tagBDSMPirate Treasure Ch. 11

Pirate Treasure Ch. 11


This is the prequel to "Perfect Picture" and will be a multi chapter story. This is a work of fiction and all characters are consenting adults over 21. I want to thank everyone for their feedback on Perfect Picture and that encouraged me to continue this story. I want to thank dancing_to_gallifrey for her editing and tightening my writing. Finally thanks to innoentdoll for her editing and cleanup, everyone's contribution made this a much better story.

Thank you Paige ... this one is for you.

Chapter 11
Turning the Corner

I sat across from John Hanson in Minneapolis and I looked into those green eyes that were so familiar, but Cindy wasn't in them. "This is obviously not a meeting about business. I am here to talk to you about your daughter, the woman I'm madly in love with and I want to stop those people trying to kill and kidnap her. Can you help me with that?" I asked.

"You get right to the point, don't you? No small talk, no chitchat." He paused. "So what do you know?"

"I know you and her mother were in St. Louis at the same time 24 years ago. Cindy is 23 and we had DNA testing done and the comparison between her DNA and yours confirmed that she is indeed your daughter. But I didn't really need any of that information, because she has your eyes.

"It seems as though you've been keeping an eye on her, because every single person who abused her meets with some kind of accident. That part I'm not worried about but we found spotters while we were in the Caribbean and under interrogation, they told us of a kidnap team tasked with capturing Cindy. As I said, I'm in love with your daughter and I will protect her, no matter what the cost, but if I'm going to keep her safe I need to know what I'm dealing with."

He studied me for a few moments before he began to speak. "Cindy is a very special child and I do keep tabs on those that were supposed to be taking care of her. And by the way, thank you for taking care of the pirate float crew. Unfortunately, it has come to light that I have a daughter and many of my enemies will use whatever knowledge they can get to force me to be a little softer in negotiations. The spotter and the crews that you found in the Caribbean were mine. There were several teams operating simultaneously trying to kidnap Cindy to pressure me into different negotiations. My team is trying to find her so they could take her back and keep her safe."

"If you will excuse me, I need to make a quick call." He stood up and walked away, dialing a number on his phone as he moved to the back of the suite. He had a low but intense conversation and I heard the phrases "Stand Down" and "back away from the House" then "leave them alone." He hung up and came back to the chair in front of me.

"Mr. Hanson, is there any way that Cindy and I could be left in peace? As you very well know, all of these people around her have left her highly traumatized and every time we start making progress, something happens and she relapses. I want her to be happy and stay happy, so what can we do?" I asked.

"I've known since the time Cindy was born that being around me and my business would cause her nothing but grief and so I tried to keep her safe and protected by keeping her away from me. Unfortunately, that hasn't worked out the way I wanted it to and it seems like the harder I tried to protect her more miserable I made her life. Sean able to do you and your businesses and I understand that you can be ruthless when you need to be. I've also seen through your actions how much you love Cindy and if we work together we might be able to keep Cindy safe, happy and you are an integral part of all of this." He responded.

"Well, I've been thinking about this a lot and the best plan I can think of is to stage her death. Everyone would think she's dead and she could be left in peace. You up for that?" He asked

I pondered over his proposal and decided that it could be the best way for Cindy to be safe now. "I told you Cindy is my priority. Whatever keeps her happy and safe I'm all for it. I don't think neither you nor I need to be involved in any of the details; we just need to make sure that it happens. Steve is my head of security and probably the only person I trust when it comes to Cindy, so have your person coordinate Steve and he will do whatever it takes." I responded.

I left Steve's card on the table and was about to leave when Mr. Hanson stopped me, "Do you love her?"

"Sir, before your daughter came into my life I was a lonely and bitter man. Her love saved me and I like to think that my love for her has saved her. When she's with me, she will never want for anything, especially love." I responded.

"That's all I need to know, but rest assured if I hear anything different you will hear from me again."

With that, I left the room and hurried back to Cindy. The trip back to the airport was the longest one of my life, I couldn't wait to hold her in my arms again and heal her from the damage I had done. As I walked through the door into the plane, Cindy's red haunted eyes looked up. Her face brightened cautiously when she saw me, "Master? Is that really you?"

