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Picnic With Teacher


"Thanks for the lift Mr. Bussey." I said, half turning in my seat to smile at my coach.

"No problem Shannon."

"I don't know how I missed the bus?" I knew exactly how I missed the bus; by hiding in the washroom till I heard the big bus pull away and then I ran out waving, knowing full well they couldn't see me. But Mr. Bussey could.

"It's okay Shannon. Lucky I was still packing up stuff from the game."

Mr. Bussey coached our field hockey team. Us girls had the hots for him. Or at least those that weren't dykes.

I shifted in my seat again, to look out the window, knowing my wiggling had pulled my pleated tartan skirt up my thighs a little. I could just see his refection in the car's window as he looked down at my exposed legs. I parted them slightly and I smiled when he nervously looked back up and forward.

"God, what a nice day for a drive! Isn't this pretty country?" I asked, still looking out the window on my side.

"Yeah, sure is. Beautiful."

I was hoping he was referring to more than the countryside we were zipping through between our city meets.

I turned excitedly towards him, placing my small hand on his arm. "Could we stop for a second? You know stretch our legs?"

"We're a little late Shannon."

"Oh please, pretty please." I gripped his arm harder, leaning closer, my white blouse billowing open.

"Just to stretch our legs." And a few minutes later, Mr. Bussey pulled off the road. I jumped out of the car, dancing around, my arms lifted in the air in a stretch. He leaned on the roof of his car, watching me.

"Do you have a blanket? We could go sit up on the low hill there, I bet there is a great view."

"No, Shannon, we have to get going."

"Oh come on, just a few minutes, please."

"No, we'll be late, get back in the car."

I shook playfully no, backing away. He came around the car, trying hard not to smile, beckoning with his hands. I shook my head no again, turned and took off.


"Bring the blanket!" I called back, racing up a small path to the top of the hill.

It wasn't long before Mr. Bussey caught up and I was pleased to see he had brought the blanket. I took it from him and spread it out. Squatted down on one side and patted the blanket beside me. He laughed nervously but sat down as well. "What a great view!" I said, pointing out over the hill. "There's no one around for miles." And then I laid back on the blanket, allowing my skirt to rise up and my blouse to open (I had unbuttoned it down to my navel while I was waiting for him.

I closed my eyes and sighed happily. And I waited, my thoughts buzzing around my head, my sex drive kicking into high gear, making plans if this ploy didn't work. I didn't have to wait long and I didn't have to make other plans. Mr. Bussey's hand slid across my exposed belly.

"Shannon, you are so beautiful. Why are you doing this to me?"

I smiled but kept my eyes closed. "Because I need you. I need a real teacher, a man who will teach me everything."

His strong hand found a breast and he massaged it gently and then more firmly till my nipple reacted and then he rolled it between thumb and finger. I mewed softly. My blouse was pulled free while I felt his hot mouth cover mine. I opened my lips to him and he explored my mouth with his tongue. My left hand pulled his head hard to me, my right exploring his back and ass, squirming between us till I rubbed the hard cock through his slacks. His turn to moan.

"Oh fuck Shannon." And he sat me up, pushing my blouse off my shoulders, reaching behind to expertly undo my bra. I worked his polo shirt free from his slacks and helped him slip it off. "Oh Mr. Bussey, I've been so hot for you for so long."

"Call me Norm." We kissed again, hot and wet. We clawed at each other's chest. I needed his help to get his belt undone but I handled the button and zipper myself. He gasped as I pushed my head between the materials and grasped the hard rod. "Oh my!" I exclaimed.

"You'll get to see it close up soon baby."

We helped each out of the rest of our clothes, and we knelt in front of each other, kissing and touching. I slid my hand slowly along the length of his cock while he pressed a hand between my legs and massaged my cunt lips and searched for my clit. He seemed to be pleased to find me wet and wanting.

"Shannon, will you suck me?"

"Norm, I'll do anything you tell me to."

Norm shuffled up to his feet, his proud cock pointing slightly up and to the left. I grasped him with my left, and cupped his hairy balls with my left. I ran my tongue from base to head and down again. There was the slightest taste of precum at the tip. I parted my mouth and when I guided him in, Norm cried out with pleasure. I bobbed my head back and forth slow and then fast, my left hand sliding and squeezing at different speeds and pressure.

"Oh Jees Shannon, I'm going to cum."

"Come in my mouth, please." I begged.

Norm reached out and grabbed handful of hair and pulled me harder against him, his cock filling me my mouth. He dictated the rhythm. Norm slid his cock in and out faster and faster until he moaned and thrust himself hard and deep. I barely could breath and I felt myself starting to gag. And I nearly did when he shot his load. I tried to swallow in big gulps but a lot slipped out around his shaft and over my lips. I made a cup of my hand and caught most of it.

