tagErotic CouplingsPhoto Studio Ch. 05

Photo Studio Ch. 05


Authors Note: This is part of a series and is built on characters and settings from previous chapters.


After leaving the shop I headed over to Jack's house, hoping to ask Felicia what she thought I should do about what was turning into a potentially complicated situation with Tina.

"Hey Liesh!" I said as she opened the front door. "Damn!" I said involuntarily.

"You like?" She asked, doing a quick twirl in the translucent sea foam green robe that barely extended below her ass. It was obvious to me that she was completely naked under the robe and my cock almost immediately began responding to the view.

"Uh Yeah! It's...Hell. It's real sexy. But won't Jack get upset with you wearing that in front of me?"

"Oh what a spoil sport." She said as she closed the door behind me. "Jack won't be home for a couple hours yet. He called and said he had to work some overtime. So what's so important you needed to talk to me sweetie?" She asked, hooking her arm in mine and steering me toward the sofa.

"Well." I said dropping onto the sofa. "I gotta figure out what to do about Tina." I told her as she sat down on the end of the sofa, twisting herself around so that she was laying propped against the padded arm, her bare legs sticking across me, her knees hooked over my lap.

"In what way?" She asked as I rested my hands on her legs.

"Well. I hired her. She seemed to be a really nice, solid woman. No real issues the first few days she worked for me. Super fast with the paperwork, got things caught up real nice, so I started letting her read some books and gave her my old Nikon to play with in the down times. Then all of a sudden today I find her sitting in the studio taking pictures of herself half naked. I try to put a stop to it and she starts coming on to me like a freight train. We had clients due, so I sent her in the back to get cleaned up, and when I went back she was sitting nearly naked fingering herself. I mean damn." I told her, my fingers idly stroking her calf.

"So what happened then?" She asked quietly

"Well, our clients came, a nice couple. We started doing portraits, and the wife wants some more intimate ones, which we do. I send them in the back to change and then find them screwing in the changing room. I mean they were banging away when I went back to the printer, and she seemed actually pleased for me to watch her getting screwed."

"That must have been hot."

"Oh hell yes. Well, after they left, Tina locked the door and drug me into the back and...well...yeah, when she sat on my lap I gave in and screwed her. Hell, it seems like half the women I deal with lately have wanted to undress in front of me. What the hell is it about me?"

"It's not just you, sweetie. Yesterday I came home from work and felt like a hot shower. I got out when the doorbell rang. I just wrapped the towel around myself and went to answer it. It was the UPS guy needing me to sign for a package." She said quietly. "I just couldn't help myself. I let go of the towel when he handed me the pad and let it fall off, leaving me standing there completely naked in front of him. I'd never done anything like that before but it felt sooooo hot and sexy. After he left I barely had to touch myself and I was climaxing like crazy. And today? Well, today I went to work in that short little black skirt and didn't wear any panties. None at all. I came home so horny you can't believe it. In fact." She said as she reached for the remote and flicked the TV on. "I was about to try and relieve some of that pressure. How would you like to help me?"

I looked at the TV and realized that she had a porn video of two women going at it hot and heavy playing. When I looked back the almost translucent robe was pulled apart and her entire body was exposed. She lifted one leg off my lap, sticking it high in the air and then swinging it over my head and resting it on the back of the sofa so her pussy was spread and completely exposed, her lips glistening wet with her moisture.

"I really don't know what it is, but the last few days I have felt sooo sexy and hot. I want you to make me cum. I want to feel your hands on my body and your tongue on my pussy. I've always had this little fantasy of you making me cum. How about you do it for me today?" She asked, scooting down farther on the sofa.

"I'm not sure Jack would be so happy about that." I said as I stared at her spread pussy.

"Oh... It's not like I'm fucking you. I just want you to touch and lick me. It'll be our little secret." She said huskily. "Please? I really can't wait any more. I just have to cum soon."

"I don't think this is a good idea." I answered, shaking my head.

"Ohhhhhh Please?" She begged, one hand sliding down her stomach to her pussy, her finger sliding easily into her wet tunnel. "Maybe just touch my body while I do it then?" She moaned as her finger started sliding in and out of her pussy. "Ohhhh god I wish this was your cock. I've always wanted to see your cock." She breathed heavily. "How about letting me see it. I know it's hard. I can feel it." She said, sliding her leg up until her foot could rub on my rock hard shaft in my pants.

