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Pirates of the Caribbean Prequel


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Prequel

The real ending of PotC, Curse of the Black Pearl and the start of Jack and Will's erotic adventures.

Pelaam: August 2007

Will Turner stood firm and determined in front of Norrington, effectively protecting the flamboyant pirate behind him. At his side stood Elizabeth, equally firm and determined for which Will was grateful. Will knew the adventure had changed him and, although she was still the same beautiful young woman on the outside, Elizabeth also had altered visions of the future. One of those unseen changes within the young man was the fact that the rock-solid feelings he'd had for Elizabeth were now on much more unstable ground. In fact he could say they were more akin to a ship sailing on storm-tossed seas. He'd found himself with hitherto unknown feelings when in the company of one Captain Jack Sparrow. Feelings Will had never experienced for another man and which left the young blacksmith confused. With Jack, Will had felt more alive, more...more everything. He could scarcely believe that he would seek out the exotic and enigmatic man over the beautiful woman he'd tried to woo, yet that was now the truth. Jack made him feel ...different ...alive... animated in ways Will had never known and could not comprehend. He knew Jack and Elizabeth had each cast glances at the other when Will was in one's company. But he hadn't understood those looks any more than he understood what it was he felt for Jack. Sometimes Will thought he saw Jack looking at him, yet if he turned, Jack's expression was always neutral and his hazel eyes elsewhere. Once or twice Will had been certain Jack was about to lay claim to his lips and then the moment passed, the fire in Jack's eyes vanishing as quickly as it had come. In his bed Will had begun to wonder what the darkly tanned skin of the older man would taste like, how Jack's dreadlocks would feel against his own smooth chest, what Jack's lips would feel like possessing him......Will pulled himself sharply back to the present. He was more confused than ever and now had the stirrings of arousal low in his belly. He was peripherally aware of Elizabeth's glance behind at Jack and then she seemed to move. Will could hear Jack's speech still going on, but before he could contemplate things further, a strong arm wrapped around his waist and both Jack and he were tumbling into the ocean.

"Jack? What..?" Will spluttered indignantly.

"Save yer breath for swimmin', whelp," Jack commanded, half dragging the younger man with him and towards his ship. He grinned, 'Pearl' looked magnificent as he swam, still pulling Will with him.

Aboard Jack's beloved ship, Will glared balefully at the equally bedraggled pirate as the crew welcomed their captain and immediately put out to sea. He stood as an island, isolated from those around him, whilst Jack sailed to and fro on the deck. Finally Jack came to lead Will aside.

"Jack, I must insist you tell me the meaning of this. I cannot be here. I should be...mmphh." The rest of Will's tirade was lost for eternity as Jack's lips closed over his. Will now had one answer to his questions. Jack's lips were soft and firm and tasted of rum and the sea.

Jack wasn't the fool that he often acted. It was a performance that usually ensured he was able to take his enemies by surprise. In this instance, not only had he taken a friend by surprise, but he also knew he had to play this situation very, very carefully. Too much, too quickly and the reserved young man would be lost to him. He'd been given an opportunity to make a dream reality and Jack had no intentions of failing.

"The greatest treasure I have ever found, Will Turner," Jack said, allowing honesty and truth to shine from his hazel eyes, "is ye." He took the unresisting lithe form in his arms and as Will's lips parted on a sigh, Jack immediately plundered the dark, wet depths. His tongue swept inside the virgin territory, tasting, teasing, learning every nuance of Will's mouth and only ceased its occupation when breathing became essential to both men. They leant together, panting heavily. Will was as sweet as Jack knew he'd be and the pirate was instantly addicted.

"Come with me, Treasure," he instructed, taking Will's hand and leading him below.

In Jack's cabin, Will's natural shyness and the reality of the situation both hit him simultaneously. He couldn't do this...not with a man...could he? He shuffled his feet, uncertain of what to do and how he felt.

"Will ye feel better if I lead ye, Treasure?" Jack asked, reaching to stroke Will's smooth, damp cheek with his knuckles. He smiled at the shy nod. "We need to get out of these wet things, luv. Savvy?" Jack encouraged. "There's nothing to be afeared of, Treasure. I swear I will not hurt ye."

