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Picnic Rock


They call it Picnic Rock, so named because generations ago, it was the hot spot to cool down for city dwellers that came to the beach where the rock was in the tiny village on the coast for its beautiful scenery and cooling waters and breeze.

It retained the name and though not as popular as it once was for actual picnics, it was a magnificent outcropping of New England granite

that was a perfect backdrop for family photos, generations gathering on the great water-eroded mounded top, weddings and also fishermen plying the saltwater for trophy catches. It was also a wonderfully noisy craggy outcropping that bellowed with waves slapping its front when the tide came in.

And it's where Tom proposed to his wife, Libby, 42 years ago, she accepted, and they had impromptu, moonlit sex.

He stood on the porch and looked out over the sea late one night from the small cottage he and his wife rented, as they had for decades. The beach was several hundred yards away, and lying before the cottage in a green blanket leading to the beach was a spread of rosa ragosa, hardy beach vegetation with beautiful red flowers.

He looked out over that, a place of serenity at night, bathed in the glow of the moon, starry skies all around, and took comfort from the familiarity.

Tom and Libby had brought their children here for years, and their children's children, but often stealing away at night for a romantic walk on the beach, and to Picnic Rock.

Those walks became less frequent as they got older, however, and now in their early 60s, they hardly came for those walks at all. Tom blamed himself for that, his romantic yearning burning far less brightly than it once did, something that wasn't Libby's fault. The tall, lean, athletic silver-haired grandmother still had it, a body that though giving way somewhat to the ravages of time with sags and wrinkles in the usual spots, around her tanned face, supple cleavage, and long, sturdy legs, was still damned attractive. But Tom hadn't been paying the attention he should have.

Other men noticed her, he'd seen it, men of all ages, but particularly younger men, much younger, men the ages of their teen grandchildren. It aroused and hurt him all at once.

He'd been dozing this night in the cozy living room of the cottage, a constant sea breeze calming him, making him sleepy, and when he woke, Libby was gone. He figured she'd taken a walk, without him, to Picnic Rock, as she'd taken to doing in recent years. He loved her keenly, always had, but the years of raising a family, running a business, and dealing with his own aging slowed down his romantic urges.

Earlier that day, he'd watched with keen interest as Libby, in a bright yellow one piece that revealed much of that gorgeous granny body, had chatted up Brad, the 19-year-old lifeguard on the small private beach where their cottage was located, set back behind beach shrubbery.

If Tom didn't know better, he'd swear she was flirting with the shy young man, batting her big brown eyes and when the young man wasn't looking, checking out his fine, tanned, muscular body, particularly the noticeable bulge in the front of his trunks that Tom also swore got bigger in those times when Libby wasn't looking and he would furtively check her out.

He thought no more of it, as day turned to night, and now he found himself rousing from a short nap at midnight, wondering where his wife was. He yawned, stretched, slipped on his beach shoes and strode out into the cool moonlit night, looking out over it all, then taking the familiar path to the beach, figuring to find her there, a sudden urge welling within to rekindle their romance. Picnic Rock was, after all, a most romantic spot, and one where their love, physical and emotional, bloomed so many decades ago.

He turned the corner on the path, the beach sprawled before him, Picnic Rock 100 or so yards to his left. There, in the moonlight, stood his wife, Libby, wearing her familiar white linen beach dress, with straps over her slender shoulders that revealed that delicious cleavage, and hung to about mid-thigh on tanned, muscular legs. She stood, hands behind her, looking out over the ocean, the breeze catching her dress, blowing it up behind her, revealing even more of those beautiful legs, and more.

Tom smiled, straining his eyes to see, and the wind whipped the dress up higher. Much to his surprise, she didn't seem to be wearing panties, furthering his resolve to light Libby's fire anew as he walked slowly toward the rock, watching his beautiful wife's face smiling in the moon's glow, her long, silver hair blowing around her smooth shoulders.

He was about to call out when he saw her turn, a beaming smile on her pretty face. He watched as in the moonlight, Brad walked up the other way. The wind was blowing Tom's way and he clearly heard the young man call out "Libby! So glad you decided to come!"

Tom stopped in his tracks, stunned by the words, more so when he saw Libby's smile beaming larger, brighter as she saw the young man, wearing no shirt and a loose pair of running shorts, walk toward her.

