tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPirate Treasure Ch. 12

Pirate Treasure Ch. 12


This is the prequel to "Perfect Picture" and will be a multi chapter story. This is a work of fiction and all characters are consenting adults over 21. I want to thank everyone for their feedback on Perfect Picture and that encouraged me to continue this story. I want to thank dancing_to_gallifrey for her editing and tightening my writing. Finally thanks to innoentdoll for her editing and cleanup, everyone's contribution made this a much better story.

Thank you Paige ... this one is for you.

Chapter 12

Full Circle

In the eight months that Cindy has been in my life, everything has changed. Even my friends have noticed it. Before, I was a lonely hard-nosed businessman with no respect for anyone around me and my life was all about building businesses and making money. As they would tell you, I had no heart and they will also say that it was very difficult to call me a friend.

Cindy has changed all that. I have a heart now and Cindy has captured it in a most unlikely way. She has turned her free will over to me and will do anything and everything I demand without hesitation or question. And no matter what I do to her, she turns around and loves me with unwavering, steadfast trust and devotion.

The old me was not worthy of this love or trust. Cindy showed me what it could be like to truly believe in someone and to give your all without hesitation or doubt. Her love has humbled me and I realized I had to be a better person to be worthy of that kind of steadfast and fully committed love. We've been through a lot together. I guess that's the operative word... together. We've seen the good, the bad and the ugly and faced it head on together. With all of that, Cindy's love and belief in me never wavered or faltered.

My agreement with Cindy's father (whom she has never met) has hopefully resolved any potential danger, with her father being a big time gangster. As he promised, he staged Cindy's death and sent me a copy of the full-page newspaper article detailing her life, death and family ties to the Hanson brothers syndicate. With this article out in the public, the old Cindy could not be seen with me for a while, so Cindy changed her hair color, her hairstyle and wore contact lenses to hide the color of her eyes whenever we went out.

We knew that facial recognition software or DNA would give her away so we kept our outings to a minimum for a month after her "death". Cindy did not like being cooped up, but she was okay with it if I was there. I was not going to let her relapse again, so I worked from home mostly.

I devoted the month of October to showing Cindy that the man she loves, trusts completely and believes in, is worthy of that complete commitment. So in the beginning in October, I rented a house in Key West Florida for the month and Cindy and I will begin our preparations for Cindy's Fantasy Fest costume and float. Our float for the parade will be a pirate ship and Cindy will be the lusty wench tied and displayed to the mast.

This was how I found Cindy eight months ago. She was the lusty wench tied to the mast on a pirate ship as part of a float for Mardi Gras. The scum that had taken advantage of her then; beat her, whipped her, cut her, stripped her naked and threw her in the garbage. I stole that horribly abused yet stunningly beautiful innocent girl away from them and she quickly captured my heart. Over the next eight months, she has blossomed into the most stunningly beautiful, elegant and loving woman anyone has ever seen and our love for each other has grown to consume us both.

I was worried that Cindy could have issues with this float, but I needn't have worried. When I told Cindy this is what we were going to do, and asked her if she had any reservations she responded in typical Cindy fashion, "Master, I am yours to command. I love you more than my life and I trust you completely with my body, my heart and my safety. I know that as long as I am with you, I will be safe and loved. You are my master and I will never deny you anything or say no to you...ever, I am your devoted slave."

At moments like this, the complete gravity of the gift that she has given me washes over and humbles me. I know I have to be the best man I can be, to be worthy of this gift. I look at her and I get a lump in my throat, I can't talk, all I can do is hold her tightly and kiss her with all the love I have in my heart.

For the first week, I concentrated on getting registered for all of the various contests, making sure our float is entered in the parade and I worked with several craftsmen to construct the perfect mini pirate ship, which is really only a vehicle to display Cindy to the world.

While that's all being worked on, I worked with Cindy on her costume, determining the best way to strip her and display her to the crowd. I had been skirting around the issue because there is really only one way to strip her in front of the crowd and I was to simulate whipping her clothes off. I didn't bring it up, because Cindy had been whipped and beaten incessantly by her masters before me and I promised her that this is something I would never do.