I ran over and kissed her face as the ever-present Steve quickly unlocked all of her cuffs so I could pull her into my arms. I held her so tight I might've cracked a rib, but I don't think Cindy minded because she was raining kisses on my face and as she put her hands around my face she whispered, "You didn't leave me, you came back. You didn't leave me, you came back."

"I can never leave you, my heart would shatter into a million pieces if I didn't have you in my life. I'm in love with you Cindy, and your master commands you to remember that. I will always be your master and you will always be my Pet."

For our trip back to Fort Worth, Cindy and I both adjourned to the bed back of the plane. We didn't make love but we held, kissed and caressed each other until we fell asleep in each other's arms. I realized through all of this that Cindy only has a thin shell of hope and belief that her past was indeed behind her. In time, I hope we can thicken the shell, maybe even make it impervious. But for now I know my Cindy is very fragile and I have to be ever vigilant to make sure that she never doubts my love for her ever again.

When we got back, I began instituting my bondage therapy that seemed to work well with her when we were in St. Bart's. Within a week Cindy seemed to be back to her former happy and beautiful self, but I'm not fooled this time, as I know how thin that veneer really is.


When I told Cindy that today was going to be a play day, she grinned from ear to ear. I told her that she was my toy for the evening and that I want to play with my toy. She sat up a little straighter, her smile lighting up the room. She truly does amaze me; she really is the perfect submissive. Her whole life revolves around making her master happy and any time she can be the object for her master's love or play, she is happy beyond belief.

I had a rack built especially for Cindy in the playroom. She always told me that whenever I bind and stretch her tightly, all of her skin becomes an erogenous zone. During these time her entire body all become especially sensitive, and every part of her comes alive.

So the rack I built was a little more devious than the regular rack. I started off with the regular rack, with the stretching wheel at the top, then added a quarter barrel that would line up with her lower back. The effect could be to stretch her backwards over the barrel. I added some satin padding to reduce any damage to her silky skin.

I took her into the room and when she saw the device, she squealed in delight and ran over and put her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek, "Thank you Master, this is going to be epic and I know my Master is going to have lots of fun playing with his toy. I think master's toy will also has lots of fun being played with." She ended her sentence with a coquettish pose, giggled and smiled broadly before climbing on top of the rack, lying down perfectly with her back stretched over the barrel.

As I began securing her legs into the bottom leather manacles, I couldn't help smiling to myself as I watched the excitement and joy in Cindy's face; she truly is a treasure and I am so lucky to have her. I made sure her back was perfectly seated over the barrel and began fastening her wrists into the leather manacles on top. Without even tightening the rack, she was a vision of feminine splendor.

The muscles in her sleek legs were already showing a little strain and her small muscled butt was tightened on the edge of the barrel. Her pussy lips were sticking up brazenly in a seductive pout wanting to be played with. Her normally tightly muscled belly was stretched thin, tight and flat with only her sexy belly button humanizing her flat belly. Her ribs came over the other half of the barrel and with her arms over her head they popped conspicuously against her skin. Her normally superb, perfect breasts had rolled to the top of her chest and looked larger, fuller and more remarkable than ever. Her nipples had already puckered and beckoning to be played with.

I looked at that beautiful smiling face full of love and mischief and I couldn't help but give her lips a lingering kiss. Her beautiful green eyes were sparkling with love, trust and lustful anticipation. Looking at her, I realize she really does live for moments like these when she is the center of her master's world. She felt most alive at times like this, with her master loving her. I stood there for a second looking at this gorgeous woman that thrives on being my play toy.

"Okay my Pet, tonight is going to be all about sensations. I'm going to do lots of things to you and your skin and I want you to tell me which ones excites you the most and which ones you don't like at all. We will talk about them tomorrow, so just remember. I'm going to blindfold you to enhance the experience for you, my Pet. One thing I want you to remember Pet, is that you are my love and I will never let anything happen to you or share it with anyone. So don't be scared, this is about new sensations."