"I told you I'd be here, young man," she laughed, the words carrying back to Tom, who ducked behind a small beach shed just near Picnic Rock, peeking around the corner, not wanting to hear what he was hearing. "I always keep my promises."

And then Brad scrambled up the great mounded rock and took Tom's willing wife in his strong arms, holding her close, wrapping her tightly in his embrace and kissing her, gently at first, then with mounting passion as Libby returned the kiss, and they stood in the moonlight making out like the young lovers Tom and Libby were in the same spot too long ago.

Tom slumped back against the shed, out of sight, tears welling in his eyes. He steeled himself to peer, trembling, around the corner, where the lovers were moaning into each other's open mouths, tongues flashing, finding the other.

"Oh, Brad, I probably shouldn't...I mean I never have," she whispered, the strong wind carrying her soft words to Tom's stunned ears not 25 feet away, taking little comfort from the 'never have' part. "But it's been so long..too long..and you...you're so sweet, so kind....so ...so eager..."

She buried her face in his brawny young shoulder, his arms around her, comforting her.

"We don't have to, Libby, we really don't," Brad said, insincerity clinging to the words. "It's your call. You decided. I want you, want you so badly, have wanted you since the first time I saw you this weekend on the beach...but it's up to you...."

Tom's heart ached for her to rebut him, to return to the cottage where he'd make love to her all night long, doubling his usual one Viagra if necessary, anything to keep her to him. He looked. She smiled up at the tall, blonde-haired lifeguard.

"I want you, too, Brad," she hissed, framing his face in her bony hands, pulling it to her for a tongue-searching kiss. "Soooooooooo much..."

Tears streamed down Tom's disbelieving face as they kissed passionately for a long moment before breaking, Brad smiling, taking Libby's little old hand in his and leading her down the mound of rock to a sandy patch below, hidden from view, protected from the water, a little oasis that many young lovers had used over the years. Tom waited, not wanting his feet to betray him and drag him toward the rock, but they did and he shambled to it slowly, coming around the other side where he knew an outcropping of craggy rock would hide him, one he could peer around to that little patch of sand within.

He walked on his knees the last few feet, the position of subservience suddenly seeming fitting, and put his trembling hands on the rocks, looking to the side. He blinked, disbelieving: There, his beautiful wife of 42 years was naked, on her knees, madly stroking a cock far bigger and fatter than his own into the mewing pucker of her wrinkled mouth, one hand jerking it sturdily up and down, her lips smacking around it, the other hand between Brad's naked thighs, cupping his huge balls, squeezing and milking them.

He was hypnotized, watching Beth's little head bob back and forth in perfect synchronicity with the motions of her bony little hand, the forearm sinew of that arm dancing beneath her darkly tanned skin. She had her eyes closed, scrunched with the intensity of focus, as she worked that big cock into her moaning face in a way she had never done with Tom over the last 42 years.

"Oh, God, Libby, I've never had my cock sucked so good!" Brad moaned, hands brushing away Libby's sweaty silver hair from her gorgeous face as she opened her eyes to look up at the stud she was blowing with appreciation. "No one, ever!"

"Gimme your load, stud!" Tom heard Libby say, words he'd never her even approximate before, not even in their younger days, certainly not their later years when any semblance of a blowjob was too much to even hint at. "I wanna taste it in my mouth, I want your hot cum all over my face and these!"

With that, she popped her mouth back on Brad's dripping dong and hoisted her saggy white tits up with both hands, twisting the nipples, moaning around the thick dick plunging in and out of her puckered mouth. Brad arched his back, his young, white ass hollowed out in firm muscle as he did.

"Gonna....cum...oh, shit, Libby....you're making...me...CUMMMM!!!!"

Now Libby put both hands on that huge prick, twisting up and down in opposite directions as she suckled the giant spurting knob in her mouth, a technique Tom had only seen in the porno clips he watched online to bolster a non-existent sex life with his wife, the same wife now employing a technique she seemed to take to naturally, twisting those tanned, smooth, freckled arms and hands and jerking the jetting dick into her welcoming lips.