Jack knew his skin lacked the perfection of that of the smooth, caramel coloured young man in his cabin, but his body still looked good. Subtly, Jack performed a striptease. He flexed his muscles, turning as he slowly divested himself of his wet clothing. He smiled as he turned away to unlace his breeches. Will was watching entranced and Jack wanted to keep it that way. He turned back allowing Will sight of the opulent fur at the base of his sex, and removed boots and stockings. Once again he turned away as he slowly pushed the breeches down his legs to the floor, bending in the process and giving Will an eyeful of his naked arse. His grin was wolfish at the soft gasp from behind him and he turned to present Will with sight of his semi-erect penis.

Will stood wide-eyed, open-mouthed and slack-jawed. He had barely time to truly register the fact that Jack had indeed presented his naked buttocks to him when he was faced with the sight of Jack's sex, slowly rising to greet him. His eyes became as wide as saucers as he took his first look at a penis that was not his own.

"'Twon't bite ye, Treasure," Jack said huskily. "'Tis no different from yer own." Jack closed the gap between them slowly so as not to unduly startle his young lover-to-be.

"'Tis very different," Will murmured unable to take his eyes from the lightly burnished rod that now stood proud from Jack's groin. "So big, so magnificent," he whispered innocently.

Jack frowned slightly. He knew the boy had little in the way of experience, but the reaction he was getting...He reached to caress Will's cheek.

"What knowledge of love-making have ye, Treasure?" he asked nuzzling into damp curls and starting to undo the buttons of Will's wet clothing. The crimson flush told Jack all he needed to know. He framed Will's flaming cheeks with large, calloused hands. "Shh, shh, soft, luv. 'Tis no shame to be untouched. Have ye any idea of the magnitude of the gift ye offer me, Treasure? How careful I must be with ye? Let me see ye, luv," he cajoled, working at revealing Will's skin to his gaze.

He worked with Will to denude the body he never expected to have in his arms. He'd seen Will's naked chest before but this was different. He bent to pay homage with his mouth to one coffee-hued disc and tiny nub and then the other to a gasp of delight from Will.

"Sweet," Jack breathed.

"Feels so good, Jack," Will moaned softly.

"May I?" Jack asked, reaching for the laces on the young man's breeches. At the shy nod, he guided Will to the bed and sat him down. He removed boots and stockings, sucking on each big toe...slowly...deliberately... to a low groan from the slender man. He lay Will down and encouraged trim hips to rise as he finally revealed the full splendour of the naked young man. The boy's jewels were as beautiful as the rest of his body; slim, slender and smooth and presently rosy-hued, hard and dripping.

"Jack," Will mewled the older man's name, wanting...needing...but unable to articulate.

"In truth I've never seen any as beauteous as ye, Treasure," Jack growled possessively. This boy was *his*. *Had* always been his, *would* always be his. "Let me love ye, Will, let me show ye how good it can be."

"Please, Jack." Will begged, reaching for the older man.

Will was pliant in Jack's hands as the pirate positioned him. His body trembled in a mix of apprehension and anticipation. His member was harder than he had ever known and leaking copiously. He could see Jack regarding it the way a starving man would a banquet and his breath quickened. He moaned again as Jack's hot, soft lips began to kiss a trail down from his jaw, his neck and along his collarbone.

"Please, Jack," Will pleaded again, hoping desperately the bigger man understood his unspoken needs.

"Shh, Sweet William," Jack soothed. "Let me guide ye. 'Twill be worth it I promise ye."

"Need you," Will groaned as his body began a slow instinctive undulation. "I don't ... I can't..."

Jack's hand slid between his thighs and began to stroke at the satiny skin and Will unthinkingly spread his legs wider. Jack growled as he positioned himself between the splayed limbs. Wills hips lifted and lowered as he instinctively sought relief. Jack carefully threw one strong, tanned leg over Will's slender, pale limb, pressed his lips over the young man's and began pumping his lover's hard, damp member. He swallowed Will's scream greedily as the slender body bucked and writhed and pulse after pulse of the young man's seed spread hot and wet between them.

Will was taken by surprise as Jack's hand encircled his manhood. Jack's grip was harder and more masterful than his own furtive touches. As Jack stroked him, multi-coloured stars danced before his eyes. His body shook and convulsed in the most intense release Will had ever known, before a grey mist descended and washed over him sweeping him irresistibly away.

Will's eyes slowly opened to gaze upwards at warm hazel eyes that regarded him with a look that Will had never seen in the pirate's orbs before and smiled shyly.

"Is it always so?" he asked naively.

"It is when those involved seek to make love," Jack replied candidly.

"Is that what we did, Jack?" Will asked huskily. "Did we make love?"

"'Twas for me, Treasure. I love ye, Will Turner."