"You want to see my cock?" I asked surprised.

"Yes. Just let me look at it. Come on sweetie. We've been friends a long time. You're seeing me naked. How about letting me see too?"

"Ohhhhh come on. Please? It'll be our secret. I promise!" She cooed.

Hell, I must not have been thinking straight any more, watching her work her finger in and out of her pussy, but her plea got to me, and I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock out for her to see.

"Pull 'em down farther. Let me see all of it." She coaxed, using her foot to try and push my pants down my legs.

I lifted myself off the sofa slightly and pushed my pants and underwear down over my ass until I had them to my mid thigh, my cock sticking straight in the air, bouncing slightly with each of my pounding heartbeats.

"Oh god... What a fantastic looking cock!" She moaned, stuffing a second finger into her pussy. "Touch my titties please. Play with my hard nipples."

"Ok." I whispered, leaning over toward her and reaching to gently stroke one of her soft tits.

"Ohhh yes. Mmmmmm. Kiss it. I want to feel your lips on it." She coaxed. I lifted her leg off the back of the sofa and back onto my lap as she moved her other leg off the sofa to keep her legs spread for her hand. I leaned over toward her, laying myself in the gap between her body and the back of the sofa, reaching my body up and finally having to slide toward her a bit farther to get my mouth to reach her breast.

"Ohhhhh God yes." She gasped as I gently sucked her right nipple into my mouth, flicking my tongue around it. I could feel the back of her hand bumping against my cock where it lay resting against the inside of her thigh, cradled in the junction of where her leg met her body.

"Hmmmm God I can feel your cock." She whispered in a half moan, her fingers sliding wetly along the length of my cock. I felt her hand close around it and stroke it several times before sliding it over to rest between her lips, the side of my shaft pressed against her hard clit.

"Ohhhhhh yes. I like that." She cooed as she rocked her hips, sliding her clit along my cock. "So hard. So big." She moaned as she worked harder and harder against it, her hand pulling me tightly to her pussy.

I licked circles around her nipple as I sucked the end of her tit and her whole areola into my mouth. I started to grasp her nipple with my teeth and tug it gently, letting it slip from between them.

"OH FUCK!" She moaned loudly, pressing my cock to her pussy as she used my hip for leverage to lift herself off the sofa, stroking farther and farther along my rigid cock.

I felt her palm cup over my engorged head as she pushed me against her, her lips sliding all the way up my shaft until they started lapping around my head. The sensations had me slowly bucking my hips in time with her motions, the two of us rubbing our most sensitive spots against each other.

I wasn't sure if it was because I slid down a little or if she lifted a little farther, but I felt my head engage into her pussy more fully and then as she came down and I pushed up, drive fully and deeply into her hot wet tunnel.

"OHHHHH FUCK!" She cried loudly as my engorged head drove up into her. She continued to hump her hips, as I did in time with hers, the two of us now openly fucking and driving ourselves closer and closer to climax.

"Yes yes! Oh god yes. OHHHHH I've wanted this for so long. Fuck me baby. Give me the whole thing!" She moaned loudly as I continued to suck on her tit, nibbling her nipple while I reached down to her pussy and pushed her hand away, my fingers stroking her wet clit. "OHHHHHH SHIT!" she screamed as her whole body tensed, her pussy convulsing around me as I continued to stroke up into her. I humped my hips harder and harder into her, my cock nearly ready to explode.

"Oh god." I grunted as I tried to drive into her one last time before I came, my cock accidently sliding out of her and sliding along her pussy until it stuck in the air between her legs. My body convulsed and my cock spewed the first shot of hot cum up in the air, dropping back down as a long creamy string that landed on her chest between her tits, just barely missing my head. I rolled away slightly, releasing her tit as shot after shot surged from my cock, covering her chest, stomach and curly pubic hairs with my cum.

"Well, goodness. That was more than a girl could expect." She giggled as she used one finger to draw little circles through my cum.

"I'm sorry. Guess we got a bit carried away." I apologized, feeling a bit guilty.

