tagNonConsent/ReluctancePicture of Shattered Innocence Ch. 01

Picture of Shattered Innocence Ch. 01


A/N -- Just part one of a scene in an erotic fantasy I have been writing. You may want to know that the man in this is half human and half snake like in appearance, meaning he has scales on some parts of his body as well as a snake-like tongue. This scene takes place after his has captured a human slave girl, Kaileena and has had her in his possession for some time. Please tell me what you thought and I suppose if it gets some interest I will post the next part. ;)

* * * * *

He took a step towards her, and his hands slid over her shoulders, and with a single, smooth motion, he brushed the silk which clung to those shoulders to either side, and the entire garment fell from her body, collapsing around her ankles while he held her gaze with his own mesmerizing stare, the unblinking, predator's stare a snake shared with a mouse. A slow smile crept over his lips as he at last broke that stare, to gaze upon her smoothness... her nakedness. He rumbled in appreciation, and slowly reached up to caress her warm cheek with one hand.

He held her like this without a word for what seemed an eternity, and looked upwards, towards the hole-covered wall behind them and then glanced back to her innocent, unsuspecting face. 'Oh, she was going to be so surprised'. He narrowed his eyes, and his smile broadened.

"Press your back to the wall, my beautiful Kaileena, my brave little aristocrat. Press your back against the wall, close your eyes and once you are there, be very still. Make absolutely no noise, until I have given the word. Do you understand? No noise, not even a whimper."

"I understand." Kai nodded as she answered him. She turned and made her way over the wall of the chamber and once there she turned around and pressed her back against it. The stone wall seemed soft somehow, warm even. Remembering the next part of her instructions she closed her eyes, her lips pressing together tightly and waited.

He approached her, as soundless as the hand of death, the sand beneath his feet masking even the slightest whisper of noise. For what seemed like hours, the silence within the little sandstone chamber was broken only by the sound of the woman's breathing, the sound of her heartbeat and the subtle crackle of the coals and embers which filled the brazier, and provided the room with warmth.

And then, without notice, he seized her, his hands clasping her slender shoulders. Slave to him, as well as instinct, the dark-haired girl found she had difficulties obeying two masters, and her emerald eyes opened wide, her lips parting to allow a gasp of surprise to escape her. He seemed unperturbed however as he intended to elicit such a response from her. He wasted no time in grasping one of her wrists in either of his hands, and used this hold to raise her arms over her head, before pressing her wrists together in a bundle and pinning them against the surface of the expanse of perforated sandstone behind her naked frame, her supple breasts swaying gently from the sudden motion.

It was then something peculiar happened. As he looked into her eyes, holding her emerald gaze with his serpentine stare, the sandstone her wrists were pressed so firmly against gave and her wrists sank into it, and once embedded, the stone held their prisoners immobilized. He watched her eyes widen, saw the fear blossom in them, and smiled. She was gorgeous when she was terrified.

He raised a single finger to his lips, and his eyes narrowed as his smile widened. Shackled to the warm stone, her breathing quickening, her heart hammering itself upon the inside of her chest, her breasts continuing their gentle, enticing sway, he nudged her ankles to either side with a tap from the side of his muscular tail, spreading her thighs until those ankles were almost a meter apart.

Satisfied with this, he slipped a hand behind her, and coaxed her into arching her back, forcing her to press the curve of her rear against the warm stone while thrusting her breasts forward.

His hand remained upon the small of her back, and he continued to hold her gaze with his own, neither of them saying a word. A brazier crackled, causing their shadows to stretch in the dim, red glow, and the gleaming coals were reflected in those fearful, questioning pools of green, but while her crimson lips trembled, either from that fear, or from the need to communicate it, she remained silent, save for a small whimper. The flesh beneath his palm shivered from anticipation of the unknown, and he responded with reassuring strokes, his fingers dipping along the curve of her spine, pausing and lingering, and then trailing back up the length of her back.

His other hand rose to his lips, and his tongue glided over fingertips, until each was slathered with a coating of warm saliva and then, his gaze travelled down the form of the enslaved youth, the illumination of the brazier causing the inscriptions upon her curvaceous frame to shimmer. Her flesh was slick and glowing with sweat from the warmth within the small chambers, his eyes moved south until they rested on the delicate, delectable crevice formed by a pair of creme-coloured lips, lips, he knew, which ached to be touched, stroked, parted, to have the sweet pink flesh they guarded plundered and penetrated.