"Yes master I remember and master I know you love me and I love you too."

I started cranking the stretching wheel and Cindy's thin belly almost receded into a thin line of taut flesh. Her breasts lifted more towards the ceiling and the skin around them tightened, making her breasts firmer. Her hips were thrust up more giving her pouting pussy more of a weeping pout as it began to glisten with her juices. She was now stretched taut and her sensitized skin was waiting.

With Cindy stretched on the rack, I slipped a blindfold over her eyes and went to the closet where I had a cart full of things to play with. I pulled the cart next to Cindy and leaning over gently touched my tongue to her left nipple.

"Oh Master! Not being able to see adds a scary kind of excitement and the feeling is so intense."

I slipped on a mink glove and began to lightly stroke her belly, moved up to her breasts and lightly caressed her breasts without touching her nipples.

"Master, that is so soft and silky it is giving me goosebumps."

I pinched her nipples with the glove and she gasped, "Oh God, that feels so erotic Master."

I repeated the pinch on her other nipple and then went back and forth in nipples until they were both hard and Cindy's breath became faster and more labored. Then I slid my mink gloved hand down over her taut belly and over her weeping pussy lips. She gasped as she felt the slick soft mink slide around her pussy lips. While she was feeling the soft sensuous mink, on the other hand I slipped on cat nails over my fingers ( these give your fingers a sharp claw ) and lightly scratched around the aureole on her breast. Cindy screamed, "Master your cutting me! Stop Master, you're cutting me!"

"I'm not cutting you my pet. Remember, lots of sensations. Some you'll like, some you won't, but your Master loves you and would never damage you."

I took the cat nails and scraped one over her nipple and even tightly bound, she tried to recoil away from the sensation, but under the mink glove I felt her pussy clench in response to stimulus. I reached over to her other nipple and flicked her other nipple with the cat nails, and I confirmed the corresponding pussy reaction.

I trace the cat nails down over her taut belly and her muscles rippled and recoiled, trying to get away from the harsh sensation. I slipped the nails off my finger and use the mink glove to sooth her belly, then I moved up softly caressed and pinched her nipples.

"Oh Master! Sensuous to pain and back again, you're going to take your slave to places she's never been." She panted.

"Oh yes my pet, my toy, I'm going to give you sensations you've never even dreamed of. Everyone will take you to a different place, but by the end of this night my toy you will experience nirvana like never before."

I had an ice cube in my other hand and I began to trace her nipple with the ice. Her nipple puckered as she gasp at the sudden sensation, but her breasts were not sure of this new sensation and wobbled alternately trying to get away and to get more of the sensation.

"Cold master, cold. It makes my nipples throb and long for your mouth to warm them up again." She moaned.

I repeated the nipple play with the ice on her other nipple and then traced the ice down her belly and once again watched her muscles ripple trying to get out of its way. As I slid the ice between her pussy lips, her hips twisted trying to get out of the way of the cold, but she was held in her constraints. Her clit that was moments before throbbing for attention was now trying to hide in its hood to get away from the ice. I began to slide the ice in and out of her pussy furnace and the ice began to melt very quickly.

While the ice was melting in her pussy I went over to the cart and got two Play Wax Candles. These are very low melting point candles, so not to burn the skin, with large wicks to create big pools of liquid wax. With her nipples still distended from the ice, I went over and poured a large pool of wax over each nipple and breast and her entire breasts were now encased in wax. Cindy's skin went from cold to hot in just a few seconds and her body was twisting trying to get away from the heat.


Before she cooled down, I retrieved two more Play Wax Candles and poured their contents over her belly, one starting at her sternum and the other at her belly button. Her reaction wasn't quite as violent this time, but just barely. By the time I finished with her belly, the wax have set on her breasts and I went to each breast carefully removing the wax impression of each of her breasts. These would be a memento for Cindy after this night is over. Likewise, I peeled the wax off her belly and I now have a perfect impression of her navel as well.