"Nothing to apologize for sweetie. It's exactly what I wanted and hoped for. The only thing I might have changed was the very end, but we can fix that next time." She cooed, gently stroking my short hair with her free hand. She finally got up after several minutes, letting the robe slide off her arms so she was completely naked. "Now don't go away or cover that sexy cock up." She said as she walked down the hall. She came back a minute later with a washcloth and towel, kneeling in front of me and gently washing me with the warm rag.

Her hand felt wonderful, gently stroking and drying me, taking her time to make sure she got everyplace, and then lowering her face to my lap, engulfing me with her hot mouth.

"Ohhhhhhhh Geez." I groaned as she coaxed me back to hardness with her swirling tongue and gentle sucking. "What if Jack comes home?" I asked with concern.

"He can wait his turn." She answered huskily before going back to sucking on my shaft. She slowly worked my pants down my legs until they were bunched around my ankles, her mouth never stopping its up and down trips along my again hard shaft.

"I think we better stop." I said breathlessly.

"Why is that? Getting all turned on again?" She asked with a grin.

"More than a little." I admitted, looking at her smiling face.

"Good." She answered as she climbed onto the sofa straddling me on her knees. "Because I'm not done with you yet."

"Once wasn't enough?" I asked.

"OH sweetie. A dozen times might be enough. Did I ever tell you that before Jack and I got married that I used to fantasize about getting married to you and having you fuck me in my wedding dress?"

"No." I answered, thinking back to all the times the three of us hung out in high school and during summer breaks from college. I had dated her pretty heavily in high school and I had wondered if the two of us would have stayed a couple if we had ended up going to the same college. As much as I was attracted to her, it was clear Jack had more opportunity going to the same college she did.

"Uh huh. I used to cum alone in bed at night, dreaming that my fingers were your cock. Remember the senior prom?"

"Yeah. How could I forget?" I answered, images of her in that strapless formal gown flooding back. I really wanted to get her alone enough to pull it down to see those tits, or more, but couldn't seem to get her free of her girlfriends. But now those same tits were hanging in front of my face naked.

"Did you know I didn't wear any panties at all that night. I didn't want you to have anything in your way if you decided to try and play with me. God I wanted you to play with me too. But Ginny just wasn't going to let me do that. She was determined that we should wait until we got married." Felicia said as she aimed my cock at her pussy and slowly sank down on it again, leaning her body toward mind until her gentle kisses brushed against my cheek.

"Scott...We never did get married, but I'm glad I'm finally getting to fuck you!" She moaned softly in my ear.

"OH lord. I always wanted to feel you like this." I groaned as she started slowly lifting herself up and down my shaft.

She gently tipped my head up until she could lean her face to mine, softly kissing my lips and breathing heavily into my mouth as her pace gradually quickened.

"Ohhhhhh god you feel so good." She moaned, her lips brushing mine. "I can't believe I'm doing this. You feel so incredible inside me. I feel like I'm going to explode with your so big and fat cock in me."

"You feel pretty incredible too." I answered breathlessly. "Too bad we didn't get the chance to do this in a wedding dress."

"Ohhhhhh god. Just the thought of that sends tingles up and down from my pussy to my tits."

"You sure it's not just my hands?" I asked as I gave both her hard nipples a squeeze.

"UH! God no. but you can keep doing that too. Damn. I think I'm... gonna...CUM!" She squealed suddenly, her whole body jerking and shaking as she flopped down hard on my cock. I continued to squeeze and tweak her nipples while she kissed me, her urgent kisses and panting breath driving me crazy.

"Fuck me. Fuck me hard!" She begged when she finally broke the minutes long kiss. "Fuck me like you would have that night of the prom!"

"Ok." I answered, gently pushing her up and off of me. I stood up and shuffled around to the back of the sofa, pulling her along with me. She smiled when she realized what I had in mind. She bent over the sofa and spread her legs as she pushed her pussy out at me.

"Take me! Fuck me like you would have if you could have gotten me alone in that stairwell!" She practically begged.

I stepped up behind her and pressed my cock into her sopping pussy, drawing a long slow groan from both of us. "OH god yes." I groaned as I started plunging my cock its full length in and out of her hot velvety tunnel.

"That's it baby! Fuck me hard! Give me all of that wonderful cock!" Felicia cried as I slapped my hips against her ass, her whole body shaking with each impact. I looked up from her ass and could see that she was watching our reflection in the mirrored glass doors of the entertainment center. I could see her smiling as she watched me now watching her tits swinging wildly. "You like the way they look don't you? Tell me you love seeing my big tits swinging like this!"