While we were talking about it Cindy looked at me with a deep pool of love in her eyes, she came over and sat in my lap, put her arms around me gave me a quick kiss and while looking me in the eyes said. "Master, I am your property, I am yours to do with what you will. We both know the only way to do this right is for you to use a whip to strip me naked in front of everyone. You just have to find a way to do it without hurting me. I trust you my master and my body is in your hands." Then with a smile, she added. "There's nothing better in this whole world that having your hands all over my body."

She leaned into me and our soft kiss turned into a passionate embrace and my hands began to explore all of her magnificent curves and edges. Shortly she began moaning in my mouth and pushing her breasts and nipples into my hands, I can't resist, slipping my hands under her I carried her into the bedroom where I once again proved her there's nothing better to bring her to the heights of ecstasy than my hands, mouth and cock making love to her.

The next day I rented a mannequin and began to experiment with different types of clothing and different types of whips. I quickly abandoned the harsher whips and started concentrating on variations of the cat of nine tails. I settled on two different variations, one was an actual cat of nine tails but it was made of ultra-soft deerskin, we had used this at home and the effects can be a soft caress to nip on the skin.

The second had three whipping strands, again made of stiffer deerskin but with knots along different links on the strands. This whip could caress or raise whelps depending on the force used, but it couldn't break the skin or do any real damage. That was my main objective; to find something to strip Cindy naked without hurting our damaging her soft and supple skin, but instead to enhance the experience for Cindy with little nips and bites.

I suspended Cindy from the ceiling and tested them on her on one of our nights together. The cat of nine tails she found very sensuous soft, as she has found before when we used it at home, she loved the feeling against her stretched taut skin. Towards the end of my testing, she was pleading with me to take her. The three-strand whip was more of a hard-core feeling, if the knots happened to hit her nipples, lower belly or pussy lips she said it was difficult for her to keep from cumming. Each hit on her erogenous zones made her pussy clench in response.

Cindy thought the test was a complete success and she wanted to add the second whip to some of our play toys for later.

Now, I had to start on the clothing. I tried all kinds of clothing; cotton, silk, or satin, but all held together well and it took a lot of force to separate them. So I started looking at using some of the more exotic paper clothing and hit pay dirt. Some of the paper clothing was rugged and wouldn't work but I found some paper clothing that would work. As I began to refine my methods, I found that I could use cuts and perforations to further control how the clothing would come apart.

I ordered a dozen sets of the outfits for Cindy; complete with perforations and designs on how it would come apart, and soon, the day was almost upon us. I went over to inspect the pirate ship and see if everything was in readiness there.

It was perfect; the ship had been built around a flatbed truck with the mast firmly anchored to the bed of the truck. But I realized that if Cindy had just been tied to the mast, she would be hidden behind the cab of the truck so I had them build a 3-foot high platform around the mast for Cindy to stand on. I also had to raise the hook to which your hands would be tied to and as I looked at this and thought of one more devious thing and have them build that as well.

All was ready.

The morning of the Fantasy Fest Parade debut was at hand. I dressed Cindy in her skin tight, cropped peasant blouse and her knee length peasant skirt. It's design left her sexy belly bare and would give a hint of the stunning body that was about to be displayed to all the onlookers. I helped Cindy onto the float and up onto the platform ready for her display. It's then that she saw my new diabolical addition. She gasped, turned to me and smiled saying, "Oh master, this slave loves how her master can play her body. I love you my master, but please promise to make love to me after this is over."

"I promise, my Pet"

I lifted Cindy up to the platform around the mast. My addition was a dual remote control vibrator mounted on a small post sticking out from the mast and it contained both pussy and anal vibrators. Cindy would be forced to sit with these vibrators deeply embedded in her pussy and ass throughout the parade. Of course, I had the remote control.