The kid came long and hard and Tom watched, wide eyed and horrified, as her wrinkled cheeks went smooth from billowing out to accept the scorching load, the sexy, slight wrinkles of her lovely neck undulating with each gulp of sperm down her hungry throat. She gobbled down the first few shots and then, still twisting that spurting dick in her educated hands, popped out the head to spray thick, arching wads of sperm onto her moaning face, coating her cheeks and chin and lips, and then burying the oozing cockhead to her neck, where a thick trickle of spunk ran down, filling the sexy wrinkles, and dribbling its way down to her tits, where she rubbed it in gleefully, nearly her entire torso now gleaming with pearly white spunk in the rays of the moon.

"God, Brad, I have NEVER seen my husband shoot a load like that!" she marveled, lifting Brad's dripping dick with her hand to suckle clean the remaining cum leaking from the head as the grinning lifeguard stood and watched, hands on his slim hips. "My God, you're still rock hard! Something else he seldom is at all these days..."

They laughed, their laughter shredding Tom's soul as he leaned back against the rock, crying, not wanting to hear or see more but unable to force himself to stop. He waited as long as he could, until her heard kissing sounds, and he peered again.

Incredibly, Brad had her on her feet, in his arms, kissing her madly, licking his cum from her moaning face, then the sexy folds of flesh of her neck and down to her sagging tits, pulling them into his mouth and lapping at them like a kitten at its mother's teats.

"Oh my GOD, Brad, Tom would never, EVER in a million years kiss me or do what you're doing with his cum!" she moaned, her tawny old thighs trembling in the moonlight as he cleaned her.

"Maybe you should have asked him, pretty lady," Brad laughed, licking a pearly drop of cum from between Libby's moist tits.

"Are you kidding, I have asked him, early on anyway, you'd think I was asking him to cut off his dick, the way he reacted," she moaned, then louder still as Brad licked down the slight paunch of her white belly, kneeling before his mistress, cupping her saggy ass in his hands and licking gently at the thick profusion of silver hair at Libby's crotch. "Oh God, Brad, yes, eat me, eat my pussy, eat my CUNT!"

He did, eagerly, holding her ass and sturdy thighs, spreading them to bury his face as deeply as possible in her hirsute crotch, lapping madly, Libby's hands on his head, her head tilted back, eyes closed and mouth open in a low constant moan. Tom could scarcely believe what he was seeing, praying it was a horrible dream from which he'd soon waken, but Libby groaned more loudly now as Brad gently pushed her back to lean against a smooth rock, spreading her eager thighs and lifting them over his powerful young shoulders.

"Make me cum with your tongue, stud," she hissed dominantly, locking her strong, tanned thighs around his smiling face, cupping the back of his head with one hand as she wantonly twisted her thick brown nipples with the other.

Tom couldn't recall the last time he'd eaten his wife's pussy, but he knew he never got the reaction from her Brad was now getting, his face barely visible in the tanned, muscular clench of Libby's strong legs, her slim ankles locked on Brad's back as she ground herself to his anxious face. He couldn't see exactly what Brad was doing inside his wife's pussy but he knew it was pleasing her endlessly as she thrashed and snapped from side to side, hips hunching, ass flexing, thighs crushing, as she rode the young buck's face to the most powerful orgasm he'd ever seen her have.

A moment later, she unlocked her lusty old thighs from his face and reached for it, pulling him to his feet where they again embraced like young lovers, Libby eagerly kissing him, licking his face, sucking his tongue, tasting her sex on him. They broke, giggling, arms around one another, pressing tightly to each other.

"God, Brad, you have such a big, beautiful cock," Libby hissed, reaching her slim arm between them to stroke Brad's insistent dick. "Fuck me, now, fuck me good and hard..."

Tom slumped back against his rock, crying, trying not to hear the grunts and groans and animal sounds his wife was making as Brad made love to her just a few feet away. He couldn't look, didn't want to look, but after a few tortured minutes of hearing their incessant fucking, wiped his eyes clear and peered back around the rock hiding him from them. He watched, transfixed, as Brad pounded his beautiful old wife from behind, Libby on all fours in the sand, back arched to take Brad's plunging prick, his huge balls slapping against her smooth skin, her ass, pearly white against her tanned back and legs, undulating like a creamy wave, the flesh rippling on Brad's impact.

She was bellowing now in pleasure, her thick, white tits flailing beneath her, swaying back and forth with Brad's practiced fucking, the boy's body slick with sweat from the effort of fucking the gorgeous GILF at the end of his youthful cock. His hands gripped Libby's hips, driving himself forward, pulling back and slicing his huge dick into her aching cunt, over and over and over, eyes wide open, drinking the vision of all that smooth flesh quivering before him.