The hand upon her back slithered up her curves to wind itself through the beautiful girl's luxurious hair, comforting her and robbing just a little of the fear from those innocent, pleading, emerald pools while he allowed his other hand to slip between her thighs, and massaged his slick saliva over those lips, and as his movements settled into a slow rhythm, working his powerful digits over her helpless mound, her lips occasionally opening to reveal her glistening pink pulp, her eyelids fluttered closed, and she murmured.

When the first soft moan escaped her crimson painted lips he smiled wickedly, his forefinger gingerly slipping itself between her now-parted nether lips, and sank one knuckle after another into her incredibly hot channel, which flexed and clutched at it almost immediately, hungrily. Her moans increased in volume as he spread her lips wider to accommodate a second finger, which he pushed into her clenching cunt with ease, despite her powerful contractions, and when both these digits withdrew, and prepared for another gentle plunge, they glistened with moisture.

Her rear shoved itself back against the wall, searching for something to brace itself against, and the wall gave once more, caving in to accommodate her curves, but while her mind found it of passing interest, she seemed more focused upon his fingers and their slow, steady plunges into the pulp of her cunt, which was more than eager to receive.

The colour rose to her cheeks, and her nipples stood erect upon her firm mounds, begging to be tended to, her eyes squeezed shut, her lips allowing a steady stream of whimpers and gasps to escape from the depths of her throat, while his fingers continued their rhythmic assault, rubbing the walls of her contracting canal with vigour, but denying her throbbing clit so much as a touch in passing, teasing her, priming her for something.

The pace of his fingers quickened as his tongue flickered out, scenting the air, tasting her lust and the smell of her dripping sex, her sweat and flesh. He listened to the sounds she made, now that she was convinced he did not mind despite his warning earlier. He knew it could hear her, too. Smell her. 'Soon, now', he thought to himself, his eyes gazing down at the woman's gleaming curves, the brazier baking the sweat out of her.


It was sudden, shocking, uncompromising and the instant it happened, he knew, and as her head suddenly snapped back, her eyes wide in surprise, her lips open and gasping for air, he grasped her shoulder and drove her back, pressing her into the wall behind her, while the fingers submerged within her pulsing pussy plunged themselves forcefully into her nectar-filled, spazaming canal with a moist thwack.

As he held her there, immobilized and pinned against the wall, the thick green tendril which had extended from the darkness of one of the wall's numerous holes, writhed and thrashed and then nestled firmly between the pale cheeks of her rear. The surface of the thing was dry and smooth, a deep green, covered in black spots but it was merely a sheath. The mouth-like opening on the tip of the thing pressed tightly against the puckered flesh nestled within the valley of her rear and a low, terrified moan escaped her mouth. She stiffened in his grasp, tensed, as if preparing to flee but she was helpless, pinned by muscle, and shackled by stone.

Her hips flexed and bucked, trying to rid herself of whatever-it-was, but it stuck with her, fastened itself to her by means of suction, and all she seemed to succeed in was impaling herself again and again on his fingers. The grip on her shoulder tightened, and he shoved her against the wall again, holding her in place more firmly this time, his tail rising up to wrap itself around her waist in order to keep her still, and as she cried out in a mixture of horror and arousal, he drew closer, and kissed her upon the lips, slipping his tongue past those lips to flicker across her own, muffling her moans. The muscular tendril shoved between her cheeks waited until her hips ceased their shaking, their attempts to dislodge it and once it, whatever it was, was convinced that the prey, for that was what she was, had been subdued, the tendril seemed to stiffen, tense and tremble before...

Penetration. Unstoppable. Warm like liquid silk. The enormous length of smooth, red muscle almost exploded from the sheath, driving its pointed tip into the very centre of the puckered flesh, pressing and pressing as the muscles in her stomach and rear strained to deny it. Her hips began shaking in the grasp of his tail, her tongue working frantically against his as the flexing, burrowing muscle defeated her. Her eyes grew wider as the length of pink-red muscle, slick and warm, began to pour itself into her body, surging into her guts and then gently began to withdraw and thrust.

His tail guided her reluctant hips closer to the wall, and the vine-like tendril of green pulsed as it fed its coiled, hidden lengths of pink flesh into her rear, the stretched entrance of her tunnel already covered in the slippery, clear substance which the thing produced to lubricate its victim. He held her in place, shaking her sharply when she attempted to pull free, until her struggles, at last, subsided, the vine of muscle embedded firmly, impossible to dislodge until it was quite finished with her.