"Fuck yes!" I grunted as I watched her tits in the mirror, my cock swelling inside her, getting ready to climax. I looked over at the TV briefly and saw two young ladies lying on a sofa, a long double headed dildo sliding back and forth between them.

"Oh fuck. You're going to make me cum again! Do you want me to cum again with you? Do you want to feel my climax squeeze your cock and feel my juices around your shaft?"

"AWWWW SHIT!" I cried as my body jerked, driving my cock the full length of her tunnel and smashing my head against her cervix. I could feel the squirt of cum push out and fill around me inside her.

"oh Oh OH!" She screamed, her cries echoing off the walls as her body jerked and twitched in yet another climax. "OH SHIT OH SHIT!" She screamed, reaching for a pillow and muffling her own cries as she lay over the back of the sofa, her legs sticking out and her head lying on the sofa cushions, her whole body shuddering and twitching.

"Oh god. Sweet lord." She panted, slowly pushing herself up so her feet could touch the ground again. "God, I had no idea I could come so many times or so hard." She said, as she reached for the towel she laid on the sofa. She grabbed it and then twisted herself around, gently pushing me back and using the towel to cover her sopping pussy. "God I feel like I have a flood in me." She said with a girlish giggle. "I don't know who put more in there, you or me."

"Well, after today, I don't know that I had all that much more to go." I answered as I shuffled around the sofa again.

"Damn." She giggled, pulling the towel away and looking at the huge wet spot on it.

"Well. It was good." I said, pulling my pants up to my thighs.

"Wait!" She said, running around the end of the sofa like a giddy little girl. "Don't put that away yet."

"What you want more?" I asked in surprise.

"No, silly. I want to clean you off again." She said as she reached for the wet cloth lying on the sofa. She knelt down and gently washed and dried me one more time before giving me several gentle kisses as she pulled my pants up and finally covered my limp cock. "I hope it gets to visit again soon." She said quietly, reaching for her robe before standing up. "Be right back." She added before disappearing down the hall.

She came back a few minutes later wearing a normal robe, flashing it open for me to see she was still naked under it.

"So you never did answer my question." I said as I sat back down next to her while she stopped the DVD and turned off the TV. "What do I do about Tina?"

"Well, I really don't know what might have changed. Hell, I don't know what's come over me. This is the most normal I've felt in almost a week. I mean I've been walking around thinking about flashing good looking guys all over town. I haven't, thank god, but I've sure thought about it. Hell, you making me cum so many times seems to have taken that out of me for now at least."

"So I'm just supposed to ignore it? I mean she's a really good worker and she's been trying hard to learn more. It's just that I can't have her doing that kind of thing in the studio."

"But it's ok for her to do it elsewhere? I didn't ever hear you say that you didn't like the fact that she seduced you, only that she did it in public."

"Well, she is married and I don't want any trouble." I replied. "But she is sexy."

"Well. Just like us. You're both adults. It's up to her what she tells her husband. But if she instigated it, why fight it. Hell, especially the way you fuck. God I don't understand why none of your girlfriends haven't taken you off the market. You're cock feels absolutely incredible inside me."

"What about Jack?"

"Oh sweetie...Jack doesn't hold a candle to what you do!" She answered.

"That wasn't what I meant." I said, blushing a little.

"You mean what am I going to tell him? Nothing. Not a thing. This is between us and it will stay with us. Ok?"

"Ok." I answered a bit guiltily. "I just feel like I'm betraying him a bit."

"Wanna know a secret? You remember Ginny? Well, two years ago I found out they had been secretly meeting every couple months for a little tryst. I guess if he can fuck my best friend and keep it secret from me he doesn't have much room to complain if I do. Alright?"

"I suppose. I guess I better go before he gets home."

"You don't have to. I mean there's still time for one more go around if you want." She said, stroking my face with her fingers.

"No. I don't want to push my luck." I answered as I got up.

"Ok." She said, standing up and wrapping her arms around my neck. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me gently. "You know. I think we would have made a great couple if we had stayed together."

"I think so too." I whispered back. She let go and followed me to the door, giving me one more kiss before I headed out.

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