whilst he took some angled shots that showed how the Basque emphasised her amazing tits. He could feel himself getting more and more aroused and had been trying to ignore it all afternoon but the side of her soft, pale curves made his mouth water. He just wanted to suck and bite down on them and mark them as his own.

He took her arm, fingers digging in a bit deeper now as he tried to control his rising lust. He positioned her kneeling at the foot of the bed for a moment and took a few shots then made her stand leaning back on the bed. Before all his shots had been more demure in nature, making her look reserved yet incredibly sexy in the different outfits. Now however his shots were becoming slightly more provocative.

She was sat on the edge of the bed, the silk robe in a pool around her feet, legs together as she leant back on her arms bracing herself up. Her breasts jutted firmly in front of her and her hair hid her face. He took her chin raising her face forwards so it was no longer hidden and he could see the need burning in her eyes. He stepped back and took several shots as she held that pose for him.

He moved forwards gripping her, almost spinning her round now and made her bend over the edge of the bed facing away. Ordering her to look back over her shoulder at him he could see the flush on her skin through the sheer material. Instead of simply stepping back and taking the photos now though his hand ran softly down her back and over the curves of her ass. He felt her stop breathing as he cupped her ass cheek in his hand then he felt the barest hint of her pushing her ass into his hand.

He leaned in close, "You slut, you want this don't you, you want to be used by me, like I own you... I know what you need..."

With that he raised his hand and brought it down against her ass with a sharp crack nearly launching her forwards still she braced her arms and steadied herself out again. The sheer material left little to the imagination and already he could see the red mark of his hand glowing against her ass from that hard strike. She didn't move or make a sound simply stayed in that pose waiting as his fingers teasing traced round the outline of the imprint his hand had left. Raising it again he began slamming his hand down on her ass. Hard sharp strikes on both cheeks that by the time he had finished she was breathing hard, a single tear rolling down one cheek though she had not made a sound.

"Very good Eva..." Then he saw her start, he knew her name...

He twisted his fingers in her hair and dragged her head up and back so she was staring at the canopy of the four poster bed. He stood behind her and ground his hard jean covered cock against the crack of her ass. He could almost feel the heat radiating from her glowing ass as his other hand reached around to slide over her stomach. Trying to decide if he should move up or down he stroked her stomach gently.

He slid his hand down to cup her mound through the thin material of the matching panties, feeling that her wetness had soaked the material already and he heard a moan slip from between her lips. He pulled her head back even sharper and pushed one finger in, rubbing the material inside her then he brought the finger up to her lips, sliding it into her mouth where she instantly sucked it clean for him.

He released her hair and stood back as her head dropped forwards.

"Stand." He commanded her and she instantly obeyed. "Strip out of that outfit now and kneel at the foot of the bed."

Without looking up at him she quickly complied and within a minute she was kneeling naked on the floor. He walked around her admiring the curves, the red marks on her ass and her delectable body ready for his enjoyment.

Reaching down he grabbed her nipples and hauled her upright using them eliciting a gasp as she stumbled to her feet.

"DID I TELL YOU TO STAND?" He slapped her across her breasts hard as she quickly sank back to her knees in front of him.

Leaving her there for the moment he slowly began to strip picking up a spare pillowcase he had brought he ripped it into strips quickly and when naked moved in front of her.

"Give me your wrists." She quickly held up her arms and he moved behind her grabbing them and pulling them to the small of her back where using part of the material he tied her hands roughly.


Nick moved to sit on the bed and sat back leaning on the pillows. His hardness now exposed and swaying slightly as he moved.

"Come here!"

She crawled onto the bed to kneel between his legs where he indicated and he reached forwards, grabbed her hair and hauled her head down till she over balanced and slid face first towards his throbbing cock. Lifting her by his hair he commanded her to open her mouth then he lowered her face onto his shaft till she swallowed it. After a moments gagging, which he enjoyed, his cock was firmly embedded in her mouth and through.

He felt her struggling to breath and rolled his hips slightly till she got the hang of it then he lay back and enjoyed.

"Make me cum slut..."

She pulled her knees a bit further up so she had more stability to maneuver and then started working on his shaft and balls with all her skill. He could smell her arousal and see how much she loved sucking cock as she licked and sucked his balls, taking his cock as deep into her mouth as she could over and over. Occasionally he would reach down to stroke her hair to encourage her as she practically throat fucked herself onto his rod.

Eventually Nick stood, shoved her onto her back and wanked himself to a finish so his cream splashed all over her face and hair. Slipping off the bed he walked over and picked up the camera moving back to take photos of her lying there, naked and bound with his cum over her face then using his fingers he scooped up most of it and fed it to her which she obediently swallowed.

He grabbed her ankles and dragged her to the edge of the bed. Her bound hands behind her back made her arch uncomfortably but it thrust her tits out to him and he gave into those lusts that had burned before. Starting at her neck he kissed his way down across her chest feeling her shiver as he reached her nipples. His tongue swirled around them as he moved from one to the other, kissing, licking and sucking till she was moaning softly under her breath then without warning he bit into the side of her breasts hard making her shriek as he marked her fantastic tits. When he pulled back he could see the teeth marks in a ring on the side of her right breast. Not quite deep enough to draw blood but damn close. Leaning in against he focused his attention on her left breast now, gripping the nipple between his teeth he slowly pulled till it was painfully stretched before letting it go. Then sharply, violently he bit down, his mouth surrounding her whole nipple as he marked her again.

After this playing his cock was fully hard again and leaving her so her ass was at the very edge of the bed he gripped her ankles and spread her legs painfully apart. He began rubbing his cock up and down her soaking pussy, rubbing the head of his shaft against her clit whilst he felt her quake underneath him.

"If you cum without my permission I will make you really regret it..." He glared at her and despite the lust and heat in his gaze she also saw the cold fury for if she disobeyed him and shivered, nearly orgasming then and there on the spot despite the threat.

He drove into her, releasing the grip on her ankles as his cock split her apart. Using his body weight to drive himself deep to her core he reached up, one hand closing around her throat as he drove himself in and out of her hard.

His fingers tightened around her throat as he leaned over her, crushing her underneath him. His cock slick with her soaked juices as he fucked her hard and fast, one minute choking her the next letting her breath as he drove as hard, as deep and as fast as he could. He saw the panic in her eyes as she felt his fingers tighten again and looking down at her as he brutally fucked her he simply said 'now'.

As she heard that permission she stopped holding back, she had been holding on since he first started taking photos and she felt his control of her, all afternoon her arousal had been building, then in the bedroom she had felt amazingly hot in the outfits and his eyes and the way his strong hands positioned her. Then he had used her and she wanted to burst, the feeling of him hammering away inside her and the look in his eyes, the fingers around her throat had almost been too much to bear but he gave his permission and her body literally exploded.

She screamed herself hoarse over the next few minutes as the incredible orgasms (there were several) ripped through her bucking her body around even as he used his strength and superior weight to keep her pinned under him, barely noticing as he rammed his cock finally deep inside her bucking body and released another massive load of cum deep in her cunt.

She felt him withdraw but almost everything else was blank as she lay gasping, limp on the edge of the bed. All thought had been driven out of her head and she wasn't sure what was going to happen next.

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