"I...I love you, Jack," Will replied. He knew it as a surety. As sure as the sun would arise, he loved the enigmatic, dreadlocked man who now smiled so openly, so joyously. This was the real Jack Sparrow, no pretence, no falseness, no façade. Will knew then that he was indeed loved by the older man. Jack's barriers were down and Will felt privileged to witness it.

"Then we have an accord, savvy?" Jack laughed, delighted at the smile that had lit up Will's exquisite face. "Now 'tis time to take a further step in matters of love-making," Jack growled.

"But, but I have spent," Will said guilelessly, eyes big and luminous.

"I promise ye, Will, ye will spend again afore we settle this night. I will not be taking ye. There are other ways to share our bodies, given so much has already happened. But I will make ye come to joy again," he leant to husk low and dark in Will's ear, "and this time I will come with ye."

Will watched breathlessly as Jack parted his legs to his satisfaction. He then settled himself on his knees between them and gave Will a brief, dazzling smile. Will's eyes fluttered closed as Jack's hands ran up his lightly furred shins and along the sleek inner thighs. Will was surprised when he realised the wanton moans he could hear emanated from his own mouth. Wanting to touch the older man, Will grasped at dreadlocks with one hand and Jack's shoulder with the other, finally free to feel what he had only ever coveted from afar.

Roaming higher, Jack's hands explored the uncharted territory of the smooth chest and the small dark islands. He swept down and along the ribs, to the prominent hipbones. Moving further south he cupped the almost hairless sac, rolling the precious orbs within. .Jack eyed the abundant curls that framed the boy's beautiful organ that had re-filled so nicely for him. He imagined shaving the young man and shivered with a mix of arousal and anticipation. //Not yet but soon// he promised himself, the curls were pretty enough to enjoy for now. He nuzzled into them, scenting and tasting sweat and musk. Then, without warning, he enveloped the risen mast. Jack directed Will's hands to grasp less tightly. The boy might be as slender as a wand, but Will had muscles born of hours working at an anvil and of swordplay. Jack moved slickly to suckle happily at the head of Will's shaft, probing at the slit to encourage the sweet nectar of Will's increasing arousal. He knew he'd never tire of this taste. Releasing the slender rod, he licked up and down the prominent vein and nibbled carefully at the base to cries and mewls of enjoyment and abandonment. He felt a surge of possessiveness to know that he and only he would ever hear those noises, would ever see Will naked and needy, would ever feel what being buried in the beautiful and precious body would feel like. A guttural groan accompanied Jack's tongue exploring the sac heavy with unspent seed. Encouraged, Jack sucked one then the other orb, allowing them to roll in his voracious maw.

Jack could tell how close to spending his lover was. He took Will back into his mouth, allowing the younger man enough room to thrust shallowly. As his head bobbed and he sucked hard, he reached between his own legs to pump vigorously. An impassioned cry of his name signalled Will's second orgasm and Jack greedily swallowed every precious drop. He sucked and swallowed until certain Will had nothing left to give and then knelt up. He caught Will's hand, wrapping it around his aching manhood and covered it with his own.

"Bring me to glory, luv," he husked. "God, yes, just like that," he groaned. "Yes, yes, WILL!!" The bellow of his mate's name was simultaneous with a fountain of his seed erupting forth. Trails of his crème streaked across Will's supine body, appeasing the primal need within Jack to brand the boy as his.

"Love you, Jack," Will murmured, as the older man's head fell forward and the final drops of his essence hit Will's honeyed skin.

"Love ye, Treasure," Jack husked in reply. He reached for one of the discarded shirts and wiped Will's body. He kissed the beloved boy tenderly, knowing that after two such intense releases, it wouldn't be long before Will was sleeping. He manoeuvred the unresisting form to lie close against him, where he could hold him tight. With a drowsy murmur, Will nuzzled into Jack's neck, a slender arm encircling the trim, tanned waist and a pale leg sliding between Jack's darker, more muscular limbs. Jack smiled and cradled the young man tightly.

"No one else, Will," he muttered. "There can never be anyone else. Not for you or for me. I swear if ye tried to leave me I'd abandon 'Pearl' and hunt ye down."

"I'd die if I lost you, Jack," Will whispered.

"I swear by all I hold dear that I'll never leave ye by choice, Treasure and I'll kill any that try to harm ye or take ye from me."