Norm sighed loudly and pulled free. He laughed excitedly when he saw how much he had cum. He wiped my lips with his hands and told me just to throw the rest away. I smiled and began to lap it up, sucking the soapy salty stuff in my mouth.

"My turn!" he said and laid me down on the blanket. He knelt at my hip and guided my legs open. "Oh baby, you have a sweet snatch!" One of his hands was exploring, parting me, and sliding a finger into my wet hole. My hips rose up and he slid further in.

"Norm, show me how a real man eats pussy."

Norm bent at the waist and his head disappeared between my legs. He was so at first, exploring me with lips and tongue. Teasing my clit and pulling my moist lips into his mouth to suck on. He went on and on until I was itchy for relief. I squirmed and wiggled, begging for release. "Oh God Norm, oh God you are so good."

And when his mouth began to slowly suck on my tiny clit, his fingers pulling my cunt lips open, I came loudly, gripping his exposed ass and digging my nails into his flesh.

While I was still recovery, Norm crawled down between my legs, lifting my hips up and my legs around his waist. Norm grasped himself and pushed his now erect cock into my snatch. I gasped as he pulled me close to him, his fingers playing with my exposed sex, his thumb rubbing the red clit. It was so soon after climaxing from his mouth that I felt another orgasm trying to run its course. Norm reached across my belly and grabbed a free breast, pinching the nipple. His other hand slid around my raised hip, pulled my ass cheeks apart and prodded my tighter virgin ass anus. I moaned and whimpered, thrusting my hips at him, trying to impale myself harder while gasping at the sensation of his finger at my other hole.

And no sooner did I realize that he had entered my other hole to what seemed his second knuckle that I finally climaxed. "Oh God Norm, oh God, no one's ever done that before, Oh God, I'm fucking cumming again!"

Norm let me catch my breath, gathering me up and holding me to his chest, my legs still wrapped around his waist, his hard cock still penetrating me. We kissed, touched, clung to each other. "Give it to me Norm, fuck me like I've never been fucked before."

"You're no virgin Shannon, at least your cunt isn't. Ever been fucked like this before?"

"Oh no, Norm, this is the best! You're so strong, taking your time, lasting so long."

"Will you do anything for me Shannon?"

"Yes, Norm, please do anything you want."

He lay me back on the blanket, swung my left leg back across his chest and over to my right. I now lay on my side, his cock slipping out just a little. He worked himself in and out like that for a bit and then maneuvered me onto my knees. I went to rise up on my hands but Norm pressed my shoulders down till my face was turned sideways and pressed against the blanket.

I gasped when he thrust himself deep inside me and I cried out with pleasure when he grabbed my hips and pulled me back against him. He spread my ass apart, rubbing his thumb along my wet lips and then sliding it up along my crack till he paused over my tight anus again.

With his lubricated thumb he began to massage my anal muscles, pushing his thick digit deeper and deeper. He wet his thumb several times until my ass accepted the intrusion and let him slide in easily. I had been panting and trying to control my breathing. But when he slid his hard cock out of my snatch and placed it against the other opening, I shivered in fear.

I hadn't planned on this. I was a little scared. "Relax baby, breath slowly, relax your muscles, take me in, take me into your virgin ass. Oh God Shannon you are so fucking hot."

And he pressed forward. I did what he told me to but it was some time before it stopped stinging and then I could feel his cock spreading my ass apart, spearing me, slowly pushing in and out. "Tell me you like it?" he asked.

"I love it Norm, I love you fucking my ass."

"Touch yourself little one, feel how your cunt loves it too."

I reached underneath me and was surprised to find myself nearly dripping with excitement. As soon as I touched myself I shivered. I couldn't stop, I had to finger myself, and I had to cum. I began to rub my sex and my tiny bud harder and harder, which made me wiggle on his cock and then drove me wilder.

Before long I was crying out loud, begging Norm to fuck my ass harder. I was being way too loud but I didn't give a fuck. I needed to cum and I needed to please my teacher too. Together we exploded; me all over my sticking fingers, and him deep inside my ass. I could feel the heat of his jism as it filled me up.

Norm's fingers were dug deep into my hips and we slowly relaxed. We collapsed, Norm lying behind me in a spoon position, his cock vacuumed in my ass. While I closed my eyes and caught my breath, Norm was kissing my shoulder and combing my hair, whispering sweet things into my ear.

His shrunken cock finally slipped free and I gasped at the sudden emptiness. He continued to hold me, touching me softly, feeling my wetness between my legs, bringing his sticky fingers to my lips and making me taste my own sex.

We finally agreed to get dressed. And when we drove back to town, I wrapped my hands on his arm as we drove and would sometimes touch his lap, purring in satisfaction. I asked if we could do it again soon. And just when I thought he was going to put me off, he whispered hoarsely that I could come to the gym's office tomorrow after school.

I wasn't going to disappoint him.

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