His kiss, however, held her, his lips pressing themselves against her's, his tongue stroking her own, and whenever she moaned and sobbed into his mouth, the warm tendril of slick muscle continuing to violate her most sacred passage, he took those moans and sobs and swallowed them before relinquishing his hold on her slender shoulder, choosing to cradle her head as he kissed her.

After some while, crimson lips pressed against lips of scale, the emerald eyes of the girl, glistening with tears, hid themselves beneath lashes and lids, and her body submitted to the pleasurable sensations of the experience, the muscles of her rear contracting upon the invader, massaging it and it seemed to be encouraged by this, for the slippery, smooth length plunged and writhed within her with renewed fervour, stroking those contracting walls.

As her hips were held at bay, forced to accept the invader, the fingers within her cunt began to move once more stroking and finally beginning to soothe the ache of her firm, exposed little clit with flicks, strokes, rubbing, and pinches delivered by thumb, and ring-finger.

He broke the kiss, and released his hold upon her hips, his tail slowly uncoiling, confident that her insides were now at the mercy of the unseen tormentor, the length of pulsing, pink muscle within the long, verdant tendril slithering through her with glee, her clutching walls coated in its natural lubrication, its progress made with ease, her body incapable of staving off its advances.

From the look on her face, as he gazed up at her while he crouched between her spread thighs, and worked his skilled digits in tandem with the creature's deep, smooth strokes, he highly doubted she wanted it to stop. His fingers, soaked in her juices, slipped free of her drenched, pink flesh, and he sucked her leavings from his fingers, savouring her sweetness as she arched her back, a desperate, pleasure-filled groan escaping her, her eyes squeezed shut, her beautiful breasts heaving as her girlish body was ravaged... raped.

Her eyes closed, she never even had time to see the other two tendrils approaching her from either side of her shoulders, coiling out before her restrained body, and descending upon those bouncing breasts with surprising speed and accuracy. The vine-like creatures (or perhaps creature, was this all part of a singular entity?) ended in a mouth which led down an endless, muscular throat of pink, the entrance of which lined with numerous, tiny, needle-like teeth and in less than the time it takes a human to blink, these mouths swallowed up her tan, erect nipples, engulfed them, fitted them like gloves and clamped down around the hardened flesh. Soon after they bit down, their mouths contracting, sinking those needles into her tender flesh, lining the sides of her nipples in dozens of miniscule puncture wounds.

She gasped, her hips spazaming as she lurched forward, her aching breasts bouncing from her lunge, but the muscular tendrils writhed like snakes, and clamped down more fervently upon those firm mounds, sucking and fastening themselves onto her flesh with suction. While the wounds inflicted on her sensitive flesh were not particularly severe, her blood flowed freely, and the tendrils nursed her wounds contentedly, pulsing as they swallowed, their lips working themselves against her captured nipples, stimulating them, even as they deepened her wounds.

He stared up at her, watching the tendrils work the beautiful human woman over, her stomach tensing as the warm length of muscle shoved itself in and out of her passage, massaging her from the inside out. Without warning he clasped her hips and gently drew her closer, nuzzling her dripping, aroused cunt, inhaling her scent, tasting her; first with soft flicks of his tongue and then, swirling the edge of that tongue around the glistening, drenched entrance of her hole, desperate to have something inside it, something to grasp, to squeeze, something to stroke all those spots that burned, until it could reward those efforts with a flood.

As the tendrils writhed before her, drank from her breasts, which would no doubt become used to such treatment, sooner or later and the warm sheath between the firm cheeks of her rear shoved itself demandingly against her throbbing hole, he offered her relief, guiding his tongue past into her hot little canal, his lips pressing themselves against her crevice, sucking and drinking while his hands held her in place, before guiding her into a slow rhythm of hip flexes.

His tongue writhed between the clenching walls of her thankful, appreciative pussy, occasionally withdrawing to bathe her aching clit in slick, sticky saliva before retracting the length of pink muscle entirely, and stabbing it back into her sopping hole, gathering up her delicious secretions with one expert flourish after another, pausing now and then to tend to the surface of her inner walls, encouraging their spasms and contractions by lovingly exploring every inch of her sweet, fragrant channel, scaled lips kissing the lips of her cunt deeply, locking themselves to her sex while he drained her nectar from her, one refreshing mouthful at a time.

She tasted so good. So innocent. He wanted all of her.

He wanted to consume her.

He allowed himself to become absorbed in the task before him, but as he did, one last thought crossed his mind, and he would've smiled if he'd been able.

'This is simply foreplay.'

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