Libby came the second Brad went deep inside her, holding it there, groaning, head back, holding those sexy hips as he came deep inside her. He came long and hard again, the load of the young never diminishing the way Tom's did on those rare nights he and Libby would screw more than once. As he came inside her, Libby arched her back, coming up to press her sweaty spine against his torso, Brad's arms flashing around her, holding her tight, his spurting cock held deep inside her hungry pussy, his hands twisting Libby's beautiful tits, his young mouth lavishing that sexy, wrinkled neck with kisses, suckling the salty flesh, then running his tongue into one of her ears as both their orgasms finally subsided and they collapsed on the sand, Brad atop her, gently grinding his cock into her from behind.

"Holy....shit....," Libby giggled from under her muscular young stud who now lay atop her, spent.

"And then some," Brad laughed, kissing the back of Libby's neck before pulling out and rolling over beside her, the waves crashing on the rocks before them.

They lay quietly for long minutes, talking too quietly now for Tom to hear over the pounding surf just feet away from them. They turned to kiss, gently, arms wound around one another, finally standing, Brad's half-hard dick wet and gleaming in the moonlight. They held onto each other, whispering, until they broke, holding hands as they spread apart and Brad walked away, smiling at his granny lover over his shoulder.

"Same time tomorrow?" he asked, his words carrying to Tom.

"You bet, stud," Libby giggled, standing naked in the moonlight, breasts gleaming white, as was her untanned ass, her inner thighs streaked with Brad's cum that had leaked from her well-used pussy.

Tom watched Brad walk away, then at Libby watching him go, a glow on her pretty face. He had just watched a young man fuck his beautiful wife, watched her suck him off all over her mouth and tits, then fill her with hot seed. He stood, his cock about to burst in his shorts.

He never wanted her more.

Libby's eyes went wide as she watched him walk to her in the clearing, Brad but a dot on the long beach horizon by now. She looked at him approach, unable to reach for her cover-up. He smiled, tears running down his face. When he got to her, he simply took her hands and kissed those beautiful lips gently.

"It's OK, I understand," he whispered, slowly nuzzling that neck he hadn't thought sexy for too long, now unable to stop licking and sucking on the supple, warm flesh. "I've ignored you for too long...but I promise...never again..."

And then he was on his knees, pushing Libby gently back to the rock she'd leaned on to let Brad eat her hairy pussy, and buried his face in that cummy quim, Libby's gasps audible over the waves.

"But Tom...it's...Brad just...I'm full of his...sperm!" she gushed, looking down at his licking face, astonished.

"Not for long," he smiled. "Not for long..."

He ate her long, deep and wet, feeling her juices mix with Brad's, the taste turning him on all the more, more so as Libby clamped those tight, muscular tanned thighs around his face, urging him on, holding his head and grinding on him. He felt Brad's cum slick on her thighs rubbing all over his face as he drove his tongue deep into his wife's cum-laden pussy, slurping out the seed, grinding his nose into her clit, then sucking at the hole, Libby's pussy contracting to force out the remnants of Brad's copious load.

She came hard, crushing his head in those relentless thighs, and Tom welcomed the pain of the pressure and the dizziness from her well-shaped inner thighs slicing into the sides of his neck, slowing the blood flow to his brain.

Her pussy was alive, energized, thighs quivering as she squeezed him, cumming in his mouth, his hands cupping that fleshy little ass, feeling her cum even harder than she had for Brad.

She finally released her scissoring thighs from his face and he stood, beaming, his face shining with her cum and Brad's, kissing her deeply, undoing his pants and leaning into her, sheathing his cock with that soaking wet pussy, fucking her as she leaned back on the smooth rock, pounding into her and licking down that sexy neck to her hungry nipples.

"Oh my GOD, Tom, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop!" she cried.

"Never, my love," he groaned. "Never!"

They both came at the same time, Libby's thighs locked around Tom's ribs holding him close, Tom holding deep inside his wife feeling himself unload like he never had before, even as a young man. He came long and hard, his nuts aching from release, and then pulled out, watching his cum puddle against Libby's thighs and leak down to her asshole. He smiled, knelt, and sucked her clean, ingesting his own load as she screamed with delight, scissoring him back into her gushing pussy, cumming hard again as his tongue teased down to scoop his seed that collected in her asshole.

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