I added some lube to both vibrators and then lifted Cindy up and I carefully slid them into her body. As I slid the vibrators into her I could see Cindy shudder with excitement and anticipation of what was to come. I manacled her feet to the sides of the mast, causing her to thrust her hips forward and set her firmly on the vibrators.

I then took her hands and pulled her arms up and behind the mast tying them together with soft cotton rope and reached up hooking them high up on the back of the mast. This had multiple effects, first stretched her flat belly taut and shrank her tiny waist even more, but the second thing it did was thrust her chest out bringing her world-class breasts into prominence. Once her clothes are stripped they would be jutting out for everyone's ogling pleasure.

I added one more thing. I put ear buds in her ears and plugged them into a remote tied to the mast. I whispered into her ear, "I will be in your head talking to you the whole time, baby."

I looked at her with pride and she looked at me with trust and love as well as a big dose of lust and excitement I ran my hands over her curves and she sucked in a deep breath threw her head back against the mast gave a deep throaty moan. I kissed her and then jumped down to the deck ready to begin the day.

The parade would last 40 minutes, so I had to stretch out the stripping of my pet. When the parade started I began whipping her with the soft cat of nine tails. This would not strip her clothes but just caress her taut body. During our play, Cindy told me that stretching her tightly has the effect of making her skin very sensitive and I was going to use this as I caressed her with the cat of nine tails.

I turned the vibrators on low and began to firmly caress her with lashes from the cat of nine tails. Using my microphone, I whispered in her ears as I lashed across her taut stomach, "Do you feel me caressing your belly?"

"Oh yes Master" came the throaty moan from Cindy.

"How about your breasts?" I said with a lash. "Your nipples?"

"Oh God Master, I feel so sexy and desired displayed like this and with you talking in my head, I think I'm going to explode. Oooohhh Master I feel like an orchestra and you are the conductor playing my body. I'm going to cum soon."

"Oh no my sweet, you can't cum until you are stripped naked, on display for everyone to see and I tell you to cum. When I tell you to cum, you can cum as hard and as often as you can." I said as I lashed her belly and her pussy.

"Master you know how to push me to the edge, OOhhhhh Goodd Master I'M already there ... Ohh Master."

I switched whips and started to methodically strip the minimal covering over those astonishing breasts and turgid nipples, at the same time bumped the vibrators up a notch. Cindy was thrusting her breasts out to get more of the lash and feel me stripping her in front of the growing crowd. Her stomach muscles were flexing driving her pussy hard onto the vibrators and her face was a mask of growing ecstasy.

My first lash ripped the middle of the blouse open, exposing the sides of her breasts. The next two lashes cut away the outsides of the blouse, leaving strips of the blouse covering her nipples. I kept the suspense and ripped a couple of tears in the skirt. The crowd was growing and they were following us, not standing watching Cindy go by, but following so they could see everything. When I told Cindy that, I saw her quiver and her muscles clench in her belly.

"Oh God Master, I'm there I don't know if I can stop it. OOhhhh MASTER ... Oohhh GOD ... OOhhh PLEEEEASE MASTER."

"When I give you permission, my Pet." I responded.

I waited long enough and the next lash cut away the right side of the blouse and a lash that cut away the left side followed. Cindy was now topless and on complete display to the gathering throngs. She knew it and I saw a shudder run through her, which I added to by talking to her through the mic. When I displayed her naked body to the crowd, her exhibitionist side pushes her to the edge of orgasm.

"Everyone is clamoring to see you, Pet. Your breasts look dazzling on display to everyone, and their taking pictures of you. Your nipples look like they are ready to burst," I then gave her nipples a soft lash with the stripping whip.

Her body arched as she thrust her breasts out and belly clinched trying to hold back the ecstasy threatening to consume her.

I switched to the soft cat of nine tails and began to caress her nipples and breasts with it. Cindy responded with shudders and tremors racing through her body. "Oh OOhhhh GOD MASTER ... CANT STOP IT ... MASTER PLEEEASE"

"I told you, pet, not until you have been completely stripped. All these people want a show and you, my Pet, are it."