Going from hot to cold, Cindy's skin is now highly sensitized with all the nerve endings close to the surface. The next bit of torture I had for her was an ostrich feather. I got one in each hand and one of my hands started at her knees working upwards to her pussy, while the other started at her ear working towards her nipples. With their skin highly sensitized the soft feathers felt much harsher than they normally would.

I slid the feather through her pussy lips and made it far enough to caress her clit and her hips bucked trying to get more of the stimulation. Meanwhile, her nipples were receiving the same treatment and she was thrusting her chest out to try and get more stimulation on her nipples as well.


I ran the feathers over her newly sensitized belly, and down her sides and I wound up back at her nipples and pussy stimulating them even more. Her nipples were now puckered hard and Cindy was thrusting out her chest trying to get more stimulation on her turgid nipples. Likewise, her glistening pussy was thrusting in the air trying to find something to feed the hunger.

Next I brought a pinwheel into play. The pinwheel is just what it sounds like, a wheel of sharp pins. This time, I started on her belly as I began to roll the wheel with all the sharp pins spikes on it over her very sensitive skin. Cindy screamed like I was cutting her, "NNOOOOO MASTER ... OH GOD ... MA MAASSSTER ... AAAUUUGGGHHH ... MMMAAASSSTTTTEEERR ... STOP ... KILLLLING MMEE ... MMMAAASSSTTER ... PLEASE."

I rolled the pinwheel all around her belly and her muscles trembled, trying to get out of the way of the needles. I then moved it up and down her legs, but avoiding her pussy this time. However, I started the trip back to do her breasts and as she realized my intention, she started screaming again. "NNOOOOO MMAAAAASTER ... OH GOD ... PLEASE MAASSSTER ... STOP ... MMMAAASSSTTER ... PLEASE."

I rolled the pinwheel around the underside of her breasts and then across the top, letting the needles touch her hard nipples Cindy screamed but I continued to run the pinwheel across her breast and nipple.

Once that was done I took her nipple in my mouth, lovingly caressing it back to it's full hardness, then lovingly gave the other nipple same treatment. I kissed down her tortured belly to her pussy lips and gave them some of the love that they deserve.

While this was going on I had slipped fingertip massagers on my other hand, turning it on halfway as I grabbed her nipple between two massagers. Her back tried to arch into the welcoming sensation and I felt her pussy clench in response. "OH MASTER ... OH GOD ... MORE ...MORE ... OOOOHHHHHH"

After her breasts were quivering and her nipple protruding it out more than I've never seen it, I switched to the other nipple and brought it to it's full extension as well.

The whole night has been about teasing my toy and building her entire body into one sensual receptor. Now is the time to take her to places she's never been. As she lay stretched and quivering with need on the rack, I attached a fucking machine to the base of the rack and fitted it with a very thick 10 inch dildo. In her taut and stretched state, this is going to feel like a large pole invading her cunt. I greased it up seated it between her pussy lips and turned it on. As it started its relentless journey into Cindy's pussy, her whole body hunched trying to get more of this inside her. Her vocal reaction is just as strong.


"Hold it a little longer my toy, I know you can."

It was actually an amazing sight as the large dildo was being pushed into Cindy's pussy you could see her stomach muscles rippling getting out of the way of the large intruder. You could actually see the progress of the dildo inside her, as her rippling belly muscles would adjust trying to make room as it relentlessly plowed into her.


When I saw the machine hit its maximum travel and I knew Cindy was as full as she was going to get, I pinched her clit with the fingertip vibrators.

"Cum my pet, my toy, fly to nirvana."

In response, Cindy's entire body began to quiver and shake in a hard clinching orgasm. The dildo had pulled back and was now on its journey back deep into Cindy's pussy. The cords on Cindy's neck were distended and her mouth opened and closed silently as she temporarily lost the ability to speak or even breathe. Then, it all came back with a rush and she screamed her completion. "MMMAAAASSSTTTEEERR ... OH MASTER ... OH GAWD ... MAASSSTER ... CCUUMMMMING ... CANT .... MAAASSSTTTEERR ... STOP ... CCUUMMMMING"

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