Will gave a soft, unintelligible murmur and wriggled onto his back. Carefully, Jack rolled Will onto his side to be able to spoon tightly to the youth's back, his half-hard flesh instantly seeking its harbour to nestle between taut creamy globes. //At dawn// Jack thought. //At dawn I take what's mine. I will be inside ye, Sweet William, giving ye as much pleasure as I can, me Treasure.//

"Lizzie was a wise woman, Pearl," Jack whispered as he inhaled the scent of musk and completion that still lingered in the small cabin and kissed soft chocolate curls. "But she gave him up and now he's mine, savvy? I won't lose him, I can't lose him. He's the other part of me. I love him, Pearl and I know you'll take care of him; he's yours just as much as I am."

A sound from his ship had Jack smiling to acknowledge 'Pearl's' approval and the older man settled to await the dawn. His hand cupped Will's lax genitals proprietarily as his ship rocked them gently towards the new day and the start of their lives together.

Jack remained on guard ensuring his sleeping beauty never strayed from the haven of his arms. As he saw the sky change colour through his port hole, his arms tightened around the younger man, remembering his promise of the previous day. This was the day he would take Will. He kissed Will's curls. He'd never had the responsibility of taking anyone's virginity before. All his previous lovers, man or woman, had been knowledgeable to some degree in the art. It was important to the pirate that Will derived enjoyment and pleasure from his deflowering. He wanted his lover to remember this day for the rest of their lives. He blinked as he realised two sleepy brown eyes were regarding him lovingly.

"Treasure," Jack whispered.

"Jack," Will murmured, nestling closer and burying his face in the older man's dreadlocks. "Is it morning?"

"Aye, luv. Did ye sleep well?"

"Very well," Will smiled shyly. "Did you hold me all night?"

"Aye, Sweet William," Jack growled, nipping at a small ear. "I never wanted ye to drift from my embrace."

"I love you," Will smiled. He traced Jack's lips with his finger and gasped as Jack caught his hand and kissed it, nipping at the wrist.

"And I love ye, Treasure," Jack vowed.

"Is it time to resume my lessons in lovemaking?" Will asked, blushing delectably to Jack's amused eyes.

"Aye, luv. But this is important, Will," Jack said seriously. "If ye are uncomfortable or if ye hurt or ye just wish to stop, tell me. I would not have ye regret giving yerself to me, savvy?"

"I understand, Jack," Will replied. "What must I do?"

Jack smiled at the earnest tones and expression. Will looked more like he was about to learn a new way of working at the forge than make love. //That will never do// Jack thought and grinned wolfishly. He laid on his back and spread his legs.

"Learn my body, Treasure. Touch me as I have touched ye and become used to me."

Will's eyes widened with shock. He had expected Jack to be in control and yet he was letting Will take command. The young man swallowed past a dry throat as he admired the toned expanse of dark skin before him. His fingers ghosted over the bronzed chest, barely touching the myriad of scars there.

"They don't hurt, Treasure," Jack encouraged, "and nor will yer touches. Show me ye love me."

Will moved to his knees and let his hands smooth over Jack's torso. Remembering what had pleasured him, he bent to take a dark nub into his mouth and sucked. The low groan gave Will confidence and he repeated the treatment to the other as his fingers trailed through the light dusting of chest fur. He pressed kisses down the older man's body to where a long, thick, bronze rod lay against Jack's belly. He stared, mesmerised for a moment, as it wept a tear of liquid desire, and then took it into his hand. It was hotter than Will expected, as though burning with the need it harboured. It jerked in his hand and Will began to stroke it gently, uncertain of the grip to use. It felt so much different to his own, bigger, harder, hotter. The deep groans from his more experienced lover spurred Will on and he increased his speed, wondering if he could make Jack spill. The sight of the older man lying openly, vulnerably before him had Will aflame with love for the pirate.

"I want you, Jack," he husked. "I want to make love with you."

Jack opened his eyes and smiled at his mate. Will's touches were glorious and Jack wanted Will to stroke him to completion, without the more experienced man's need for direction, at some time; but not at this time. He reached to stop the pumping of his member and began to move.

"Let me relax ye first, luv," he said.

He guided Will onto his back and took hold of the straining shaft between slender thighs. He stroked hard and fast as he leant over his lover and the men traded hot, wet, deep kisses. Jack was unsurprised at the speed in which Will came. He knew those inexperienced in the art spilt quickly, but with the advantages of Will's youth, he also knew Will would soon be ready to come again. He lapped at the trails of Will's crème and headed southerly as he cleansed. He licked around the spent organ and emptied sac and then pushed Will's legs up and out. For the first time his eyes saw the tiny pink portal whose defences he needed to breach to enter the harbour of Will's body.

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