As I said that into the mic, I saw Cindy's body clinch and her face was etched with out of control ecstasy mixed with concentration, trying to keep her orgasm under control. When she came, it was going to be epic and since we were more than half way through the parade, it was time to show everyone how remarkable Cindy's body is and how beautiful she looks in the throes of ecstasy.

I started by increasing the vibrator setting and this almost pushed Cindy over the edge. She began writhing on the mast, twisting within the confines of her bondage. The lithe, muscular body began to show the strain of muscles on her arms and legs, but especially her stomach began to undulate. She was fighting a losing battle trying to postpone the orgasmic tsunami rippling her.


I began whipping the skirt off of her. I wanted to tease everyone, but I could tell Cindy couldn't last much longer. Her face was a mask of pain trying to stop the epic orgasm threatening to break through her resolve.


My first lash opened the middle of the skirt, and with my second, it fell completely open except for the single thread holding the waistband. Then I did three things simultaneously, made the vibrators go to their highest level, whipped open the last thread holding the skirt closed and as it fluttered away from her and pooled on the deck I said, "All of Key West can see you gloriously naked, writhing tied to the mast of a pirate ship ... Cum for me baby ... Cum hard."

She exploded into the epic orgasm I had predicted. Her body was now in full orgasmic display, with undulating breasts capped with pretentious nipples pointing to the sky, all the cords on her arms, legs and neck popping out against her skin and her stomach muscles locked showing a hard six pack. She was an unbelievable display of sensual womanhood culminating in explosive sexual rapture and she was looked regal in her wild abandon. Her face a mask of concentration only moments before, was now glowing in blissful release. "AAARRRGGGHH ... OOHHH MASTER ... OOHHH MASTER ... M CCUUUMMMING ... AARRGGHH ... OH GOD ... CUMMMMING HARD ... OH MASTER ... OH GOD MASTER ... INTENSE ... MMAASSTTEERR." At this moment, she was without a doubt the most gorgeous woman on the planet.

I became so enamored watching Cindy shatter on the mast I almost forgot my job ... almost. I switched to the cat of nine tails and began firmly whipping her breasts, nipples, belly and pussy, with my intent to keep Cindy cumming and cumming until the end of the parade.


Her body began whipsawing from orgasm to orgasm. During a hard one, her stomach muscles would clench and knot trying to pull her hips and pussy forward driving the unforgiving vibrators deep into her pussy and ass. This also had the effect of pushing the vibrators hard against her clit forcing her into an explosive orgasm forcing her to arch away from the intense vibrations. With her back arched and her head pressed against the mast, the vibrators were pressed hard against her g-spot, forcing her into another stomach cramping orgasm driving her back onto the vibrators.


This whipsaw motion had her breathtaking breasts doing the most stunning dance on her chest, their fluid dance was ecstasy in motion with her hard puckered nipples setting the tempo. Meanwhile, every muscle and cord in her body was distended in a shared ecstasy as she strained against her bonds with the repeated rapture pummeling her body. Her body was beginning to glisten with sweat as I saw the end of the parade route two blocks away.


I set the whip's down and before I took off the microphone I whispered into Cindy's ears.

"I love you so much, my Pet. I have never seen you look more sexy, beautiful and alluring than you do right now. You make me so proud to be your master."

I set the microphone down, and walked over to her and began to drink in the heady orgasmic juices that her pussy had been producing for the last half an hour. Since her pussy was almost 6 foot in the air I barely had to bend to suck her clit in my mouth. As my mouth began to make love to her pussy and clit, her ecstasy went to a whole level and she lost the ability to speak except for one word. "MMAASSTTTEERR ... MAAAASTER ... MA MMAAAASSTER ... MMAASSTTER"

Her whole body became rigid and unmoving, continuous in orgasm as her mouth hung open in a silent breathless scream. Her whole body was quivering and shaking with the ecstasy rippling through her and as I continued to drink in her juices and suck on her clit, her full body orgasms switched to hard gut wrenching spasms. I could tell Cindy was ready to collapse, she had had enough.

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